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  1. As far as size, capability and potential, yes it was. As far as what’s in it, no it wasn’t, but I could have been. SE was never really a map that players had their home bases on anyway. Maybe some did, but it was a small fraction compared to the entire player base. That could even be said for most of the story maps, except for the island and Gen 2. Most of the player base throughout ASE (from what I saw playing for so long) had their home bases on the free dlc maps The Center (until Ragnarok), Ragnarok, Crystal Isles etc. Yes they probably should have dropped 3 maps all at once and it would have helped with the migration of players from ASE TO ASA and server pop caps upon launches (I would have thought they at least learned that lesson from ASE). I don’t think the number of the maps are the problem. We all have our favorites and our not so fond of, but I think it helps with the whole sandbox idea that was Ark’s founding principal. In ASE, like most players, I had outposts on most of the story maps to get the things that I couldn’t get or weren’t as abundant on a non story map. Believe me, I am well versed in the incompetence and lack of concern for their players that WC and SnailGames has. There was a point in time where they weren’t incompetent and they DID give 2 fly sh$*s on the wall about their players. It was way back in the very beginning before WC became an indentured servant to SnailGames. My belief is as long as they are under that cloud this is what we are forced to deal with. Unfortunately when a partner of a company that basically owns you goes out on a “field trip” to Vegas and all your cash needed to run the company and develop more products goes up in smoke, things turn even less about the player base and more about the all mighty dollar. That’s why they launched ASA to start with is because they were basically out of money. As far as the CEO being a communications major, that means about as much as a bug fart in a hurricane when ya get down to it. Just because someone got an education in a particular field doesn’t mean they don’t have other skills outside of that they they’re good at. Most of my schooling after high school was to become a cop(never came to fruition), but I’m a pretty good auto mechanic and metal fabricator. Yes WC doesn’t have the greatest track record when it comes to this sort of business, I am no ways blind to this. If they would listen to their community and stand up to those that push them to do the things they do for some one else (tongue in cheek here), they probably wouldn’t be so incompetent. If they don’t do that well yes they always will be incompetent. Being mean and nasty yelling at them on here or twitter or discord isn’t going to change anything. Giving them a “hey good job on this that’s really awesome” and a “oh come on guys, what were you thinking” probably won’t do much either, but I’m a firm believer that the people that work there really do work hard at their jobs, and those are the ones who should get the praise of a job well done, and those are the ones who appreciate it the most. The publisher, the head hanchos, management etc, might not care about the players but I’m willing to bet the people that actually BUILD the game do!
  2. The map looks amazing guys, not really sure on the pyromane. If it’s as OP as people or saying then I definitely have to say you guys are dipping too much into the pay-to-win pond. Not a fan of that, kinda defeats the whole purpose of the game. Back to the map though it’s a nice balance between the new and old. There’s enough of the old map features for it to be familiar and just the right amount of updating to give it that fresh new adventure feel. The skull island looks awesome, all the other landmarks that made the center The Center have been enhanced and not completely redesigned with the exception of half burnt island and the lava island. HOLY CRAP, took me a hot second to realize where I was when I was checking out the map in single player (due to servers being loaded). Now as far the servers…….WHY DO YOU DO THIS WC??????? Every time you guys launch a map you NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER put out enough servers! Then for the next 2 weeks to a month adding servers. It’s insane thought process, and I never understood that way of releasing servers even during ASE. I know more servers are coming so I’m not completely broken up about not being able to jump onto the server right away. I will say though just from a couple hours in single player, I’m not seeing a whole lot that kinda puts The Center in the same arena as Ragnarok, Crystal Isles and Fjordur, unfortunately I don’t see much in the way of that yet. Hopefully that’ll change to give the map the traffic q, the staying power of a great map!
