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  1. AWESOME!!!! 10/10 both mod prem changes and garugas incredible critters being vanilla
  2. Ohhh ferrodracos looking incredible now! I like the new format more personally, something more exciting about a crunch.
  3. Why did you make it a ice creature? It's name means fire thief???
  4. are you still looking for tribe mates on official i got all dlcs, 150 lvl char all engrams add me on discord if so discord tag Tech#1041

    1. Vos


      Added on DC name is Vairn

    2. Iban


      Los mapas de ark estan muy guapos

  5. Trade on legacy servers?


    1. Iban


      El arte es lo mas bonito

  6. FilL out a bug report, it's obviously not intentional... but that is a big problem.
  7. Carcha was also rigged by a youtuber and was an exact copy of AAs one. And the 2nd vote wasn't rigged for it, only the top 10 was, and honestly an aqua shoulda won, it's the most if not 2nd most repetitive and abandoned area
  8. Can you help me find a tribe on official pvp? I have 83 days played and have some good allies 

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