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  1. slejo

    clone STOP to allow clone from clone

    This option would be a lifesaver.
  2. My megalos still want trike, glowtail, drake, stego's etc egg kibble to imprint. Its not a bug... its BUG!
  3. My baby Megalosaurus just wanted Triceratops egg kibble for imprint.... did you tested this kibble rework? Big shame, WC.
  4. slejo

    kibble rework Fixing the kibble system

    My baby Megalosaurus just wanted Triceratops Egg kibble... did you really tested new kibble system?
  5. slejo

    clone STOP to allow clone from clone

    According to my suggestion wwner CAN neuter dino and CAN do number of copies HE wants But its not about only breedable dinos. How about Basilisks, Karkinos, Mantis, Grifins, Wyvs and Drakes?
  6. slejo

    clone STOP to allow clone from clone

    Youre definitely wrong. Do not worry - I'm a moderate player. Trade is only part of my game. Nevertheless, quite important. In my opinion, stopping cloning copies would reduce the amount of dinos. The owner of the original dino would have control over the population and would decide whether or not to share a copy with someone. It always reduces the amount of dinos. Today new good dino appears in ark - and is cloned by many players in 3 copies each... for a collection or resale. According to me, this should be stopped In addition, such a change would increase the role and prestige of the original dino. I think that is needed.
  7. @Chris - at the moment i had wrote my post there was "tomorrow at...." message. I think Jen or someone edited it after my post. Now it is ok.
  8. Giganotosaurus - Increased damage required to enrage a giga by 55% - Thanks. And... Please explain how will imprint work in new kibble rework system.
  9. @Jen - why do you again make us wonder when it's tomorrow for you tomorrow. Use absolute non-relative dates, ...
  10. slejo

    clone STOP to allow clone from clone

    Trade in Ark is a part of the game. How did you know that im not just playing and trading. I build bases, tame dinos, make bosses and have fun of game. And im trade too. Why just strict thinking, that you sould be trader or player? You can be player and trader, you really can bare this. Well.. if you dont want to leg broke dont go to mountains...I love easy and hard-line reasoning. Such advice is the usual limitations in thinking.
  11. slejo

    clone STOP to allow clone from clone

    Its not that you can't clone in my suggestion. You can clone as much as you can, but you need to have original one tamed / breed dino.
  12. I suggest to make new change to ark system to not allow cloning from clone at cloning chamber. I think It would help players offering one unique copy of their own dino. Today you sell one and your buyer resell clone at lower price - hitting in your market. It would be motivation for taming / breeding / or trading first original dino.
  13. @Jen please stop writing "tomorrow", "yesterday". Always write full data with one timezone. I always have to think and calculate what day is today for you when you add post. As you know we are all over the globe so always give us absolute time (as at Evo event announce), not relative one.
  14. slejo

    Autokill dinos left at obelisks

    IMHO 1 day is too long aswell. Think that 3 hours would be enough. You really dont need to set up rexes in 3 hours to bossfight, As your suggestion to "claim for boss feature" - it would be nice. Maybe more useful with >> allied << claim. Or make special bossrun ally feature.
  15. Hi. My suggestion is to make autokill dino left at obelisk (letf for example 2 hour). It would help ppl with bossfights... For example Giga and quetzal stays at green obi at 193 scorch.... for about 2 weeks! How to set up boss fight there?