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  1. There will be no EVO event this weekend....therefore, there will be lots of house chores getting done this weekend
  2. scroll..scroll...yup pistol cool...scroll..scroll...NO EVO EVENT. X out.
  3. Title says it all. Will allow players to prepare for the lag spike. It might cut down on your ticket volume as well.
  4. oh, look at all this cool stuff you are adding to the game. (meanwhile i am still dc'ing from every legacy map and loosing stuff during transfers)
  5. IF it is the same as the previous ones, it will start the Tuesday before Easter and end 2 Tuesdays after, so, March 30th - April 13th.
  6. GP, maybe he/she is a new player and didn't experience the slower rates. That being said, as an active duty military member and father of 3, I find current 1x rates too slow for me to be effective on official servers. The 2x evo events allow me to breed and get "something" eating out of a trough in a quick enough time to make it worth it. I don't play when there is no evo event. DaFishBois, I recommend playing single player or joining a boosted server. Official is just way too slow for people with jobs and families.
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