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  1. FilL out a bug report, it's obviously not intentional... but that is a big problem.
  2. Carcha was also rigged by a youtuber and was an exact copy of AAs one. And the 2nd vote wasn't rigged for it, only the top 10 was, and honestly an aqua shoulda won, it's the most if not 2nd most repetitive and abandoned area
  3. Can you help me find a tribe on official pvp? I have 83 days played and have some good allies 

  4. hey we are a alpha tribe on crysteliland we need aktiv member to expand on a other server 

    1. Warrrior


      Wich platform you are recruiting for ?

    2. Alan23
  5. If you want actually updates join our discord, I hardly use STA anymore..
  6. Hey I just recently got back to the game I’ve played every map beside the past two. I played it when it fist came out and put a crap load of hours in it. I know how to farm, tame, raid, and pretty much anything I need. If there is a new method of doing something I’ll catch on quick. I lost my old character soooo I have to start fresh. So just farming to help behold the tribe is all ima do really until end I get my level and stats back up. I’m 28 years old md I’m from Texas 

  7. I'd say DILO how did that guy get an adult shadowmane, but he didnt.. just exported the model..
  8. i have concern... is the chestpiece missing a bug? also, why does the top show half the hotbar, and half the armor set? thats kinda infuriating to me, but ill still love it! also love new pics of crop plot and mane,
  9. Carno, Meg, and bronto are pretty much useless, and ptero falls out of use later game, especially with trope, he wants a TLC to let them do something. As for Giga, it needs a better texture and model from most peoples point of view
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