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  1. start the stream to see what awaits us in Genesis
  2. Genesis will be released after January 28
  3. this theme should be attached to steam on the game store page, it will be the best advertising for buyers of the next version of dls Genesis
  4. do you think it can cause a crash or disconnect of all players on the server? as I understood they have him mating always 24/7 and yeah forgot to say free eggs ))
  5. good patch notes v302. 4, sorry did not help, the server became even more hang
  6. what do you mean spoiled I watched battlemetrics, everywhere where on one IP-address more 2 - ' s servers extinction, there is similar problems but to solve the problem of a huge number of spam structures and large buildings, you can do as the developers did in the game RUST system of rotting buildings by the lack of resources in the construction process to maintain them, the player who wants to have large buildings let him spend a lot of time collecting resources for their repair
  7. I went to EU-PVE-Official-Extinction463, it does not lag, the city is built up there are many bases I think deal in a, are falling all server Extinction which are on IP Address https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark?q=""&sort=score&features[2e079b9a-d6f7-11e7-8461-83e84cedb373]=true
  8. here came the working day of the week, and where is the answer from the developers when the server will be repaired or we should not wait and can only move to another?
  9. Make buildings rot on PVE not despite Cryopod players all also are building huge base and capture their spam structures huge Tiananmen whom not enjoy, I propose a do as in game RUST rotting buildings, who wants have bolshouyu base or territory canvassed farmit on its content every day resources, and the is obtained who the first went on server and policies -- and territory their pillars and ladders and can further not bother. there will be less buildings less will lag the server
  10. think this picture will more understandable and so every 9-10 minutes, no one server not hypnotizes so as he already what week falls every 9-10 minutes as times under preserving need not be very smart that would understand in than the problem this not chaotic failures and one and the same glitch in one and the same interval time
  11. EU-PVE-Official-Extinction465 - (v301.3) lag, kicks
  12. need to tie Dino to the character and not to the tribe
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