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  1. what an amazing conclusion gl hf on that last 1-2 hours of evo
  2. same here, just after the update finished I was able to get on a server (tried two different with 2 different chars) for like 5-10 Min., then DC in a loop just after full loading is done
  3. anybody else experiencing graphic performance drops after this last update? for me the game seems to be running a lot less smooth not. I did check if vsync is on true (which it is) and updated my gfx-drivers.. nothing seems to help.. the game keeps on stutterung and not running smooth which it didnt do within the last 4 months big dislike on my end
  4. Anti-mesh killed 2 of my dinos I had on wandering for 3-4 weeks in front of my base.. they been in a leash... only thing I changed was putting out a teleporter close to or maybe within the leash - could that be the problem??
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