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  1. More? That implies we already have mods which we don’t on PlayStation.
  2. I remember the extinction chronicles where we had to find dirt piles to get bones to make bone skins. That was pretty cool.
  3. Because 2x is the default rate now. There was a 2x breeding last weekend so to say there are no more evo events is wrong because there are, just not this weekend.
  4. It’s a permanent evo event compared to old rates. Doubling the rates as default was a bad idea. I knew people would still complain that they want more.
  5. Is it me or doesn’t the mek canon work on official Pve. I’ve used it on single player but when I attach it on official server, it just sits on top in the activated position all the time and doesn’t fire. When not I’n turret mode it still sits on top as if you’re in turret mode.
  6. I get that tames have 7 days but at least you can cryo them. Skiffs a pain to get back on ab.
  7. Am I the only one who thinks the decay timer on the skiff is stupid. You can’t cryo it, it’s a tek structure yet it decays after 7 days. I wasn’t able to get on for over a week due to lines, and because of that, I couldn’t reset Timers. I lost a few bits which I’m ok with but seriously peed that the skiff auto decays like a tame. This is on an where getting 160 element isn’t ty easiest of things to do.
  8. Island 840 is missing too. I’ve got 7 Gigas and 4 magmas raising. Server was there 2 hours ago but I couldn’t get on, kept timing out. Now the servers not even there so yet again I’m going to loose stuff ?
  9. I’ll be just been on my official server. There is no message on the start up screen, no message in game. People on my server didn’t know about the problems, they had no idea there is going to be a rollback. One dudes raising 20 babies, unaware he’s going to loose them all. I’m actually disgusted that there is no notice for players in game. Not everyone uses social media or forums. This should be on the start up screen telling people.
  10. You might find it acceptable to give racial abuse and threats to r a p e people but others don’t.
  11. Done that, also sent tweets/messages on twitter. Thought I’d try here in case it helped.
  12. URGENT ADMIN NEEDED We need an admin pronto. We have users on our server right now, one giving extreme racial abuse and sexual harassment with threats to Sexual assault , the other harassing users with sexual comments. We need an admin to sort these users out now. I’m have screenshots but I’m not publicly posting them.
  13. Salty? I asked a simple question. There was also 2x harvesting, Xp and breeding for 17 days. It’s 2x taming every weekend. I just wondered why that isn’t enough. Personally no, I don’t need the winter wonderland event for multipliers, I don’t mind taming On 1x during a 2/3 week event.
  14. We had 8x a month ago. It’s 2x every weekend. We had 2x breeding for 3 weeks. Yet you still want more?
  15. logged in to find my baby Giga which should of taken 3 hours to be on troughs, didn't actually mature and died 7 hours later still as a baby. Created a subject as I don't know where to post because I want that baby/egg back. the post isn't up yet, not sure if that's normal. logged out and may just quit ark.
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