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  1. Personally I wouldn’t mind if Gen 2 was delayed until next year if it meant that it’s opening would mean a near smooth addition in which has NEVER happened with any dlc or map addition to the game. If this is true going to be one of the last additions to the game then make it so it works right the first time and not broken for an entire month. Same goes for Ark 2, we are approaching the middle of 2021, and that is slated for 2022? It doesn’t matter when in 2022, THAT IS WAAAAYYYY TO SOON! Ark 2 being slatted for release means 2 things in mind: 1- either they have superheroes working on th
  2. Hmmm update supposedly came out, but who woulda thought....A BUG FOR WINDOWS 10 WITH NO ETA ON A FIX! C’mon guys, ya been doing events now for almost 5 years and EVERY SINGLE EVENT has had some sort of bug, needed 50 hot fixes, server resets etc etc. What gives? Seriously what is it going to take for ya to get this right? Enabling events without incident should be standard and be able to be activated with your eyes closed! And you are going to try to push Ark 2 through next year???? We don’t know what goes on behind the scenes and unforeseen circumstances arise, but with every update or
  3. I saw this and started busting a gut! Lmao. You are very correct sausage. The official xplay server I play on starts goin completely bug nuts when the server pop reaches 40-45 out of 70......The servers can’t handle that population on top of a major event....on top of people transferring in and out and having to relog to render bases. The servers during events should be powered by The Rock......not Richard Simmons.
  4. Saawwweeetttt love that event rate, but also not forgetting the double-edged sword it brings. When it’s a full count rate hike for events like this it DOES kick the servers in the nuts in regards to stability, but I do enjoy the rates because I’m solo on official ( I like it that way, no bull to deal with). I’m pretty much expecting the servers will be just about unplayable for the first 3-4 days between the times of 1130 am- ~230am the next morning EST. That’s my concern, especially those of us that have been breeding, hatching and cryoing waiting on this event to raise. In addition (not
  5. I love seeing the fan art, and yes that ferox has my vote for the best one lol, it is pretty cute. It sucks not having an evo event but I get it, we’ll get one with the holiday event. It would be amazing if the breeding went to permanent 2x. You guys have doubled taming and harvesting what twice now? Can breeding/hatching and maturation get some of that love please? it does feel at times where the give a damn for ark 1 has diminished since the announcement of ark 2. There are so many awesome ideas and suggestions out there to help keep players refreshed with ark 1 for at least
  6. They used to be 4 hours but ya know what happens? You don’t sleep and those of us who have lives and need to sleep for 6-8 hours a night (or day for 3rd shifters) would be up every 2 hours and wouldn’t get any sleep. To WC, WHAT IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS HOLY IS GOING ON? I dunno if it’s the same across the community but at least in theNA Xplay cluster we are dealing with ridiculous lag times, and server outages. As well as unable to connect errors when we get booted out. The server is 1482. We supposedly had an event over the weekend? To be honest I didn’t even pay atte
  7. It seems pretty ridiculous to only give it back halfway doesn’t it? I’m sure they could VERY EASILY give us some flyer speed back on officials, especially when it was a line of BS they used when they took it away. It actually does when you think about it. I have SE, Ab and Ext and between the 3, I log onto SE for certain things over Rag. If I’m going for milk or desert drops or alpha wyverns it’s SE all the way. If I’m going for wyvern eggs I go to Rag, because high level eggs are easier to find. WC could change that by simply by working the spawn rates on SE to slightly better th
  8. Well no news is disappointing for this week but we will get something within the next crunch I’m sure of that. In regards to an evo event, I’m not surprised at all that we haven’t had evo events the last few weeks. Less than a month ago we just came off almost a 3 month long stretch of constant evo events. Evo events should be something that is appreciated, not expected. WC has even said as much. The less evo events IMO makes it that much more fun when we get them. onto the other issues, first and foremost: We ALL know what is going to happen to Ark 1 while Ark 2 is in
  9. While the touches are being done on genesis part 2, how about fixing wyverns and Argys just walking off after the rider hops off the saddle while you’re at it (happens on Xbox, dunno about others). Several people including myself have lost tames that way...
  10. Oh yeah my favorite event as well! I play pve and we would call presents out in world chat like 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. it seemed to work pretty well because everyone on the server caught on and followed suit. And if ya came upon a present that nobody called dibs on and no one around it was fair game. There are ways to make it so everyone has a fair shot at loot, people just have to not be greedy about it. There is also hopping on in off hours, it does actually work lol and especially towards the end of the event because everyone is focused on babies by that point. No 2x taming is ki
  11. Transfers supposedly open this Friday. I’m hoping there might be some fixes in the transfer update, like aberrant salmon not biting, wyverns continue to walk a mile after landing. If the surprise is the announcement of Ark 2, while that’s in development I’d love to see some spin off game modes in between ark 1 and ark 2 happen. Something like that battle royale mode they showcased in 2019s extra life event that would be awesome!
  12. Turkey trials will probable brought up in next week’s CC. I’m interested in seeing what’s coming but I wouldn’t hold my breathe on Ark 2 just yet. Yes there’s a very good possibility of that becoming a reality, and Jesse has hinted at it numerous times, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the almost years I been playing ark, hopes get built up and then smashed. Gen 2 is still 5-6 months away at the earliest. Not saying that it wouldn’t be the announcement, just saying anyone that’s played for awhile and kept up on things from studio wildcard knows we’ve seen this movie before. I
  13. As much as I can’t wait for the TLC and extra life to drop I’m not at all looking forward to the fiasco that is more than likely going to happen from the TLC update. Something is going to break somewhere, mark my words. Dropping an update on the same day as an event such as extra life is such a bad idea. We play the game and see what happens during and after updates. Please for the love of all things holy delay the TLC update, so we can all enjoy the extra life rates and focus on the reason for the event, donate to the charity and working on breaking the record of last year!
  14. Then why do have my Dododex app set for 3x taming and it’s spot on with the amount of kibble to tame the animal. Tamed a 145 Karkinos just today with the 3x kibble amount. Unless it’s only Xbox that has 3x taming because we got the event 4 days late.
  15. No it’s definitely 3x taming, says right on the main screen
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