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  1. slejo

    valguero transfer

    The later - the better...
  2. You really would like me to join with my wyvern and 200+ metal pillars? How many players would transfer like that. Think of it!
  3. Valguero is a great surprise, thanks guys!
  4. Why you want to banish me from official cluster. I like it.. from 2,5 years play i have bases and dinos there and friends i dont want to leave. I want to point an issue of server lagging to have more enjoy of game for me and all ppl i know there.
  5. No, no, no! Its more often than 15 minutes and i see in global chat that MANY players have the same issue. They writes "1"... or other words to check out when hangs will be over.. When its weekend problem doubles... Sometime players feel hangs every 3 mins... Are the server saves more frequently at weekends??? You guys maybe playing different game or different servers that you dont notice it... and you dont notice players frustration in global chat!
  6. How do you know if they dont impact me personally... I am breeding, feeding... have structures, bases dinos and my play is in all aspects of game... But im not expose 100 of my manas.. gigas and owls like exhibitions.
  7. Just life. Pay if you want comfort. Its not FPS, slow internet connection ping etc. Its SERVER hang usually for 10-25 seconds, sometimes more. All players notice it and curses it via chat. This hand causes fall damege, killing players or dinos, sometimes loosing equiplemt. Give then yours, smartass. We will compare yours and mine... Please tell me where is this fantastic server. Our EU 434 lagging every 5 minutes causing fall damage, killing players and dinos. Not only at weekends.
  8. Same for me - i cant put this green bridge
  9. 100% right. I have attached screenshot od bridge i CANT set. Even if color is green.
  10. LAGS in official servers - lets discuss how to decrease them Playing game at ragna is unplayable these days. Other maps too. Lets discuss how to lower lags to make devs suggestions. IMHO and from devs infos lags are caused by too many active dino numbers, so there have to be a way to fix it (lower this number) My ideas: 1 - Lower active dino limit per tribe and allies to 50% 2 - Faster starvation of unusable active dinos - 10x more 3 - Make wild dinos be able to destroy structures - stone easier and metal tougher... but imho tek should be immune. 4 - Make some kind of enraging or disease of unusable active dinos 5 - Drasticaly nerfing breeding efficiency - and boosting simple taming (hunting) 6 - Remove cloning chamber from game 7 - If nothing helps - offer us official monthly paid cluster connected to official free cluster Anyone with other ideas? Edit: 8 - Limit dino number of one species. For example max 10 spinos, etc... per tribe and ally. To stop massive breeders
  11. I still hope you will some day post any news that you are doing something that will lower lags in official servers. Game is unplayable now. Or change game name to Ark: Lag Survival - Evolved Ark: Server Survival
  12. Another ideas for making less active dinos is to: 1 - make "dino rage" or "dino sickness" when dinos had no rider for one day 2 - nerfing breeding process 3 - give all wild dino the same functionality as corrupted ones... to eat structures - stone or metal
  13. Less active dinos. More dinos in cryos and not at dino exhibitions. Cryopods really didnt help. Its the same dino galleries + 1k dinos in cryo.
  14. DO SOMETHING with lags - Set up dino food starvation to 3x - 5x times than today or - Limit active dino number to 250 per tribe and ally or - Make official paid cluster servers connected with free ones... We cant play Ark now... lags all the time!
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