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  1. First off, thank you for getting the servers mostly sorted out, and extending the event so we could all play and enjoy the event rates after the fiasco that was the first week of the event. Server disconnects, the lag was just down right inhumane. I mean it is ark so we should all be used to the lag but there’s normal lag and then the “screw this I’m done playing for the day” lag. Thank you for getting that figured out, NOW no more dropping an event before a long weekend without making sure everything is nice and happy! Some thoughts: Could those of us who have the genesis seasons
  2. How about we get some stability, reliability and performance instead of content. Stop breaking critical components of the game with EVERY UPDATE. We understand things happen that are unforeseen but c’mon, after almost 6 years of events this should not be something that breaks the game and ya gotta spend better part of a week out of a 2 week event to get it right. Some things the community has gotten numb to but it shouldn’t have reached that point. The lag, well at this point we all know and expect the lag to not be addressed, because it hasn’t been, or hasn’t felt like it has been. The d
  3. I’d be excited for the crunch this week and summer bash (prob one of my favorite events besides winter wonderland), IF there wasn’t this elephant in the room of the servers for consoles unplayable FOR ALMOST A WEEK! Then go get an evo event in the middle of it, that’s like putting a box of cookies in front of a kid but just out of their reach and not giving them one, but telling them they can have one! People are getting pretty ticked, I know I’m one of em! Then I see something on Twitter from a day or so ago that says console patch is coming early next week??? At this moment, I’m sure most
  4. Not to be mean, but to hell with Ark II when half of not most (or all) console servers are bugged out with 2-20 minute connection time and 200+ constant ping for almost a week, and what do we hear from ANYONE from Wildcard, *holds up ear*, *crickets*!!!!! Wildcard, you are pissing off the entire community with not even so much as a peep in regards to the server performance the last week. PLAYERS ARE LEAVING! Long time AND new players! This keeps up much longer you might as well halt ALL developing of ARK 2 for the foreseeable future, because you won’t have a player base for it to be played
  5. Na crossplay gen II server 1624 same song and dance. At first it seemed like there was a pattern to the crashes but then went completely random as the day wore on. This is ridiculous! We in the community have been saying for years. TEST YOUR UPDATES BEFORE DEPLOYMENT! And when something goes wrong at least acknowledge that you know about it! Things seemed like they were getting better for a while, even shortly after the gen 2 release and then this happens. In the name of all things holy, PLEASE get this figured out and fixed. Some compensation probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to be hone
  6. Unfortunately the last drop I’ve gotten only had 25 in it, and they seem to be few and far between. I do use a toilet, in real life. For a lot of us out there dung beetles are quickest and easiest in early game. Snow owls are efficient but are slightly inferior to fertilizer, not saying it’s not sufficient enough but they do have a lower fertilizer value. I’ve used both and have specifically looked at that. In regards to compost bins, the greenhouses and other plants that are utilized on officials can smoke an entire 10 count row of loaded dung beetles( I know because I have 10 in my C.I.
  7. I agree! Can you guys please add dung beetles and bee hives to the map? Unless we can obtain honey in a drop (which I haven’t seen yet), making extraordinary kibble isn’t possible. And other than snow owl pellets and creature poop, no way to fertilize crop plots. Other than that, gen 2 is awesome and I might just make this map my home base map! My final statement…….DONT NERF ANYTHING!!! It’s amazing just the way it is!!! Just fix stuff lol. The map, the servers (when they’re not full, which almost never), the detail and the performance is impressive! Best one yet in my opinion, ca
  8. I have to agree with the Prim+ aspect. I like the tek aspect because it does make some things easier when you’re solo or a smaller tribe, but I also wouldn’t mind the Prim+ mode, brings a whole new angle to the game that keeps along the same track as the roots of the game itself. TBH I would probably end up having a prim+ server AND a normal ark server just to better suit my playing mood that day. Onto a more present matter. Hey WC, time to add more Gen 2 servers. I just did a quick calculation for JUST the crossplay servers, there are 713 people on an-pve-crossplay servers alone, you
  9. The manas aren’t broken, just OP. Same with gigas to an extent, I agree that your not wrong in your points regarding the gachas and fishing, but they nerfed it pretty hard, almost to the point it’s not even worth it. You’re right in the fact that ARK started as a PvP game, but over the years I’ve seen a lot of people steer away because of the hacking, cheaters and over all (not speaking for all pvpers) toolbags. In regards to the mana and traversing the map, I haven’t seen to many people using them much anymore after the nerf. I have em but don’t use em, too glitchy for me. Most
  10. Most of us would chill out we haven’t endured YEARS of stupid irrational decisions on the part of WC. It’s the stupid decisions of not adding enough servers for the biggest hyped up expansion since the center map (which they did the same BS way back then), and yet again PvE pays the price for PvP! The flyer nerf, the fishing nerf, the gacha nerf, the umpteen million giga nerfs, the magnamgr nerf all of theses made ABSOLUTELY IRREFUTABLY NO SENSE FOR PVE! Those were enacted because of an issue on PvP. IMO someone joins PvP to FIGHT other people, ya can’t whine when someone else is bigger an
  11. Raising the population cap isn’t a good idea. The servers can’t handle the 70 it’s at now. They never could even during legacy when server pop cap was like 50. This is a problem WITH EVERY SINGLE DLC DROP. This has happened since the center was released, even before then when it was just the island. When these dlcs drop they need to add MORE servers to launch day to handle the flood of players logging into the new map. I play on the na crossplay cluster and we only got 2 gen 2 servers on launch. Same with the EU cluster, meanwhile I believe there’s like 6 Valguero servers or somethin.
  12. I’m not at all surprised by the issues I’ve read down through in the comments. Classic WC, same song and dance that we’ve seen over the last 6 years. I caved and bought the genesis seasons pass this morning and now I’m wondering if it was 30 bucks just wasted. I logged into the official server where my main base is and saw that they only added 2 gen 2 servers for crossplay????? Seriously WC, what stupid logic was that??? It’s about as idiotic as having 1 server on crossplay for the island, aberration, scorched earth, Ragnarok and the center maps. The biggest most hyped up expansion to dat
  13. Personally I wouldn’t mind if Gen 2 was delayed until next year if it meant that it’s opening would mean a near smooth addition in which has NEVER happened with any dlc or map addition to the game. If this is true going to be one of the last additions to the game then make it so it works right the first time and not broken for an entire month. Same goes for Ark 2, we are approaching the middle of 2021, and that is slated for 2022? It doesn’t matter when in 2022, THAT IS WAAAAYYYY TO SOON! Ark 2 being slatted for release means 2 things in mind: 1- either they have superheroes working on th
  14. Hmmm update supposedly came out, but who woulda thought....A BUG FOR WINDOWS 10 WITH NO ETA ON A FIX! C’mon guys, ya been doing events now for almost 5 years and EVERY SINGLE EVENT has had some sort of bug, needed 50 hot fixes, server resets etc etc. What gives? Seriously what is it going to take for ya to get this right? Enabling events without incident should be standard and be able to be activated with your eyes closed! And you are going to try to push Ark 2 through next year???? We don’t know what goes on behind the scenes and unforeseen circumstances arise, but with every update or
  15. I saw this and started busting a gut! Lmao. You are very correct sausage. The official xplay server I play on starts goin completely bug nuts when the server pop reaches 40-45 out of 70......The servers can’t handle that population on top of a major event....on top of people transferring in and out and having to relog to render bases. The servers during events should be powered by The Rock......not Richard Simmons.
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