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  1. yekrucifixion187

    DodoRex on Ab?

    They haven't done Dodorex in years. Not a thing on official anymore.
  2. yekrucifixion187

    recruit Looking to get into official.

    Not sure if you can access this part of the site but this link displays tribes that are recruiting. You can search based on platform. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/tribes/
  3. yekrucifixion187

    Main base on 375 WIPED with all dinos/blueprints/base

    I thought pvp didn't have a real tame cap. They should only count platform builds and boats.
  4. yekrucifixion187

    Server caps

    Hence asking on server. Seriously. It benefits the person making them as much as you. I wasn't a fan of most of the people on my server but I had no problem making them as many cryo fridges and pods as they wanted if they brought me the mats.
  5. yekrucifixion187

    Server caps

    Cryo's are not hard to get nor expensive. You can do a blue drop on extinction with flak, shield, and a pike. Most people on servers will make you cryo's for the cost of the mats and whatever they ask for the start-up element cost. You can get the element cost from harvesting a few tek dino's. Seriously, you may be the most needy and lazy Ark player I have ever encountered. It's a game of survival. Stop asking for handouts and survive like the hundreds of thousands of other people who have/do play this game.
  6. yekrucifixion187

    Server caps

    They have disabled additive mating cool downs on cryos. They have made it so the cool down proceeds while in cryo. You don't have to feed them. It displays stats and gender. It is the answer to server and tribe cap. If you're server is capped yet it is because you play with selfish simpletons. Simple as that. PC has a 9500 tame limit, consoles have a 5500 limit (processing limitations). There's no reason that people haven't adjusted unless they don't want to and WC can't fix crappy people.
  7. yekrucifixion187

    structure decay timers not visible?

    They disabled them to help prevent further lost items/dino's to the players who lost their characters. Looks like it might be about a month until they activate them again.
  8. yekrucifixion187

    Rocket Run Prevention Tips?

    I like to play around with designs in single player then test them out. One of the best is rows of fence foundations with railings placed long way. Spaced to prevent humans running between. You can place them around your turrets either just outside turret range so they have to use C4/Rockets to blow them or just inside turret range so they have to soak first. Positives: Cost 17 ing and 5 CP for both. So not that expensive. Durability on railing is 10000 just like a wall. If placed long way, as long as turret jas LOS, they can't hide behind. Will block Trikes and Stego's from walking over. Negatives: Paracers and Bronto's walk right over. Doesn't count as a no build area. Will need quite a few, probably 2 rows staggered at least, to be effective. I'll add a picture of the set up when I can for better reference.
  9. yekrucifixion187

    Seeking Alpha Broodmother solo advice

    Would still be tough but possibly Theri's. They at least can get a bit of a healing buff with veggie cakes. I think I'd go 18 Theri's, 1 Yuty, 1 Daeodon if having to use prim saddles. If solo, ride Daeodon and place Yuty on courage roar and turret mode. If Yuty isn't showing that option, I think I'd replace it with another Theri for more DPS. Yuty is a huge help but you'll be fighting out hitting the Brood and will want as much hp regen as you can get.
  10. yekrucifixion187

    YouTube series

    Yea, Syntac is your best bet. He's actually doing a 100 episode series going from the Island to SE, to Ab, to Extinction. Still a work in progress though. He does have series on each of the basic maps and Rag as well.
  11. yekrucifixion187

    Offline replay -:)

    They have official ORP servers
  12. yekrucifixion187

    Reaper for boss fights on the island?

    With a boosted Reaper like that, assuming the bosses difficulty hasn't increased, yes. You might even be able to use just one ridden one since you'll be hitting for over 3k dmg per bite.
  13. yekrucifixion187

    Breeding & Boss Battles Questions

    Exactly the same way it doesn't carry over into breeding. Imprinting is just a bonus up to 20% on some of the raw stats plus the invisible 30% damage output/damage reduction for the imprinter. Since it doesn't carry over into breeding it just calculates the base stats.
  14. yekrucifixion187

    StudioWildcard please reply!

    I'll add to this. PvP has what, 3 unique official game modes? (Official, Small Tribes, Prim) and PvE has one. I'll add more, most unofficials host a PvP game mode. So really, that's where people should jump too. I can keep going. While there is some crappy behavior on PvE, PvP is where the nost game breaking issues occur and WC can't even police that. No one cares about OP Griffins, Mana's, Velo's or anything else you guys cry about to get nerfed into the ground on PvE, arguably they are as strong as the game intended. Ark's weaker nature can be directly attributed to PvPer's abusing game mechanics and then crying when it happens to them. Furthermore, Conquest was doing poorly. Obviously poorly enough for them to scrap it because small tribes and official still seem to be going quite strong and those who chose to go to classic are mixed in reviews but generally enjoyed themselves. You threw your hat into a loser pal, don't spill your salt on a game mode that is still doing well.
  15. They changed greenhouse to 15 day decay like a year ago.