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  1. Yeah I seriously have doubts we’ll see Ark 2 anywhere in this first half of the year, we will be lucky to see or hear anything in the second half of the year, IMO. Which honestly I think is a good thing. No news is good news. As I posted in last week’s crunch, I think there are some happenings behind the scenes that are taking precedence. It is frustrating to not see or hear anything coming down the pipe concerning Ark 2, especially when most of us know and are acutely aware that the clock has started to tick on Ark 1. It drives me nuts, because I don’t have a time frame to tell my wife when I’m gonna need a new console lol. Creature submissions again, that definitely speaks volumes. Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing some TLC to the creatures already, god knows there’s at least a dozen that need it lol. It’ll be interesting to see what the candidates are. It would be nice to see if we could get an SOTF arrival on console date. I saw a tweet that said Jan 31st, but I take that with a grain of salt. I seriously am excited about jumping into some SOTF matches on console. It’s going to be very interesting what different variations might become available, if any do which would be sweet! I gotta say this is the first time in a long time I’m pretty excited to see what this new year has in store for this game.
  2. Been a while since I put in my 2 cents, but in regards to Ark 2, I have serious doubts that we will see Ark 2 in the first half of this year. At most we might see a little teaser of game play, but even then I consider that questionable. Personally, I think there’s some big shtuff going down behind the scenes that all of us have very little knowledge of and will probably not be privy to. With the bombshell video that came out from H.O.D a couple weeks ago exposing some things, and thinking back through all of the gripes about the game and my thousands of hours playing it, let’s just say at least for me some major pieces of the “what the hell?” puzzle snapped into place. For those that aren’t aware of that should do some investigation of their own. With which I’ll end this section with, I STAND WITH JESSE AND JEREMY AND WILDCARD! As we all should be posting out loud. In regards to SOTF, as a console player, I am very excited to try this out! I hope that it is built upon and made better and better. This is a piece of the game that I think has been missing in Ark for many years. Maybe some different variations would be kind of a cool concept, what variations I’ll have to get back to that lol. With the end of the winter wonderland event and if this truly is the beginning of the end for Ark 1, I kinda have to agree as far as raising official rates, and maybe enable the ability to transfer EVERYTHING. Things like element( or even just shards), boss trophies, flags and tributes to run bosses. As well as maybe enabling the ability to start boss fights from our transmitter would be awesome as well. Fjordur has been out for over 6 months now, most of us have run through a few if not all the bosses, now if we could transfer anything to whatever map we choose to build our Ark 1 retirement bases while we patiently wait for the next iteration of the game we all love. Jesse, Jeremy and WC, we look forward to what’s to come in the new year and hope that you can break loose the boat anchor that’s holding things up, take as much time as you need to make Ark 2 a truly unbelievable experience that blows the roof off the gaming community, the potential is there. Stick to your guns, this community will be forever thankful for it! Happy New Year guys!!!
  3. That’s what people said about ARK 1, 7 years later we still pay the price. The potential is there with the unreal engine 5. Honestly if EVERYTHING they listed is ACTUALLY in the game, I may be all in myself. Also as a 6 1/2 year, 10k-ish hour player, I’m trying not to get too hyped. All of us who stayed from early access have had our hearts broken before, let’s see if you can deliver guys, we really hope you do. Everything you listed in regards to mechanics is what ARK 1 should have been. Also, THANK YOU for delaying ARK 2!!! Just throwing it out there, I CHALLENGE VIN DIESEL TO A GIGA WRANGLING!!! That’s my jam, been taming gigas solo since 2016. Looking forward to it guys, MAKE IT HAPPEN CAP’N
  4. Yeah it definitely seems suggestive. Knowing WC we might have to get ‘em by using oviraptors. Which would be kind of a cool dynamic. Especially since when was the last time any used an ovi to steal eggs, January of 2016? Lol. On the flip side, we all know oviraptors aren’t really tanky so any serious hits and that would probably be the end of it. I’m also wondering what the ace up the sleeve is that WC is holding. I say this because most creatures that require an egg theft also requires a special food to feed it, with the exception of a couple I think. I dunno about rockdrakes, never stole an egg. But wyverns require milk or primal crystal, magmas require sulfur or something I think, I don’t remember. Is there a new form of regurgitated meat or something? That’s how most birds of prey feed their young. That would be cool but also the potential of being a major pain in the arse. Which I have to say this, Wildcard, THANK YOU for fixing gen 2 servers, or at least stabilizing them!!! With that said why didn’t you do that months and months ago when they first started having problems? They’re not perfect but MUCH better! Plus, there is nothing perfect about this game we all know that, and most of us accept it. No I’m not gonna change my mind on whether you all should delay Ark 2. Could we maybe get some QOL things brought into the game, please?
