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  1. yekrucifixion187

    Titanosaurus tame

    A couple people I know tried behemoth gate traps and they said the Titanosaur did not take torpor when trapped so not a method you can use.
  2. yekrucifixion187

    Megatherium Imprinting Broken?

    Melee sometimes takes time to register. Go out of render and back and it'll calculate.
  3. yekrucifixion187

    What are you raising this Valentines Day?

    On official, I'm just cycling through my Argy lines trying to get the next hp, stam, wt, or melee mute. 2 weight mutes so far, breeding 27 to 31 females every 12 hours. On my unofficial it's crazy. 20 boss Theri's Now just hatching to mutate hp or melee. Got one hp mute so far. Boss Yuty, now hatching for a breeding pair and then for hp and stam mutes. Daedon's. Going for hp and food mutes. 2 hp mutes so far. Rhino's. Going for a breeding pair with top stats then hp, stam, and melee mutes. Also raised a few caving dino's so I was imprinted. Nothing special stat wise but solid dino's. Thyla, Megatherium, and a Wolf. It helps with their 3x rates it's 75x egg hatch, 30x mature right now. On this last day of the event I'm gonna do a Giga plus the above. Good times.
  4. yekrucifixion187


    Pretty sure this fixes prim plus which literally was game breaking as it parts of peoples bases and prim plus exclusive engrams. They couldn't even play the game. Baby Giga time is like 9 hours right now. At a low weight of 700 you still only need to hand feed them for about 4 hrs and 30 minutes, fill them with raw meat and they'll hit trough. You have even longer with salt.You have even longer with backup kibble. Most likely they have higher weight, can hold more so need less hand feeding time. Every breeding event someone loses a Giga because of poor planning like oops and mistakes and secret updates don't hit often enough that people haven't learned. If you hatched them without being able to watch them for a 1/3rd of the time, or didn't top your troughs in case, that's on you.
  5. yekrucifixion187

    Anky taming Help

    Yea. It tamed out with 800 wt. 15 levels. I also tamed that 704 pre-tame. Tamed 784 wt. 10 levels. The Ark gods are cruel sometimes. Lol
  6. yekrucifixion187

    Anky taming Help

    You can use dododex to find the wild levels distributed to each stat pre-tame then only tame those with 30 levels in the stat you are looking for. That's if you have a limited kibble supply. If your kibble supply is a bit more robust then I'd tame anything 145+ and pick and choose your stats from that. RNG (random number generator) is the deciding factor here. When I started my Argy line, I tamed an Argy with 680 weight and it rolled to 800 weight after tame. Down the line I dropped with 704 weight, and it stood up with only 784 weight. Never know how it's going to roll.
  7. yekrucifixion187


    I'm not minimizing. I agree meshing is a huge issue and if he would've stayed on topic I would of carried on but since he decided to take a jab like PvE gets special treatment I felt I needed to correct him. Wildcard has shown up until cryopods that PvE is an afterthought and every ridiculous nerf that just slows the game down is not because they cater to PvE and ignore PvP issues. It's quite the opposite. That is why I interjected. Now if we want to blame engine limitations or call meshing an issue unable to be fixed by a low grade staff or perhaps a qualified but limited and overworked staff, I'm there with you.
  8. yekrucifixion187


    😂😂😂😂😂😂 Every crappy change that made this game softer and slower can be directly related to crying from PvP. Get out of here with that nonsense.
  9. yekrucifixion187

    Pve Decay Timer

    4 days for thatch, 7 days for wood and dino's, 11 days for stone, 15 days for metal, 20 days for tek. All you have to do is render in the items to refresh them I believe ark wiki can give you more in depth information.
  10. yekrucifixion187

    62 second auto decay on offical

    It happened right next to green ob on the island back in legacy. I make sure to be by my tame when it finishes now.
  11. yekrucifixion187

    What do you do for fun?

    Yes so the fact you pvp on a pve server makes you a coward. Lol. Go to an orp unofficial if you don't have time to pvp on an official. People play pve to not have to deal with the very crap you're pulling because you suckle on the nipple the safety of a pve server provides you because you're to shook to pvp for real. Pathetic.
  12. yekrucifixion187

    What do you do for fun?

    So you're afraid to PvP basically? Lol. Coward.
  13. yekrucifixion187

    308 mana dead over lagging server

    File a support ticket and provide video evidence. Links are under the bug section of your gaming platform.
  14. yekrucifixion187

    New forum rule

    I don't get paid to make games what I do is trust my dollars to someone who does and I have the right to complain when the performance and customer service does not meet my expectations and/or lacks in comparison to other companies performances who do the same thing. New forum rule; Stop with nonsensical posts.
  15. yekrucifixion187

    Just picked up the game on Steam...

    Here's a link to pc server advertisements found under the pc forums on this site. Reddit and FB have advertisements too. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/forum/90-server-advertisements/ Since you'll try single player first, you can input some of the servers settings to see if you like them as well. You'll find testimonials plus you can just join a server and check interactions, ask questions, etc. to see if it's the right fit.