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  1. You should have given us the option to create a rare or higher rarity chibi for a slightly higher resource cost. There are far too many common-rarity chibis for the old method to work anymore; it takes far too many resources before even one rare chibi appears. The drop rates are far too low on the higher tier ones now
  2. The teleporter is on the roof, high enough above the ground you'd need the ice titan to lift you high enough to reach it from the outside. The resources not respawning are outside the walls, nowhere near the teleporter
  3. GIVE US THE OPTION TO CRAFT GUARANTEED RARE OR HIGHER/NEW CHIBIS. There are far too many commons and far too low a chance to get the rare ones now. At least give us some way to get better ones without having to sort through a million commons first!
  4. The resource nodes around my base, once harvested, are not coming back. There are huge patches of high bushes that I would harvest for berries gone two days after the last harvest. Trees have not regrown. Metal nodes and rocks have not respawned. There are no new pillars or foundations; we have not built anything new literally in months, and even then it was inside the base walls, not outside. Ever since the last major update this has been happening. I'm having to go farther and farther away to collect resources that were literally right outside my main gate before.
  5. How do we get the taffy, though? The maewing chibi better be like the managarmr... Runs after you when you're walking but flies after you when you're running
  6. There was no anniversary event this year. They launched Gen2 when it should have started. Dunno why you have party dodos on your maps, there are none on official
  7. It would have gone live at the same time Gen2 launched if we were going to have one
  8. Yeah, knew I was never gonna win -shrugs- Though you did mention that there might be something about Summer Bash in this crunch. I guess you actually meant next week's? Is a fix for the cryopod UI on the list? You'd just given us that new UI showing the color regions and then the Gen2 launch broke it. Color breeders and breeders in general had quickly come to rely on the new UI and we would like it back as soon as possible, please... I got a maewing mutation and have no idea what color it is or where because the UI is broken
  9. After logging in and finding my character had been mindwiped (which I am not happy about, btw) I went map hopping to get my engrams back. I had no problems on Aberration or Extinction, but when i jumped to Genesis I found myself unable to assign points or even interact with anything. After several minutes the game dc'd me. And I have not been able to get back in. As soon as it starts to load it dc's again. Dashboarding and reloading the game does nothing. I just want to get my engrams back and get off this server. Please fix this asap
  10. ...There is supposed to be an event coming next week at the soonest and you're still not telling us anything?! Or have you decided to cancel it because of Gen2 launching?
  11. Are we actually going to get the anniversary event, though. It's not a color event but some of us are counting on the cake slices from party dodos to get the rare chbis we're missing and all of us are counting on the raised rates to get more baby raising done On the subject of chibis, if/when the manticore chibi appears, it better fly like the griffin
  12. Oh come on! Give us an evo event! You're probably going to push back or even cancel the anniversary event because of the Genesis part 2 release, so give us our three days to raise stuff before you make us wait two months for Summer Bash!
  13. Can you guys please fix the color region display on the cryopod UI? It should only show the regions the creature in the pod actually uses, not all six. It only makes it more confusing trying to figure out which zones are being used and which aren't. Forget taming things that normally can't be tamed... how about letting us breed things that can't normally be bred. Like rock drakes
  14. ...I thought the maewing was going to be small, based on the first image we saw of it. Was not expecting it to be that big!
  15. I want the corrupted dinotar skins as costumes for dinos, especially rex and giga There should still be an option in the cooking pot to cook eggs for rarer chibis... The drop rates for them normally are entirely too low
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