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  1. Aberrant anky is not immune. As for creatures on aberration strangely Basilisk is not immune. Wild one is, tamed isnt.
  2. Yesterdays: Mana breath damage to players reduced by 20% Should be: Mana breath damage to players reduced by 80% and Mana not allowed to Aberration
  3. Can you make Karkinos right claw as as good as left one? To keep dino in claw without unmounting when collide with structures?
  4. The only thing that keeps Ark player base up is the beauty of game itself. I agree, devs should more listen to people loving Ark. But it must also be admitted that by the fact that we love this game and we forgive devs for bad treatment, we get them used to mediocrity.
  5. Why after death.. could be lunatic when offline. Or decayed characters - turned to awoken zombies just like disappeared structures
  6. My QOL SUGGESTION: Make immune from radiation for all Aberrant dinos.
  7. Make Rock Drakes breedable! and.. Karkinos, Basilisk, Reapers.
  8. When it comes to Dedi boxes - it would be better to make kind of transfer option from dedi to other dinos/structures (within for example feeding through radius).. just like many mods do. For example transfer 5000 wood to one of the replicators or to dino. And this method could be useful for any structure, not just dedis.. for example its very common thing to popcorn out / whip gather items from dinos / indy forges / replicators / vaults and others.
  9. Meshing players and aimbot'ers in pvp just wiped me and turned me off from Ark pvp. No more ark pvp.
  10. I have just tested. And no, its not a game changer. Very poor quality compared to my PC Steam version. It would be nice to improve it. Anyway i like the fact Ark is a part of Stadia.
  11. Looks like game changer, have some questions: 1 - does Stadia Pro version include ALL Ark DLC? 2 - is there / or will be - a way of connect actual PC steam accounts to Stadia ones? 3 - will future maps like Lost Island be included in?
  12. I have abadoned Ark - I destroyed all bases, dropped off to despawn all treasures - bps, items, TEKs etc.. I have squandered things i have been working on and enjoyed in many official servers since 2017 (Aberration release). I have uninstalled ark... formatted disk. Since Ark was my only game i was played in I deleted ALL discord servers, Steam, Epic and other gaming accounts. Thats all to keep my Real Life healthy. Ark is NO DOUBT my best game ever. Its Fantastic, Epic, amazing.. But its like heroine too. It addicts, consumes and destroys player's real life. It takes too much t
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