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  1. They seem to glitch into ground. Using a crab to grab it out has worked so far for us. It doesn't address the main issue but it at least gets you your Reaper back.
  2. No meshing is allowed. Everything else is a lie.
  3. New servers don't allow downloads like they are new maps. It's so people can't just transfer in thousands of pillars or super op stuff making the new servers like the old servers. They want to give everybody equal footing to start before allowing transfers. If transfers were allowed the same people who "own" the other servers would own the new ones immediately.
  4. Yes if it is on the same Steam/Epic/Playstation/Xbox account
  5. Unlock engrams as you need them in game to do something and if you don't have blueprints. Stat distribution depends on your play style and mode. You a builder/farmer? You'll want more weight. You an adventurer? Probably want more hp, stam, and speed
  6. Seriously check what I said. You can take possession of the whole tribe. There's a command, just look for it.
  7. There's commands to give you stuff. Check the atk wiki. Search console commands.
  8. Official PS4 PvE they are currently selling hatch 31k hp, 1313 melee. That's a long breed line though.
  9. They fixed the scout according to patch notes but they never fixed the gasbag. There is nothing to report ticket wise since you have no video or screenshots. You can post about the gasbag still moving stuff in the bug section. Definitely cryo your tames because people suck and WC doesn't know how to fix this issue currently.
  10. Yep. Sleeping bag acts as a one time spawn point. The bed is permanent (if not destroyed) spawn point. Sleeping bag is great when you are about to try some risky ish, lol.
  11. Even unclaiming it doesn't make it attack your dino's on PvE. It sounds like a bug or hack. Submit the ticket, include your screen shots including the tribe log. It's something I never heard of on a PvE server.
  12. Wait did the tame do it or was it a wild? If it was a tame, that is only on PvP and so there is nothing to report. I only ask because you said it had a tribe name on it. If PvE, kiting is easily the most disregarded issue even with what would seem to be good video evidence so video will need to be provided for that. You can however report the presence of that dino as it is probably interfering with your right to play the game.
  13. Yep, just place a foundation and fence foundation where you break the rock. After they put in anti mesh we had a rock keep respawning and breaking one of our dino gates (that had been there for well over a year). I placed the foundation, no problems since.
  14. This is a huge problem on console too so will a problem diagnosed on steam have a compatible fix with console or should you open up a beta branch for console too?
  15. At that create a character screen on a mew server, select download survivor instead. He probably has a duped character. You'll be able to download that character then the main can transfer.
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