  5. Well I think I am definitely afraid of the dark again…..I haven’t been afraid of the dark in more than 25 years. As far as Ark 2, I’m glad we haven’t heard anything. The longer it takes to get any news the higher the chances of it getting pushed back (which it should be)! I do think that it’s probably time for WC to crap or get off the pot about Ark 2 though. They have never truly been very good at communicating with the players that made them money, but even though I can much care less about Ark 2 (mainly because I’m not going to rush out and get the next gen console just to play the same broken game), I am more concerned about what the plan for Ark 1 official servers is. There is a lot that WC can give us in the way of information without revealing a single thing in regards to Ark 2. Many of us have spent years and literally thousands of hours on this game, and we don’t deserve to be treated like a mushroom and kept in the dark and filled with bs. We have accrued tames, blueprints, resources, bases, ascended and the list goes on. The very least WC could do is just come out an$ say yay or nay on this whole Ark 2 business. My personal opinion, JUST DELAY ARK 2 UNTIL 2024, AND MAKE SURE IT’S RIGHT!!!!!! I should start a hashtag, hmmmm #ark2in2024
  6. It’s unfortunate that it would screw the solo people. Plus history with this company shows us that somewhere someone gets screwed. I can’t agree more twisted. That’s been my main complaint since they announced it. I honestly just wish more so that they would acknowledge a that (at least as far as I know) gen 2 servers are completely screwed, plagued with rollbacks and crashes. If this is the last year of events, players who play on Gen 2 are really getting shoved the shaft because of WC’s lack of acknowledgment of a problem, and I personally don’t believe that’s right or fair to us players. That issue also doesn’t look well for the onset of Ark 2, I personally believe Ark 2 is going to not just flop, but fall right square on it’s face if they try to force that door open at the end of the year or even into next year. I’m just a dumb redneck from upstate NY, but this just seems like a very stupid thing to do on the part of WC. If they have they’re reasons fine, then they need to help the rest of us understand their reasons and get on their side with those decisions.
  7. I know it would be, PvP is kinda lame from what I’ve seen. That’s why the majority of the player base is PvE (for official servers not unofficial). My point was in that whole thing was that the devs are out of touch with how the game is played. Most of them admit that they haven’t picked up a controller/keyboard to play the actual game in years. In my opinion because of that we, as the players, suffer. As far as Ark 2 news, being honest here, I don’t give 2 dodo eggs about Ark 2 right now. Neither does most of the people I’ve talked to on my server. The general sentiment is we all just got the biggest middle finger to date from WC, me included. My point with that was the communication (or lack there of) is absurd. Players want to know the general plan so we can prepare ourselves, bases, tames you name it. I have many years in this game and I get WC has never been gold star rated on their communication, but something like this? There needs to be more coming down the pipe from Wildcard than the sound of crickets, and half the time we don’t even get that. I had a friend tell me just this morning that his tribe is seriously thinking about giving this game a send off for good, and it’s because of years of dealing with WC’s handling of this game. You’re right cosmic, someone probably would counter the giga, but my point in that was how often in this game do things actually go as planned. I have a saying “Ark law makes Murphy’s Law go cry in a corner like a little girl”, and we have ALL experienced that at one time or another. I agree with you that development wise and content that’s in Ark 2, yeah keep the traps shut. What I was referring to is the fact that the only thing we’ve gotten out of WC is “this is the last year of events for Ark 1”, ok so what does that mean? Are they going to pull the same stunt they did with legacy? I realize that it also means the end of events for Ark 1, but there’s many other questions that come up behind that statement that have nothing to do with anything content related for Ark 2. Yeah not pushing back Ark 2 is a stupid move for a number of different reasons on WC part. And that falls into my previous issue with the no events after this year for Ark 1. What if they do decide to postpone Ark 2 for another year or half a year? I just think that this being the last year for events was a smidge premature, and I’m not the only one.
