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  1. Our base on my first Ab server was right there. 2 drops, early map metal, surface entrance with no nameless, gas collectors and a charge node right there. Probably one of the best base spots for sure.
  2. Lol. You know, I survive the longest as a noob spawning at one of the Edge spawns and they're classified as hard.
  3. Carrots grow wild in highlands on Rag. You can pick them there. I will say if timers are going to make you quit the game you should do it now because there are a lot more irritating bugs and nonsense than timer resets.
  4. That's partially to blame on the devs not configuring the maps to turn off building in resource rich areas for PvE. Someone doesn't build near the metal spawn so that it doesn't inhibit the metal spawn but if it's not pillared some troll will place foundations on an alt account and ORP them for fun. Then what is the rest of the server to do for metal, obsidian, crystal, paste, etc? It's a sandbox survival game. Protecting your servers resources for your growth and survival should be part of that right? (I'm not talking about the over pillaring land grabbers but this example relates to your comment of "pillar or claim land that is far away from their base.")
  5. Sounds like you played an unofficial. They wrote special codes in the ini files to add kibble to drops. On PC you can adjust the ini files for single player but console can not. The commands you are looking for can be found with a google search. Try "adding kibble to loot drops Ark"
  6. Look. You don't even say what "it" is in the forum and again, a dev told you it borders on what they would consider a violation of the CoC but you do you. Just don't come back here in 6 months crying that you were unfairly banned.
  7. There are official ORP PvP servers. Check those out though they have their own problems (like alt account ORP defenses) A big problem with online raids is when people popcorn their loot which is one of the reasons offline raiding is popular. Imagine you fight someone for 6 hours, invest 1000 C4, hundreds of dinos only to finally breach a base full of empty vaults and cryofridges. Online raiding is for PvP. Offline raiding is for loot. Ark will cause you to lose sleep or expand your forces to repel attacks. That's what makes it Ark. If you don't want that, change to the official ORP servers, unofficial ORP servers, or make your tribe bigger to always have people on. All come with risks to the benefit but you have to find what works for you without removing what makes Ark, Ark, which is a persistent world of survival.
  8. Not to often but if you join some FB Ark pages like trade pages, sometimes people will be recruiting. The risk of a new member stealing and destroying stuff is great so most people avoid bringing on strangers. There is a tribe section on this page that people recruit from sometimes as well. Also, look up how to build a raft trap, then kite those Alpha Raptors in and kill them for great XP and the chance at upgraded tools and crossbows. If you do find a chance to build on a server, just contribute to the community, don't ask for free stuff, and eventually you'll make allies and possibly even the option to merge (join will make you leave all your stuff so make sure you select merge if the opportunity ever arises) your tribe with an established tribe. Friendly heads up. Beware of people offering free stuff. They try to merge with you and steal your tribe. Often they are "quitting the game" or "have too many dinos". Ark has cryopods so if they really want to give free stuff, they can just drop you the tames cryopodded. In Ark (assuming PvE) you still have to watch shady tactics from players who get their kicks from others misery as well the wilds. Still, even with the hundreds of bugs you'll encounter, it's the best game I ever played.
  9. I always find land. It may not always be in a convenient or desirable location but there is always land. If you join a tribe, you will have the option to build on any land they have claimed or closer to any allies they may have but they may have the land unbuilt for a reason too.
  10. "This list is not exhaustive but represents clear guidelines for players to adhere to when playing on our Official Network. For something you’re unsure of, please use your best judgement. When in doubt, reach out to us here and select "Report Abuse". Ensure you’re acting with some semblance of decency when conducting yourself on our Official Network." It says the list is not exhaustive plus you reached out to them and they gave you their opinion so do what you want but no crying if they hit you with a ban/wipe. If it's sketchy enough that you feel the need to ask a GM/Dev about it maybe common sense should tell you not to do it.
  11. Keep posting to this site. Eventually you'll have access to the trading forum and there may be posts in there for Ab boss hosts. You can also look to join FB trade groups. Always a few people hosting boss fights in them.
  12. Yea. The Plant Z nerf is a terrible idea. Maybe they are hoping ninja buffing Mana's will give people a legit counter to Mek rush. Maybe they are prepping it to be the counter to something coming from Genesis. With the Plant Y and Plant Z nerfs, I can't debate with people that Mana isn't able to be countered with anything but a Mana.
  13. Once it's on Rag, it should be saved to Rag or else dino's/items from other maps would disappear every time the server they/it came from went down.
  14. You can take this time to fine tune your server. Experiment with ini changes, can find many Youtube videos that will give you lines to add in, to make the game more enjoyable. You can also try to Ascend. I'm looking forward to taking my max level character to Genesis to continue building the ultimate homo deus. Explore the caves, hunt and tame and then breed some top dinos to take to Genesis, if that's going to be a thing. Experiment with different builds so you have a rough idea of the type of base you'll want to build on Genesis. There are a ton of options.
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