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  1. This is literally the most true thing I’ll read today. Ark PVP has been destroyed by aimbotters, people who use ESP, and doss. Especially doss. My server has been down for a week, I had to switch. This game has amazing potential, but is has so many flaws. You have a perfect view on this.
  2. The Final Test, Gamma It’s that time of the year again where I decide to do a boss fight. Usually I don’t care for the boss’s, but this one I absolutely need. Me and the boys have been playing around on genesis and we’ve actually somehow gotten pretty big without being raided, yet...The thing is, we have tek turrets, a lot of them. Buuuuut, our only source of element is a Mining drill and Bloodstalker. Kinda cancer, but someone’s gotta do it. It wasn’t until recently I discovered that the skiff is the best way to go, so to make this long ass topic short: After doing 58 missions, what tames should I bring in? Rex’s? If so, I just started a line of 20k HP and 500 DMG one’s, (When I level them a bit of course) All I need to know is, what stats should my Rex’s be? How many should there be, and what should our characters bring? I know you should have a yuti, but that’s about all my questions. To anyone that can help, thank you!
  3. Rex BPs genesis Hello everyone, anyone know what missions give rex saddle bps if any? Thanks!
  4. Genesis boss beta Hey guys, was wondering what do I need for the genesis boss realistically? We have a rep and tek all that, but I’ve heard it’s either Rex’s or rhinos. I don’t have access to super bred Rex’s, but I can tame some 180 Teks, is that worth the effort or should I just raid until I get a rex line? Thanks!
  5. Yeah, just lost a mek and a level 300 Bloodstalker. Was last one too.
  6. Xbox Extinction servers, i black screen every 50 seconds My friend and I have been experiencing black screen problems on extinction. Anyone else?
  7. Trike saddle bps? Does anyone know where to get trike saddle bps? Like a certain spot that has a good chance for them? I always see soaker trikes with like 60 armor saddles, and I’m trying to find something close to that. Thanks!
  8. Skiff defense? Hello everyone, I have yet another question for all the veterans out there. I’m no bob when it comes to building, but I’ve been thinking of ways to stop skiffs from simply floating a trike or stego over your base, and ending your career. long story short, does anyone have any ideas to prevent skiffs from doing that? I’m on one of those big ocean pillars on genesis, so I don’t think it could be too hard. Thanks!
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