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  1. I couldn’t agree more slejo. The more we “forgive” mediocre, the more mediocre we receive. I get that NOTHING is perfect and the more in-depth something, like Ark is, the more layers and moving parts there are for something to go wrong, BUT when there are problems that arise that are brought up by people that play the game daily and they are ignored for years that’s a problem. I wasn’t complaining about an evo event to start off. Yes an evo event would be nice, but I also understand that for the next 2.5-3 months the rates will be boosted more times than they won’t be. Showing my long
  2. Man you guys are really batting a thousand. By reading what people have said on Twitter regarding the supposed “QOL” balance update that you unleashed on pc lol. Sure you say it’s aimed at pvp but you blockheads are gonna make pve TAKE THE SHAFT FOR IT AGAIN! Just like the flyer nerf, the mana nerf, the umpteen million giga nerfs over the years, the gacha nerf, the inability to put turrets on platform saddles anymore (that was 5 years ago and that’s what started this rabbit hole we keep going down). You DO NOT listen to the community, you DO NOT understand the difference of game play betwee
  3. I hope to the maker of all things holy that the separate balances for the patch intended for pvp. DON’T MAKE PVE PAY THE PRICE FOR A BALANCE THAT ONLY MAKES SENSE FOR PVP!!!!! Nothing about fear evolved event? To be painfully honest, I don’t really much care about The Lost Island map and many others don’t either, other than the 3 new creatures there is no incentive to set up shop there because everything you could ever ask for is on Gen 2. The only thing that is missing on Gen 2 that every other map has (besides scorched) is a snow biome and a lava biome. I will say a big thank y
  4. 1624 is down too. Hit refresh for 10 minutes, then doesn’t show up in the server list then 2-4 refreshes and shows 0/70, log in to a rollback. Then get like 5 minutes of game time and back down again. Pretty frickin ridiculous, where’s the work ethic on WC’s part? Where is the communication? Even just a BS “we’re aware of the problem and are looking into it” instead of literally NOTHING out of them, not even the sound of crickets. Very damn frustrating!
  5. Oh Wildcard, it’s pretty sad that you don’t have enough faith in your servers to have a breeding event. I mean are you saving it for the holiday events or something? If so, THEN SAY SO! Yeah 2x harvesting and taming is nice, especially for small and solo players, gives us a chance to stock up on mats and tame that must have creature at the drop of a hat but for mid to end game players breeding is what pulls us back to the game. To address my previous point, your communication sucks, it always has sucked and if it keeps going it’s going to make me rush out and buy or get all hyped up over A
  6. Ya know a breeding event would have been nice over the weekend but I’m kinda glad we didn’t get one. I don’t know about other officials but I know the official gen 2 server I play on has been plagued for the last month or 2 by someone or a group duping like hell. Lags the server, kicks everyone out and the won’t come back up on the server list for 10-15 minutes, then has a minimum 20 minute rollback. With issues like that the last thing we need is a breeding event. My hope is that this crap is figured out and fixed before the end of the year’s holiday events and extra life event. Things l
  7. What good is 2x when the servers are crashing like the Oct ‘29 stock market constantly? Seems like ever since the announcement of Ark 2 came out, the game that is out now has suffered much more than usual. If this is how things are going to go this holiday season then it’s gonna be a bigger crap show than last year. What makes it worse is that there is almost nothing but the sound of crickets on the part of Wildcard’s end. Not even so much of a “we are aware of a problem and doing our best to find a resolution” statement, that would at least be respectful. But with the Halloween event jus
  8. Oh Wildcard, you fail us once again. You put out an update that broke cryopods. If I fix a car and something happens, I usually start investigating the last thing I did and work backwards until I find the problem. We all are very appreciative of the hard work you all have been putting in over this last year and a half, but guys and gals…..QUIT BREAKING THINGS BEFORE THE WEEKEND!!! Ok you been working hard on the lost island, ok great, but that doesn’t change the fact that the live game still needs help. I will give credit to all of you, the game has gotten so in-depth over the years of de
  9. First off, thank you for getting the servers mostly sorted out, and extending the event so we could all play and enjoy the event rates after the fiasco that was the first week of the event. Server disconnects, the lag was just down right inhumane. I mean it is ark so we should all be used to the lag but there’s normal lag and then the “screw this I’m done playing for the day” lag. Thank you for getting that figured out, NOW no more dropping an event before a long weekend without making sure everything is nice and happy! Some thoughts: Could those of us who have the genesis seasons
  10. How about we get some stability, reliability and performance instead of content. Stop breaking critical components of the game with EVERY UPDATE. We understand things happen that are unforeseen but c’mon, after almost 6 years of events this should not be something that breaks the game and ya gotta spend better part of a week out of a 2 week event to get it right. Some things the community has gotten numb to but it shouldn’t have reached that point. The lag, well at this point we all know and expect the lag to not be addressed, because it hasn’t been, or hasn’t felt like it has been. The d
  11. I’d be excited for the crunch this week and summer bash (prob one of my favorite events besides winter wonderland), IF there wasn’t this elephant in the room of the servers for consoles unplayable FOR ALMOST A WEEK! Then go get an evo event in the middle of it, that’s like putting a box of cookies in front of a kid but just out of their reach and not giving them one, but telling them they can have one! People are getting pretty ticked, I know I’m one of em! Then I see something on Twitter from a day or so ago that says console patch is coming early next week??? At this moment, I’m sure most
  12. Not to be mean, but to hell with Ark II when half of not most (or all) console servers are bugged out with 2-20 minute connection time and 200+ constant ping for almost a week, and what do we hear from ANYONE from Wildcard, *holds up ear*, *crickets*!!!!! Wildcard, you are pissing off the entire community with not even so much as a peep in regards to the server performance the last week. PLAYERS ARE LEAVING! Long time AND new players! This keeps up much longer you might as well halt ALL developing of ARK 2 for the foreseeable future, because you won’t have a player base for it to be played
  13. Na crossplay gen II server 1624 same song and dance. At first it seemed like there was a pattern to the crashes but then went completely random as the day wore on. This is ridiculous! We in the community have been saying for years. TEST YOUR UPDATES BEFORE DEPLOYMENT! And when something goes wrong at least acknowledge that you know about it! Things seemed like they were getting better for a while, even shortly after the gen 2 release and then this happens. In the name of all things holy, PLEASE get this figured out and fixed. Some compensation probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to be hone
  14. Unfortunately the last drop I’ve gotten only had 25 in it, and they seem to be few and far between. I do use a toilet, in real life. For a lot of us out there dung beetles are quickest and easiest in early game. Snow owls are efficient but are slightly inferior to fertilizer, not saying it’s not sufficient enough but they do have a lower fertilizer value. I’ve used both and have specifically looked at that. In regards to compost bins, the greenhouses and other plants that are utilized on officials can smoke an entire 10 count row of loaded dung beetles( I know because I have 10 in my C.I.
  15. I agree! Can you guys please add dung beetles and bee hives to the map? Unless we can obtain honey in a drop (which I haven’t seen yet), making extraordinary kibble isn’t possible. And other than snow owl pellets and creature poop, no way to fertilize crop plots. Other than that, gen 2 is awesome and I might just make this map my home base map! My final statement…….DONT NERF ANYTHING!!! It’s amazing just the way it is!!! Just fix stuff lol. The map, the servers (when they’re not full, which almost never), the detail and the performance is impressive! Best one yet in my opinion, ca
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