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  1. 1. You could've just made a post about this and you would've gotten more attention. 2. What kind of server? Platform?
  2. Ask yourself this question, would I have wanted to try out Extinction/Aberration when they released if I was able? New maps are soooo much fun in both PvP and pve. I know you said you play pve, but if you did play PvP then I'd tell you to get yourself a reaper/purlovia/basilisk and stash your loot in there and go hard on Genesis.
  3. I see your point. Meshing is a big problem and I had some friends on Small Tribes PC get meshed not even 12 hours before the patch released too on aberration. But Cedric still does his best to keep up in the loop with what he can tell us. There are games out there that don't even talk to their community so I am happy that Cedric talks to all of us.
  4. They could also do something like they did with Valguero and give us a 24 hour heads up before it releases.
  5. If you did any googling and just looked at more than the first few results then you'd see that the updates they planned to release went south. Geez, I didn't think I'd have to say it twice for someone with a full time job and a life. I guess technology proficiency isn't in the job description. From my eyes, you are others like you need to stop whining like toddlers about a game. If you're an adult with a full time job and a life then act like it.
  6. VeeTea

    Hmm sharks?

    I hope sharks are a popular tame on genesis!
  7. Ark had problems with DX12 that made it run worse. If you kept up with more than ****posts on the forums then you would know that. Take some advice and go back to Halo because ark isn't for the intelligently challenged.
  8. VeeTea

    Small tribes

    No and more than likely
  9. Sorry but you'll have to be more specific because English is hard @Windssoul1995
  10. @Cedric The man we need but we don't deserve. Thanks for keeping everyone informed as much as you do!
  11. Devs have already said they are aware of the issue and are still making a fix for it.
  12. To add a bit more info to this. From past maps, transfers off of the server start a few weeks (1-3) after the server was dropped. Transfers on have started about 3-4 months from server drop in the past 2 DLC.
  13. Depends on your download speed if the servers are out when you are done updating. For someone like me who sits very far from my router and gets 1.5 megabytes, several servers are out by the time I am done downloading because of how steam prioritizes downloads for people with faster internet.
  14. If we are talking logic then altitude can affect snowfall and temperature. If we are talking ark logic, then what makes you think that the overseers of the ark's aren't manipulating the snow? There is so many lore-like possibilities like artificial snow or chemical manipulating snow to increase the melting and boiling points. It's Ark, speculation is suggested on unexplainable things.
  15. There are plenty of popular games that were delayed. To name a few titles: -Halo -Resident Evil -Final Fantasy -Fallout Let WC keep going on their QA.
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