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  1. While the touches are being done on genesis part 2, how about fixing wyverns and Argys just walking off after the rider hops off the saddle while you’re at it (happens on Xbox, dunno about others). Several people including myself have lost tames that way...
  2. Oh yeah my favorite event as well! I play pve and we would call presents out in world chat like 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. it seemed to work pretty well because everyone on the server caught on and followed suit. And if ya came upon a present that nobody called dibs on and no one around it was fair game. There are ways to make it so everyone has a fair shot at loot, people just have to not be greedy about it. There is also hopping on in off hours, it does actually work lol and especially towards the end of the event because everyone is focused on babies by that point. No 2x taming is ki
  3. Transfers supposedly open this Friday. I’m hoping there might be some fixes in the transfer update, like aberrant salmon not biting, wyverns continue to walk a mile after landing. If the surprise is the announcement of Ark 2, while that’s in development I’d love to see some spin off game modes in between ark 1 and ark 2 happen. Something like that battle royale mode they showcased in 2019s extra life event that would be awesome!
  4. Turkey trials will probable brought up in next week’s CC. I’m interested in seeing what’s coming but I wouldn’t hold my breathe on Ark 2 just yet. Yes there’s a very good possibility of that becoming a reality, and Jesse has hinted at it numerous times, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the almost years I been playing ark, hopes get built up and then smashed. Gen 2 is still 5-6 months away at the earliest. Not saying that it wouldn’t be the announcement, just saying anyone that’s played for awhile and kept up on things from studio wildcard knows we’ve seen this movie before. I
  5. As much as I can’t wait for the TLC and extra life to drop I’m not at all looking forward to the fiasco that is more than likely going to happen from the TLC update. Something is going to break somewhere, mark my words. Dropping an update on the same day as an event such as extra life is such a bad idea. We play the game and see what happens during and after updates. Please for the love of all things holy delay the TLC update, so we can all enjoy the extra life rates and focus on the reason for the event, donate to the charity and working on breaking the record of last year!
  6. Then why do have my Dododex app set for 3x taming and it’s spot on with the amount of kibble to tame the animal. Tamed a 145 Karkinos just today with the 3x kibble amount. Unless it’s only Xbox that has 3x taming because we got the event 4 days late.
  7. No it’s definitely 3x taming, says right on the main screen
  8. Love the fan art btw and what’s coming, I’m still excited over this holiday season. That little gremlin looking thing I bet is along the lines of a Ferox. Cute as hell but something turns it into a rage monster that rips your head off! Lol. Happy Halloween everyone!
  9. I hope you’re not taking away 3x taming!!! Man I love what I see in this crunch but just have some considerable concerns: Number 1: So the Fear Evolved Event is ending the 6th, across platforms, meaning Xbox (including crossplay) takes the shaft by not having until almost 4 FULL DAYS after everyone else. Things happen, fine, but then to push out a “optimization” update that actually made things worse at the start of an already delayed event? Number 2: On the 7th we’re getting the extra life event (which is awesome and it goes to one of the best causes and charities in the wo
  10. Sweet good to see the extra life event coming and the fear evolved event not far off, TLC, really excited about the special event rates hell yeah!!!! Thanks WC! The question I do have is you are opening transfers for console crystal isles in about a month, November 22 I think you said, now why in the name of ALL THINGS HOLY, would you want to open transfers up for a map as another event has kicked off (or about to kick off, that is I’m assuming we are still getting turkey trials)???? Do you guys understand at all what happens? Lag issues, disconnect issues, people coming on here and bitchin
  11. Sweet! It’s awesome to see the holiday season come back around to Ark! The new ghost creatures that’s gone be wild!!!! For some reason I foresee my self going “wth” A LOT this fear evolved event. New chibis, new dino colors and new ghost creatures nice looking forward to it. In regards to rates yeah I slight boost in harvesting rates would be nice but seriously they did just go to permanent 2x, and from what I’ve seen yeah it is 2x. We will probably be getting 2x breeding and 2x xp. I’m thankful that we’re getting 2x breeding a lot more, remember the months that players would have killed
  12. I have definitely experienced the time out/connection loss message on my Xbox, my pc is fine but it takes 3-4x to finally get logged in. I tried logging in on my Xbox last night and after a dozen times I put the controller down. Just started in crystal isles crossplay so nothing in danger of dying yet but definitely see where many players are having similar issues. I like the shot of the castle that’s sweet!!!! The dragon and the brood is pretty cool, definitely needs some color lol. I’d be interested to know the eta of TLC 3, fear evolved and possibly transfers opening
  13. Also good work on the server issues after updates and hot fixes, some servers do tend to be a little laggier right after but not nearly as bad as before. Can’t wait to see what more is too come! Really stoaked as far as the upcoming holiday season guys! Especially with this year of 2020 being a joke everywhere else (not a joke but I think everyone knows what I’m getting at).
  14. Man I can sum up this crunch with 1 word........NNNIIIIICCCCCEEEEEEE!!!!! The stegos are a decent start out tame and to be honest I didn’t even think about the stego when thinking of TLCs! I hope this won’t be the last TLC, there are definitely some other dinos that are in desperate need of it. The mammoth’s new abilities are gonna be awesome! I can’t wait to see what my holiday event mammoths look like after the TLC. I know you guys killed it on the argentavis a couple years back, the color regions were far better than the originals! If there is another TLC (which I HOPE there is) the me
  15. Nice! Liking the crunch! The mammoth is in definite need of a TLC. It would be awesome if they considered the quetz the other animal. Those 2 have looked the same since the beginning. I love my quetzs, but would love to see them king of the skies again. Not to take away anything from the water dinos because they need one as well, but the land dinos are mostly what’s used. Mods are kinda touch and go, yeah it would be awesome for all mods to come to console but man that is A LOT of memory space and I’m sure there’s a ton of legistics involved. It would be nice to get more of th
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