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  1. 890-891-892-893-894 cluster crashed before last update. They are still offline. This happens when you put too many servers on the same machine! GG Wildcard, we are all eally tired about your mediocrity. No-one here will buy that junk with Vien-Anabolic-Diesel called ARK 2. Only brown noses will buy it.
  2. Please add a tribe admin option to remove friendly fire inside tribe, not only bullets and explosives but also wyverns and magmasaur.
  3. This, and there is a reason why big companies usually release updates on Tuesday.
  4. releasing updates on Friday is one of the biggest stupid things a software company can do.
  5. Still happening with less than 20 people connected and good ping. Dear Wildcard, your software is liquid.. poop!
  6. oh. damn my fault XD that subreddit has less members and basically no graphical hints at all XD
  7. Hey Wildcard, do you know you are advertising an unofficial subreddit instead of your official at https://www.reddit.com/r/ARK/ ?
  8. 890-891-892-893-894 cluster (yes, 5 the island server, which 3 are pve!) continue to crashes 1-2 times per day. but looks like we cannot be angry when reporting this. I get better ping and less lag on OC servers which are literally on the other side of the world!
  9. I lost a vault full of seed with last patch 😕 That was my first vault I ever made
  10. thanks for adding a nobody asked or liked change about seeds.
  11. Still waiting about disabling FF in PVE. Lost 90 babies into cryo. Almost lost all dinos of a 10yo tribermate that play with us (I just logge in time by chance). Looks like ark support doesn't know about this, since they told me it was my fault! (yeah, admin tribe can precent anyone to get magmasaur to FF bombing! And blue prokies fly in the sky, there is pece all over the world and the moon is a piece of sugar)
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