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  1. It’s only on PC’s cross-play version... Rolling back might be complicated.
  2. So your saying just because the game has a few bugs, remove a game that so many people love and it’s there favorite game, take all the money spent on the game and give it back leaving WC in debt? It’s the 7th game on steam and it make probably millions! Literally all WC’s money is in player sales! If they gave us all a refund they would lose all their profits and all the money they spent to maintain servers and hire people,
  3. Semantics but the pyramids were built by people in a system that was set up to make people go into debt and when you went into debt you worked at they pyramid and paid it off, and they also used competition to motivate the workers.
  4. They would probably get bad ratings for releasing a ark anniversary celebration update while there’s protests or whatever, and plenty of others are postponing updates too like PS4 Fortnight, World of Warcraft I think... a bunch of places are... also who gives a?... dude, that is not a good thing to say. I mean, come on. And how were they supposed to know when the release date was? You bought gen way early! You think that someone starts working on a movie and on the second day they are just like “this movie will be released in exactly 8 months 14 days 2 hours and 11 minutes” NO that’s is not how it works. By the time you see the trailer, the movie will be maybe a month or so from completion!
  5. .int ..... honestly installed the mod classic flyers. Maybe WC could make classic flyers servers...
  6. Well yes but one thing first, WC HAD ALL THE CONTENT DONE ALREADY!
  7. No... nou this is NOT what’s happening... they actually forgot to tell PC Microsoft to not roll out the update, and because of this, some people can actually use CI right now, they ARE DONE they are legitimately just not rolling it out ONLY because of the situation, and who knows maybe now they have extra time to polish everything up and it will be less or a lag and bug feast then every other thing. *sorry was a little confused about what you said this post doesn't really make sense now. Even if this was a delay cus of unfinished content(Which it is not), they are working hard. How many of you have had to make a mod on a deadline, or make a important decision such as this with only 3 or 4 days to decide, of corse it was last minute decision! They are doing their job!
  8. The tether can be usefull if you strategize, me and my friend tamed a trike using the water to stay safe. My friend would shoot trike, run into water, then teleport to me on rock, shoot trike from behind, and go into water again. Teleport, rinse repeat
  9. Unless you fixed a LARGE amount of maps and bugs it won't really affect the rating and by extension the money, but if you do fix a LARGE amount of bugs, then I think their ratings will soar, I mean think, every new map makes it better of corse but if you fixed the bugs I think it would take a lot of thoes lower ratings and brig them up, currently Ark is seven is the steam store I think. I think that lots of bugs being fixed would bring it up a lot any if Ark was third, well that would be a lot more money.
  10. I actually love the center, but it’s only new feature is skull island and underwater bubbles and floating stuff... combined with the over-spawning cave that restricts The whole Top island.... Not worth it, but compared to all the other “island maps” (Rag, Val, Center, Island, and some modded ones like Hope) Center is probably my favorite spare the fact there is no EN’s or Dossiers.
  11. No clue but this proves that the content is done, would you agree?
  12. Hahaha so true!/sarcastic That’s not what they are saying just until this kind of “blows over” but not in a way like it’s a pest. Also if we wait for there to be 100% racial equality this would never be released cus that one guy(or gal) Nope, they actually acadently released it on the PC Microsoft cross-play version! Also that would be cool if they finished jumping barriers for console while protests still are happening and then release them simultaneously, in this case that MIGHT actually be possible because before with the other delays the content wasn’t done and couldn’t start the approval prosses or whatever...
  13. Umm hey guys, you accidentally released the update and map on Microsoft store..... also is the event only for a day or how long?
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