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  1. Multipliers are different for every category like msc or acc or don't know what. That means if u have same bp with different quality and if u use same crafting char u might get better, higher item from better bp. On other hand if u have a same bp, let's say giga saddle with exactly 100%, one is asc second one is jrm and your char is above 130 lvl, thans better to craft jrm because of cost. Soory for typooo, working
  2. I can agreed with that, back in the days begginer was lag free, plenty space for everyone. But u are limited now, u cant progres. When we used to play there we had everything, bps for rex, giga, argy theri. We did boss fights, tek bases. Now its different. But if u are satisfied with things, don't know
  3. My best advice is to move away from beginner. No point in farming there. Server git wiped every 3 months so basically u spend time for nothing there.
  4. U mean becoming a slave for them and farming 500k ingots per week
  5. Gacha tower easy. I play on centar now, usualy only rraising babys, so i m whole time in base. Taming finding one aint easy but on other hand aint hard to. Easy to tame.
  6. Basic kibble will do work, but beware he will eat like mad so make plenty of them. If u out of kibble insteadpf meat u can give lamb chops
  7. Saddle %??? Brood and appe will go but dragon nah. Alpha of course. Even beta dragon will take few rexes down. Don't be surprised if alpha brood take few too. Dragon is dps race nothing more. Basically u need to output how much u can dmg on him in short period off time. If u want to get engrams valquero is place to go, on other hand if u want to do tek cave u must do them on island. Even with lower ones I managed to do alpha on val, much Easier
  8. Gamma easy. Not sure but i think we managed ti kill alpha with slightly better stats, 25k hp with 700-800 meele. U can hit spider too,gamma or betta, just dont try alpha with them.
  9. Low hp, try to hit atleast 10k, Melle so la lala, will work but i would try 450
  10. That's only reason why I have base on ext. Stil have about 15k element from last year charity event. Usually I kraft everything there, for other base I need only for fuel. Even if u lose so much on grind element its still easier from farming it with doedi. 50k veins ain't hard at all, only what u realy need is good mantis and pickaxe, and meybe a weight wyvern depence what u like.
  11. But u know u got almost double hp when u breed one? Or how would u do purple drops on ext without giga?
  12. When u doing them over and over u will after some time learn where they got stucked.
  13. And that goes for everything or ??? My Char already got duped like 4 times, normal mine inventory is duped to. But when i tried to use, anything, from inventory its just disapeared.
  14. Well u can always try stealing egg on pvp ragna with 50+ players.
  15. I helped a friend before few weeks to tame one. Never ever again. Rather i will do everseer or rockwel than that. I dont know why, but it didnt count every shoot. We did it with quetz. I think we spent more than 150+, hard to tell how many actual shoots.
  16. Yeah, schould be easy. Just watch for enraged trikes. When u see them leave drop and go for him, u don't want him to come close to drop. U can always heal between waves, just leave 2 or 3 artos running arround. Don't leave only 1, because it will start next wave. Just don't start purple ones and u will be OK, solo for sure. Without imprint giga goes pretty fast in rage mode wheb u are solo, with mateboost is much better.
  17. Hatch timee is killing me right now. I need to be with eggs whole time when they hit 3 hours, because u don't know when they gonna hatch.
  18. But a real question is Is that a bug or new mechanics. Hard to say, because last few days we don't get any Infos from wc
  19. FIrst i was mad, now i m disappointed. Now i understand that we are just numbers and nothing more.
  20. Is this bad joke ?? The dilo is going on here ?? We get nothing. Earth to WC, WAKE UPPPPPPPPPPPP its 06.14
  21. Yo Jamal, nahhh we are still stucked, just tried still nothing. This rtealy start to be annoying. Its normal when u have problem or things like that but what i find realy messed up its no one is saying anything about problem from WC We are in dark almost 2 days ??
  22. It's easy we all know that, but we don't want to leave legacy. We understand that we are all on timer but tbh idk. When they close all legacy than I will move mine ass but for sure not on official. Been there, done that. Pure cancer
  23. Working now, so I don't have much time to check whole news. When legacy will be realesed??
  24. Or grind riot gear, shoot guns etc. I always take with me few ghillie bps when I doing drops or veins on ext. U can get there crazy amounts of corrupted module or how is that thing called. Works same als org poly
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