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  1. Ark: Aberration

    I think the wing suits will be awesome.
  2. Ark: Aberration

    Nah, the Alien will guarding that ore and the Predator will be the one hunting you down if you manage to get the ore lol.
  3. Ark: Aberration

    I'm thinking it's going to be an exotic dragon or worm type...don't really know.
  4. Ark: Aberration

    And...what will a mole rat do??? Maybe have the aspects of a purlovia? Is it ridable? Hopefully you can ride on it and go underneath the ground hehehe.
  5. Ark: Aberration

    Isn't element supposed to be easier to get? I'm glad we will be able to climb but are the little alien things, are those the Nameless? The thing that pops out at the end of the trailer, is that the Nameless Queen? I would assume so but hopefully there will be more ridable exotic mounts.
  6. Ark: Aberration

    Maybe some mystery water dinos?
  7. Ark: Aberration

    Who's excited for Ark: Aberration? I know I am. Can't wait til this October, just hope it doesn't get pushed back. Tell me what you're excited for.
  8. Survivor of The Center not unlockable.

    Thanks for the news but have you heard they just pushed the release of the game a few weeks? It really sucks.
  9. Community Crunch 98: Gold Master Edition

    Things go wrong like always, it doesn't really matter. Make sure to release the game on the 29th or you might just lose a lot of your community.
  10. Community Crunch 98: Gold Master Edition

    Why don't you guys just set your release date to next year so you can get your stuff together? You lie to people when you are releasing something and then you apologize and make a new date and then that something gets delayed again and then you apologize again. How can we accept your apologies when you keep screwing up everything? When you make a release date about something, think real hard if you are 100% sure nothing will go wrong. My prediction is that the game will not release on the 29th of August. I really don't care when your release date is.
  11. Survivor of The Center not unlockable.

    Still not working... I want this achievement now! Seriously, just...please fix it...thanks.
  12. Survivor of The Center not unlockable.

    Please get this fixed already!
  13. More Host Options

    Yes this would be nice for nds, dedicated servers or even single player. What would be even better is an option to make smelting faster, crafting, cooking, etc. Imagine you put in 200 metal to smelt and its all smelted in 2 seconds. Would make things a lot faster. How about an option for a point multiplier on crafting skill like every other skill? An option to increase or reduce resources to make items... So many good ones that could be made.
  14. Where are the zombies

    No thanks, this would be a disaster.
  15. Survivor of The Center not unlockable.

    Still would like to know if this is 100% not working on the XBOX ONE.