  8. First, I definitely like that spotlight video, it is pretty cool to see how the devs intend for something to be used. Now for the other side, probably be a pretty hot ticket tame in PvP for a while, until it gets nerfed and it WILL get nerfed. Even as cool as the video is, how many servers has anyone been on, PvP or PvE, where people actually play the game the way they portray in that video? Short answer A VERY SMALL FEW, if any at all. If you guys wanted it to be more realistic into how the game play ACTUALLY goes, someone would have tossed out a giga and took it out. Not trying to be Johnny Rain Cloud, that’s just reality. Depending on the stats and the quality saddle, ya might be able to take out a giga with a few of those flanking each side of it, but my bet even that scenario would only warrant 1 giga, not multiple. Maybe if you at WC actually played the game you would see how outdated your portrayal of game play is. You would probably also find out how unstable the servers are (especially Gen2). It’s ok, we get that deep down Ark 1 is distant history to you already, even though you haven’t come out with one thing regarding Ark 2 in over a year. The middle of this year is only 2 months away, and nothing from you as regards to your plans for Ark 1, any sort of what you’re goal is for Ark 2. Whether it be creatures, building materials, map sizes literally nothing! Basically what I’m getting at is COMMUNICATING TO YOUR PLAYER BASE WILDCARD! You can fill us in on things without revealing hardly ANYTHING regarding Ark 2. Personally I’m more concerned with the future of Ark 1. Most people are not going to rush out and get the next gen console just to play Ark 2, IMO you’d be better off waiting a year, let people acquire the next gen console, THEN release Ark 2. To me that’s the smart way. I’ll end this with, please just fix the rollbacks on Gen 2, it’s getting stupid at this point, and filling out tickets is getting old especially when there’s nothing but crickets out of WC.
  9. So when are you guys at Wildcard going to address the issues in the game, the current issues! Not even the long lasting bugs! The current issues like ummm I dunno, ROLLBACKS IN GEN 2 THAT HAVE BEEN HAPPENING FOR 8+ MONTHS!!! We fill out tickets, nothing happens. People post on here and Twitter about it, you all just nonchalantly ignore it. It got old 6 months ago, now it really ticks EVERYONE who plays on these maps off!!! You want players to be excited for Ark 2, when this bs has been happening for so long?? What kind of flat out stupid logic is that??? If you really wanted to keep your Ark 1 players and get them excited about Ark 2, YOU WOULN’T LET SOMETHING LIKE THIS GO! So why has it??? We bought your game, we put food on your employee’s tables, and kept roofs over their heads for the last 6 and a half years! We deserve more in lines of communication from you than what we get. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH WILDCARD!!!
  10. Not always, depends on the map. The island they spawn in the snow which how this game is, high levels usually spawn in dangerous places. I think on maps like center, Val and rag they spawn on beaches but I haven’t played those maps in so long I don’t remember. One would have to utilize the spawn maps. Cyberra, there are many ways around this. One, you can build a decent area trap using dino gates with one section left for a ramp to bring the chali into the trap. Or you can also utilize the spawn maps and find out which map would be the easier to tame one on, those are only two suggestions out of countless ways to make it work, ya just gotta think outta the box. Utilize the tools available for your disposal, youtube, Dododex you name it. Depending on the map, spawns are more dense than others. I’ve been a PvE console player from just about day 1 on console and I never remember being able to pick up wild dinos, so that had to have been something that they changed relatively early within the game’s entrance onto the console or pc stage. I can’t agree more, I mean the different taming methods are kinda nice and that’s one of my most favorite things about gen 2 (when servers were stable), but too much of a pain to tame and players aren’t going to waste their time and find an alternative to taming that creature that is more time/cost effective. This also brings up the fact that since the gen 2 mic drop, a vast majority of creatures have been rendered quite literally useless and pointless to tame. On the flip side of that coin, with transfers, discord, Facebook and whatever other means players don’t have to tame ANYTHING unless they want to, they can just buy it. My hat is off to anyone who tames their own stuff. I personally enjoying taming my own creatures, but will resort to buying a creature I want if I don’t have an efficient way of taming it. As far as the andrewsarchus goes, I’m gonna wait to see what Captain Fatdog comes up with for a trap before I attempt that rodeo lol. It does seem like another yard ornament for PvE, just like the armargasaurus and countless other creatures that have been added to the game. PvP, I can see the appeal but it seems that the devs have lost touch with how the game is played, and has been played for the last 5+ years. It’s not played like age of empires with an army of variety (like many of their trailers portrayed), things are handled with gigas. I can’t count how many PvP videos I’ve seen where at some point a giga (or gigas) is introduced to lay down the law. Whether be in the beginning or end the giga is 100% sure to make an appearance. My point being, it doesn’t matter how many creatures are added to add variety of game play to the game, the giga was, is and always will be the go to for any sort of “lay down the law” situation. Sorry WC, that’s just how the game is played on official, and has been. If the giga is added into Ark 2 it WILL be THE SAME WAY MAKING IT THE SAME GAME! So here’s my thought, fix Ark 1, push back Ark 2 and actually truly make it separate from Ark 1, then ya might have something for people to get hyped about. Right now most of us are quite positive that Ark 2 is just gonna be pretty a much a do over of Ark 1, so ya wanna make a statement with Ark 2? Prove us wrong, we double dog dare you!