  3. Yes I really do have over 10k hours in ASE, I started playing way back in the fall of 2015. Believe you me I have have experienced the disappointments, the lies, the hypocrisy that is WC. I also know of the empty promises, the lack of transparency and accountability when it came to release dates and delays. I remember the bs “fixes” known as the flyer nerf, platform saddles not allowing turrets and PSX plants being placed on them. The countless giga nerfs. My whole point is that regardless whether you wanted this poll or not, obviously no one wanted it because who wants to vote on a delay, the delay was going to happen regardless. They could have given us no choice at all and said that the transfers were gonna be delayed until the 28th no matter what without a choice. That’s a change from before. Scorched Earth coming out on time with only minor issues at launch (taking away the exploits that are happening now), that is also a change from the past. The Center being delayed by a day, it’s a day big whoop. In regards ASA being around awhile, WC has already stated that they are going to leave ASA servers up even after Ark 2 comes out because Ark 2 is quite a bit different from Ark one and they are not sure that a lot of the player base now is going to like Ark 2. After that whole spiel you end it with “they are planning Ark 2 for the end of 2024”. We won’t be getting Ark 2 in 2024, not when maps like Crystal Isles, Gen 2 and Fjordur that aren’t slated to be out until next year anyway. Even when Ark 2 does come out, yeah people will give it a try but if they don’t like it they’re coming back to Ark 1. Frankly it’s business suicide to put out a follow up product without having any idea if it’s going to hit and shut down the product that has been your bread and butter for the last 8 or 9 years. So yes, ASA has potentially the same staying power as ASE. I doubt very seriously that WC and Snail Games are going to sunset ASA whether or not Ark 2 comes out the end of this year or 2025 or 2026 or even 2040( input exaggeration here). It would be business stupidity. Not to say that they have been the pinnacle for business sense, but I seriously doubt they would pull a career killing stunt like that.
  4. If I’m not mistaken I believe Ragnarok had the Dodo wyvern spawn chance as well. As far as the players that are cheating and exploiting any glitches their tribes should be removed and temporary or permanent bans should be handed out, Wildcard you really need to get a handle on that and fast. Last I knew selling in game items for rl cash is against the COC, but I also am not blind to the fact this was a thing in ASE as well. I never liked that people did it and if people had any integrity they wouldn’t feed that market, but unfortunately many are about the easy way and not necessarily the right way. Start laying down the law Wildcard! Put an end to the cheaters! As far as SE going quiet, it will just like it did in ASE. It’s the natural course of these maps and this game. After playing it for 8 years now and 10k plus hours in ASE and playing ASA I see the same patterns emerging that did in ASE. Yeah before rag releases SE will get an uptick in pop around holiday events but then it will die back off. The same thing has happened to the island, it will happen to SE, then the Center, then Ab and Ragnarok and so on and so forth. They’ll be hot for a few weeks and you won’t be able get into them, then come about a month-month and a half the pop will be a steady 20-40, then just in time for the next map to release the servers will be lucky to have anymore than about 20-30 people on them. The only exceptions I have seen to that is Ragnarok and Gen 2, those seem to stay popular long after release (a year or more), but even then populations still really hang around 40 or so. Yeah the upgrades the maps are getting are far beyond amazing and it will help with vitality longer but just like everything else in the world that’s new at first, the shiny will wear off. Even the cheaters and exploiters will loose interest, at least in pve they will. The point I was trying to make in my last post that seems to have missed the mark, is that look we all know how WC is. I am just as much critical to them as anyone else, but they were going to delay transfers on SE anyway, acknowledge that fact that they gave us a chance to vote on it! That would not have happened 2 years ago. As far as transfers easing stress on Center servers, news flash it won’t. WC will still have to go through the same gambit with not releasing enough servers, for a few days servers will be capped, then for the next 2-3 weeks WC will be playing catch up with new server releases, instead of releasing a couple hundred servers out the gate. Besides between the 2 evils, I would rather have transfers delayed for a map than a whole map delayed. I know a couple of you disagree but I don’t care. After everything that we have been put through over the last year with the sunsetting of ASE officials, months of literally nothing in the realm of information on what was up and coming not to mention the things that came to light shortly before the ASE shut down, isn’t kinda nice to see them actually getting things out there? So what many of you had things ready to move, it’s not like they’re never going to open transfers. If ASE was around for 7-8 years, ASA potentially has the same staying power, so really what is 2-4 week delay on transfers.
