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  1. Can you guys please un-bug the microraptor chibi? I don't know of anyone who has actually gotten one to drop. Ark decided it hated me the other day... My tribemate and I were skiffing around Extinction looking for element veins when I got caught in a lag spike and one spawned right under us. It destroyed the skiff. My tribemate started defending the node while I flew to base to get our second skiff. We finished the element node (it was a 50k), harvested it, but as soon as we started loading the skiff a purple OSD landed on us, killed my giga, and destroyed the second skiff. I had to solo the OSD spawns until my tribemate crafted enough dust into hard element that our wyverns could carry it and we could escape. I understand that the aoe is to stop people from building on the spawns and hoarding nodes/OSDs, but there has to be a limit to the vertical range on an element vein's effect. I was well above the ground, almost level with the mountain peaks, and it still destroyed the skiff. Also, there should be a timer or cooldown on how soon a location can spawn a new node or OSD after one has been completed, to give the players time to collect their loot and escape. We not only lost two skiffs and a near top stat giga, we lost the gathered element from three other nodes we had already harvested when the first skiff was destroyed. There were no bags from the destroyed storage. Along with three nodes' worth of element lost, I lost a set of spare tek gear, my taming kit, and a gathered haul of metal ore and black pearls we were taking back to base.
  2. I do have a tribemate, and we team tame whenever we can. But if the wolves get past our wyverns, it's hard to clear them without killing the chalico by accident. Can't use a giga because of the massive bite radius. Aggroing the chalico I can deal with, just got to fly out of render and they lose aggro, but while fighting the wolves they run right into our wyverns' bite radius when we try to help. More often than not we fail because there are so many wolves, the freaking pack buff, and a chalico that isn't a very high level
  3. Unfortunately trying that isn't an option for me. And the last time I tried to trap anything on a quetz platform it went through and fell off XP
  4. I try. Every wolf and yuty in the area gets torched. But they respawn so fast, and with the pack buff wolves do entirely too much damage, especially when they spawn in packs of six/seven/eight or more. Plus the yuty fear roar has been affecting fire/ice/lightning/poison wyverns when it's not supposed to, so if there's more than one around it does not end well. For every one chalico I successfully tame at least six or seven get killed, and the ones that I lose are usually the ones with colors in regions I need for breeding projects
  5. You can't pick up wild dinos in pve. Which imo is utterly stupid... I get that WC doesn't want us griefing each other in pve, but it makes taming harder because we can't just pick up the creature and take it somewhere safer. Can't even just aggro it and lead it away, because the hostile stuff spawns in droves. There's no escaping it
  6. We didn't, he was the first announced. Desmodus was the one we voted in
  7. The question is, how much of a pain will andrewsarchus be to tame. Can you guys turn down the wolf spawns in the snow just a bit, please? I want to tame event chalicotherium but every time I start a tame a horde of flea-bitten mongrels come pouring out of the woodwork and tear it apart. Wild wolves need to be nerfed, there's no need for them to be so stupidly overpowered, especially when they spawn in such high numbers
  8. ...I thought you guys said you were going to start talking about Eggcellent Adventure in this week's crunch. I see no mention of the Easter event in this very info-less crunch
  9. If you're going to keep us from taking our hard-earned boss trophies home, this update better not delete already-transferred boss trophies. I worked hard for mine and do not want to lose them just because I have Rockwell and Master Controller trophies on Rag instead of Aberration or Genesis 1
  10. The only item of any importance in this whole crunch was the date for opening Lost Island transfers. No EVO event, nothing else of any importance
  11. ...Wow, this crunch is even more worthless than last week's. And three weekends with no evo? Seriously?? After yesterday's screwup, you won't even give us an evo weekend to get back what we lost. Love Evolved won't be for a few weeks yet, give us something in the meantime
  12. Can you please lengthen the decay timers on oil pumps? It's a pain going out every day to reset the timers, and even more of a pain replacing them if we can't be on to reset the timers. Also, the new gestation monitoring thing does not work on megaloceros. I've bred my deer twice now and cannot see the embryo stats or color even with the buff active.
  13. I'd expected a mention of the Turkey Trials, since that event should be coming soon...
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