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  1. slejo

    Autokill dinos left at obelisks

    IMHO 1 day is too long aswell. Think that 3 hours would be enough. You really dont need to set up rexes in 3 hours to bossfight, As your suggestion to "claim for boss feature" - it would be nice. Maybe more useful with >> allied << claim. Or make special bossrun ally feature.
  2. Hi. My suggestion is to make autokill dino left at obelisk (letf for example 2 hour). It would help ppl with bossfights... For example Giga and quetzal stays at green obi at 193 scorch.... for about 2 weeks! How to set up boss fight there?
  3. slejo

    ONLY 6 wyvern nests appear?

    Hello. I have once been playing Scorch Earth at dedicated server and there was more eggs, than i see now in official. Maybe its caused by last problems with egg spawning and "fixes". I play at EU 193 Scorch .. and there are just 6 active wyv nests. In Scorch Explorer map there is 16 wyv nests... i have posted picture with arrow sign, what 6 nests are active. Other ones are just permanent empty holes.
  4. and what about dinos (for example pteras) that have 12 total hours of rise when x3... one 8 hour imprint should make 100%?? or second one will be 4 hours?
  5. Yes. I bump this suggestion. Its a rare dino and egg.. Add it to special!
  6. slejo

    Gacha Nerf Too Excessive

    I play official PVE. And it feels like there is 15% of gacha crafting power. Its not just nerfed special crystal production. IMHO Gacha produces ALL crystals way less often..
  7. slejo

    Happy Holidays, Survivors!

    It would be really disappointing if they gave us 2 days more x2 and take off 4 days.
  8. slejo

    Happy Holidays, Survivors!

    Dont agree. Love your decision of making Atlas @Jen and WC team. Keep up with game develop! DILO? Where the hell have you seen 60 dollars? My steam price is about 20$ for Atlas... i think its better call giveaway than sell. 20$ for game you will be play for next years? Agree.. And higher price of your games to have more money for it! Do you know the story? This game and its step-by-step DLC's just show evolving. From the beginning to the end of the story there was sci fi stuff. Arks with dinos were just made by people to make selection of the best of humans and animals for fight with element corruption and to survive the species. From the first seconds of First ARK game - The Island you see sci-fi product inside your left arm.. you see "alien drops" from the sky.. and you complain about evolutionary made meks? You just dont understand this game and its story. This is NOT your primitive plus story .. main one is just different and primitive plus is just an addon.
  9. some decent ghille BP, crossbow bp 345, sword bp 360, gasbags saddle 120
  10. Today was announced OSD/Veins tribe claim. Thats a feature as i suggested. Nice!
  11. Fantastic post. Great improvements. Thanks for OSD/Vein tribe claim, thanks for longer Evo Event. And of course thanks for beautiful christmass look. Merry Christmass for you Wildcard Team!
  12. Electronic billboard with cycle messages.. or just something more simple. Once player craft and put Board structure outside his base (can be a board look, mini terminal, stone, totem etc... ) ANYONE can come close to this board - then interact - click E to open it .. popup window appears just like explorer note... and you can see different notes in it.. then you can read/write in something. Some kind or player/base/tribe public entry log contains notes of board owners and other players..
  13. Tek tier? It should be as easy to obtain as campfire.. You settle in some place and set up note board and write "Will join to tribe" or "anyone sell Doed?" or "Hello im new here"