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  1. naaah.. all trailers content relates to ingame stuff
  2. You can be right! Then this camera system have to have some kind of physical drone.. like new version of Scout from Extinction. Its because when Noglin "angers" camera is broken. You can see damage glitch.
  3. Investigation continues I think that OSD view at the end of trailer is a view from Exo - Mek cockpit! ... but still its possible that its a view of new tek helmet or HLNA (the eye of camera at left is an eye of HLNA)
  4. "manage your base to perfection with ease" I think Exo Meks can be found at trailer of Gen 2. AND NOW IM 100% sure
  5. "manage your base to perfection with ease" I think Exo Meks can be found at trailer of Gen 2.
  6. The best thing in this crunch is that you confirm release at 26th of May.
  7. If there will be monthly subscription for game like WOW, WC would take more care of game and players. Sad but true.
  8. Indeed, rexes are useless for Aberration.
  9. It would be better for Quality of Life that Mantis equipped with tool in hands will get it inside cryopod instead dropping it on the floor. The same situation wouuld be best to store cosmetics skins (for example ghost ones) inside cryopods.
  10. No Aberration? Aimbot included? Waste of time.
  11. They don't care what people say now. They will not be in a future.
  12. Using OP manas dont bend PVP, it breaks it definitely. For example Aberration... this map could be baallanced if the only dinos allowed would be native ones. - no manas - no gasbags - no hover skiff .. then Rock Drake is the king, Reaper become Queen again, Ravagers + zip lines are useful again. Today Aberration PVP is sad place. Zero balance. Zero wisdom.
  13. I could play again pvp, but if there would be mode that you can have only dinos tamed. PVP - all neutered dinos only.
  14. Its because WC dont care of you and this game anymore. You have bought your game, then you have done your job. There was tons of posts at this forums, at discords etc.. of people complaining about manas in pvp. Noone reads it, none listenes. The only thing you can get here is facepalm emote of Volunteered Moderator. I suggest to find another game if you are looking for balance. BUT If you are stubborn, you can try to play Genesis. At least there you can get rid of this poopty creatures.
  15. Hello. I have visited and activated all Aberration Genesis 2 Chronicles, but i got no Federation Exo-Chestpiece Skin. I have Genesis DLC season pass pack Am I only one that didnt get it?
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