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  1. I agree with many of your point of views but come on. That is stupid. If a company sells a product and claims it is compatible and supported using "x" then that's what it needs to be. They are obligated once it sells. It's a defective product and dishonest to market it that way if it doesn't work due to their negligence. I'd consider filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau to be honest. Delays are expected, of course, but communication blackout on those delays plus the length of delay and the pattern of delays is not to be accepted. It's to be held accountable.
  2. Single player? If so make sure single player settings is turned off. I use to run 50x maturation but it was maturing closer to 100x because that setting was checked. You may not get all numbers but you should be able to get close, depending what you are going for.
  3. Submit a support ticket here https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us?mobile_site=true Include any video/screenshot evidence you may have. Hopefully they can help you quickly.
  4. Because if you read the whole thing, you see there is controller issues long standing for 8 months. It's not just this one issue. Some people like the power of the PC for gaming but prefer to use a controller. If a game offers controller support but then doesn't support that controller when a bug occurs (much less for 8 months with some issues) well, seems like a reasonable reaction to get mad. With a game like Ark, where it takes place in a persistent world, an absence of game time can lead to complete loss. If you're not familiar with playing with a keyboard and mouse but you need to get into the game, that can also lead to complete loss. It's yet another breach of trust. They add up.
  5. 1) Griffin is the only flyer that allows firing weaponry (from the flyer position). 1 hand or 2 hand depends on weapon you are firing. Tapejera allows passengers firing. Rock Drake is a glider but allows rider and passenger weaponry. 2) Plant X is located in swamp biomes mostly. I don't have specific coordinates. Plant Y is found in the purple plants mostly on Ragnarok and Scorched Earth. Purple plants are in many spots on both maps. I'm not sure if they are available on Valguero. 3) You need to tame a Bee to get a beehive. Once you tame the bee and grab it, it turns into a beehive in your inventory. Then you can place the beehive. Wild beehives are located on redwood trees and mountain/cliff sides. You must destroy the beehive, fight off the bees that attack, while using kibble or mutton or rare flowers to passively tame the Queen. That's an old video but it gives you the idea.
  6. 10's an overly generous amount. I can count on one hand the number of times I've accidentally been in the mesh 1 or 2 character lengths in a 3 year period. 2 of them came from the teleporter. If they could get that depth right, I'd say 3 times in any day or 8 times in a week should be red flagged. That still feels too high and I can just imagine the mesh schedule these losers would draw up but if it was insta kill at that depth, it wouldn't matter.
  7. They would just need to recode the corrupted ti take more damage from turrets/tek turrets similar to how they take increased damage from enforcers not touch turret damage output.
  8. If it's only to corrupted I don't see how it would. PvP would use the same defenses they currently use against corrupted which isn't often turrets. If it is turrets, it just increases the defense a bit but only against corrupted so not a big change.
  9. You'd had to know who would return and buy the new maps to say that with certainty. Ark was and by play rate, still is a very popular game despite many people leaving due to meshing and other bugs. If they fixed those, there is a real chance you'd get return customers as well as the new people they still get. At $35 a season pass that's only 15,000 players between 3 playforms. More than achievable.
  10. Yep, the dumbest way I've seen is the player is positioned right but a Rex poops just as the teleporting starts. That's the worse way since you can't control that at all.
  11. Talking to Nitrado support will give you a definitive answer. Waiting for someone on this site who has done it or attempted to do it to then respond seems like a long about way to get an answer. From what I remember you can upload dinos and character then switch mqps and download them but I don't know what happens to your stuff on the other map. You could always save the server, try it, and if it doesn't work just reload that server save too. I never tried it so asking the support team on Nitrado will get you the best help. The 3 times I needed to contact them they helped me resilve the issue and quickly.
  12. That's fine though. You can ignore players in PvE. You just need a solution to deal with the corrupted until WC can implement an additional solution (I'm thinking 3x turret damage to corrupted in "safe zones".) Velo's fit that bill. WC wanted to add more environmental threats for PvE players in Extinction and they did. They just, once again, underestimated the impacts trolls have. They added some tools to deal with corrupted (Velo's, Enforcers) but it's a little short on what's needed. So if they increase turret damage (even if they just make it tek turret damage) in sanctuary and biomes towards corrupted and disable wild dino teleportation, it evens it out a bit. People would still need to implement proper defenses but it would make the trolls job much more difficult.
  13. Nope. Not able to bring up admin command bar to enter anything.
  14. Console doesn't have that then. It would be real easy for them to display them on your character info or in the spot that tells you where you are, time, etc. (That's center pad for PS4). For console, they give us instructions on how to get them in single player and if they use them and want them, they should be available in game.
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