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  1. here I am waiting for more tlcs, Carno, Pteranodon, Megladon, Bronto, Giga etc
  2. I have a theory that the crates the exosuit crates they are carrying in the trailer contain large amounts of materials, I think you will be able to craft these crates and transport hundreds of thousands of lbs of raw materials or items. The exosuit is the only thing capable of lifting these crates. The exosuits seen in the trailer would probably gaurd the crates with their life and dispose of any threat to them. Now we know hacking will be in this dlc considering you have to hack and tame the striders, so I could imagine if you got an enemy crate you would have to either hack it or break into
  3. "Turn the tide of battle" I wonder what combat capabilites it has. Also anyone else getting heavy avatar vibes lol
  4. i dont mind if genises part 2 is delayed. The longer it takes them the better the dlc. I plan on playing this game for years and I want something I can enjoy endlessly. Personaly if it going to be delayed (its wildcard of course it is) then I would at least like a teaser or teaser trailer, something to keep us interested. I dont think wildcard should drip feed us like they did with extinction but at least a few teasers would be enjoyable. Now I know this may be a stretch but I think they should fix PG arks, for the further survival of the game having a random generated map feature would be fan
  5. Do you not see the issue with the devs? You clearly havent stayed updated on this game
  6. And yet you still cant state what you dissagree with. Your just arguing to argue.
  7. Can i have an explanation? Are you willing to even state what you dissagree with? Or cite evidence or use a valid thought process?
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