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  1. @Joebl0w13 Player base and social involvement is a bit dead, because how to explain only a lively discussion between a complainer and addictive facepalmer on the official website, and there are no masses of people literally eager to discuss spectacular ARK news. And if there was a new map for Ark 1.... then I wouldn't complain, you would have peace, people would liven up. Win - win scenario
  2. the same with 223, 493.. thats typical PVE officiale server i hope you are right and im wrong @Joebl0w13
  3. Hard to believe in these numbers. Servers (at least official one) are so empty, no players here, just ghost bases. Yes, there are people.. logging in, walking around base not to decay, logging out. Is this is a real player base? Or just confused players for whom it is a pity to leave the achievements of their Ark life to oblivion. Empty numbers. without life. Of course, you can put on rose-colored glasses and pretend everything is ok. After all, for some people, masturbation is also sex.
  4. I got active game since 5 years. But i think its dying. You should take care of your player base developing faster rk 2 or releasing new TLC and maps for Ark 1. I dont whine, Im just worried of my favourite game.
  5. Exactly. I think Ark 1 without bugs, with UE5 and active developer care of it would be best option
  6. I like new TSOTF, keep up developing! - Leaderboards - lobby without customising for every match - other maps.. and dinos, maybe aberration?
  7. ... and therefore under what circumstances can I boast about it?
  8. I was hunting those present bloom year by year. Not the same with the event, so im disapointed. God to hear its just me.
  9. Im now playing TSOTF (by the way this name has very bad marketing potential).. and it became classic battle royale like Fortnite or PUBG. Very weak, in my opinion - looks like draft, .. pre, pre, pre alpha version. You mean Ark 2 will not have old good ark modes? Owning dinos, bases, PvE, PvP modes?
  10. I dont want to be stubborn. I will like Ark 2 without any transfer from 1, but i can imagine there can be dino converter or sth. Some nostalgia things from world before.
  11. Survival of the Fittest: NERF Thyla NERF THERI Make them harder to get or decrease their stats values/functionality.
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