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  1. I'm not talking about submitting bug reports. That's fine. That is standard but WC asks for extraordinary measures. If they want x,y,x coords then they need to put them as a display option on your HUD. You shouldn't have to load up a separate game mode and then enter a command. The GPS coords should suffice. If they want video/ss evidence then they should have that able to be submitted through the game. I shouldn't have to upload it to YouTube or another 3rd party site and then link it in. As a console player it is particularly annoying. I can send issues directly through my PS4 to Sony, for AC:Odyssey I can do the same, it should be an option for Ark. Even if you go to those lengths, which I have on several occasions, the lack of action/response is extremely disappointing. I don't submit many bug/flaw/quality reports through my years in any aspect of life but it is a rarity I get no kind of response when I do, except from this company. That's very irritating.
  2. Soon enough these trolls are going to bring capped servers back. I'd suggest neutral Giga's and turret mode Velo's. You can place dino leashes inside right next to the wall, so the perimeter extends past, so that the Giga's aren't kited off. Tek turrets aren't too bad against corrupted either. Maybe even a couple neutral enforcers. They are soft but with everything else helping and 4x damage it may be enough to cover you for the 15 minutes it takes for ORP to kick in. Or really teach a lesson and make 10 turret towers with 20 velo's each. They won't be able to get close to the base. An exercise in futility. No map you paid for should be off limited because of trolls. WC needs to solve it and stop putting the buck on their customers. What other business/company does that? "We need x,y,z coords. You have to go into single player, go to the place you had the issue, and type this command to get them." Really? I thought my part of the transaction was complete. I gave you money so I could play a game. I didn't know you hired me to troubleshoot for you. Ridiculous.
  3. Who knows. Something on their long list of broken stuff. For some reason you can't place from structure to structure. It no longer snaps to foundations. If I place one on a cliff platform I have to shoot it to the ground or an enviromental wall to get it to "connect" to another cliff platform. I'm sure they know about it and are looking into it. They have the best people to look into stuff. They just haven't found many that can fix it.
  4. This topic exists on the front page. Lets keep the votes together to show the full measure of support for this idea. Add your votes there because this is definitely a good idea.
  5. If he laid down in a bed sometimes it causes a bug like this. Lay another bed right near it (because of tether distance) and then have him fast travel to it on his screen. If it's that bug it will clear it up.
  6. 1) Argy- Everybody above covered it's amazing usefulness. Quick tame, good hp, good weight, decent attack, hp regen, weight reduction, carry a high number of dino's. Simply the most useful all around tame in Ark. 2) Procoptodon- Underutilized but great berry gatherer with good weight and amazing escape capabilities with its kick knockback and leaping ability. 3) Snow Owl- This birds major flaw is no pick ability and weaker melee but it's fast, great scout with predator vision, awesome heal ability, and if you're real fast with building the best assist to tame mount. Quick tame too. 4) Theri- A Theri can do just about anything. Wood, Berry, Meat, Bosses, Defense. A bit of a time consumer tame wise but perfect mid level dino that will last you until end game stuff. I can use a mate boosted pair and solo red drops without issue. 5) Anky- Best metal gatherer. Pretty simple. Get all you need in combo with an Argy. Honorable mentions; Direbear: Theri lite. Their downside to a Theri is they draw wild aggro and no veggie cake heal or strong wood gathering. Their upside is it is a much easier tame and swipe attack is stronger. Doedic: Best stone and if using on lamp posts, crystal gatherer. They have their use but aren't a necessity depending on your game goals. Giga: If you got even a decent imprinted one you pretty much have nothing to fear in the wild. Karkinos: Even better than Argy or Quetzal for metal runs, solo or group. If wild pick up is enabled, a top notch taming partner. If starting tomorrow and I was gifted one of each of those dino's (plus a mating pair of Theri's) I'd be running bosses as soon as I had 20 Theri's raised. The perfect dino list to knockout the lore of the game.
  7. I'm not sure on the particulars. There use to be a detailed explanation somewhere on these forums on how the mute process actually works but I couldn't find it when searching the other day. @invincibleqc I think it was your Theri breeding detail but I'm not sure.
  8. 72344774765/20 can mute if the partner is 19/20. It just needs one chance.
  9. Nope. Nothing you said is valid. Microtransactions won't fix duping, meshing, or any other bug. How old are you to not understand trickle down economics has never been a thing? Your idea is predicated on that very notion. Everybody should earn what they get in game. It's super easy to. Go ruin another game with your bad idea. No to microtransactions. Also it is infinitely easier to raid than defend. Why do you think people complain about thousands of hours invested into building a base vs 3 hours to legit wipe one. Are you sure you play PvP? Get better at understanding the game you're trying to ruin. Your insults are as basic and bad as your idea. I'm glad WC never succumbed to the pressure of the lazy and inept.
  10. Yep. Day 1 of the Leeds update, my rafts that were parked right on the beach outside my base were both demolished by the Leeds. I never made another raft again until we started on the new servers. Lol
  11. Everything above is correct. I'll add since the only stat that's worth mutating on a Giga is melee the low level doesn't matter that much because you're still gonna get around 17k to 18k base hp from a level 5, stam will suck regardless of level, and weight will be adequate no matter what. There is a 55% chance you'll inherit the higher stat on a baby so it just works out with odds, cost, and benefit.
  12. Considering the depth of the story (plus obs from the onset) Ark has always been a sci fi game not just a dinosaur game. Most of the remaining prehistoric dinos are redundant and coming as a guy who was focused on being a paleontoligist for 12 years of his life, I think they made the right call with what they chose, even if their are some inaccuracies. Really, I feel like maybe adding the Brachi but more giving TLC to existing glaring holes (Megalodon and Anky size being main gripes for me) would be better than adding more Theropods and what have you. I appreciate the story arc and many of the sci fi creatures and maps and I'm personally really looking forward to the fat jerboa gremlin werewolf.
  13. Larger size, obviously more speed, dino's leaving alone that would typically attack (like a Rex goes after Raptors and Carno's but not Alpha variants) and name still displayed through spyglass. For Hyena's, Wolves, Raptors, etc. it would still be the highest level. I like it. Up vote.
  14. You bashing PvE players makes your argument just as invalid since it makes you sound like a child. Game mode does not matter. Pay to win is never good for the game and it's a bad protocol to set. You say it is for solo and small tribe to catch up with Mega but how much would they have to spend to come even close. Then, the Mega would still wipe them offline since raiding is easier than defense and Mega's always have players on so it is now hundreds or thousands of dollars flushed down the drain. Those people quit anyway since it's a waste of both time and money now. So nothing changes other than people who leave because they don't agree with pay to win models and thus the game remains the same or dies a little sooner. It doesn't enhance it.
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