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  1. Well it’s refreshing to see a community crunch that has some meat and taters instead of “hey here’s new content we’re gonna release OP and then nerf to borderline useless when people use it to be toolbags”. Now guided there’s always people out there that are gonna cheat, lie and abuse others to get ahead of everyone else, and those problems seem to be more evident on PvP rather than PvE. The issues between the 2 just strengthens the argument to separate the game modes with their own specific balances. After the patch on Friday and S+ being broken all weekend, I agree that there should be no updates on Fridays anymore. That’s happened in the past and pissed A LOT of players off because of structures, dinos and progress that we worked so hard to accomplish over the weekend was just for nought. @Cedric, it’s good to see more communication coming from you in regards to things happening. As far as genesis, there’s a mountain of other problems that need addressing before genesis launches. Extinction is just flat out broken, there’s problems with the center, valguero just seems to be a storage facility and eggs. Ya can’t transfer ice wyverns out higher than lvl 95, and the spawns are messed up on ragnarok, and there’s a full laundry list of issues on the other maps that need some serious attention. The island is 5 years old.....it could REALLY use a face lift. Now that it seems and appears that you guys are cracking down the cheaters and focusing more on QOL, which is a LOOOONNNGGGG time coming, can we get transfer timers dropped in PVE? For those of us who play the game for what it is and follow the rules it is such a pain in the butt. Also could we get a limit to movement speed added back to the flyers (ptera, argy, tape and quetz)? Now I’m not calling for complete removal I’m just asking for a MS stat limit. Thank you for the updates though Cedric! It would be awesome if we have more like that! It’s about time! Please keep us all informed! Best of luck in the coming New Year!
  2. Yup this sounds all too familiar. Perfect example of WC dropping the ball. This is kind of a big “oops”, I dunno if the patch was tested before release but it definitely looks like it wasn’t. I know there’s some unforeseen things that happen with patches but this one should have popped right out if it had been tested.
  3. Well if the Win10 folks are having some issues not able to log with the unintended “to early” QOL update I just can’t WAIT to see what it does to console right at the start of a holiday event *facepalm*. I’m not even gonna mention the mysterious mystery, other than the ONLY mysterious mystery is how WC has been able to screw up SOMETHING every step of this game. They said themselves during the extra life stream that they introduce something and it’s used for something they never thought of during development, depending on the game mode or has unintended or “unforeseen” problems. Then they find out whatever dino or structure is being used for and they either decide to nerf the crap out of it or just to render it completely useless. The whole reason for pillars on pve was for server playability. And I don’t care who calls BS on it, that shows they haven’t played a server with no pillars and seen the junk and the crap bases pop up every where to the point that you can’t even do a meat run to feed your dinos! Let alone try to raise anything! Or tame anything! The server populations say the limit is 70, but the servers (especially console servers) can’t handle a 70 person population especially if there’s only 2-4 people in each tribe. Without the management of the people that play on those servers the game wouldn’t be fun AT ALL. I agree the cryo sickness is annoying but when I raise I throw everything out and what I found is my dinos still ate off the trough even while cryo sick. I watched them and they still picked their heads up with the eating mechanic. I checked their inventory and their food and health were still increasing even though unconscious. Either way to me that’s not a concern for PVE, PVP completely understandable why it’s there. Yes another annoying thing that’s instituted for PVP that makes NO SENSE AT ALL for PVE. I’m more curious to now that the d-bags that dupe and cheat to hide the fact that they can’t play the game right are being handled, could we get transfer timers dropped? There really are good people who have no interest in cheating and enjoy the game. There’s always someone out there who tries to cheat their way through life but don’t tell me there’s not a coding line you can put in there that recognizes it and automatically locks the account for say 3 days for investigation. @Wildcard, look just about everyone understands that this game will never be perfect and there’s always things that need fixing. A little bug in the game or the occasional crash, comes with the territory of a game that is this complex, but if you guys took the time and either postponed genesis even longer to work on the core game to make it rock solid as possible or bring in a full team that works solely on the balances and stability of the game you would probably find that the crunches wouldn’t be full of complaints. It’s VERY difficult to get hyped up about new content when we can’t log in, crash just flying across the map etc. The scenarios are endless. If ya also just logged in to a random server and played for a few days, just like the rest of us, you would see exactly what everyone is talking about and how frustrating it is. Then imagine many months or years of that, then you would understand why a lot of people have a sour taste in their mouths. I know it would piss A LOT of people off if you pushed back genesis even farther but if ya did it to stabilize the game as a whole, to me that’s a fair trade off. You would make JUST as many people if not more people happy if you did that as you would ticking people off. It would pay off 10 fold in the long run. Work on QOL (includes cheaters, balances, stability and so on), that’s more important to probably most of the player base.
