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  1. I'll definitely check it out on single player.
  2. Can finally clear that pillar spam.
  3. PvE- Get to raft level, look up locations for explorer notes. Common areas are heavily pillared or built on. If on Island, stay close to shore so a leed doesn't destroy your raft. Tame a Ptera, gather building supplies while scouting for a base further in land. PvP- Stay out of chat and get off the beach. Most servers are owned by an Alpha tribe or Mega tribe and they will kill you on site. Place little storage boxes in several places so if one gets hit, you have other stuff to get back on your feet. All modes- Don't ask for handouts. It mostly makes you a target. Finding a place to build will be hard at this stage of the game so be prepared to scout quite a few servers before you find one. Avoid legacy servers unless you can take your server being removed down the line. If you're struggling on official check the unofficial servers until you find something that fits your playstyle and time commitment. Be prepared to be very frustrated at bugs and to die often early. Learn on single player if you need to.
  4. Anything Ark related should be available on the Ark wiki. Have not heard anything about celestial or fabled dino's so not sure if it is a mod for PC or an Ark mobile thing. If it's a mod, look for the mods workshop page or an email to the mod creators If it's mobile, check Ark wiki.
  5. No flyers can be used on Ab. Rockdrake is the closest thing you get to a flyer.
  6. If you did it on Rag or if you did the island one before the tek storage was released, it doesn't count. You can also learn it by defeating Beta Manticore, Rockwell, or the Desert Titan. Each platform has a sub section for bugs as well.
  7. Well if it's dead guess it's time to move on to a different mode or game. Resetting anything that isn't written that it will be reset from the beginning is largely frowned upon. It's hundreds and thousands of hours just thrown away at a whim. Play Arkpocalypse or unofficials if you want wipes or wait for a new mode to drop. Also the same guys on top of 6 man will be the same guys on top of 6 man, if they stay, in 6 months.
  8. If the pillar is within where you are building, you can report it. It's 50/50 whether WC will do something about it but it does violate CoC. Include SS of the pillar and your area. SS of any convo you got with the people doing it. Keep the ticket open every 3 to 5 days by responding that it is still an issue. Best case, 2 weeks to a month, WC may remove it. Worse case, you'll be keeping that ticket open until you're done playing Ark.
  9. Green drops and above https://ark.gamepedia.com/Loot_Tables
  10. There will always be Alpha tribes but a big way they control the server is superior fire power and structure spam. With reduced farming and xp it makes it more time consuming to put that metal towards spam vs bullets. Less harvest, less xp to get to heavies and indy forges (lot harder to get 20 indy forges built much less capped) and the closer gap of 1 player v 5, would make for a more balanced and more pvp oriented mode. Time will always play the biggest factor and there's no setting that will make someone who puts in half the time with half the man power, catch up to someone who fields a 24 hour, 5 person tribe. The reduced xp and harvest will however, make it a little longer for the Alpha's to separate that gap and will make them use that C4 more judicially than wiping every stone hut and metal 1 x1 they see.
  11. I see a lot of calls for 10 man servers lately, so there's an idea. I also see mega/alpha tribe control as a huge issue. A large part of that can be contributed to unintelligent play style but I also know "Red is dead" is a big mantra to ensure power/protection so perhaps canon map clusters (1 of island, SE, Ab, Extinction) with tribe limits, reduced harvest and xp rate, Mana absence, no joining clusters in the future might spark a rejuvenation. Mega's will avoid this type because what will they do and who will they fight once they got the cluster locked down? Alpha's will still exist but there's a chance they won't be able to hold control as efficiency with less people, harvest, and xp. It also would again get boring if they somehow managed to choke the competition to complete spamming/control of a map. Limiting to canon maps controls dino level. Tribe limit; 4 or 5 Harvest - .5 Xp - .75 Maturation - 3x Taming - 3x Extinction Titans- Untameable Cave damage - 10x No decay timers shown to enemy Enhanced structure strength ORP Enhanced turret damage ORP Mesh detection Unofficial alliances No pin locks (to try to limit ORP abuse with multiple accounts) Wipes every 6 months to 1 year. Not sure if this would be popular but I'm trying to think of something that would appeal to those who's biggest issues seem to be getting started. This of course is a PvP mode. I'm not sure PvE needs an unique game mode since adventures there are self imposed anyway. I still think a land claim system plus an expansion of no build zones and a reduction of tribe dino limit would go a long way towards improving PvE. So maybe, A 3x tame/maturation and 2x harvest to keep the breeders happy but a dino limit decrease to 250 or 300. Increase the distance of how close you can build to an enemy structure to prevent stuff like the teleporter trick placed on a cliff above while instituting the land claim system. This limits builds to that land but provides a buffer to how close someone can build to the edge of that land claim boundary. One main base land claim larger and 2 outpost claims. Limit rafts/motorboat to 2 active in a tribe. Never have seen someone need more and it prevents raft spamming unless someone wants to create 20 accounts. They also need a "starve" mechanic in the form of repair cost if they are to be counted as dino's. Rich resource areas need no build zones. This would also help with pillaring. Stuff built outside of land claim blocks would get 8 to 12 hour decay timers, no render reset. Traps, etc. should be temporary in this mode. For PvE we want to limit structures and dino's on a map (to reduce lag) while helping make the story line achievable. Trading is also a big part of PvE so no small clusters but the continued expansive network currently seen. There, problems solved.
  12. It is pretty cool. If you can find the correct parent, you can even KO it to see the stats beforehand. A little harder in the scar since you typically pull a bunch of Wyv's and there may be a few of the same elemental and level, but very easy for ice wyv's.
  13. That's what the chem bench is for. Faster mixes and reduced cost
  14. Run it again or on a different server if that's a normal occurrence. Have to run the fight to get the engrams.
  15. They are. The engrams can be unlocked on Extinction and the tek replicator engram can be unlocked by beating any boss, including the soloable Desert Titan and the easy Megapithecus. Everything's on the Extinction map (engrams, element, made cryo's out of drops) or can just learn the engrams and get your element and tek rep on any other map. Stop trying to cheapen the game.
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