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  1. We need the ability to adjust how far the parasaur detection range extends. I use a parasaur to keep track of people in my yard or mammal babies popping when I'm distracted by other base-maintenance tasks. I do NOT need to know about a troodon running in circles two ledges down, or a terror bird on the prowl halfway down the hill. I would like the ability to adjust the detection range so that it just covers my yard, the space I need it to cover, and no farther. Then maybe my parasaur will shut the eff up except when something I actually need to know about (visitors, baby creatures, pegos actually spawning inside my yard walls) happens and not be sounding off about everything that so much as sneezes within a hundred meters of my walls. It very quickly gets to a point where it would be preferable to lose a baby I've been breeding toward for weeks or months just to get some relief from the constant barrage of "parasaur detected a threat!"
  2. What everyone is worried about now is what Ark will be like in 2023 as we wait. If you're not going to be giving us the big seasonal color events are you at least going to be giving us weekend evo events?
  3. We need to be able to craft the chibis. The drop rates for the higher tiers is far too low given the sheer number of commons there are now.
  4. Can we still have the option to craft rare or higher chibis in the cooking pot? There are so many chibis now and the drop rates for the higher tiers are so low, even if we spend hours grinding GachaClaus chances of getting any of the higher tier new chibis are extremely low unless you guys raise the drop chance. Last year I ended the event with half a storage box still full of mistletoe and coal; we didn't have time to process it all to GachaClaus between the taming, raising, and other stuff going on. Also, GachaClaus gets attacked by every hostile dino in existence which means trading mistletoe and coal to them is frequently interrupted by attacks and often the GachaClaus is killed. So please, please, PLEASE let us craft chibis through the cooking pot as well
  5. The question is, are you guys actually going to listen this time when we report issues? We were reporting them all during Fear Evolved and you ignored us the whole time. Colors weren't spawning right, there weren't enough bone dinos, general spawns were all messed up, and despite hundreds if not thousands of reports nothing was done. Are you going to actually put out the effort to fix issues this time? WE SEE THAT R-DIRE BEAR IN THE PICTURE, RELEASE IT FOR US TO TAME!
  6. Here's hoping this doesn't get screwed up as badly as Fear Evolved did. That last event was a trainwreck, and you guys ignored us for two weeks despite multiple people messaging about multiple issues
  7. Hard to be able to take advantage of the event when half the event colors are not spawning. The bone cost of crafting is insanely high while the bone drop rate is abysmally low. There are too many common chibis for the current random craft option to work anymore; we need the option to craft random of each different rarity tier. It is entirely too possible to get several thousand duplicate common chibis and never see one of the new ones, or even a purple rarity. The game is ending, just give us the option to craft random chibis of the rarity tier we want, for stone, raw/cooked meat, hide, fiber, and thatch All in all, Fear Evolved 6 is a poor example of an event
  8. Can you guys please fix the color spawning? There are a lot of blacks, greys, oranges, and browns appearing, only some purple, and almost no jade green. Also, we need more skeleton dinos. Jacking the amount of items given by the spooky piles was all well and good, but without bones they're useless. I haven't even seen a single alpha wyvern, skeletal or otherwise, since the event started
  9. MAKE SURE THE SPOOKY PILES GIVE MULTIPLE RESOURCES FROM THE START OF THE EVENT PLEASE. Last year it was such a pain to collect enough to make anything and it took us a week of screaming at you for you guys to fix it. Spare your eardrums this year and make the piles give 2-5 items per right from the start. R-dire bears. Can we please have them? Add some spawns on Fjordur like you did with the aberrant megalania
  10. Just please remember to make the spooky piles give multiple items from the beginning? Then we won't have to scream at you for a week until you increase the amount. Last year it was easy to get dino bones but gathering tombstones, pumpkins, and scarecrows took forever with the piles only giving a single item.
  11. My tribemate is obsessed with dire bears. When I showed him the color region images from the wiki and told him they were in the files but had no coded spawns I could hear the cursing and complaining even without being in a live chat. They use five zones instead of the two normal bears use, think of all the awesome color combos we could mutate into them
  12. I love that concept variant theri. It needs to be a real thing. Speaking of variants, why don't we have the r-dire bear? It's in the game files and listed in the wiki, but there are no programmed spawns for it. Put it in the places where other r-dinos spawn in Fjordur and in Eden on Gen2 and it'll fit in just fine Can you please shorten the cryopod animation? I'm getting tired of babies dying on me while trying to pod them after being delayed in claiming them by lag or getting dc'd from the server
  13. ...What about Summer Bash? Shouldn't it be starting soon? Or are you going to take the event away from us now, in the last year of events, so we won't have a chance of getting the colors/new chibis/items? I hope this is just either a neglect to mention or a delay, not an outright cancellation, because that's not fair to us. There isn't going to be another chance
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