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  1. I think out of all of those the Ark Transcendence is probably the coolest imo. But it’ll probably be another couple years before that’s even considered for console. Guided it would take that long just to do that for barely half of the animals that are in the game as of right now. The structure saver is also cool, probably get more use in pvp than pve. As a pve player it’s fun to design and build something different every time, not really one for cookie-cutter builds, but I do see it would be useful in some instances. The mek Dino’s aren’t too shabby, follows the tek Dino idea. The lion looks awesome, I said for years that they should add the American Lion into the game. Out of all of them I say the transcendence is the most likely to make it to official. I know a few years ago the idea was thrown around but it seems that’s as far as it got. Nice to see someone took that bull by the horns. It might actually come to fruition.
  2. I've only just started playing, and I've encountered all of these issues. Great write up, hope it doesn't fall on deaf ears Yeah I hope not either. Definitely rules instituted for pvp need to be really looked at before they’re put in place for pve. Completely different game modes, completely different gameplay requires 2 completely different set of rules. I’d really like to see permanent 2x breeding a real thing now that server tame caps are in check with cryopods. In some ways though the cryopods kinda seem like a bait and switch method at the same time. It’s easier on the sleep schedule to raise now but instead of 8days for a quetz or 13 days for a giga, small tribes and solo tribes are looking at almost double that time frame now. I’m sure there’s a laundry list of other things I forgot to mention that us players experience everyday. I hope they really do read through the comments like they say they do. I’ve seen a ton of awesome ideas, but it either takes forever to institute them or they’re just blown off because of “oh look a this new DLC coming out with all this amazing stuff in 3 months and another in 26 months!!!” . I guess we’ll have to wait and see if they actually take our inputs and ideas into account.
  3. QOL REQUESTS This is a little long but some things people discuss in gameplay in parties and world chats across the server world.... Oh QOL, where have been the last 4 years of ARK? Ok Wildcard pay attention, you have an opportunity to recapture the hearts and minds of your dedicated people who love to play this game. This is a chance to correct a few mistakes that you guys have made over the years, some unintended and others out of desperation. One of those mistakes is changes that have been instituted for pve because of pvp, that’s not fair. The 2 modes are completely different styles of gameplay and therefore should have a completely different set of rules for each. One that comes to mind is the restricting turrets from platform saddles. Now in pvp I would understand that restriction, it’s not a level playing field if you can fly a quetz over someone’s base and obliterate it with 24 PSX plants on it’s back. Now in pve “battle animals” had a completely different use and very rarely were they used in a pve war, at least not on any of the servers I had been on. We would’ve rather went to war with our gigas. Battle animals were used for taming and added defense of bases in pve. Let’s allow those to come back because they were handy in the early days. Put yourselves in our shoes, after weeks of searching for that one animal that you want that’s the right colors, stats the works, ya drop the thing and it’s almost tamed out and some jack*ss raptor comes up and kills it. You’d be just as ticked as any of us would. Besides it’s pve, isn’t that what the goal is in that mode is to master your environment? Now the gigas on the center, who had the idea to reduce the giga spawns on the center? My question is what kind of stupid logic was that? I remember hitting the beach that night in May when the center dropped and some of the fun of those beginning days was the gigas that spawned in about 6 different spawn points on the map and trying to avoid them, but it was nice later in the game to just go tame one with relative ease. That might not be fun for everyone but it was for me, and I’m sure others as well. Besides wasn’t it a rumor that they had a chance to spawn anywhere on the map? Bring that back that would be cool again. I guess bring some attention back to the older maps, they are a lot of people’s go to base maps to help branch out into the newer maps. And please for the love of all things holy fix the broken lightning in the snow biomes of the center, and the broken sky in general. That could give anybody epilepsy!!! The last mistake that’s off the top of my head, was the flyer nerf. You guys kicked us all right in the berries with that one. Everyone I have ever talked to, with the exception of a very small few, has all said the same “this freaking sucks!!!”. Now I understand the reasoning and most do but to come out with the flyer nerf and then to drop maps like ragnarok and extinction, that are massive, was just down right thoughtless. Yes a quetz with 400% movement speed is a little nuts, but it also shouldn’t take literally 15 minutes to fly across a map. I’ve had brontos that run faster than quetz’s fly. How about this give us the option to level movement speed in flyers but cap it, and do it backwards. Quetzals get up to, for example, 200 movement and stage it down from there wyvs getting the lowest say like up to a 30% increase allowance. That would be incredible! Then that way we get to actually utilize the birds like we used to and not have to burn our entire time on the game with flying across the damn map. At this point the quetz is almost useless after the flyer nerf, when by rights it should be the old faithful of the flyer world. I also agree, give it a facelift and maybe a secondary attack like the Wyvern. Some ideas for QOL, how about some industrial coolers as a step up from fridges. Since the kibble rework (which was much needed, thank you), making kibble is a little bit more involved and if there’s other players out there like me that likes to stock up on 2x events, then the line of fridges that’s needed is almost as long as my base. For a nursery/hatchery that’s to be expected, but for kibble that’s a little nuts. It also nickel and dimes the structure limit and the render lag. Speaking hatcheries, an industrial cooler would help in that department as well. Also how about adding another snap point to sloped ceilings for regular ceilings so walls don’t have to be added to snap a ceiling to a sloped ceiling. The ability to flip sloped walls would be an ARK life changer for building as well. Also since the introduction of cryopods tame cap limits are in check and that’s awesome, so how about enacting permanent 2x breeding? Just like you guys did with taming a couple years ago. Yes cryopods help in that, but it now takes twice as long for people who are solo tribe or small tribes (2-4 people) to raise animals , especially arena dinos. I also saw someone made the comment as far as breeding some of insects, that’s not a bad idea. Lastly, how about maybe adding random wild Dino mutations. I know in some instances it is already there in the stat roles after taming, but random color mutations would be awesome. Maybe have have like a 1-2% chance of spawning, and not just for holiday events. Fixing all of the other nagging and detrimental bugs is also at the top of the list. The issues with cryopods is a little concerning, it hasn’t happened to me yet but I’m waiting for it. Most of all talk with the players of the game. Communication is critical. I’d like to see a community crunch that focuses more on the underlying problems and what you guys are doing and how you’re trying to fix it, rather than new content that will have the same underlying issues that the rest of the game has. Not to say hearing and seeing new content on the horizon is exciting, but the broken things in the game now are what’s important to us that log in everyday.