  5. Ya know for once, I’m kinda in agreement with WC on this one, in regards to delaying transfers. I mean be honest guys, how many of us really planning on moving their whole base of operations to SE. Scorched is going to fall into the same place it did in ASE. Come the end of summer after transfers open up on the center (which I’m totally hyped for that release), Scorched is going to turn back into the wyvern, golem, mantis and faso farm is was in ASE. Most of us will have a small outpost on the map so we can get wyvern eggs, tame mantis, fasos and other map related creatures until Ragnarok releases. After Ragnarok releases scorched earth will have its following but at most we’ll be looking at 10-20 player count tops after August, so is an extra 2 or 4 weeks for transfers really going to mean that much? Personally I’d rather have transfers delayed and a new map release on time than visa versa or even worse BOTH delayed. The Center is a map that really does hold a special place in a lot of the hearts for those of us that were around in those days. Even for the the year of 2016, it was an absolutely beautiful map, and if it had been given the right amount of love, could have held it’s own against other maps like Ragnarok, Crystal Isles and possibly even fjordur. Not to take anything away from any other map, they all have their specialties, but the Center was just a fun map. I do want to say this, now the center is what 3x or 4x bigger than the Island and SE, WC ya gotta give us some utility with the cryopods back, at least in PVE. I understand why you guys put the range on em but dang ya didn’t have to nerf em back to where ya can’t even un-pod a tame standing on the front porch of our own bases, you could have at least given us a 1000 meter range (which wouldn’t have even gotten us a third of the way across the island, not talking about the Center or Ragnarok). You also might wanna take a look into the wild spawns with server populations, especially with the release of The Center. I dunno if anyone else has noticed but if the server pop is over 20 wild spawns are dismal at best. Other than that keep it up, you guys are doing MUCH better with the information now compared to last year, it’s a nice change! I look forward to landing on a jungle south mid or north and embracing an old friend with an updated look on the 4th, and re-exploring a map I fell in love with since it’s original launch and seeing what potential it has now!
  6. Oh without a doubt lol! From walking a juvenile giga from a friends base that was just about on top of the new swamp cave to the NE side of gigs mountain, escorted by 4 gigas and 5 battle quetzs and spawning the brood mother at the obs when people decided to be tools and built RIGHT ON TOP OF THE OBELISK! Spawn her and let that big green meanie go full on hulk smash lol. Logging into the center for the first time in May 2016 and getting immediately “handled” by mate boosted 150 gigas. That’s enough to humble ya for a hot second when you’re starring at the death screen and it says “you were killed by giganotasaurus- lvl 150”. Especially when we had absolutely ZERO idea WC was going to raise the wild tame level cap lol. I haven’t posted any of the stories on here because I kinda forgot where to do it lol, but oh yeah we had a metric s#$* ton of fun and good times back in old school ark. Yeah I remember hearing something about that. Our favorite thing to see in chat was “it’s pve, you can’t do anything to me!” We could and did we just had to be more creative to accomplish it. With enough time, patience, planning and a little bit of help any tribe could be taken out, but it wasn’t an easy feat once a tribe had a good enough base. I don’t blame em for that perspective, our server we usually only reserved that for the tribes that had no regard for the server or the the people who were there from the start. WC did actually start adding in “no structure zones” shortly after the redwoods were added to the island. The old volcano there were metal smelting platforms all over the rim and the sides of the volcano. Now you can’t place anything above a certain altitude. They did the same with supply drops. People could build a base that would enclose a supply drop, that can’t be done anymore. Also in pve we can not build in caves, that’s been a thing from the start. I remember a certain point in the center that there were some resource spawns that structures couldn’t be placed but that could have been changed. I see both sides of this coin. Yes it would be nice that there be no build zones along rivers and heavy resource spawns, but on the reverse in a way it kinda defeats the point of being a complete sandbox experience to “play how I want to play”. People are greedy and selfish and unfortunately others pay for it. I will say though that a lot of the servers ( i have seen towards the end of ASE and just nicely starting to see it in ASA), people didn’t close off entire portions of the rivers, and if they did they at least built some sort of bridge for others to traverse said area. Now I am sure that some servers are plagued with blocked rivers and beaches that are next to impossible to get around, but as more maps come out it will get better just like it did in ASE. When all of the population is forced to play in “X” number of servers and only one map it gets a little congested. As more maps release the player base will spread out and the bottlenecks and congestion will clear up. I agree. I don’t regret buying ASA, but it seems as if what they were trying to sell to the players wasn’t quite delivered. The big one that comes to mind is cryopods. I called it, along with many others. A month and a half after the release of ASA cryopods we’re back in when they realized (finally, but even a blind man could see it) how bad the server performance was with a 65 people taming and breeding 100 plus creatures a day for a month. I think I said something along the lines of “even the most advanced processors have their breaking points”. When they’re are people who are running some top of the line machines are struggling to get 60 fps with ASA, it wasn’t any wonder why they added cryopods. Many of us said that no cryopods at the start was a BIG mistake. To quote Will Smith in I,Robot…..”sometimes I told you so, just doesn’t quite say it” lol. Last mention of cryos, the range to deploy them is ridiculous in pve. Yeah I get “it makes the game to easy”, well sometimes (and in my case most of the time) it’s got nothing to do with easy it has everything to do with real life time. If ya got only 2 hours to hope on and do some stuff quick and get into a sticky situation (which is just about an everyday occurrence in ARK), ya don’t have time to spend an extra hour trying to rescue your gear, tames or sometimes even base. Whereas yeah a pocket giga doesn’t just save your butt, it saves time and an added 2 hours of frustration when something should have only taken a half hour. I certainly miss the old cryos. Other than that the graphic upgrade is cool, the changes to the maps is pretty nice. They did do a decent job at that. I definitely like the visuals and am excited to see the changes to the maps, especially The Center. That’s map is my favorite, and I hope they bring it up to snuff with the others. It left sooooooo much to offer on the table.
