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  1. Sweet good to see the extra life event coming and the fear evolved event not far off, TLC, really excited about the special event rates hell yeah!!!! Thanks WC! The question I do have is you are opening transfers for console crystal isles in about a month, November 22 I think you said, now why in the name of ALL THINGS HOLY, would you want to open transfers up for a map as another event has kicked off (or about to kick off, that is I’m assuming we are still getting turkey trials)???? Do you guys understand at all what happens? Lag issues, disconnect issues, people coming on here and bitchin
  2. Sweet! It’s awesome to see the holiday season come back around to Ark! The new ghost creatures that’s gone be wild!!!! For some reason I foresee my self going “wth” A LOT this fear evolved event. New chibis, new dino colors and new ghost creatures nice looking forward to it. In regards to rates yeah I slight boost in harvesting rates would be nice but seriously they did just go to permanent 2x, and from what I’ve seen yeah it is 2x. We will probably be getting 2x breeding and 2x xp. I’m thankful that we’re getting 2x breeding a lot more, remember the months that players would have killed
  3. I have definitely experienced the time out/connection loss message on my Xbox, my pc is fine but it takes 3-4x to finally get logged in. I tried logging in on my Xbox last night and after a dozen times I put the controller down. Just started in crystal isles crossplay so nothing in danger of dying yet but definitely see where many players are having similar issues. I like the shot of the castle that’s sweet!!!! The dragon and the brood is pretty cool, definitely needs some color lol. I’d be interested to know the eta of TLC 3, fear evolved and possibly transfers opening
  4. Also good work on the server issues after updates and hot fixes, some servers do tend to be a little laggier right after but not nearly as bad as before. Can’t wait to see what more is too come! Really stoaked as far as the upcoming holiday season guys! Especially with this year of 2020 being a joke everywhere else (not a joke but I think everyone knows what I’m getting at).
  5. Man I can sum up this crunch with 1 word........NNNIIIIICCCCCEEEEEEE!!!!! The stegos are a decent start out tame and to be honest I didn’t even think about the stego when thinking of TLCs! I hope this won’t be the last TLC, there are definitely some other dinos that are in desperate need of it. The mammoth’s new abilities are gonna be awesome! I can’t wait to see what my holiday event mammoths look like after the TLC. I know you guys killed it on the argentavis a couple years back, the color regions were far better than the originals! If there is another TLC (which I HOPE there is) the me
  6. Nice! Liking the crunch! The mammoth is in definite need of a TLC. It would be awesome if they considered the quetz the other animal. Those 2 have looked the same since the beginning. I love my quetzs, but would love to see them king of the skies again. Not to take away anything from the water dinos because they need one as well, but the land dinos are mostly what’s used. Mods are kinda touch and go, yeah it would be awesome for all mods to come to console but man that is A LOT of memory space and I’m sure there’s a ton of legistics involved. It would be nice to get more of th
  7. Damn ladyteruki hit the nail right on the head! It would be amazing to read and see all of what she’s talking about. In a way you are promoting your game. Maybe explain the process of what you guys go through in fixing bugs and broken aspects of the game (obviously not in great detail due to dbag human beings looking for ways to cheat). Maybe pitch some ideas to the community as far as some things whether it would be a good idea or not a good idea. I keep remembering what Cedric said at last year’s 24 hour live stream event about things being introduced into the game and the players comin
  9. Yeah kind of crappy crunch, but Cedric has more than come out and said that there wasn’t really anything write home about on past crunches like this one. I myself would love to read more about what they are working on, but we all know how tight lipped they are when it comes to stuff. Yeah it’s frustrating. We all saw things during the extra life event 2019 that I thought was cool as hell! Like the different game modes along the lines of “capture the flag” style, the tek trikes would be a sweet thing to have in the entire game rather than just from genesis. Personally I still have not boug
  10. You are absolutely right foxyfoxtrot, it would be a major headache to implement the entire S+ mod for console. What I was talking was like the large pillars like the large walls, the ability to flip a sloped wall (which I never understood why that wasn’t a thing from the start) and so on, some of the features of the S+ mod would never come to console which would be alright, it just sucks we only got a small sample of it. Oh there would definitely be aspects of S+ being exploited but we all know that WC could change some things to keep the exploits down. Transferring element on pve to me jus
  11. First I want to start by saying that I like what I saw in the info as far as this community crunch! Sweet! It’s about time! On the flip side it doesn’t go far enough. Well I know I’m late to the party but I have the same concerns about the breeding/raising rates as everyone else. Seriously who had that brainless idea? Yeah as a solo pve player the harvesting rates help but in the name of all things holy why was breeding/raising not considered? I don’t breed dinos that much because it’s such a time consuming task, and especially those of us out there that have a life outside of ark(Work
  12. How about you guys try testing things BEFORE you let someone else try it out, and you make sure that it is reliable, I’m not saying I’m just saying. WC after 5 years I would have thought that you would have learned by now that testing things in real world application might be to everyone’s benefit? Maybe? You mean to tell me that you can’t have an Xbox, ps4 and a pc up in the office that you can test these events, additions and content out on? To make sure that things are one the up and up BEFORE it goes to the massive player base. To me that just makes more sense, it’s been about 3-3.5 ye
  13. NICE! this is probably the best community crunch in a number of weeks! We have been having a helluva time on crossplay servers center, scorched earth and the island. I’m definitely excited to see what is in store for the quality of life. The base game itself is a ton of fun, especially when it’s running smoothly and as designed. This is awesome guys keep up the good work! This is what most of the community has been wanting! Keep us updated, would love to see some awesome QOL implements and how about some fixing of mistakes made in regards to nerfs? Since the cheating enforcement is fully
  14. We have a saying on the server I play on......Welcome to this game called Ark: Survival Evolved
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