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  1. poop, now i need to try to change my holiday plans
  2. In what way would it be different for now? ppl arte already paying real money for dinos and bases. I think there is a real problem before that reason of ppl buying for real money. lets think this currency system a bit further... in which way should the player be able to earn money? Maybe through quests, or implementing a new resource and smelt gold to gold coins or by killing Enemies (NPC'S)? IF there where an auction system you could by dinos and BP'S but what next if you have all you need the money will only grow .... so for a good currency system there should be something that keeps the player spending there money.
  3. I am hyped, just look at the reveals again and you will get hyped in no time. I wanna get a ferox and magmasaur so freaking much
  4. February is around the Corner Hey guys, as February is coming closer does some one has info's about a planed release date yet so far? I also would like to know in what kind of condition we would start,like do we download the game while the servers will be online or do they give us a pre download time? I so hope it works out at the start of next month because i got vacation anyways there. ^^ If not, i would not mind, i would be sad.... really sad. So Devs give it your all!
  5. literally nothing, i did as soon i heard about it. Genesis will be the starting point for me again, same as aberration was. looking forwad to get lost in the world of ark
  6. Well they said there are a lot of new functions coming with the dlc, i so hope they changed the breeding system for the better.
  7. Hmm, i think if they outsource the whole arena fights to a instance on a different server just for these dungeons. Like an own arena server. The benefit would be greater, they could implement a ingame message system that would display after the fight that servers are down when it try's to connect to the game server and either way make it try automatically after a set period of time or display a button that is greyed out and comes back to color when the arena server successfully connects to the game server. That would prevent the los of tames and loot, to end the fight on short notice in the middle of it and i think it would benefit performance wise the game play.
  8. well at first i was angry as well because of the delay and thought raptor it, always the same poop it will never change... but in the end it does, slowly but steady. I can wait patiently for the release, the more days they get for QA the better it is, well there will be problems on the release date i'm 100 % sure about it because you can perfectly QA a game beforehand all you want, on a life system it works out always differently.
  9. The thing is, they where only called or made to legacy servers because of all the duping and cheating. i would not mind if they make the actual servers legacy. Of course they should get rid of all the duping exploits before hand. With the new DLC a fresh cluster without access to the old ones would be great.
  10. No Evolution Event? Could someone be so kind to explain me how it’s determined when a event will be held? I thought that the Evolution Wvsnt would be every weekend? Thx
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