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  1. Hello together, The Consumable Enduro Stew should increase the melee damage by 30% according to https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Enduro_Stew which it doesn't. Same with the Battle Tartare which should increase melee damage by 60% according to https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Battle_Tartare. Testet on a Training Dummy on Official PVE Server Gen2 1542 with Hand, Pike and Sword. Best Regards ~Me
  2. It appears that if you trap a mantis in a 1x1 trap with 3 walls high go out of render and back again you can feed the mantis but it will lose the taming progress. If you feed a Mantis which is not trapped the progress will be kept and it starts to lose food as it should. I tried a 135 Female mantis with the tactic to build with dino gates a wide cage around it so wild creatures would not interfere with the taming progress. The Problem occurred at the around 60% taming progress, it suddenly started losing the progress and went back to zero. Maybe it was coincidence but at the
  3. Hello together, I tried to tame a 150 lvl Mantis with Woolly Rhino Horns on an Official PVE-PS4 Server. I encoutered the problem that the Mantis after the first initial feeding will lose his health instead of food. So it will not trigger a second feeding interval. It seems it will loose it's health till death as it seems because it started with 1815 and now has 680 and is still dropping. a short feed back would be appreciated. best regards ~me
  4. You can not use the skiff again, because every time you hop on the skiff the asteroids vanish.
  5. Its about being able to pick a Stryder up while someone is riding it, that is not possible. Mybe i didn't formulate it correctly.
  6. Hello, we run a tribe on a gen2 Official pve Server with more than 7 players. One Tek Stryder uses 20 slots from the tame limit, which will get really fast filled up when you tame them. It would be nice to be able to use Cryopods on the Tek Stryder, to store them away when not using. best regards
  7. The Tek Stryder is not grabbable while riding it with the skiffs tractor turret. Is that intended behavior? Because it is the same size as a Bronto and there it is possible.
  8. Hello together, if you fly with a skiff through the barrier from a space bridge into space, all asteroids go invisible. It is not possible to fly through them, as they seem to be there, but because you cant see them you can't harvest the resources. (if there spawn any) A work around is either way to dismount from the skiff wait e few minutes or fly through a barrier to see the asteroids again.
  9. wanted to write a thread about it, same happening on EU-PVE-PS4Official-GenTwo142. Curios allways around a EVO Event. Is it intended?
  10. Rubber banding on Skiff Or Mammoth Hello, we have the Problem on Official PS4, that when u try to walk on the ramp upwards to the skiff u will be pulled back, like rubber banding. The only way to access it is by pressing the triangle button. Also we noticed that when u try to mount off the Mammoth u will be pulled back to it, also kinda rubberbanding. anyone else these problems? cheers
  11. poop, now i need to try to change my holiday plans ?
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