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  1. Obelisk Crash

    I made a topic a while ago on my game crashing because of supply drops, now my game crashes when accessing the obelisk. I can't access drops or even transfer or summon bosses.
  2. Ark: Aberration

    Aberration has been an amazing experience for me but it is much different from the other arks.
  3. So one day I was riding around on my Karkinos, I killed a Spino and then all if a sudden... I fall through the map, I die and lose a high level tame and lose about 1k adv bullets I was taken back to a base. Another time I was riding around on my Spino and then it just got stuck on the ground. All I could do was turn... I waited hours and then all of a sudden a Reaper King comes out of the Spino. Guess what happens next, My Spino glitches back thankfully but how did he get stuck on an underground king? That doesn't make any sense at all... This needs to be fixed asap, i'm losing tames here.
  4. There has always been a problem with opening supply drops for me. Every time I open one, my game crashes. The other day I experienced a crash by just looking at an auto turret, yeah I just looked at it, didn't even access the inventory and boom I crash. There has been similar problems I have had with inventory access and now the game is almost unplayable. It is like this on everything such as pd servers, official and pc servers and single player. I can't acquire any loot from drops or even make a good defence such as turrets. i hope this can be fixed some time soon.
  5. Ark: Aberration

    Death! That's a real journey...
  6. Ark: Aberration

    What is the best way to get oil?
  7. Aberration: Is there water in the Portal?

    You know what you gotta do? Eat them berries!
  8. Ark: Aberration

    What did you guys do when you first played?
  9. Ark: Aberration

    Yeah, I will probably get on a server today, I was just on single player last night. I wonder how exotic the pvp will be.
  10. Ark: Aberration

    So I finally got to play it last night, took a while to download. The first thing I did was gather resources like normal but I had the hardest time just trying to get water, I had to survive on them berries lol. It was starting to get night time by the time I got a lot of resources but then I saw a bulbdog. I ran to it and tamed it and named it Linx for some reason. We went on a journey together and then I saw a raptor, I knocked it out and tamed it. I rid around on it looking around and saw these Ravagers take down a Roll Rat. I was scared so I ran with the raptor. They were coming after me and then bled my raptor, I couldn't escape so I got off my raptor and ran and sacrificed it. It was just me and Linx afterwards. We went to this swampy looking place and found a basilisk destroy 2 spinos. I didn't know what to do, what my goal was so then I got in a safe place and got off.
  11. Ark: Aberration

    Lol I just realized if anyone was playing, they probably wouldn't be on the forums...
  12. Ark: Aberration

    So who's playing?
  13. Ark: Aberration

    I think they will be dead... I killed them all so you will be fine.
  14. Ark: Aberration

    At first I thought these were zones right when I asked the question a second ago lol but these are caves and resource locations. But these are also great to know as well, thanks.
  15. Ark: Aberration

    So if anyone is playing it yet, I would like to know what the spawn zones are and know what are the best zones to be at.