  4. I agree with every one of you! As a pre-release player and pretty consistent player for the last 4 years on console, I have never seen this many issues logging into ANY game including this one until now. There have been times where logging in has been a challenge but it has never been to the point of logging in and having my base spot full of rocks and trees like nothing is there and 1/2-3/4s of the base missing. And for it to go on for -4 days now is just absurdity. People are getting pissed! A rollback might not be a good answer depending on what players were doing and what they accomplished but a definite extension of the turkey trials I would think would be a must!!!! All these issues that WC is having just within the last year tells me that they don’t have a team that plays this game to ensure stability and just being able to log into the game..........oh wait yes they do ITS US! We just don’t get listened to and get updates on what they’re doing OR even a warning about a possible issue from a new patch. We used to, a lllllllllllloooooooooonnnnnnggggggg time ago. Now they keep pushing genesis, hey WC what’s the point of a new expansion of the game when all the other expansions, or better yet, core game components are broken, and keep getting broken? Rockstar doesn’t do this with GTA or Red Dead Redemption. I haven’t played fortnite or warframe but i’m pretty sure I have never heard people who I play ark with complain about those games in this matter. Couple simple ideas that live by (this one doesn’t apply here but oh well), “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and “ya won’t get $100k for a 67 Corvette that doesn’t run”. My idea is postpone Genesis for even longer, the rest of the game stable enough to handle it. What that in-tales I have no idea, I don’t have any understanding of coding, nor do I care to. Actually follow through on the QOL you guys brought up months ago, keep us informed and updated as far as the happenings behind the scenes. If there’s things that you guys are having trouble with say so and with a work around so we can still get on and enjoy the game without the aggravation of us loosing or bases and dinos. You guys have developed a helluva modding following as of late, throw ideas out to the modders or ask for their help to fix stuff. I can go on and on, this post is long enough. Wildcard, 90% of the attitude filled responses you receive on the forums and community crunch and in general, wouldn’t be there if you’d just kept us in the loop on a lot of things.
  5. No it’s not my internet especially when I have 10 people on the server I play on at any given time have the same problem. Number 2, NO S*** SHERLOCK! Yeah there is an epilepsy warning on every game, but that doesn’t mean that something broken shouldn’t be fixed as a QOL, and if i’m In the green on area on center (along with the rest of my server and I’m sure tons of other center servers) it’s annoying after a while I can’t accomplish what I need to accomplish and with the logging in issues? Yeah right take me at least 1/2 the day to get back in. Ya know the Pegasus wouldn’t be a bad addition to the game they’ve made worst additions (the diplo is at the top of the list).
  6. I can get behind most of that for sure. The level cap/delete option sucks! My cousin had a ninja kitty (thyla) on legacy that he wanted to use for cave runs that had the unfortunate circumstance of being subjected to this. He was leveling it for the cave runs and he was in the hatchery feeding babies, working on the building and overall trying to do 5 different things at one time (just like every other ark player out there), wasn’t thinking, forgot about the 450 cap and put that last level in it (it was a 449 btw), finished up the base stuff went to bed woke up the next morning and gone it was. He was MAD! He didn’t log back into ark for a week. My point being that we’re all human and some of us don’t have the gracious endowment of not making a mistake. The seatbelt idea is a 2 sided coin idea. Oh god how many times I have gotten dashboarded while flying and doing every short of selling my soul to the devil to hope I was still alive and able to get my bird back. It always happened when I was one a mission to tame something or going to get the flyer that was left in the air after dashboarding before that. These wouldn’t be necessarily taking the grind out of the game but it would definitely tame the cluster known as ARK Law, Murphy’s law is bad enough but even that doesn’t hold a candle to ARK Law. People play the the different game modes for a reason, and it really isn’t fair to pve players and pvp players alike how the changes enacted for one mode exclusively and has lasting negative affects on other mode when the reason for implementation doesn’t pertain to how the alternate mode is played, and in reality makes the opposite mode less fun.
