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  1. Will they be fixed? Or has all been lost and they are considered wiped? https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark?q=NA-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles&sort=details.time_i&features[0c3a8f43-b41a-11ea-8764-93a63e321467]=false&features[0eff04dc-e9ce-11e8-8977-231f2f82f764]=true&features[2e0790dc-d6f7-11e7-8461-b3f086e6eb8c][or][0]=332a4bc2-d6f7-11e7-8461-1b81017c658f&features[2e079b9a-d6f7-11e7-8461-83e84cedb373]=true
  2. Crystal isles bee cave moving slow motion even if not step in honey and after the slow icon wears off? Anyone else notice this?
  3. When has followers falls straight down does itself fall damage from the sky instead of gliding down smoothly? While mounted.
  4. Even small bases with a few dinos out cause lag for me. For my computer it does not seem to matter if it is gigantic base full of big dinos or a medium regular size base. If I try to go past it I lag to a complete halt cannot move. I just try hard to avoid them by flying high in the sky on a mount with much stamina. And you can hate me if you want to I don't care but I pillar all around my base so no one can move in next to me to lag ruin my game by their building a base. I will not fight with people in chat. Immature yelling at other players when we are suppose to have a good time toget
  5. I don't care. So long as it (1) is a flying mount that I can easily tame, (2) pecks ores from rocks while holding on to cliff face, (3) will not dismount when submerged in water, (4) I can shoot off it's back in pve official narc arrows and darts, (5) it is not restricted to spawn on a paid dlc.
  6. There is nothing spawning in on Crystal Isles official pve pc. You are ruining the event. We cannot catch anything if nothing spawns. This is not an answer to server lag.
  7. I'm still picking up x1 rock on official. Event was suppose to start by now?
  8. Did they forget to turn the servers back on after the update?
  9. I went through someone's labyrinth once. It was big took a long time to find the exit. Lots of dead gave up. S/he had a hidden ladder lead to walk path over the ocean where you could then jump in the sea. I was very angry at the time but grant now looking back it was creative.
  10. On this topic I keep saying that the 2x rate applied to the gathering and experience gain is okay but we don't need that. The breeding rates in this game have always been atrocious. Breeding is very important to end game PvE. We want breeding only EVO events. Please listen Wildcard. Breeding only by itself does not lag healthy servers. Stop increasing any rate other than just the breeding. We don't need to gather more. Not even meats for babies. If a server is not healthy we all know why. It is because to many players are building exceptionally large bases on the po
  11. Unknown artist is Caio Monteiro. Created over two years ago. He's more of a D&D fan it appears. Which makes this and the few cavemen he drew seem very out of place to his normal works. Did he play ark then and it altered his style for a tiny bit?
  12. Someone said March 23. Is this correct?
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