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  1. slejo

    Where's the hype?

    At this time, two weeks before the start of valguero or extinction, I was planning in which part of the map to build the base. We had gameplay, theme songs etc. Today, we don't know anything but a few reveals. ... and dead empty community crunches.
  2. https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us It wasn't your fault, but now you will get XP by grace. For this you will have to work on the character recovery bureaucracy. Losing your character (I repeat - it's not your fault) is the worst thing that can happen to a player. I had lvl 120 with almost all bosses and tekgrams (only without Rockwell) .. I got 105 lvl without bosses, with basic tekgrams. Humiliation awaits you ... slap in the face.
  3. Sadly maturing dinos started without evo... now raising during evo are not calculated properly. I have Giga raising and have to wait until the evo end to imprint properly. If i will not wait it will imprint -6% (94%) to end.
  4. Because like everything that is given for free - it is underinvested and filled with an accidental crowd. How many times have I written that we need paid premium servers. The ones you pay for, BUT will be connected to the existing cluster. They would be an additional option to what is today.
  5. Because it's normal that griefing does not happen automatically and always. You were just lucky you missed it. Second thing: bossfight or tek cave run - this is how long your tribe is open for griefers.
  6. I know this. But what about Aberration?
  7. Alliances OPTION - building structures ON / OFF Please do the following simple option that if you make tribe alliance, you can have an option: - DONT ALLOW an allied tribe to build any structures nearby - ALLOW an allied tribe to build any structures nearby - ALLOW TEMPORARY an allied tribe to build any structures nearby. BUT After alliance close - new added buildings can be damaged This can be good thing in three aspects without any danger of griefing: - do the trade - do the bossfight - bring help for someone (take someone into seat)
  8. Haha.. dino game... with TEK drops from heaven, TEK implant in hand, and after die reborn. It was SCI-FI game from the early beginning.
  9. Yes.. xlife Giga raising was stunning. I have 100% raised three 585's then... now im raising 605 Many hard steps in fronto of me.
  10. I have just imprinted giga with 6%.. so rates still on !?
  11. Maybe yes, but there is no clear information in last community crunch. They usually present the upcoming evo event differently.
  12. Misspelled with Ced.. and edited .. BTW do you know how many Cedricks are in autofill list?
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