  7. As a pve player I completely agree with this!!!! There are a metric s**t ton of changes, nerfs, balances and patches that have been instituted for pvp that are just completely absurd to be instituted into pve. Turrets/PSX on platform saddles was the first. Now that was over 3 years ago but that’s where it ALL started! Now pvp mode, I completely understand why that would be changed, but for pve? Anyone that says it should’ve been banned for both needs to go change their medication. We used “battle” animals for taming and added base defense. That’s just one example, and in regards to “it’s a lot of work”, yeah I’m sure it probably is but that’s the only way you’d be able to keep the different game modes from screwing the other one over. Besides you guys built an entire dinosaur survival game from the ground up to become what it is and ya can’t handle making 2 separate rules to match 2 COMPLETELY different play modes?? We can’t pick up wild animals in pve, but pvp can. Pve is where that would be super handy for taming. Yeah it would be used in a malicious way but that’s how people are. There’s always someone out there that just wants to mess with people for no reason. The flyer nerf was a complete kick in the nuggets for those of us on pve, and anyone that says it was a good thing needs their head examined. Again there’s always some jack wagon who is going to abuse it, but for the majority of the pve players it rendered just about every flyer other than wyverns and argys about useless. A VAST majority of pve players were down right ticked over that, and used the pre-nerf flyers with leveled movements for legitimate reasons and not for causing problems. Nerfing the ever loving god out of end game animals never made sense for pve. To reply to whoever said that tamed gigas can’t kill wilds, not true it can be done, I’ve seen it with my own eyes but it is definitely a very intense and scary fight. With a good leveled giga and a MC or ASC saddle it can be done. I will admit that pve has the potential to get some very OP monsters for dinos with significant breeding involved but probably 95% of the time those animals are used for defense or special fights (giga v titanosaur or t giga v w giga). The gachas nerf sounds A LOT like the fishing “nerf” they pulled a couple years ago. Fishing was actually a ton of fun before the “change”, now most people don’t even mess with it because they know it’s not worth it. I can go on and on with all the points to strengthen the debate of splitting pve and pvp game modes and having separate sets of rules for modes that are literally day and night differences from each other. If there was a poll of how much of the community in both modes want this separated WC would have no choice but to do it. Maybe someday it’ll happen.
  8. Well the mysterious item, is the mining drill. C’mon man! To quote Cedric, if you guys are just going to run through the same stuff ya unveiled during the extra life stream it’s not really a mystery is it? As far as the patch notes eh there’s a few good things in there. Picking up all items in a range would be handy. As well as limiting the number of items ya drop. I mostly play on the center official and I would LOVE to see the lightning fixed in the snow biomes and green ob area. Man that would be a nice QOL. Every time it storms the lightning keeps up when it quits and then just compounds with every storm after that until it’s a constant lightning flash reflecting off the snow and sky. I’m glad I don’t have epilepsy because wow that would really mess up some people. In order to fix it I have to relog, and wash rinse repeat when it starts storming again. Other than that it’s nice to see that you guys are really taking care of the crashing issues. It is definitely 100x better than what was during pre-release, that was brutal, so thank you. The next mystery how about showing something that was NOT in the extra life live stream, please?
