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  1. Cannot purchase Ark: Genesis Season Pass from the Xbox store! I've been trying to purchase the Genesis Season Pass for Ark on the Microsoft Store for Xbox and it's not letting me, it says "Try that again, Something happened on our end. Waiting a bit might help." I tried yesterday and today and still can't. Please explain to me why this is happening.
  2. Ascension...You know you can just type in playercommand Ascend(1, 2, 3) in the admin command box to unlock the other Arks. I'm sure the devs are not going to make you ascend to play Aberration and even if they do, just type in the command, it's not big deal at all.
  3. I hope you will have the information everyone wants about Aberration. Thanks Jat, and don't be passing out again, you might want to have that checked.
  4. Things go wrong like always, it doesn't really matter. Make sure to release the game on the 29th or you might just lose a lot of your community.
  5. Why don't you guys just set your release date to next year so you can get your stuff together? You lie to people when you are releasing something and then you apologize and make a new date and then that something gets delayed again and then you apologize again. How can we accept your apologies when you keep screwing up everything? When you make a release date about something, think real hard if you are 100% sure nothing will go wrong. My prediction is that the game will not release on the 29th of August. I really don't care when your release date is.
  6. The Tylacoleo? Yeah that one is pretty cool but I would have to say the baryonyx is my favorite.
  7. Is this Yutyrannus dumb or smart? If its related to the T-Rex, I'm sure this creature must be dumb. I like it though, I'm hoping this one will actually be useful...?
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