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Community Crunch 259: Community Corner and More!


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Welcome to another edition of the Community Crunch!

We hope everyone is getting ready for another Eggcellent Adventure!  Be on the lookout for the event details in the next Community Crunch.  We've been overwhelmed with the amazing content that's been shared by ARK content creators.  We're always on the lookout for community content, so in addition to sharing and tagging your content on Twitter (#ARKArt, #playARK), be sure to check out our Discord where we have dedicated channels for community content.

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EVO Event


There will be no EVO event this week.


Community Corner


🎥 Creator: Sypher Sam

Sypher Sam is back again but this time with a tutorial on building a Viking-styled house.

🎥 Creator: Zany Zebra

Curious about what it's like to survive 200 days on hardcore?  Find out with Zany Zebra!

🎨Fan Art🎨

🎨 Between2Dimensions - Noctis


🎨 elbakan - ARK Owl


🎨 @TekArk3 - First Night On ARK


🎨 SIMevolant - Rock Drake (Prismacolor Markers)


🎨 Unknown Artist - Untitled


🎨 Maxolotl#7089 - Alien Sunrise


📸 In-Game Screenshots 📸

📸 KingWillrus#2876


📸 @RinuxARK


📸 @ARKLove9


📸 Eferhilda#4981


Have a great weekend!
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I love seeing the fan art, and yes that ferox has my vote for the best one lol, it is pretty cute.  It sucks not having an evo event but I get it, we’ll get one with the holiday event.  It would be amazing if the breeding went to permanent 2x.  You guys have doubled taming and harvesting what twice now?  Can breeding/hatching and maturation get some of that love please?  

it does feel at times where the give a damn for ark 1 has diminished since the announcement of ark 2.  There are so many awesome ideas and suggestions out there to help keep players refreshed with ark 1 for at least a couple years to come while ark 2 is in development and TESTED BEFORE DEPLOYMENT!  Tested needs to be the operative word there.  

Some of my suggestions are maybe trying different game modes.  That battle royale/capture the base mod or whatever it was you guys showcased during 2019’s extra life event was pretty awesome I think, and should be explored further.  I know gen kinda went this direction with missions, but maybe try to involve missions on other maps as well.  I realize that’s probably easier said than done, just a suggestion.  

Last but not least, can we on official PLEASE get a capped movement speed level up option to flyers.  I’m not asking for anything unreasonable here I don’t think.  It doesn’t have to be a full repeal of the flyer nerf, but something to make us feel like our flyers (other than our wyvs) are capable of more than just sitting in our cryo fridges or on our roofs collecting dust.  Also the fixes that would be nice, I keep my trough radius hidden because it’s annoying but every time I log in I have to reset all my troughs, fix please?  Also can loading be addressed in regards to transferring back to my home server, I spawn in the bed and have to relog because half my base doesn’t render in.  Finally last thing, since duping and cheaters are being handled can we please get rid of transfer timers (at least in pve), that were put in place to combat duping.  They are kinda pointless anymore.  

Looking forward to the upcoming event 🤘🏼

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4 hours ago, LSMCtv said:

Because 2x is the default rate now. There was a 2x breeding last weekend so to say there are no more evo events is wrong because there are, just not this weekend. 

On this topic I keep saying that the 2x rate applied to the gathering and experience gain is okay but we don't need that.  The breeding rates in this game have always been atrocious.  Breeding is very important to end game PvE.  

We want breeding only EVO events.  

Please listen Wildcard.  Breeding only by itself does not lag healthy servers.  Stop increasing any rate other than just the breeding.  We don't need to gather more.  Not even meats for babies.  

If a server is not healthy we all know why.  It is because to many players are building exceptionally large bases on the popular maps:  TheIsland and Ragnarok.


Side note, those German located servers are running better than the American ones did.  That was a good idea.  I see the improvement.

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