  9. It’s good to get an update on what’s going on with fixing exploits that people who can’t play the game and feel like they have to cheat. As well that genius thing looks to be a tek saddle for the Karkinos, either that or a new insect that we don’t wanna run into in a dark cave alone......you would not return the same lol. As far as the events, definitely permanent 2x breeding and maturation would be sweet. Regarding the holiday events, definitely some more steak and potatoes to those than just the standard color and skins/costumes. I like the idea of a mini-boss that spawns on the map, I guess that’s probably what the alpha dinos are but even a fairly new tribe can kill those with relative efficiency without too much concern with a good Rex or giga and even a lower quality saddle. I saw an idea somewhere that ran along the lines of a “dino bounty”, that would be cool to introduce, along side of a normal event. Maybe like a tame or kill dino bounty, but the dino would have to be worth taming or killing, like it would drop some good loot if killed and taming would give you better loot or resource. The animal would also have to be tame-able maybe just a little bit more difficult than a normal tame. Ya wouldn’t want to have to passive tame a bounty Rex, that’s just bad ju-ju waiting to happen. Maybe another attempt at the crop event just a little better executed. With the kibble rework that would come in handy BUT I would say that be an ADDITION to a normal event. The colored dinos are cool in the events but they do get a little stale. If there could be a fair chance for a heavily bumped stat that comes with them that might be something. It does kinda take the incentive out of breeding for color mutations when there’s a flood of colored dinos in cyberspace to pick from. Make event dinos, EVENT dinos. A ton of ideas, and if implemented properly would increase the “oh cool!” and “this is awesome!” reaction 10 fold, just please don’t break the game anymore than normal trying to do that lol.
  10. I too like the rest of the community enjoy the dino colors for the events, the skins eh I can live without, but I am also one of the old school players that remembers events when they were actually events. To regular evolution events are nice especially for solo or small tribes that can kinda even the playing field as far as resource gathering that the bigger tribes can accomplish. Reading down through these comments I see a ton of awesome ideas that really wouldn’t be that hard to implement and would really revitalize that “oh man that was fun!” factor that was once a major portion of ARK Survival Evolved. The fear evolved event was pretty awesome, and I agree should definitely be at the top of the list to do again. The turkeys were badass!!!!!!! I was more scared to hit a turkey than a wild 150 giga while on a meat run, if that says anything lol. The raptor clause was awesome as well but being a PvE player it got HOSTILE when that came around.....if you could catch up to it and find where it dropped presents. Needless to say it was still awesome and fun, by far, so maybe increase the rate the raptor claus spawns in or lengthen the duration so everyone at least has a chance to enjoy it. The next one I think would be awesome would definitely be the random mini-bosses that randomly spawn into the map, AND ON THE MAP NOT AN ARENA! It would be giving a nod to old school ark that new players never saw nor experienced, and maybe after the mini-boss is killed the loot isn’t as good as fighting the actual bosses but still a chance to get some awesome stuff out of it. The increased supply drop quality was nice, it probably could have been a little bit better than it was but it was still cool. As far as holiday decorations and holiday exclusive stuff, give a player a chance to store them for the following season. Have a time limit that they can be out and if they’re not stored by such and such day then they will despawn. That’ll probably tick off people that like to leave their Xmas lights up all year long but it’s just an idea. I saw further up this page the 180 Tek Giga, ummmm yes please!!!! I was hoping for it when the extinction chronicles were happening but was EXTREMELY disappointed when it didn’t happen. IMO I think any Dino that has a a bionic skin available should have a tek variation. A lot of people mentioned the Dododex/wyvern, that would be cool to see again. Maybe have a Krampus creature during the Christmas event as well that roams the map as a mini-boss? Oh the ideas are endless. Talk with us, have a community crunch vote, post the most feasible ideas ( like the top 10 or 20) and then do like the top 5 or 10 with the highest votes. I know that makes more work for you guys at Wildcard but we would love you guys more for it. We appreciate all the hard work that you all do and majority of us know that the work almost never ends. A good portion of the ideas i’ve seen would definitely add a little bit more excitement during the events without a doubt.
