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  1. And still no fix for Master Controller not dropping his flag, or tek trikes being unable to transfer off Genesis
  2. Ghost costumes for bulbdogs but not the other light pets? Booooo I want to be able to carry a ghost featherlight on my shoulder
  3. How about dropping some hints about Fear Evolved
  4. Can you please fix tek trikes so they can be taken off Genesis? Master Controller's still not dropping his flag, either. Hints about Fear Evolved soon? It's almost October
  5. What about blocking the entrance to the wyvern trench on Ragnarok? I reported one asshole three times for having built a base at the mouth, blocking all the traps and the public prime meat cooker as well as building a pen of metal gates and filling it with a mass of gigas right where people stand with their own while team egg running and blocking the way, and NOTHING WAS EVER DONE
  6. Fix tek trikes so they can transfer off Genesis and fix Corrupted Master Controller so he drops his flag like he's supposed to. I earned that damn flag but have not gotten it once.
  7. Why is giga still a long-ass raise? Why are mating cooldowns still so frigging long? Did you fix tek trikes so they can be transferred off Genesis yet? What about Master Controller's missing boss flag? Ragnarok ice wyvern spawns are still broken and have been going on a year now; how about fixing those?
  8. I posted a photo of a night rainbow on Valguero but I guess nobody saw Can you please fix tek trikes so they can be transferred off Genesis, and fix Master Controller so he drops his flag like he's supposed to? I beat him twice, gamma and alpha; I earned that flag but he doesn't drop it for anyone
  9. Can you please fix the tek trikes? I badly want to tame some event ones but they can't be taken off of Genesis. Corrupted Master Controller is not dropping his banner; I beat his ass twice, on gamma and alpha, so I earned that banner and have not gotten it either time.
  10. Nice new critter. Now how about giving us some details for that new event
  11. Could you please add rock drakes, wyverns, reaper kings, and the other hatchable-but-unbreedables? None of the breeding calculators list them, which makes it a pain int eh ass to try and figure out how long the raise till will be on altered rates. I have a baby reaper king I want to finish during the 3.5x event and it would be nice to find a breeding calculator that can tell me how long the baby stage will be
  12. I want the crystal wyverns. But it'll still be interesting to see what we actually get
  13. I have some adolescent dinos out to raise. Have to be even more watchful of the imprint timers now. Have gigas to raise but no way in hell am I unpodding them now. This update also ruined all of my careful work in collecting dermises from the super turkeys during the Turkey Trials. All of the collected dermises are now blank and my mounted turkeys are gone.
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