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  1. I cant believe they dont want to turn off antimesh for PVE.
  2. I believe that physical attack of Wild Magmasaurs vs Your Magma should be the only one. Its not that you will be invincible! When you run with your Magma towards 10 - 15 wild Magmas that can hit you psysically is enough challenge. Please fix this bug, stop pretend to forcefully justify, that fire / lava attack can harm Magmasaur!
  3. Magmasaur is your best choice. Our Magma brrngs to base about 10k metal in one run.
  4. Yes, but Magmasaur is not only lavamade. 1 - It Burns with open fire all the time - why its not taking any damage then? 2 - Has fire inside and outside when smelting. - why its not taking any damage then? Aaaand.... is there any idea how to destroy lava using open fire? :
  5. slejo


    Agree... noticed that. BoG N teleports to Bog NE...... come on!!!!!
  6. Immune to lava = immune to fire.. Magmasaur BURNS, is wielding flame like freaking BALROG. It BREATHES with fire when smelting metal.... Damn! Get him some fire BALLS, WC. A burning sack! Show us that this guy is a real HOT FIGHTER... Make Magmasaur a f(...)ucking fireman, an indestructible god of fire ... indestructible until someone pours him a bucket of water.. Unflammable Badass!!!!
  7. Magmasaur Vs Wild Magmasaurs = WTF !? Can someone wise from WC tell me why my beast ... Magmasaur The Fire Creature... creature that is all time burning inside and outside, that swims in lava untouchable, that MATES only in lava.... Why this beast is getting damage when wild Magmasaur projectiles at him a fireball..???! I was yesterday at my first magma volcano fight and it was unbelivable... fire hungry beast was burning... getting fire damage from other magmas. I tooght it will get only phisical damage of claws bite... but not.. it was burning like stupid baryonyx. Is it bug.. or its intended.. if bug - fix it as soon as possible.. if intended - please be nice and explain me your logic.
  8. So im in this minority too
  9. Happy to see this fixed. But (its for devs) notice, i have been yet unmounted from magma outside cave.... I have been unmounted, made few steps at teleporter, and turn it on... bad thing happened during the teleportation time. "erruption blow Leaking outside of the cave" would kill me iin a second WHEN Iam UNMOUNTED, not during teleportation.
  10. Magma God presence is the only explanation when it comes to a feature!
  11. And Magma God has eaten my 100% imprinted anky in cryo... damn it with that stupiud god. Its just lack of programmer spirit, consideration mindfulness reflection prudence. I blame coding , not godding.
  12. WHAT WAS THAT???!!! - teleporting death outside volcan Hello. 1) I have been ran out riding Magmasaur from Volcano during erruption - it was easy - no harm way - i was riding MAGMASAUR! 2) I was heading to my teleport area localised OUTSIDE VOLCANO. I have teleporter near voolcano and im proud of it - look at screenshot! 3) When i click teleport to my main base - the music of death appeared - AND I DIED - SUIT WAS BROKEN... happily magmasaur was teleported untouched 4) After I teleported back i have noticed that there was no corpse, no beam light, no destroyed hazard suit, no equipment i have carried, no gear... just nothing! ZERO sign of my death! 5) Can anyone tell me what was happened???? I know i was "Arked"... but please explain how?!!!!!!!!
  13. Almost ZERO wild dinos at Official PVE The number of wild dinos decreasing over time. I think maybe stability issues. But today its SO little number! Almost zero.
  14. You'll be surprised how much WC analyzes forum posts. Very often they accept suggestions, advice and requests. I have found this out many times.
  15. And what is your purpose for picking on someone because he would like an event? Will it increaso or decrease development of a pandemic? No. Then let this guy stay at home and enjoy his favourite game! You will not hurt if he will be happy, dont you?
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