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  1. I accidentally jumped into a trench in extinction with a deer, got a giant lag spike and when it went away, my deer had 10 HP... I had landed on a small ledge... from below a raptor was looking up at me... I waited to regain HP, then lept of the ledge and ran like the wind, didn’t have much on me tho, so it wouldn’t have been toooo bad, only really lose a deer.
  2. Also, for me, only had a short playtime, so I was doing official settings SP, no cheats, on my new PC(ryzen 5, 16GB DDR4, 1 terr Nvim, 1 terr SSD, 2 terr HDD, GTX 1050 TI 4GB) and it was AMAZING!!!!!! It was at least 50x better then the old laptop(intel 3, 8gb ram, integrated, HDD), I could run epic settings! Not only that but on over 20FPS with SUPER minimal lag spikes. I’m playing on High, and it’s like butter! Anyway, I tamed a couple of good Pdons, and a para and 2 trikes. Also got to level 19, so close to smithy....
  3. You’d be fine actually, the Pdon only force lands if it’s over land, over water it just loses torpor when you attack, sprint, and barrel roll. So basicy just find a safe beach and your good. Over lava is the bad one, for some reason it thinks lava is ground, and after will attack the lava for attacking it...
  4. I upgraded my PC and am downloading ark... hehehe.. this new box is like 50x better then my old thing,
  5. Wow amazing monument wildcard... just amazing, thank you. Also thanks for the event and stuff. Happy thanksgiving everyone!
  6. Yeah guess so, just feels like a week, I’m bored and can’t find anything to do but clean up, which I’m procrastinating... I can’t play ark as RN my PC is two different both dissected PCs. I’m building a new PC using some old parts from my current one, and I’m waiting for a part to work on that...
  7. Anyone notice the weird Meks? Those are not the same from extinction, and they are carrying crates. Anyway, HHEHEHEHEHEHE I’m gonna buy the season pass RN!
  8. I think he’s saying after “Purchasing” them with event stuff, that they should respawn with you, like the other skins.. Also, how do I disable/enable respawning with skins easily? I hate when I’m on a death streak, and I consistently have to drop skins
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