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  1. Salty? I asked a simple question. There was also 2x harvesting, Xp and breeding for 17 days. It’s 2x taming every weekend. I just wondered why that isn’t enough. Personally no, I don’t need the winter wonderland event for multipliers, I don’t mind taming On 1x during a 2/3 week event.
  2. We had 8x a month ago. It’s 2x every weekend. We had 2x breeding for 3 weeks. Yet you still want more?
  3. ignore the closing bit. I’m on PS4 but I’ve just seen other platforms are still having issues.
  4. This seems to have drifted from the actual issue I posted about. 4 days with issues of people not being able to get on servers, no one from wildcard mentioned anything, no devs posted anywhere about it to let us know they were aware seeing as the ticket system wasn’t working. And even when there pushes out the update fix, there was no apology. Seems to me wildcard have confirmed they no longer care about how their CUSTOMERS feel. They have fixed it now, they haven’t, and won’t apologise so this thread may as well be closed.
  5. Me Personally from my original post, I wasn’t asking for “constant updates” just something to let us know they were aware and working on it. 4 days with no update from wildcard, no devs communicate about it either. I get it’s an American holiday but it’s also a time where a lot of people on that holiday wanted to take part of this event and might of been their only chance. People lost stuff, I lost 60% on imprints and lost babies as did others. 1 tweet or post saying “we are aware of the issue and are working on it” would of been enough for me but we didn’t even get that. At least they have pushed an update that’s hopefully fixed it for the last 2 days of the event.
  6. Never said I wanted an update “every 5 minutes” but in 3 days, now one has said anything, they did a network update but for all we know that could of been to add a missing colour to the even because there is no communication. Be patient? People work and this was their only chance at taking part in this event and as usual, wild card screwed up. There’s being patient and there’s letting people down.
  7. They also did a network update last night so someone is working but not talking to us.
  8. They gave devs in other countries. I get it’s holidays but they still should have some kind of holiday cover for when things go wrong.
  9. They should also try interacting with the users and actually tell us what’s going on. They aren’t all in America so where are all the devs that aren’t in the us?
  10. I’ve had the issues but a roll Back would suck. All those people who have built, tamed abs raised would loose all that stuff. They should extend the event and give us 4x on everything.
  11. Where the ### are wildcard So day 3. I got on yesterday and today. We have a bed in the middle of nowhere where we log out. Have to fast travel to load up. I just got disconnected while in base and yet again I can’t load up. And I have imprints due on my second batch of megalos after loosing the first 10 due to not being able to load up. Wildcard are still not responding to any of these issues either.
  12. Day 2 and still issues. So I got on at 7:45 gmt fine, did my imps, which I missed 3 of so I only got 40% on 12 megalos, logged of for school run then just logged in and can’t get back on. One thing that seems to work is get a tribe mate (if you have one) who can get on to kill you and spawn in a random place. That worked for us but, I’m not doing that every time I want to play, plus tribe aren’t always on.
  13. Mines an eu server, when I log on it says 4 others are on. They are playing with no issue and they are all french. Dunno if that’s a coincidence.
  14. They also haven’t updated patch notes for the update. The network server version on here for PS4 says 541.5 but we are on 541.61
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