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  1. New wiki's looking good. We really need a way to search loot tables for the items we need (saddles, flak, weapons, etc). It seems that the Gen1 missions in particular are designed to offer a way to target farm certain items, but besides cataloguing them myself, there is no way to just search up an item I need either in-game or on the wiki and find which missions or drops provide what I'm looking for quickly. Systems like these are part of what turns new players away from ARK, there are so many things that are just not explained well, whether it be these mission loot tables, complicated taming mechanics, or even just how to cross-ARK transfer. Hopefully this can be addressed in ARK 2 with a more streamlined set of in-game guides/hints, but I hope at the least that this new wiki can be refined a bit more to clearly provide info needed to play, rather than having to search forum posts and YouTube videos. There is so much to do in this game, and it would be so great if the resources to know what to do and where to go were more easily accessible. In any case, looking forward to the years to come with Fjordur and ARK 2.
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