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  1. Get rid of bot one hit shotting.
  2. I'm trying all the LostIsland servers prospecting a home. I noticed on this one unpopular one I logged in, died, respawned, started the low level beach bobbing but my character is pooping pooping pooping. It's an official server. Why would the poop rate be set different on it compared to other officials? Anyone notice this besides me?
  3. when we leave we can only take the dinos we upload. We don't know this we only take a flyer we should be allowed to return to TheIsland Beginner Map and get the rest of our dinos we left behind when we went searching for a regular map that doesn't lag. We can't get back into the beginner server to get our pets.
  4. You can't get a 100% imprint on regular official rates without quitting school, job and getting no REM sleep. Stop being abusive and/or using the excuse "you could just go buy your own server and set your own rates." Your game objective are cruel. Fix it so someone could actually get it done without killing themselves and ruining their irl future.
  5. The rates on everything else is fine but the breeding is a nightmare at official rates. Seriously not fun. Telling us to go buy a server or play sp is NO.
  6. Why do you hate me so much. It's embarrassing to have a full out bushy beard that I can't keep trim. Why do you hurt me so bad???
  7. If we want to take a break from ark we can't always have to log in for the decay timers. Not complaining about decay timers without them multiplayer would be a bad mess. But I want to download any pet on official into any SP map so I can keep forever the fun I had. I don't want to keep dragging all my pets with me across the dlc's.
  8. than Enlightened. We already have so many things that give XP boost. We don't need more XP boosters. We have notes. We have Lystos. Please fix this Golden Egg to do something that is worthy of it's rarity. I don't care what so long as it is impressive. If you can't think of anything I would go with feeding it to your pet gives a HUGE boost to health and melee for one hour buff. Really huge boost like crazy wild gigga impressive. Make Golden Eggs valuable cause they really should be.
  9. They were nerfed a while back into non existance. We used those to fish up blue prints. Fishing in the game is boring without them. Also fix RNG so it isn't so hard to get an Advanced Fishing Rod. You can still have it drop off an Alpha Tuso but please chance it so we don't have to use ourselves or our mounts to kill the Alpha Tuso to have a slim chance of an Advance Rod dropping. Please make it so we can kill all alphas in the game with just our pets to get Advanced Fishing Rod drop or chibi level up. As is the game is to hard to accomplish any real goals outside building housing and that is to boring. Please bring back Advanced Fishing Rods. Please make them easier to get. Please make it so we can kill alphas with any pet on follow and get the same reward of Advanced Fishing Rod and chibi level ups. Please fix the game so it is not hard to accomplish in the world goals. Leave boss fights as is they are the hard thing for people to do. But in the world please don't make stuff so hard to accomplish. It leaves us with only building huts and that is just not enough to do. Advanced Fishing Rod bring it back. Chibi leveling make it easier.
  10. Please increase or better yet remove Medical Brew's decay timer.
  11. plant x is broke and fires at players even when set to wild only. So they've started a payback campaign and are leaving abandon pets in my yard.
  12. Could we get a calendar schedule for the year 2022 all Official Beginner Server wipe dates? Please. Ty.
  13. We can drown beach bobs that fill up our lawns get their unsightly bodies off our property. They are not coming back to the server they went to play elsewhere or quit ark. I know because I see their ugly corpses every day they never come back. But if I try to move their body to drown it they get stuck where you cannot grab them anymore. You drag them and they detach then they are floating ever so slightly above the world mesh somehow this prohibits me from dragging or picking them up again. Usually as I was taking their body across my very elaborate planned estate with beautiful painstaking placed floral arrangements. Now their dead ugly in my lawn forever. PLEASE LET US BURN BODIES
  14. Please could we have a shorter decay timer placed on pets that have not been rendered. Beach Bobs keep placing their pets on my base, around my base, in my base, near my base etc. Then they log out and never come back. If someone's account is newly created and they quit the game 2 days in not logging into Ark at all refunding it to Steam etc etc why do I have to endure their pets all over my yard? Could we not please discern those players that are newly made and give their pets a render decay of three days time? If they don't render their animals in three days let them decay. Constructions should not have these extreme decay timers with huge differences between them. It's stupidly high for a mulitplayer game. It should look more like: Decay Timers: Thatch 2 days, Wood 7, Stone 8, Metal 10, Tek 12, Adobe 14, & Tek Cloning, Generator, Dedicated Storage, Tek Trough 16 days. Also people should not be allowed to sit forever rotting a server's potential. Players take over the server and act nasty to newcomers. You know these servers because they are held by three to eight players and anyone who joins leaves post haste. Waste of Wildcard's money to run toxic servers. These land holders may not be in violation of TOS but they aren't welcoming new crowd either. Please consider merging servers that aren't getting any new accounts playing on them. Give the people you move off a server about three months to get out. Send them over to a new clean wiped server that has no lag issues. These maps are so laggy after a bit if people had somewhere to go that was not lagging they would move happily.
  15. Could we get some dino pics from Ark Survival Evolved in Steam's new The Points Shop avatars store plz. Thx.
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