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  1. Thats what I thought it might be but I wasnt sure
  2. SSShhhhh we dont want them mucking with that!
  3. I'm not sure if it has been mentioned but I dont think you can do mods if you don't get the Steam version.
  4. Probably one of the trikes charged you and made you slow and senseless for a few seconds.
  5. No, it probably outgrew it, they do that, well, some do, some stay small enough forever.
  6. It probably has to do with the stupid flyer glitch, sometimes they will walk off without prompting. I almost had a wyvern drown because of it, since then she is leashed in her spot.
  7. The boost done by imprinted rider only activates while they are being ridden by the imprinter but there are stat boosts (like HP can go from 1200 to 1400 or so forth) are done just for being imprinted.
  8. It's a double edged sword though because you have to be logged on 100% of the time it takes babies to grow, and crops to grow and resources to respawn and nothing spawns if you are offline, but it is relaxed in the sense that you don't have to worry about timers.
  9. I havent ever played crystal isle yet but I want to see some Easter Tropes, they look awesome in their regular form so I am interested to see what they look like in Easter colors. I also would love to see Easter tames in general, just really really want to see some Tropes! Thanks!
  10. Can't you make yourself a cryofridge on one of the other maps and then port it in? Or travel to another map and learn the engram? I don't have gen so I don't know if that is not possible.
  11. I thought you had to be swift as the coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon, all the strength of a raging fire and mysterious as the dark side of the moon to be a man.
  12. If you use a stat calculator it can help, my friend wont tame anything that doesnt have 32 levels into a specific stat already because that ups his chances of getting one that has at least 42 into the stat, he tames ones of each stat strength and breeds them together until they all converge in one baby. This is the one from the ark wiki (this is a link) you just put the stats in after KO and it tells you the (pre-tamed) level distribution. Dododex also has one but I have not been able to find it on the website version yet.
  13. Nadie lo sabe realmente, depende de los desarrolladores Esta es una copia pegada de un sitio de traductor
  14. I have thought about that before, it's a nice thought.
  15. No, they just changed it so that when it is 1x rates you still get 1 stone, it was 2 for a while because they had permanently kept the 2x, I got 3 stones from picking them up last night.
  16. Maybe an April fools thing, if I rememebr right it isn't terribly hard to change the font in HTML.
  17. I think I once heard about someone whose base was dev wiped and they had to use a pelegornis to get in and out of there.
  18. One time one of my neighbors was doing base renovations and as soon as he would demo anything that wasnt a single structure if I was in render it caused me to crash too. And I was demoing a half dead water base a few days ago that had the same thing happen except I was able to attach C4 to it and blow it up from almost as far a distance as the remote would go and it was fine, except it took two explosions and the first time I accidentally moved too close and it crashed but the second time I stayed farther away and it didnt, this was under water. Perhaps the same thing is going on for you.
  19. Kibble has a better taming efficiency though so you get better stats if you use kibble vs the second favorite foods.
  20. They do give out good XP, if the being you killed it with was fresh (like just grown or tamed) its possible.
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