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  1. We means you and who? You really thisk thats youre voice of all players? so as i expected. This buff and TLC is made for PVP. just like Stego TLC too.
  2. I cant see any usability with mammoth AoE buff. I hoped that it will boost damage or HP regen.
  3. BEFORE means typical weekdays X1 and weekend X2 evos before lockdown in March.
  4. You think, i have checked. Passive tames like basilisk, roll rat, bloodstalker etc... are still by old X1. Then no - no X2 for taming.
  5. Sorry, but how did you help me? Throwing me out and teaching me like a stupid kid? Speak to someone from WC (as you are closer to them than me) to tell that they bugged taming system. Then you will help us. Its a BUG, noone will help in this matter unless is from Wildcard.
  6. Look at Roll Rat - according to Dododex (that is based on devkit) now roll rat needs 34 honeys. Previously 150 rat wanted 17 honeys to be tamed at x2 Evo
  7. Even if they did, there should be official information about it
  8. Taming doubled? But not doubled!
  9. Maybe there is a bug in devkit, that Dododex implemented. I repeat: OLD X1 - 10 rock drake eggs for tame 150 basilisk OLD X2 - 5 rock drake eggs for tame 150 basilisk
  10. Because he just trolls me without any experience of taming. BTW: https://www.dododex.com/taming/basilisk/150?taming=2
  11. Man. Put the outdated knowledge off. I see you are taking part in a discussion that you have no idea about. I have tamed MANY basilisks 140+. And all of them i tamed during X2 evo events. There was ALWAYS 5 drake eggs needed to tame 150 lvl basilisk when the rates were X2.
  12. 10% - 10 rock drake eggs was X1 - BEFORE WC decided to change rates to X2 permanent. Previously, when there was X2 evo event - 5 drake eggs was enough to tame 150 lvl basilisk. So once again - theres NO X2 taming if it comes to taming Basilisk.
  13. This is just made screenshot of taming Basilisk at official Aberration 223 server. Basilisk 10% after eating drake egg is not X2 taming! Its X1
  14. I have started taming 145 lvl basilisk just a few minutes ago. Basilisk ate drake egg... and taming bar was showing only 11% - and this was DEFINITELY not X2 taming. Official Eu 223 server
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