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  1. You need to work this issue out with support via ticket: https://support.survivetheark.com Nobody on the Community Forum can help you with these in-game issues.
  2. Your post is little more than trying to hijack this thread. Nobody asked you where you wanted dino colors.
  3. You can't apply. Moderators are extended the option by WildCard staff.
  4. Submit a ticket to support and they will delete it for you: https://support.survivetheark.com
  5. If it's not a cave with an artifact in it, they can leave them there.
  6. Yup. From the CoC: "Leaving tames inside of artifact caves or on obelisk teleportation platforms" So if it's an artifact cave. You can submit a ticket to have support come remove them.
  7. I do the same thing. For some reason it's just fun to start a small base someplace you never have before and someplace most people wouldn't. It is a mini-game. Once I'm pretty established... poof, off to another playthrough.
  8. I just did this a few weeks ago. 2 different things. Logged into my old legacy server for the first time in 2+ years. Most all spaces where available to build. Seems about right for a mostly empty legacy server. All the old places where people used to have huge bases. All clear for building. Started a new character recently on the live servers. The first server I logged into had plenty of great space for building. Prob got lucky on that one. Whenever I transfer servers, I look around to see what the pillaring is like. It's really hit or miss. Some places are all taken up. some don't have much pillaring at all. Really just have to look around at different servers.
  9. Locking this inane thread. Ark PVE has lots of pillars, more news at 11. There's plenty of space to build if you spend a little time working on it. If you think someone is abusing pillars, take the advice given here:
  10. You can't access the ticket system as you were suspended from using it. There doesn't seem to be another recourse.
  11. Please submit the following form to appeal a ban from the Official Ark Discord: https://forms.gle/hFBaccjwQ8zZV7rJ8
  12. He considers not having an evo breeding event having 'cheated' him. For some reason.
  13. It's been a while. If I remember right, they became harder to make. Recipe used to be 7 × Sap and the rest the same. Now it's 4 sap and 2 x honey.
  14. Counterpoint. I don’t care about the Elden Ring story as I didn’t like the gameplay. So the story was moot to me. I personally hate “Souls like” combat. So I won’t like another game that’s emulating it. Just one persons opinion. There might be more like me. We might be the minority. Only gameplay and sales will tell.
  15. No need to post a ticket. He didn’t break any game rules. Support can’t help you here. Tribe up with people you know and trust. Anything else opens you up to people like this. You were simply taken advantage of.
  16. It's working fine. I've seen many bugs submitted this morning.
  17. Ark 2 isn't out yet.
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