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  1. I can confirm that using a maewing only works when online and most likely when rendered offline the achatina wont be fed and will starve I didnt try to put the cakes into every achatinas inventory yet, but anyhow the problem with that ofc is, that the cakes weight way too much as to have more than a very few (maybe 1-2) in their own inventory It seems the fact WC made em breedable isnt properly thought through, aswell as the fact this topic is rather hard to find probably means nobody cares breeding em
  2. anybody else noticing that the rare flower consumption rate on tamed bees aka placed bee hives did increase? wiki states it takes 1 rare flower ever 4 hours.. Im sure I filled mine up about 24 hours ago, and there been around 22 rare flowers consumed within that time, which would be more like 4 times the ammount of what wiki states if this is true and new, no wonder a lot of hives been effd, cauz u wont get along much longer than 4 days with just 1 stack of rare flowers and if this has been just recently invented by some patch, why would you change that comsumption after a zilli
  3. same here, just after the update finished I was able to get on a server (tried two different with 2 different chars) for like 5-10 Min., then DC in a loop just after full loading is done
  4. anybody else experiencing graphic performance drops after this last update? for me the game seems to be running a lot less smooth not. I did check if vsync is on true (which it is) and updated my gfx-drivers.. nothing seems to help.. the game keeps on stutterung and not running smooth which it didnt do within the last 4 months big dislike on my end
  5. Anti-mesh killed 2 of my dinos I had on wandering for 3-4 weeks in front of my base.. they been in a leash... only thing I changed was putting out a teleporter close to or maybe within the leash - could that be the problem??
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