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  1. How come there’s no more evo events? I get there’s a event coming but still...
  2. Hello everyone, I have been a Xbox player of all my gaming career, but unfortunately, Xbox is no longer the way to go. It’s too laggy, crashes a lot, and can’t even handle the servers themselves. Not to mention how UNFAIR it is with a pc and console player server. (small tribes) Pc literally can kill you off whatever you have before you load it in. It’s happened to me multiple times, I was dead before I could even fight back. Im looking for a pc, but I don’t want a MONSTER one. I want something semi cheap but reliable. I’m completely new to pc, and I was wondering if anyone could giv
  3. Gasbag bp Which OSD gives the gasbag saddle BP? Thanks
  4. Genesis snow biome Black screen Lately in the snow you will blackscreen everytime you get past a certain point, which is very inconvenient. Happens to my whole server, hopin a patch fixes it soon.
  5. Anky dissapeared when I blackscreened Hello everyone, I spawned Arctic NW and went to the mountain with a skiff and anky, then I blackscreened (I was pretty high up) came back and anky is nowhere to be found, have looked everywhere in that general area. Any ideas?
  6. Yeah I know most of them, is there actual element shards where the Magmas spawn?
  7. What’s you anky melee? Ours is 1000% and we’re barely raking 70 ele in total from the pit and the sides of the mountain
  8. Yup, just gonna be cancer till we get a skiff.
  9. Why nerf shards in genesis? Yes you could consider this a rant, but for good reason. It’s now NO JOKE, 90-100 shards per ele rock with a 130 Dmg Mining drill. Dude. On 4x. That’s just stupid. Isn’t this game time consuming enough? Now I gotta do 6-7 element runs on gen just to make a skiff? Come on guys...What’s the point of nerfing them this hard? Yes, maybe you got a little bit more than you should. But don’t decrease it by 70 percent...That’s just silly. People come to gen to get tek stuff, but the fact that It takes a entire day to get the element needed for a skiff is just silly i
  10. Yup It is, server crashed and it’s still 255. Weee stuck lol
  11. 255.... servers been 255 for 4 days boys...Any ideas?
  12. MTS Xbox servers? Is there such a thing as Xbox MTS servers? Asking because I may be quitting smalls. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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