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  1. Again with the amazing teasers. I really cannot wait for Genesis Part 2, I'm sure I'm not the only one. Lots of great artwork this week too!
  2. Can't wait for Genesis Part 2, thanks so much for these teasers!
  3. I second this. I am unsure why Wildcard is so obsessed with making everything out of Wood. Furniture(Apparently power cables on the electrical generator lol) makes a bit of sense I suppose(even if i personally don't like the 3 items we have available)..But when it comes to this loadout device, wood feels like the wrong way to go on that front. Still a good looking feature, excited for it. Going to save me a lot of menu time thats for sure.
  4. So is that supposed to be a better Mek? or a smaller, more easy to maneuver version with enhanced features? Either way its made me even more hyped! Assuming its the reward for finishing the map. Very excited for it to release, keep up the awesome work! Can't wait for the incubator either, although the S+ mod has spoiled me with the A/C's being really effective. Edit : Nevermind on my initial question. I see it was apparently a mek all along and mislabeled as "Exo Suit" when you released the crunch.
  5. Hey, I second this. Passive taming is pretty sweet compared to tranqing, opens up some earlier tames if you're patient and lucky. However, it isn't without its frustrations! I agree that they should rework it, although it seems like it'd be a daunting task. Personally I wouldn't expect something like that outside of a TLC. With that being said, I know a lot of players solution is to build a small, quick pen around them and be done with it.
  6. Also, can we expect the final chronicles for the helmet to come out next week? Thanks!
  7. Can't wait for the Eggcellent Adventure! Keep up the awesome work.
  8. I used to have this problem on my PS4 Pro (i've since moved to PC, not the point though) and the only thing I can suggest is that MAYBE you have too many structures bundled in one location. On Ragnorak for example, I had to work at it about 20-30 different times of DCing to shrink my mega base ( I had built it for fun with cheats, I play on online servers and usually single player for testing) and my game would just not keep me connected. Well removing 60% of the base or so helped. Obvs I've got no idea if thats your issue, plus it was on the PS4. I Know how very annoying it can be
  9. Would be neat if they could change their breath attack or if they emitted a sound shockwave to stun and disorient perhaps.
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