  11. Ok cool genesis chronicles, sweet. Looks cool, but the veteran player in me that first picked up the controller for this game 3-4 months after it hit console tells me that it’s one more thing, just like the rest of the game, that’s gonna be broken for 6 months or more and going to be glitchy and 10 patches are gonna have to be made just to fix it to the point of usable. I swear every time I read the community crunch I just start shaking my head and probably facepalm about 50x through the comments. It would be the best community crunch EVER if WC would actually talk about fixing some core game mechanics and stability issues that really have never been addressed until someone figures out a glitch and exploits it (kinda how duping started and they should have killed that monster when it first started). I agree with KennethLM, there’s been so much basic game stability that has been overlooked that it’s beyond aggravating, yes and there is a point that niceness goes out the window. Not to be a d***, but when new content comes out everyone seems to forget the problems and gets all googly eyed like a teenage girl meeting Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson and forget there underlying problems with the game that new content is going to make worse. How about having to re-log into a server upwards of ten times before you can actually play? Or say the dashboarding issues of extinction? Or some of the meshing problems on the center? How about the world chat box breaking so ya have to relog and then relog again half a dozen more times before ya can actually play again? I see QOL got swept away pretty quickly, haven’t heard anything about that. I’m sure there’s loads of other problems that others could add too in more detail. So yeah it isn’t any wonder why a good portion if not a majority of players cop an attitude with Wildcard. Don’t get me wrong the new content does look pretty awesome, and i’m just as excited for it as everyone else I just believe that there are other priorities that should be at the forefront of discussions from Wildcard rather than “oh hey check this out”. Also a more substantial discussion regarding problems and solutions and actually taking people seriously when an idea is suggested when they are asked. As well as giving the community a little bit more to go on than just a line or 2 in the crunch about what they are trying to fix. With all this being said, you guys are doing a fairly good job keep it up........but there’s a ton of room for improvement. I guess my point is that niceness is ignored, and usually until ya can’t be nice anymore. Also getting “Beatle Mania” over new content doesn’t help matters either because it just seems to push the attention away from things that aren’t right and should be addressed and fixed. We wouldn’t brush off Rockstar adding new missions and cool looking stuff if all the sports cars in GTA5 were broken and looked like boxes, would we?
  12. I think out of all of those the Ark Transcendence is probably the coolest imo. But it’ll probably be another couple years before that’s even considered for console. Guided it would take that long just to do that for barely half of the animals that are in the game as of right now. The structure saver is also cool, probably get more use in pvp than pve. As a pve player it’s fun to design and build something different every time, not really one for cookie-cutter builds, but I do see it would be useful in some instances. The mek Dino’s aren’t too shabby, follows the tek Dino idea. The lion looks awesome, I said for years that they should add the American Lion into the game. Out of all of them I say the transcendence is the most likely to make it to official. I know a few years ago the idea was thrown around but it seems that’s as far as it got. Nice to see someone took that bull by the horns. It might actually come to fruition.
  13. I've only just started playing, and I've encountered all of these issues. Great write up, hope it doesn't fall on deaf ears Yeah I hope not either. Definitely rules instituted for pvp need to be really looked at before they’re put in place for pve. Completely different game modes, completely different gameplay requires 2 completely different set of rules. I’d really like to see permanent 2x breeding a real thing now that server tame caps are in check with cryopods. In some ways though the cryopods kinda seem like a bait and switch method at the same time. It’s easier on the sleep schedule to raise now but instead of 8days for a quetz or 13 days for a giga, small tribes and solo tribes are looking at almost double that time frame now. I’m sure there’s a laundry list of other things I forgot to mention that us players experience everyday. I hope they really do read through the comments like they say they do. I’ve seen a ton of awesome ideas, but it either takes forever to institute them or they’re just blown off because of “oh look a this new DLC coming out with all this amazing stuff in 3 months and another in 26 months!!!” . I guess we’ll have to wait and see if they actually take our inputs and ideas into account.
