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  1. 50 PRIME MEAT JERKY FOR RANDOM CHIBI??? Have you lost your mind? Its a joke, right?
  2. Its WC style. I have used to it. But if the real reason of postponing celebration is that bottles of vodka have broken up, then i can send you some
  3. No news, no hype, no dev stream before events. I miss old Ark celebrating style.
  4. PvE Official Servers - i has some transmitter's ark data POOF's too. Maybe game developers will check this issue finally!!!
  5. LONGER Auto decay time of electric structures Please WC make electricity - wires, junction boxes etc... auto decay longer - for example as metal structures 16 days.
  6. Its hard to believe!? I had FULL list of tek engrams
  7. I think its good time to find another game that dont waste our time and not spoil our blood.
  8. Am i dreaming? Its not just visual bug, i cant use transmitter or teleporter!!
  9. Its pathetic, silly and lack of logic. Why they dont make solid character backup that restores IDENTICAL player with one dev button or command. 1st profit - people feel safe, threated wisely... and not abaddon ark 2nd profit - WC has MUCH less work with restoring chars
  10. Im too, mate.. stone is best structure. Quiet, cheap, tough and doesnt reflect annoying light. We have many tek bases, but main ones, that im playing in, are stone ones.
  11. slejo

    My character is missing

    We have player in tribe that is appointed to transfers lost restore on 7th of July.
  12. i dont care much for this 100k./ Ark is a permanent process of prosper and loss. (BTW 90% loss not caused by you). My only regret is that the WC did not fix this exploit correctly. Just like many other things
  13. You really think im retarded? BTW. This dedicated storage structure was brand new set up 3-4 days before someone took 100k. Do you think Tek Dedicated Storage is placed as unlocked by default?
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