  11. Hopefully Gen 2 servers will be able to handle the event or are we going to face major rollbacks like we have for over 8 months now that pretty much render the game unplayable for those 2 weeks? I’ve said before I’ll say it again, Ark 2 should be pushed back to next year or even 2024, that’s the only Ark 2 news I want to see. Give the next generation consoles time to work out the bugs then release a game that’ll be just as full of bugs, glitches and exploits as Ark 1. It will only be released on Xbox and pc anyway at first, and who really has the money to go out and smoke 6-700 bucks on a next gen console just to play Ark 2? I make a decent living, but I most certainly don’t. Not to be a jerk, but I (and many others) could care less about Ark 2 right now when ya can’t even play one of the more popular maps without getting rollbacks 10 times a day. To the point that things like taming, harvesting and even running missions has come to a grinding halt because nobody wants to be in the middle of that, have the server rollback 15 minutes after a 10-20 minute wait for the server to stabilize to log back in to find yourself in a bad situation and loosing tames, progress and the most precious thing, TIME! And that’s without an event going on! Events make it WORSE! We’re lucky if the servers are playable for 20 minutes between rollbacks! Honestly I’d like to see something about the animated series or something like that, there has been absolutely zero news on that in quite some time. It’s sad when ya can’t even get excited about events because of how bad the server ya play on is, and knowing other servers for the same map are just as bad. It’s bad enough that it has almost taken the enjoyment out of the game for a lot of players to the point they are either moving back to other maps they came from or quitting all together. Filing tickets doesn’t do any good, posting in to bugs and glitches section does no good, and I’m starting to think putting it out there here in the community crunch does no good. I (and countless others I play with) have said, I probably will not buy Ark 2 or a next gen console just to play it for quite some time, if I ever do. This company needs to really straighten out their act and get some things up the priority list. Just the opinion of a long time lover of the game, but doesn’t like seeing what we are forced to deal with on a daily basis.
  12. I agree, the devs don’t care. They certainly used to back in the day. The problem is with single player, I (like most of us official players) get really bored in about 2.987294 seconds trying to play legit on single player. I use single player for coming up with new builds for official, working out an certain mechanic or exploring a new map. To me it’s the challenge of official that is alluring. Maybe if they added some sort of campaign structure to singleplayer that would be one thing, but Ark was developed as an online multiplayer PvP style game. Now over the years it has shifted to the PvE side of the game just due to the bs that has plagued PvP for so long, both on the part of Wildcard’s lack of foresight and cheaters that have all but destroyed the experience of PvP. We all know that Ark 1 was going to end some day, as is life all good things must come to an end, and bigger and hopefully better things were in the works. They won’t just shut servers down without warning, I don’t give WC too much credit for a lot of things but I will give them that. It’s not gonna be ya log in one morning and the server is gone for good, they may only give us a week warning but there will be a warning before any servers go down for good. In regards to servers breaking after transfers open, yeah they always have because of the sudden literal flood of bases, players and tames that get moved to a server, hence the biggest reason they added cryopods. Ya ever move servers before cryopods? You could, quite literally, feel the server start to bog down more and more with every single “so&so has joined this Ark” banner across the top of the screen, and after a while (about 2 weeks to a month) they smoothed out and we’re ok for the most part, but gen 2 was different. I don’t know what happened between Crystal Isles and Gen 2, but when gen 2 broke it NEVER smoothed out and it broke in (I believe) October with the Halloween event. We got hit with bad rollbacks, almost 5 minute lag spikes, game crashes, disconnects you name it. Before the Halloween event though Gen2 was probably the smoothest release of a DLC map since The Center was released. As far as who owns WC, I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s just like every other product shipped to Walmart from China, cheap materials made by child labor and shipped back to the states. Sounds pretty plausible to me. My final point being, there are some deeper issues with Ark and more over WC that need to be remedied before they put out anymore games.
