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  1. Plant Z need to be able to knock off rider on manas Hello, got into a fight with a multiple manas in abberation. Being the prepared little fighter with a megalosaurus, I usually keep around 20 flash z on me. I got this mana, NO JOKE. 17 times. Directly. And it didn’t kick him off. Why?
  2. That’s what I was afraid of. So basically my rock ele is glitched permanently until they make a fix?
  3. Please fix valguero creatures cryo glitches. Hey! I’ve noticed that most of valguero creatures (if transferred to another server) will permanently break your tame, making it unable to be released from cryopods. I just tamed a rock elemental, switched servers, and discovered he was glitched and had a raptor icon.
  4. Cryo’d rock elemental won’t deploy Hello, tamed my first ever rock elemental and put him upload. Came back to grab him, and its icon looks like a raptor, and cannot deploy. Any idea how to fix this?
  5. Cryopods are broken Threw out my cryo’d ptera (Just Tamed) and got destroyed. Saying it could not deploy
  6. Globally banned wrongly Bout a month ago I got recruited to a tribe in extinction, I had the tek teleporter engrams, and they had one for getting to base. I never questioned going outside the base, (because the teleporter was faster) but it turns out that spot was in the mesh I guess, and I got banned. I had no clue, I thought it was just a cave. is there no way to reverse this? Thanks
  7. Server crash? Hey, I can’t log in to any servers. I have a cryo’d 307 trike on me unfortunately...My friend can’t join either. Are the servers down?
  8. Xbox Mouse and keyboard Heard there was some update to make it so you can use mouse and keyboard?
  9. Cryos are broken Who knows what’s up with the cryos? I’m raising babies, and can’t cryo them.
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