  14. QOL REQUESTS This is a little long but some things people discuss in gameplay in parties and world chats across the server world.... Oh QOL, where have been the last 4 years of ARK? Ok Wildcard pay attention, you have an opportunity to recapture the hearts and minds of your dedicated people who love to play this game. This is a chance to correct a few mistakes that you guys have made over the years, some unintended and others out of desperation. One of those mistakes is changes that have been instituted for pve because of pvp, that’s not fair. The 2 modes are completely different styles of gameplay and therefore should have a completely different set of rules for each. One that comes to mind is the restricting turrets from platform saddles. Now in pvp I would understand that restriction, it’s not a level playing field if you can fly a quetz over someone’s base and obliterate it with 24 PSX plants on it’s back. Now in pve “battle animals” had a completely different use and very rarely were they used in a pve war, at least not on any of the servers I had been on. We would’ve rather went to war with our gigas. Battle animals were used for taming and added defense of bases in pve. Let’s allow those to come back because they were handy in the early days. Put yourselves in our shoes, after weeks of searching for that one animal that you want that’s the right colors, stats the works, ya drop the thing and it’s almost tamed out and some jack*ss raptor comes up and kills it. You’d be just as ticked as any of us would. Besides it’s pve, isn’t that what the goal is in that mode is to master your environment? Now the gigas on the center, who had the idea to reduce the giga spawns on the center? My question is what kind of stupid logic was that? I remember hitting the beach that night in May when the center dropped and some of the fun of those beginning days was the gigas that spawned in about 6 different spawn points on the map and trying to avoid them, but it was nice later in the game to just go tame one with relative ease. That might not be fun for everyone but it was for me, and I’m sure others as well. Besides wasn’t it a rumor that they had a chance to spawn anywhere on the map? Bring that back that would be cool again. I guess bring some attention back to the older maps, they are a lot of people’s go to base maps to help branch out into the newer maps. And please for the love of all things holy fix the broken lightning in the snow biomes of the center, and the broken sky in general. That could give anybody epilepsy!!! The last mistake that’s off the top of my head, was the flyer nerf. You guys kicked us all right in the berries with that one. Everyone I have ever talked to, with the exception of a very small few, has all said the same “this freaking sucks!!!”. Now I understand the reasoning and most do but to come out with the flyer nerf and then to drop maps like ragnarok and extinction, that are massive, was just down right thoughtless. Yes a quetz with 400% movement speed is a little nuts, but it also shouldn’t take literally 15 minutes to fly across a map. I’ve had brontos that run faster than quetz’s fly. How about this give us the option to level movement speed in flyers but cap it, and do it backwards. Quetzals get up to, for example, 200 movement and stage it down from there wyvs getting the lowest say like up to a 30% increase allowance. That would be incredible! Then that way we get to actually utilize the birds like we used to and not have to burn our entire time on the game with flying across the damn map. At this point the quetz is almost useless after the flyer nerf, when by rights it should be the old faithful of the flyer world. I also agree, give it a facelift and maybe a secondary attack like the Wyvern. Some ideas for QOL, how about some industrial coolers as a step up from fridges. Since the kibble rework (which was much needed, thank you), making kibble is a little bit more involved and if there’s other players out there like me that likes to stock up on 2x events, then the line of fridges that’s needed is almost as long as my base. For a nursery/hatchery that’s to be expected, but for kibble that’s a little nuts. It also nickel and dimes the structure limit and the render lag. Speaking hatcheries, an industrial cooler would help in that department as well. Also how about adding another snap point to sloped ceilings for regular ceilings so walls don’t have to be added to snap a ceiling to a sloped ceiling. The ability to flip sloped walls would be an ARK life changer for building as well. Also since the introduction of cryopods tame cap limits are in check and that’s awesome, so how about enacting permanent 2x breeding? Just like you guys did with taming a couple years ago. Yes cryopods help in that, but it now takes twice as long for people who are solo tribe or small tribes (2-4 people) to raise animals , especially arena dinos. I also saw someone made the comment as far as breeding some of insects, that’s not a bad idea. Lastly, how about maybe adding random wild Dino mutations. I know in some instances it is already there in the stat roles after taming, but random color mutations would be awesome. Maybe have have like a 1-2% chance of spawning, and not just for holiday events. Fixing all of the other nagging and detrimental bugs is also at the top of the list. The issues with cryopods is a little concerning, it hasn’t happened to me yet but I’m waiting for it. Most of all talk with the players of the game. Communication is critical. I’d like to see a community crunch that focuses more on the underlying problems and what you guys are doing and how you’re trying to fix it, rather than new content that will have the same underlying issues that the rest of the game has. Not to say hearing and seeing new content on the horizon is exciting, but the broken things in the game now are what’s important to us that log in everyday.
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