  7. I agree with most of this. As also a PVE player who started playing this game not long after its release on Xbox, I remember all of these issues. For the most part, PVE was/is more friendly than PVP. Not saying there weren’t servers that were completely run amuck of power hungry “alpha tribes” that had the moto of all for me and none for all, and would block caves and obelisks, fortunately those servers were much fewer than the ones that didn’t do that. After a time most of the servers started naturally developing kind of a community, some were close and some were an uncomfortable tolerance with each other. I don’t know if that ever happened on PVP because I didn’t play and still don’t. I like to play the game to have fun, and to me I’m not having fun when I log in everyday to my base gone and creatures dead, but that’s me and to each their own. I do differ from you in that yeah I deal with nimrod people in real life, I didn’t want to deal with them playing the game. Even on PVE though there were still times when it wasn’t easy to get things done or there was some crap from mother tribe that we had to deal with. Back in those days though offline damage prevention wasn’t a thing and for a long time kiting was an everyday threat (and it was legal), I know I mentioned that it to me it wouldn’t be fun to walk up everyday to a destroyed base and dead creatures, and most of the time it didn’t happen if you had enough of a base and decent defenses, but the threat was still real even for PVE players. It also wasn’t that boring, it was typical Ark and the grind was there but we made up things to do. Kinda how like the creators on the monarky servers come up with different challenges, we were in a way doing that 8 years ago we just didn’t realize it at the time. We would have bets on who could run on foot from one end of spino river to the other with nothing but stone tools and a bow and see who could survive( a lot harder than what you think it is lol), we would tame the shoulder monkeys and turn them loose on aggressive wander on the river and see how long they would live, boxing matches in the volcano. Stuff like that. I definitely see where you coming from on the note runs and getting to a higher level quicker and kinda in a way bypassing the hard ships along the way, but also in the old days that wasn’t as big of a thing like it is now. There were faaaarr less notes on the map and finding one was a pretty awesome thing as I remember it. So even in PVE it was still a grind from level 1 to 80. We also made friends and personal connections along the way and I would like to believe that it benefited the server and all those on it, because we all had the same goal to keep the server playable and fair to EVERYONE! Which also brings me to the practice of pillaring land. Now pillaring was to combat 2 things mostly. Protecting spawns (resources and creatures) and keeping the map playable. Obviously rivers got pillared, beaches got pillared and high density resource spawns got pillared, because tribes would come into a server and build a full base right on top of a resource spawn and not have a care in the world how it effected the whole server (still happens to this day), or would build a massive 40w x 60l x 25h lag box of a base that would completely close off a river to where no one could get through on a meat run and it would ruin creature spawns and/or cause a disconnect area where even if you looked in the direction of that base it would dashboard ya. Why people build bases like that I have no idea, maybe they can’t build? I dunno, but given situations like that it causes the map and game to not be fun for anybody at that point. I’ve been on servers like that and my god everybody that plays on it is just miserable all the time. Lastly, there was excitement, nuance and intrigue on PVE. A lot of it was in different areas though, since for the most part we didn’t have to worry about getting our stuff wrecked, we channeled it in running the hard snow cave with another tribe (it was just as hard then as it is now, in some cases maybe more so). We also pushed the building aspect a lot, finding out new ways to manipulate the sideways mechanics, of course breeding creatures to insane stats. Now yes did it get monotonous and feel like just another job? Oh yeah many times, but it took a while if you were solo or only maybe a 4 player tribe. We had a 25 member tribe upon entering the center for the first time in may of 2016, and things happen so fast it made our heads spin. Within the first 4 days we had quetzs, Rexes, spinos max level untility creatures and had pretty much the entire run of the map to ourselves before most tribes even upgraded their thatch huts to wood and a raptor pack for protection. There was still new things to see and fun to be had but I guess my point is that it went stale quicker. By the end of the summer of 2016 all but 4 of our tribe had up and quit and by the end of that year we all took a break. So there can still be excitement and cool things to check out even in an 8 almost 9 year old game, but the big thing is the pace that you go. Obviously if your solo or smaller tribe it is a lot more satisfying to accomplish things, and it keeps the spark of the game alive. So in that aspect I agree with you in regards to you spending a year and 1/2 building up, by yourself it takes that long, but where I disagree is that PVE can be just as fun and intriguing as PVP, it’s just in a different way and how your perspective is on it. Now there are a ton of things that WC could do that would make the 2 modes drastically different, but like you said in another post it would be all in the coding and being the game was coded more to the PVP aspect when PVE was conceptualized they will be permanently linked to adversely affect each other when balances are made. Now if WC ACTUALLY did recode the game with an real cleaned up code base, that would have been the time to completely split the 2 modes and balance them individually from each other and not affect each other negatively. Unfortunately we as players pay the price for their (or their publishers) lack of competence within this matter.
