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  1. What's going on here, is this some Ark multiverse? Sorry to say this, but it's not the game I loved. Besides, you totally went too far with the price.
  2. With a pistol into Deathworm? Do you even play this game from time to time?
  3. Non accessible in Poland / Europe. There is so much talk in Ark about tolerance and good space for everyone, but I feel discriminated against by WildCard Studio because of my nationality and place of residence. Hypocrites!
  4. We know, that every postpone makes Nitrado more money. Thats all the point of postpone is.
  5. You need to put as much effort to rebuild transfer system as in making new cosmetics. It will save your time and ours
  6. Expected Scorch Earth, got Mickey Mouse. Whats wrong with Ark?
  7. Please don't forget what anniversary we are celebrating during Winter Holiday. So then.. Merry Christmas!
  8. It lowers game/server performance and makes people to overextend their bases to keep new/breeding/unnecessary dinos. And ofcourse it affects comfort of play we use to have.
  9. Im curious hows gonna hype will be when consone launch. We have a very interesting situation. The entire XBOX Series X console is cheaper than a PC GPU card to make it work. If the XBOX version is playable, then say goodbye to PC... on the other hand, they can't make a poor XBOX performance, because that would be a huge failure.
  10. I wasnt asking. That was a rhetorical question resulting from outrage.
  11. These are just words intended to explain the desire to rob people. If this company was not a monopoly, we would have the opportunity to check whether other suppliers would have a "problem with increasing load" and whether these companies would increase prices twice compared to Nitrado
  12. The first decision of the monopolist - NITRADO increasing the price for the cheapest server by more than 2 times. What's the point of having 26 slots when most of us only need them for several people?
  13. My today's Ark experience: Downloaded "Played" 30 minutes Refund sent Really disappointed.
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