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  1. we're all talking about what to expect in evenets...but i am asking, when is next event and what will it have? Will our opinion be taken into consideration or just ignored?
  2. I dont neuter my dinos I am an animal lover(tribename: That Dino looks tasty), i dont even neuter new muts and lines i get and sell cheap on server yeah, one guy from our server payed 50k ingots for a clone of a black giga....so an imprinted one, not neutered...and they have saddle BP in that tribe might fetch a good price
  3. Came ingame, sold some argies, guy understood prices for each was 3k, so he brought 6k...didnt correct him.... Sold ssome boss rexes to a friend...yeah, sold, cuz the DireWolf lost the other 15 and still hasnt payed for them Got bored waiting for imprint...so went to Extinction with a Giga Found on OSD, had no idea what color it was, started it...saw some nice wyvern coming at me, corrupted dinos kept getting stuck in hills so it took a looooong time to finish, started searching for my argy that ran after so i could fill it up with goodies(crappy goodies, but goodies, some tek armor BP i will prolly never use cuz they cost a stuffload of ele) Went back to island, 3 minutes to imprint yeyee Found out i did a RED OSD from people who do them frequently....this being my first one Suicided a few times....now waiting for work hours to finish so i can go home
  4. Question: Giga price? Heya How much would an imprinted Giga sell for? base 495, imprinted 97-100%? I see clones prices on forum, but no imprinted ones selling, and i got an order on my server
  5. went to work, did my job, started playing ark went with character to abe to get some recipies....got lost...died...died again....kept dying....asked a frenchy from my island server to come pick me up on that abe server. died while waiting spawned in "safe" zone, portal....came across basilisk...guess what, died again found a survivor....offline....drowned him...felt better friend came, took me to a crate, ported back to island decided that if i started collectiong recipies i should get em all, on my crafter character....so i went to extinction...nobody there....maybe they went extinct went to red obe...found out there is nothing under red obe found a portal thingy to move back, waited 15 mins, moved back made some taxidermy thingies back on island, small ones, placed some dinos..... decided i need more weight on my crafting character to be able to make taxidermy decided to eat a mindwipe tonic .....realized after eating that i forgot something veeeeeerrrrry important....like...all engrams.... cursed, logged out and went home
  6. An intermediary between normal and tek would be great and with a show range like tek generator
  7. Happened to me on official too My cave dinos, 2 out of 3, were cleaned No more weapons and armor on them, no items And i am sure on PVE nobody got and looted a live dino....
  8. Logged in, saw myself falling through floor. waited 5 minutes till i was back in base when image refreshed Hatched some eggs, fed the babies, cleaned my base and podded lots and lots of dinos that matured then looked around and felt i have an empty base now
  9. Brontos are fun....but large and hard to manouver Maybe a few rafts are better, they can move fine, as long as you dont go too far out at sea and find a friendly fish to sink them Also a goof motorboat with a metal encasing is a good mobile base
  10. Make a few incubators around the place where you get animals to hatch eggs. I ahve a platform with 20-30 incubators and on top of it i place my egg bearing dinos if i knowi am away for a few minutes. So when they lay the eggs they also start hatching already
  11. I'd rather use the lower lvl one. I got my rexes down by almost 80 levels by breeding out useless things like movement and stamina/food/oxygen You should do the same, that way you can breed even better thylas in time, with new mutations, without being afraid they get to level cap and get deleted
  12. Question: what are the best stats for rex right now on your server? Heya I'm very curious about what the best rex is on official servers I read that 3 months ago it was around 27,9 HP 960 MD. One month, that breed came to our server. But i believe now it's higher Any idea who's closest to the maximum possible rex breed? (not lvl, stats :P)
  13. AS people said, breed a lot Get a bunch of females, i got 10 just for breeding purpose if you can, buy the best dinos on the map for that type Then, tame a wild one of the opposite sex(male). Use the wild male with the good females and wait till you get a good male, with the females stats and ofc, no daddy imprint. Then use than mail with the females...a lot...repeat when you get a good mutation on one of the babies(male preferably) the part above and always try to get a male with the best stats and new mutation, but no daddy imprint
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