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  1. Oh awesome! that have me a lil confuzzled. thanks for clearing that up. Now I'm pumped!!! Summer can't come fast enough! Yeah, just read that. SO hyped now!
  2. So it doesn't look like we can ride it, which I thought was the whole point of that bat. To have a proper flying war mount. I'm curious. What's this elixir?
  3. You die and it brings your stuff back to you instead of you having to run all over hell's acre to grab your bag. Not sure how that isn't useful to any one. As a bonus it will collect items for you. The description was pretty clear. I need like 20 of these things. XD Also, I totally agree on the new voting system. it is SO much better! Merry Christmas WC and everyone here.
  4. Omg I want that HLN-A plushie!!!! Please tell me you take commissions RaeVan87!
  5. what chest skin is on that middle mannequin?! It that like default thing for it or something? Also, awesome artwork this time too!
  6. Exo suit looking to be endgame stuff eh? Cool. Hope it's better than the Mek. And the Meawing is ridable? COOL!
  7. I'm curious about the ice wyvern mask and how the whole costume will look if they are going for the full wyven!
  8. LOL the rock knocking the reaper on it's noggin. XD That's cute. Looks like some awesome stuff is coming up! I'm going to use the bunny tail wiggle as a booty shake, and shake my booty all over the place!
  9. Well I'm sad but not surprised. First winter of 2020, then march and now may. But I'm more confused on why it's going to Stadia. It's a dead platform now. >.> I wish you'd guys would give us won of the new things to mess about with while we wait. Wishful thinking but still would ease the sting a bit.
  10. o_O what on earth are you talking about? because it wasn't mentioned in here you think it's not coming or something? I'm confused, was something said in here? We're supposed to get announcements on it in the next two weeks or so. It's mentioned in the twitter feed in discord. Patience makes the heart grow fonder! >_> I totally want that tek bow yesterday though!
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