  4. I would like to add to some good points that I have seen in the comments, starting with the mindwipe usage. I have to agree with allowing the tonic to not be used multiple times when max level is achieved, it is pretty unfair to players who have reached this accomplishment. The next thing to address is the pillaring. Look as a pre-release player I can not tell you how many times that new potential players come into a server that has been maintained by the "natives" so to speak and build on spawns, on top of people's bases, spam building pieces over extensive ares of a map and then leave, but in the meantime before they do the people who have taken the time to maintain a server for the good of the server, and keep the game fun for everyone, have to deal with this complete lack of consideration by new players. It's no wonder why veteran's have such an attitude to new players, we've seen and been through it all with new players and there comes a point when we have had enough. In regards to the flyer nerf, yeah this one is on you WildCard. You just happened to bring the flyer nerf and just as Ragnarok was in the final weeks of development, which was a massive let down for 90% of the ARK community. You hit us with the flyer nerf because, let's just say it, people not using their heads and then you release the largest map to date, and causing the community to ask why and send not very nice comments to you on this forum. Most of us understand why the nerf was enacted. Yes a quetz with 300% movement is a little excessive, but for the love of all things holy kicking us in the jewels with a 136% movement when you have maps like The Center and Ragnarok? Someone didn't think ahead on that one. As far as the reasoning behind the nerf it's very sensible, but you could have at least given us 150% or 160% movement on birds, or have it so movement can be leveled but capped at a certain percent? Maybe? There also needs to be separated rules for the game modes of pve and pvp. This goes back awhile and there's a lot of people who weren't playing at this stage of the game, but an example is battle animals which were very handy in pve. No one ever thought that animals with Plant Species X plants on a platform or turrets was used for an entirely different purpose on pve than on pvp? We used them to tame, to help protect our bases and much more benevolent uses. Very very very rarely was a "battle" animal used to destroy another player's base, and it could only be used in a war anyway. Now in pvp I can perfectly understand why they were removed, and i would have to agree with that decision to remove that capability from that game mode. I mean you guys have it set so you can pick up wild dinos in pvp but you can't in pve??? Then why can't pve get our battle animals back? I'm sure i'm not alone but I can't count how many times I was taming in a somewhat dangerous area of the map and wish i had a quetz with 20 plants on it's back to watch mine. It's pve, player versus environment, well if that"s the case then we should be able to protect our potential tames like we do our bases. If we can't have animals with that kind of protection ability then why can we build gates around our bases? Why can we have turrets and PSX around our bases? Another idea i would like to address is the evolution events. Again as a pre-release player I remember the days that of taming 3 animals took up literally your whole real world day and I have to say that I want to thank you guys for first enacting the original constant 2x, and thank you for giving us the evolution events. Yes it is no secret that a lot of us wait until weekends to go tame animals, to go on resource runs and everything else we go do because of the boosted settings, but in the same respect a lot of us have jobs, families, tasks to complete around our homes and in personal lives and are not able to spend everyday all day on this game, regardless how much we would love to. I do like the ideas of different events, as most on my current crossplay server do as well. but there needs to be some actual thought put into switching up the events. The King's Harvest event, THANK GOD you guys didn't go through with that! I can only speak for myself but our fridges were already full of crops so all the extra crops that would have grown would have gone to waste. The breeding events, i understand why those are so few and far between and that is due to server caps, but it would be nice to have one say once a month or once every couple of months, please? An idea for other events, and this is just ideas not to be followed to the letter, say half materials building, or 1.5 egg production, or maybe a increased supply drop/loot crate quality, or maybe double element collection from boss fights. Maybe something along the lines (and i haven't quite worked this out as far as how it would work) of a spring cleaning event where players can go into a special arena with tames they don't want or need anymore and it can be like an all out brawl and the last say 10 players stand get some sort of trophy or specialty item that is hard to obtain, but be something like a demolation derby. Whatever animal/s go in don't come back out. You guys did amazing with the arenas, bumpy start but definitely a fun time after the bugs are worked out, maybe something along those type of lines. You guys have come leaps and bounds from when even i started playing and there's players that pre-date me, and it does seem like because we were the guinea pigs in your pre-release experiment that we kind of caught the shaft in a lot of areas and quite a few that things that made the game even more fun were taken away. I think i can speak for just about everyone in that this game is a lot of fun, we enjoy playing with MOST of the people who are in our servers and take the good with the bad. It's your game Wildcard, you choose what you want to do but to not listen to your player base and to do things that make a lot of us question whether you're playing your own game, that's not a good thing. I know it's a book and I apologize for that but these are just some things that i think about, and that i'm sure others have too. I want to say thank you for the things everyone at Wildcard has done FOR us, and hopefully the stuff that kind of screws us gets less and less. Thanks for reading and hopefully some things i've brought up have hit the mark.
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