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  1. This is amazing, and this whole month of December has been amazing. Merry Christmas, Happy holidays, Be kind to one another... well except Rockwell... he's a bit of a scrooge.
  2. I'm so pumped for this! A new game and animated series!! I wish the comments weren't so full of tiny toxic kevins and karens though. Can't please everyone I guess. Keep up the awesome work. This is gonna be awesome! and only a few more months till genesis 2! Come on 2021!
  3. I am intrigued about this awards announcement. Not Hyped, just intrigued. I'm not going to get my hopes up for something I don't know anything about yet, or even bother taking a guess.
  4. 2020 has been especially hard for the loss of loved ones and players alike. I'm thankful and grateful the devs added something like this. I see a lot of people paying a visit to this memorial. Thank you WC and most importantly, thank you jackson for taking the time out of your day to do this. There's going to be a lot of appreciative people.
  5. I sense that 'thing' and the white bunny from Monty Python's "King Arthur" have a lot in common...
  6. It would actually be cool if we were back on Aberration but it was changed so drastically by Rockwell that it is practically a brand new map and people didn't realize where they were until we already neck deep into the story. What a surprise and shocker that would be. But also Aberration is such an amazing map, I wouldn't even be mad if they did that. XD Still the changes would have to be super drastic, like a livable surface, etc. But it would be interesting it he took over another ark and that's where we ended up.
  7. I'm gonna sit here and dream for a second and say if they did upgrade then WOW! I bet the Arks would look AMAZING! If they did make the upgrade it would be a product I would 110% wait for! The demo alone just blew me away, and the first thing I thought of was "if ARK upgraded this, it would be more amazing!"
  8. Yeah, I noticed it too. I think we accidentally got the patch that was supposed to hit servers only, then got thrown back to the 310.67 patch for the pc. It was very strange
  9. Just happened to me and my friend as well. Everything we worked hard for, all gone.
  10. It's called Meshing, and WC has only really started to employ some rather good measures against it on the PC side. I laughed like hell when so many people came here to cry about their bases getting wiped, and dinos gone and their chars dead, etc, because they all decided to build under the map. I dunno if they've done anything about it in xbox, but PC is making headway. Naturally I feel bad fro those that got false positives via the system, but not the actual meshers. they had it coming. Sucks that they all seem to be moving over there to console.
  11. Sparky16

    Saber Slalom Time

    My tribe had to go through 3 days of hell and working together to complete the saber beta but we did do it. There's no way we'll get the alpha done though. not even close with the times we were pulling. !_! We legit had to resource mine and clear the entire course of dinos and such. Stuck to the inside all the way down and just all made it with a second or 2 to spare. We tried the alpha and didn't even hit the cave.
  12. Agreed. I sat on top of the mountain in the winter biome and watched the sunrise. I took the time to notice all the changes, like the more dynamic foliage and how they blow in the wind, and other silly things that just made me smile.
  13. if you are on a dedicated server then this needs to be reported. However if it's on a non dedicated then you should talk the the server admin about it.
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