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  1. I can't turn almost at all. I can only destroy like 3 or 4 things so I can't even get the points to open everything up. On controller you can't even touch the left stick. I've read a million just keep the reticle centered but then how do I get the health power ups? I do not play these types of games. I did not like Star Wars, Star Fox, Need for Speed, Gran Turismo, or anything that resembles them. For a game based on tribe success and promoted as such for the last 5 years and then in the final chapter they remove that component. It makes little sense. You know what I'm good at? Hav
  2. I don't need therapy for playing Ark. I work my 40 hours and pay my bills, see family and friends monthly, and play the game. What else should I do? Watch sports? Who cares. Watch movies and shows? I do. Visit places? I've been to 4 continents, 10 countries, and 23 states in my lifetime. I've seen enough places. Read books? I've read plenty and if something pops up that interests me, I'll read that too. So what am I missing?
  3. I have roughly 17k hours in this game since March of 2017. I have endured the bugs and official headaches and loved all of it. I left Legacy for the promise of fixed issues and despite many issues persisting continued through it all because there was always ways around any issue. Tribemates, allies, kind souls. I started Ark with the mission to beat the bosses and that is where my focus was. I did some top stat breeding to pass the time but ultimately every metal node I crushed, penguin I clubbed, cave I ran, dino I raised and imprinted was with the aim at beating the bosses and I
  4. Two issues in space continue to bother me (us as I haven't checked with others). 1) Resources are heavily weighted toward the northern asteroids. Specifically I noticed it with mutagel, black pearls, and sulfur. The southern asteroids may have 0 to 5 nodes while the further north you travel you'll see up to 20 or more nodes on an asteroid. Better balance will keep cries in chat (PvE specifically) to a minimum. 2) Asteroids still disappear when unmounting creatures in space. It is random and often remounting brings them back but on occasion it still does not and you have to leave spac
  5. Transfer times should be the same as every other new map. Around 3 months to bring stuff in. That hasn't really altered much in the last almost 4 years (only counting since official launch).
  6. Not fix but keep the mute counter at 6/20 until you get a mute you really want. The first set of babies can be disregarded. Identify your stud. Breed until you get a new mute on a new stud.
  7. I have personally searched on Island, Ab, and Extinction. I have had discussions with people who have looked on Valguero and Crystal Isles. There are no bee hives to be found on official PvE servers. Please fix
  8. 3x breeding encompasses raising. It's Easter event. Black isn't an Easter color.
  9. Fly over the redwoods or fly slower and look. If I fly through the redwoods, I fly, then stop and scan, fly then stop and scan, repeat. Adjust.
  10. Has to be Yuty. Many of those have more uses than the Yuty (Bary is ultimate cave runner, Giga is op, Rex and Theri are great boss dino's plus Theri has so many harvesting uses) but I like the Yuty model, I like how it mutates, and I love its very niche role.
  11. With what melee and a full squad? I took 15 in with 60k hp, 2300 to 2600 melee, 124 saddles, plus the Yuty buff against Alpha Brood and they all loss around 20k hp.
  12. Thorny Dragons. I wish they weren't so outclassed in everything. Thorny's are great in the wild and once they start getting mutations, they pop more than anything else (Daeodons are close in that regard)
  13. No. They just increased the rates permanently last year. The servers perform way worse during evo events, making them sustained would be super annoying. I like the occasional evo events. You can still get a bunch done with the current x1 rates (which only last year was x2). I hope they keep the evo events as a specialty or else they can just call them new rates.
  14. This has been an issue brought up for years but still no fix. I'd just keep removing the fuel and switch to a tek generator for hatcheries. You can also try building with double walls (I don't know if this would actually help with the glitching but it might).
  15. You don't know her role. Maybe her character relates to Helena pre-island and she is shown only through flashbacks. Maybe Helena was an awful and selfish person until she met the caring humanitarian, Victoria, who taught her how to be compassionate to others. Maybe that compassion and the flash back references are what allow Helena to be the intermediary she is/was. We won't know until the show airs.
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