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  1. ^ this, they eat really fast, like a low level can starve in a couple days. You want to tame high level ones and level food.
  2. Just remember, they ONLY eat cakes. Most people prefer to level only food.
  3. If you get a jet bird theyre grinders (put stuff in the inventory and then use the dial to click grind) also snails produce organic poly when on wander, and cementing paste too.
  4. Yea but not long enough to make a difference unless you keep up on it constantly.
  5. It works on PVE but I dont think it does on PVP. Gamma 3 brightens it a bit, you can gamma to 10 I believe, and just typing "gamma" will restore it to the default setting.
  6. What pickaxe bug?
  7. I hope they do summer bash and include the party dodos, I love hunting the party dodos lol
  8. If you all havent already, check the full lists to see if the IP changed, also check with friends on the server to make sure they cant see it either. When it does it takes it off your favorites list. I had one that seemed down for like almost a week but it was an IP change and it wasnt showing up for me for some reason no matter how hard I searched, I managed to get it back through my friend.
  9. But the birds will knock stuff out of your hands, you can lose good gear that way!
  10. I think if you uninstall and then reinstall ark it will reset your stuff, but it also resets things like your map, and you will trip open the dossier chests (but not get the XP boost)
  11. To be fair, spawn points are not marked so its easy to build on them without meaning to.
  12. Yea, since they cant be podded you cant go around the timer for stryders but most, if not all other dinos can be podded and transferred earlier, at least it used to be that way.
  13. I know you probably mean vanilla, but, I have seen a mod that the animals are so powerful they do a damage that is too high for the game to comprehend and it ends up going in the negatives lol.
  14. Some stuff doesnt decay. Spike walls dont. Water pipes didnt used to but they do now thankfully. Vaults dont auto decay, boxes. There are other things.
  15. Even if you dont get the resources used to craft it, it is a nice thing to do and it helps you cause the server has to save every piece of wire, every lamp post, every box, and the less there is to save the faster the save time will be.
  16. Its a bug that has been around for like a while. I dont remember which big update dropped when it started but it was a big one, some disappear and some dont.
  17. I have 10 snails and I have them on follow to a boat (they have to be on wander to produce) and I get 1k every like hour I think it is, maybe every hour and a half. They do tend to eat a lot of cakes at first though, so IMO get yourself high level ones because otherwise they can starve to death fast. Also you have to clear it out when it gets to 100 or it wont keep going, but its passive and you dont have to be online for them to make it, just to collect it. I once saw someone with like 100 snails, it was crazy!
  18. It used to range from like 4 hours all the way to like 7 hours, and they could pick any time between there, so you would have to get up at 4am to imprint one you just imprinted at 12am, and then be back up again to imprint the 5 hour timer other one an hour and a half later. At least now you can imprint and get sleep before the next imprint and if you cant imprint you can cryo them, there were no pods back in the day! You can even use pods to mostly synch the imprints!
  19. I think the point is to simulate letting the females body rest. Broody avians dont eat or drink much and their body pays for it, and pregnancy is very hard on bodies so its healthy to rest between pregnancies.
  20. Ohh theyre awesome! That takes dedication!
  21. Omg he is glorious! I love animals that are more than one color! And blue and pink are one of my fave combos!
  22. I am so sad the last Easter event is now over. I didnt even get to play much cause it went by so fast somehow! Please show me your gorgeous easter tames!
  23. Its probably down right now, gen 2 is pretty notorious for crashing.
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