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  1. Im here to have fun, and experience cool and unique creautres that are fun and/or unique to use, such as pteranodon, basilo(mostly just for the revenge kills) Bloodstalker, wyverns, astrodelphis, dinopithicus(whenever its not broken), and more... Wait, i just listed all non-dinosaurs.....
  2. Valid, but there are certainly thing to do to get around these problems: First off, goat is immediately much better on aberration and genesis one, besides that, its kinda fun to travel around in a immersive way. Maybe it could have a better targeting team, so less creatures attack it? (Especially swamp creatures, as that seems like the goats weakpoint, a large flat, watery area with lots of combat) Additionaly, maybe it has a passive sense where it alerts when a dangerous creature is fairly close(Smaller than para and dosent show you or give alert, but rather the goat starts screaming or something. Also as an earlier game role, maybe some hot and cold insulation while riding to account for that. besides that, make it fast and take little fall damage, and its walk speed reasonably slow. also, side note, rider weapondry probably? As for the bleed, I think it would be better suited to have a slowness buff applied to something so it can escape, and also to have some sort of armored saddle or high hp pool and large natral regen to account for its smallness to make it not, one giga bite death. There is the creature scouting thing, something not even google can do to the same extent(though it should only work on wild conscious creatures WC please) and besides, an in game way of doing things is soooooo much better than external thing and feeling like your cheating finding the explorer notes and resources. Addionally, the goat could tell you the current resouce is there, and not some other tribe is there already mining it. additionaly, maybe it could somehow be better at detecting higher level animals, their tracker being much more prominent and sensed from further? and maybe being able to specify a gender too? The carry reduction and weight of goat probably have to be somewhat ludicriously high to accomidate its role, but WC made a monkey as tall as a human stronger then a rex, so i dont think thats a problem. True, it has the smithy saddle over it, and pickup, nothings gonna change that. And yeah, the method is unique, but going out and gather resources and slowing feeding them to an animal that can walk up cliffs you cant.... yeah. I think something cooler, esspecially cuz we havent had a knockout tame in awhile, is hand feeding it narcotics, it thinking you agressive, and charging, and you have to doge to the side of its rams while force feeding it tranqs, then, once down, feed it a varitey of resources to tame. Oh yeah, and a ram to stun smaller things would be fun to use So overall, it is an early game tame, awesome for traveling, finding good resources, and further tames, and explorer notes, a little faster, but more dangerous resource transport to argent, and probably more fun to traverse the map with, if combined with some fun controls while moving to make it not just hold sprint(Maybe like it gains momentem while on steeper surfaces, and has to jump from cliff to cliff?) and is somewhat fun to tame, and beyond that, is so much more immersive to use than google or an argent. You dont feel entirely above danger, you can sense things somewhat naturally, and overall its alot more fun to play than argent, even if argent is a little more effective and consistent.
  3. are you still looking for tribe mates on official i got all dlcs, 150 lvl char all engrams add me on discord if so discord tag Tech#1041

    1. Vos


      Added on DC name is Vairn

  4. Trade on legacy servers?


  5. FilL out a bug report, it's obviously not intentional... but that is a big problem.
  6. Carcha was also rigged by a youtuber and was an exact copy of AAs one. And the 2nd vote wasn't rigged for it, only the top 10 was, and honestly an aqua shoulda won, it's the most if not 2nd most repetitive and abandoned area
  7. Can you help me find a tribe on official pvp? I have 83 days played and have some good allies 

  8. hey we are a alpha tribe on crysteliland we need aktiv member to expand on a other server 

    1. Warrrior


      Wich platform you are recruiting for ?

    2. Alan23
  9. Hey I just recently got back to the game I’ve played every map beside the past two. I played it when it fist came out and put a crap load of hours in it. I know how to farm, tame, raid, and pretty much anything I need. If there is a new method of doing something I’ll catch on quick. I lost my old character soooo I have to start fresh. So just farming to help behold the tribe is all ima do really until end I get my level and stats back up. I’m 28 years old md I’m from Texas 

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