  13. I agree cosmic, I had one in my base for like a month and NEVER used it, so it got replaced with a vault lol. I see the usefulness for PVP and maybe a 10+ member tribe on PvE but for a solo or small tribe, it’s kinda pointless. The weight on my character is over 800 and I do exactly as you said, if I plan on taming I grab my taming stuff from the vault or smithy it’s in. If I’m farming resources then I grab that stuff and etc etc. I will give credit where it’s due it was a pretty cool idea, just not overly practical in certain situations. I don’t build them because I don’t use them. I don’t think they should be removed because I’m sure there are tons of people out there that use them all the time, if they are buggy they need to be fixed.
  14. I hope it is! Frankly I don’t give a dodo’s egg shooter about Ark 2, and if others had their priorities straight neither would they. Hey it’s nice to see what those 70 fixes are (sarcasm), if it’s exploits great and don’t go into great detail. We all know that and for obvious reasons, but it’s all nothing but exploits and mesh fixes then that says A LOT about the devs and should bring to the fore front a complaint that has gone on for years about TESTING YOUR GAME WC! It can be done, where there’s a will there’s a way. Can we finally get some fixes to the servers for stability??? I have lost a lot of interest as well as other players just because of the server instability. People don’t even run that many missions on Gen 2 anymore or actually really enjoy the map because of the raptoring rollbacks. If you were around in the earlier days of the crunch there was some actual information in them, go back and look and then compare the crunches over the last 6-10 months, you WILL notice the difference. Now they just seem like something slapped together and posted right before they clock out for the weekend just for the sake doing it. The heads up about the 70 fixes update looks as if it was literally copy and pasted from the heads up they gave to pc players. We also DO realize that if they list details of the fixes of the exploits that people use to cheat they’ll find a way around ‘em, they do anyway. In regards to the transferring of boss trophies, I wish we could!! I’ve tried transferring them and it doesn’t work for me, he’ll the dermis’s don’t even transfer right which sucks. There is a way they could make it so boss trophies could be transferable. They could even make it so the trophies that are transferred aren’t able to be used in say the tek cave if they wanted to, but honestly in the grand scheme of bugs that’s the least of my worries. Who cares if somebody beat the rag dragon and used that head to open the island tek cave, not me! There is so much that could be great additions to Ark 1 that are just gonna be wasted because, first- the engine it runs on is severely outdated and second- unfortunately WC has boarded the Ark 2 train and left any hope of Ark 1 truly becoming a viable game for years to come on the station platform.
  15. I’ve said it before I’m going to say it again, ARK 2 SHOULD NOT, I REPEAT SHOULD NOT BE RELEASED THIS YEAR OR NEXT YEAR!!! THE EARLIEST SHOULD BE 2024!!!!! If they do the single stupidest thing imaginable at this moment (which is the release Ark 2 this year), they would have to keep servers going for Ark 1, at least for PS, last I heard they haven’t worked anything out with Sony. We all know how this company has been the last year all the way track to the beginning of the game, and I have to agree with the this: They said before the game got released from early access that they would give limited support to legacy servers and then when I release day came they came out and said that they would give no more support, but they would keep servers open. Then a month down the road they started shutting down legacy servers (surprise surprise surprise). We all knew that it was coming and started leaving legacy servers, but WHY DIDNT THEY JUST SAY THAT FROM THE GET GO! The SAME thing is going to happen to Ark 1. Our days on Ark 1 are numbered, no nothing lasts forever, BUT we don’t have to accept and send a clear message to WC that we hold them to a higher standard than the service and product that we have been receiving over the last couple years. Hey Wildcard, if you are hell bent on releasing Ark 2 this year, it better make Ark 1 look like Minecraft and run 100x better. If it doesn’t run better than Ark 1, I’m calling the ball here, it will blow up in your faces. Just like movies, video game sequels are rarely better than the original.
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