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  1. I didn’t even see “A” Deino message n that video.
  2. Ah, I’ve done all the forms, so have others but I just wanted speak here to see if people have had this issue fixed before. Rather find out before starting to build. Thanks
  3. So today, genesis 2 1530 reset and now it’s day 1. They can fix this right? Because people moved all their stuff over the weekend and now they have lost everything.
  4. We’ve just had 3 weeks of 3x and your crying that there isn’t an event this weekend?
  5. Then they’ve banned my whole server and from the looks of it a lot of others. Server went down for the maintenance this morning and never came back up.
  6. LSMCtv

    egg incubator

    But are they levels from base level 1 or from the original tamed. Because 1 level is different depending on the stats after tame.
  7. More? That implies we already have mods which we don’t on PlayStation.
  8. I remember the extinction chronicles where we had to find dirt piles to get bones to make bone skins. That was pretty cool.
  9. Because 2x is the default rate now. There was a 2x breeding last weekend so to say there are no more evo events is wrong because there are, just not this weekend.
  10. It’s a permanent evo event compared to old rates. Doubling the rates as default was a bad idea. I knew people would still complain that they want more.
  11. I get that tames have 7 days but at least you can cryo them. Skiffs a pain to get back on ab.
  12. Am I the only one who thinks the decay timer on the skiff is stupid. You can’t cryo it, it’s a tek structure yet it decays after 7 days. I wasn’t able to get on for over a week due to lines, and because of that, I couldn’t reset Timers. I lost a few bits which I’m ok with but seriously peed that the skiff auto decays like a tame. This is on an where getting 160 element isn’t ty easiest of things to do.
  13. Salty? I asked a simple question. There was also 2x harvesting, Xp and breeding for 17 days. It’s 2x taming every weekend. I just wondered why that isn’t enough. Personally no, I don’t need the winter wonderland event for multipliers, I don’t mind taming On 1x during a 2/3 week event.
  14. We had 8x a month ago. It’s 2x every weekend. We had 2x breeding for 3 weeks. Yet you still want more?
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