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  1. Ark: Aberration

    Who's excited for Ark: Aberration? I know I am. Can't wait til this October, just hope it doesn't get pushed back. Tell me what you're excited for.
  2. Ark: Aberration

    Yeah honestly I don't know if it will be out in 2017 either.
  3. Ark: Aberration

    So any news yet? Besides they made a lot of progress.
  4. Ark: Aberration

    No, just disappointed at this point.
  5. Ark: Aberration

    That's their dead line, it could release November but also may not.
  6. Ark: Aberration

    Welcome to the future.
  7. Ark: Aberration

    Some weeks sounds like a lot of weeks now.
  8. Ark: Aberration

    Would really like to know if it was officially delayed a second time.
  9. Ark: Aberration

  10. Ark: Aberration

    Yep, at this point they are predictable and we can easily expect what they will do now. So much for the name "wildcard".
  11. Ark: Aberration

    We'll see if they keep their November date first.
  12. Ark: Aberration

    it sounds like the devs need to push everything they think that they are going to release a month forward instead to be sure so there isn't disappointment.
  13. Ark: Aberration

    So, any news about Aberration in that stream today?
  14. Ark: Aberration

    I guess that's cool, as long as there is something unique on the surface like maybe certain creatures or certain kind of resources.
  15. Ark: Aberration

    Don't get your hopes up too high, I learned from that mistake October 20th. And do you know if Aberration is going to be the size of an average map or is it going to be small?
  16. Ark: Aberration

    Wow, looking back at my first post, man I just hope it doesn't get pushed back again...
  17. Ark: Aberration

    I'm thinking it might be out in the next week or two weeks at max. Just hope it doesn't get delayed to next month.
  18. Ark: Aberration

    Wow, that's great news. Very helpful.
  19. Ark: Aberration

    So what's the Aberration news today?
  20. Ark: Aberration

    I think that's because if you don't own the season pass, you will be able to buy the Aberrant skins for like a $1 or something.
  21. Ark: Aberration

    Type in the admin command for it if you're on your own server. They will be available to you when Aberration comes out.
  22. Ark: Aberration

    Maybe they're will be Aberrant skins for the bow, pike, armor, for getting artifacts at the end of the cave things. (can't remember what they're called)
  23. Ark: Aberration

    Obsidian armor, maybe, I don't know. The sword skin is nice too, I wasn't very thrilled about the helmet though.
  24. Ark: Aberration

    Oh, so its name got changed.
  25. Ark: Aberration

    Does anyone know what the Karkinos is?