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  1. Wut is going on? Why are the increased rates not reflected in the login blab? What is increased the gather only? Who gets to play for free and how long? Why is the multiplayer version of the game suddenly hard to log into with all the "your server is full" messages when server is obviously not full? What is going on? Are we to be all hush hush we're hunting wabbits? Should I not mention all this on the forums?
  2. Wildcard took the Advanced Fishing Rod out of the game so players would have to depend on cheaters to get blue prints. When we complained about it they raised the durability on the Primitive Fishing Rod that they left in the game but it still does not fish up blue prints. The cheaters can spawn in blue prints and dinos any time they want. And we regular player can no long have a chance at fishing blue prints. The developers know this. They are actively supporting the cheaters and damaging Ark's multiplayer dynamics. We are not allowed to openly discuss this.
  3. they were moving faster than a wyvern. So fast that if they didn't keep getting stuck on player's bases I wouldn't have been able to see them. A saddled gigga on a beginner server. Moving across the map faster than a wyvern flies. When are you going to stop the cheaters, Wildcard?
  4. Also heard rumor they would leave only single player active shut down all of Ark 1 multiplayer. I would like more than one month to move if they merge official. At least three months. I've kept pets alive for more than five years by moving from one server to the next. It's dangerous and scary. Worse part is if you join a server and people don't want you there start trolling. But overall the player base has lightened up. Five years ago people were gross mean and very possessive. But we all get merged who knows may happen again. Biggest trick they play mind games. "Don't pillar don't pillar" and then when you don't they steal your land. They still do this. Happen me on Fjordur. They report you. Say you took up to much space all you did was make a path between your hut and the local ore mine. Or created a bridge across a pond. The official admin doesn't even bother to consider you have no flying mount you have to keep a walking path open. Up goes the Mega tribe you can't log in they have 500 rexes out some deranged breeding program. Or I love the one where they build a gigantic base nothing in it completely empty always. Here I am my tiny hut all my pets cryo'd still getting reported for a few pillars between my house and the mine. Well, maybe reported? I mean they threatened me in chat. Then my pillars disappeared. Or perhaps the pillars don't show the right decay anymore? So if we start merge servers I have to look for a new home could you admin server moderators please stop deleting our pillars. It's not evil to pillar the land it's so those of us who do not use fliers don't get boxed in unable to do a meat run or w/e. Leave us be! Not every report is solid honest. They're trolls trying to scare us off the land. Get get their kicks and thrills out of bullying.
  5. It's a bront. It didn't escape. It disappeared. I tether my pets. It was there one minute and I turned around next second it was gone. No wild diplo around to push it. I just fed it food bar full. Move it often did not decay timer. I'm on a cave it had to sink into the mesh or an angry ****$$$**** has hacked me cause I tell them leave ark stop *$$$ing* . I think the 50/50 is for flyers only but anyway nothing there except a wild flying deer. Yes I looked all over not just in the sky and it was not raining when I showed up so had a clear view.
  6. But they are already open. Why is this visual what isn't really happening?
  7. Official pve had a bront pet sitting in my yard he just disappeared. Was using him as storage so now all my storage is gone. I have behemoth gates he wasn't going anywhere even if I accidentally whistled him there was no where he could have gone. Nothing in the tribe log about him at all. He just disappeared. It's a bront. I did have an otter vanish on me long long ago but never had a bront just poof not there anymore.
  8. Not make them insane slow but please no more people zipping around you to force you to disconnect the server. And no more high levels getting everything done quickly with their godmode teleportations. It's what I want for Ark 2 a map that will be hard to traverse not made to easy but not so frustrating we can't hardly move at all either.
  9. I can't play like this. * Someone found a way to hack Ark and kick players who talk in chat.
  10. LoadedCrysis on youtube does a great job following any news about ark check him out. He's said nothing about a server merger so it's not happening. More players are joining ark now than ever since all the other mmorpgs have been played up and nothing new is being released for a long time yet. Ark needs all it's servers atm.
  11. I know it's not realistic but this is what I want. I worked to get my dinos and I don't want to loose them. I collected everything myself. I did it all myself. There was no help from anyone. Not tribemates. Not strangers. I bought nothing from anyone. Those are all mine. Their low stats reflect this. I've never cheated or purchased or traded. But I'll never get rewarded for my honesty. Just pat myself on the back and wish I could keep my work forever.
  12. They'll just cancel Ark 1 and release Ark 2. That'll fix ya.
  13. Because you are planning to end all the events please give us one last map with only high level colorful dinos on it. I can't get into this pax event. All I see when I play is everything I'm going to loose in the near future. This game has destroyed my heart.
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