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  1. Reconfirmed on Extinction. Two different types of notes as well.
  2. Buddy and his tame died when using a teleporter. So that's an issue. He sent in the video he said. Going to have to start building them on elevated structures.
  3. I opened 2 notes last night on a new character and new PSN account on the island and got no xp. I'm on PS4.
  4. Until you do the bosses, I'd add Rag over Ab. It can be a pain finding a drop to transfer out. Rag has like 1 huge area for Spino spawns (Canyon) plus a few other spots you might catch one and at least 1/3 of the map spawns Rex's. Perfect map for what you want to do.
  5. Yes they do but not damaging metal/tek takes away from their unique purpose and you definitely don't want to see how bad the wasteland will get built up if they'd do that. I've been trying to think of a way but haven't found a great answer. Ideas I had; Shorter ORP time Turrets fire during ORP countdown Velo's get 3x corrupted damage buff Tek turrets do at least normal damage to corrupted Wild's can't be teleported Still trying to figure out how to address the actual kiters but nothing fair and solid has formed yet.
  6. To you. I don't care if PvP is unbalanced. I care about getting the next map. In reality I'm glad they addressed a long standing issue and hope it works but it really ranks lower on my personal issue list. Since majority of players play PvE, I'm sure it is lower on their list too. So yay for a fix but since I already gave them my money, I want what I paid for which is Genesis.
  7. On single player I haven't found a way. Even if you set the difficulty to six (difficulty for max 180) on PS4 single player it still only spawns in at max 150.
  8. It shouldn't. I have everything turned off but I get a HLNA every transfer.
  9. No date on dlc. HLNA should appear in your inventory when you die and respawn or transfer servers. It's basically a skin and you place it in your shield slot (like the chibi's) to use it.
  10. Cryo a spino, glide suit down from green, grab egg, kill drakes.
  11. yekrucifixion187


    More Legacy servers close on January 28th. Those will be tasked as Genesis servers so Jan 28 to Jan 30 seems likely.
  12. That's not crazy since cryopods. 3 to 4 hours, no tek troughs, no cryopods, and faster consumption for 8 or 12 days was the crazy time. You had to set alarms and share account info with a tribemate if you wanted even a 80% imprint and worked even a part time job.
  13. High level Baby Giga killing with broth of enlightment added to grinders and narcotic making. Start Purple. Get to round 4. Despawn drop once enraged Rex's appear then shotgun them with broth and note. Takes awhile
  14. I'm so happy you filmed this. No spoilers. Great video. Look forward to your next project. Vultures/Dimorphs vs Titanosaur?
  15. Use punch into air, hover, then use superman fly ability
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