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  1. That's GREAT to hear about aberration! Also if you need map testers, your community will apply in droves! They will find every little hole and such! Aberration is a very beloved map. Easily a community fav, so please treat it with the utmost care. We love the darkness and deadly beauty of it all. ALso, I still wish for innertubes and arm/wing floaties XD
  2. Hopefully you've had players test the shasta and it's saddle because they will find all the bugs and exploits. Looking forward to it though for sure. As for conquest servers.... yeah nah bro. Don't need a repeat of those and the drama they brought with ASE. You don't need to shoo away your player base, I hope they have proper moderation this time, with professionals and not cheaters. Good luck to all those that wanna try it. I'll be watching the streams to see what happens. Otherwise awesome work! I'm excited for the centre, and the Paleo mod is awesome, great to see that being showcased! The new premium, the livy, well I got to help with that one in filming and it is 100% fun fun fun! I highly recommend it!
  3. Can't wait for peeps to discover that even land and boats are no longer safe with that bugger in the game! XD
  4. MOAR MUSIC! and easter monday eh? Or April fools? Wait is this all going to be a joke?! BWHAHAA! Anyway, sounds awesome, looks awesome, and the art and screenshots this time around look amazing! Congrats to them. Yehaw!
  5. Congrats to RedGear17 who made the mod ARK really needed! Plastic lawn chairs! (it's legit going on my server). Also how does that resurrection pool actually work?
  6. I was wondering what was to become of extra life. Thank you for all your hard work. There are those of us out there that really do appreciate the teams hard word and understand things don't always go as planned. Thank you thank you ❤️
  7. HOLY SMOKES! I WANT ONE!!!! I can't wait to tame one! Just no cannon/rocket to the head taming please !n! can we make it element based? or something else cool?
  8. I'm honestly glad scorched earth is gonna get some TLC, because it really is one of the more boring maps. Hardly anywhere to explore, smaller than the island, not many points of interest, especially where the lore is concerned. it was only recent that we actually got an ascension for it. SO here's hoping that it will get a major facelift and some major love. (as well as extinction when it's time comes.)
  9. Big Oiv raptor. Not sure how I feel. Congrats to Ned and the team for making the feature though! and better fishing? :3 I can vibe with that.
  10. Just the ones not paying attention or are to lazy to read. We already know Switch is already running the upgraded version of Ark on ue5, but it's not ASA. People seem to have forgotten that already. It's graphics are severely downgraded for the switch. That was actually the free upgrade we were gonna get (just with the graphical limitation removed). I hope for good things for the switch version and even more awesome stuff for when ASA hits! In the mean time, BIG NIGHTMARE BUG! Lets see how long it will take before if gets a nerfed or someone finds an exploit to it XD <3333
  11. That is one BIG Boi! Love the saddle design! I see it can hold 2 people, if that is the case PLEASE don't make the passenger camera stuck in 1st POV. It's so broken, especially with the rock drake and griffin. So please let the passenger move around in 3rd person pov.
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