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  1. PLEASE do not eff up the ice wyvern spawns this year. Last year, because you had the event stuff costing too many bones, instead of lowering the cost you jacked the spawns of skeleton dinos and completely screwed up wyvern spawns. No ice wyverns were spawning ANYWHERE, not even in Valguero's ice trench, just fire wyverns. There weren't even corrupted fire wyverns spawning on Extinction; they were all regular fire wyverns. don't be morons this time and lower the bone cost. I actually want some event ice wyverns this year
  2. You're having ExtraLife during Fear Evolved? Last year you were hurrying to end Fear Evolved so it wouldn't coincide with ExtraLife; we Xbox players got screwed out of a week because you guys had raptored up the event update and we got it a week late
  3. Three weeks as of this pile of titanosaur droppings XP
  4. Are you guys allergic to breeding rates or something? Last two weeks was 3x. This week is only 2x and still no breeding rates. C'mon already, I have gigas to raise!
  5. I'd be more impressed with the dedibox changes if you'd let us place them on skiffs for easier moving things around. Disappointed with the lack of breeding rates; I have projects to work on and the 1x cooldowns suck megapithicus ass
  6. An evo event without the breeding rates. You're kidding, right? You just forgot to list that? Because otherwise this will be an evo event to sleep through. With a stryder even 1x rates for harvesting are less of a pain and boxes fill up damn fast. Without a color event on there's no reason to tame anything for us endgame players
  7. I'd been hoping that there would be another evo weekend... I'm working on breeding projects and the 8-hour gestations are killing me. Mammals get no love... Can we at least get a handheld ultrasound thing or something so we can look at baby mammals before they're born? I also have a buttload of cloning to do and the 19-hour timers suck.
  8. How much of a pain to tame will they be, is my question. And why no evo weekend, it's been over a week since the last event ended Am looking forward to the new monkeys. It's nice to see something being added that isn't another huge theropod dinosaur
  9. You should have given us the option to create a rare or higher rarity chibi for a slightly higher resource cost. There are far too many common-rarity chibis for the old method to work anymore; it takes far too many resources before even one rare chibi appears. The drop rates are far too low on the higher tier ones now
  10. GIVE US THE OPTION TO CRAFT GUARANTEED RARE OR HIGHER/NEW CHIBIS. There are far too many commons and far too low a chance to get the rare ones now. At least give us some way to get better ones without having to sort through a million commons first!
  11. How do we get the taffy, though? The maewing chibi better be like the managarmr... Runs after you when you're walking but flies after you when you're running
  12. There was no anniversary event this year. They launched Gen2 when it should have started. Dunno why you have party dodos on your maps, there are none on official
  13. It would have gone live at the same time Gen2 launched if we were going to have one
  14. Yeah, knew I was never gonna win -shrugs- Though you did mention that there might be something about Summer Bash in this crunch. I guess you actually meant next week's? Is a fix for the cryopod UI on the list? You'd just given us that new UI showing the color regions and then the Gen2 launch broke it. Color breeders and breeders in general had quickly come to rely on the new UI and we would like it back as soon as possible, please... I got a maewing mutation and have no idea what color it is or where because the UI is broken
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