  8. WOOHOOOO THE CENTER!!! LET’S GOOOOOOOO!!! Probably my top favorite map, to those that started playing after the addition of aberration, the center to a lot of us long time original ASE veterans holds a place in our hearts that is indescribable. I will never forget those beginning months of that map. I hope you guys fixed that blasted lighting issue in the snow after a thunderstorm though. OOOOFFF! That was enough to give ya epileptic seizures! Good to see the Shasta is BACK on the center where it was voted to be! I would like to see you guys relaunch The Center how it did originally and NOT TO CHANGE IT THIS TIME! I mean in the regards that a Giga (or Carchar) has a rare chance to spawn ANYWHERE on the map. The Center was supposed to be how many times harder than the island and after that change it really wasn’t. Nothing screams Ark to me than going about doing different tasks and have that fill the back of your pants moment. I also hope you guys added some things to the map that the rest of the maps got as far as element spawns or black pearl spawns like Ragnarok. Every non-story map seemed to get things like creatures and resources that were capable to get on the previous story maps, except The Center. Rag had the wyvern scar and wyvern bay, it introduced us to the ice wyvern, the griffin and the in world mini bosses (that were a lot of fun to run), as well as the desert with the SE creatures. Val had the in world broodmother and the deinychus and the aberration biome. Crystal Isles introduced us to the crystal wyverns and also had the desert biome and gave us the ability to farm element and black pearls for tek. Last but not least Fjordur gave us just about everything in one package (kinda wish it was a little bigger than it was but still awesome map). The point I’m making is The Center seemed to have gotten left behind and always felt like the map had the potential to offer more than what it did. There are cool things about it like the underworld, the air pockets in the ocean the volcanic islands, the ice cave and the super deep ocean but they’re almost 1 trick ponies. Yeah it’s cool to go check em out but after that they get forgotten. It’s probably too much last minute at this point and I hope you guys already thought about that sort of stuff and added in some of the things that The Center got left behind on, but also hopefully to continue to bring it up to date in the future as the roadmap plays out, as the story maps get released. Just food for thought and all in the same, like I started this……WOOOHOOOOOOO THE CENTER!!!! LET’S GOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Definitely excited for this one!!!!
  9. The photo mode creation looks pretty amazing, but just as long as the actual graphics are similar and not dialed down in actual gameplay. Definitely seeing that jumping out at me on my big screen tv is well within pants pooping territory! And THAT is definitely awesome! For some reason though I’m still feeling like a kid walking to school and getting approached by somebody in a white cargo van asking if I would like some candy. It definitely does bring me closer to buying the game, but many others I’m sure are questionable still. Now just imagine if you guys had come out with that screenshot in August? Or July? You could have saved A LOT of bs in between. We get it, full and unequivocal transparency is not in the play book but the loads of players that have walked away wouldn’t have, if you guys had gone with more of a clouded opaque transparency instead of absolute nothingness for months. Hopefully we get the game play trailer in this week’s community crunch. That might lure some players back but not all, ya kinda blew that. I really do hope for all involved’s sake that you guys deliver this time, on time and really are able to capture lightning twice. We will all be looking forward to what the next reveal is. Don’t let us down, it’s do or die time.
  10. You’re absolutely right cosmic. I say this a lot, people in desperation is an ugly, vicious and horrifying thing to witness let alone be subjected to. To all you PvPers, may the force be with you! Maybe it might not be too bad if WC sticks to their word for once in 8 years and bring separate balances to PvP and PvE. I’m a PvE player so I won’t be in the PvP arena.
  11. Lol that’s exactly how players are gonna tell newer players to us veterans. Probably a few of us will be speed running the notes to gain levels but the difference is we know what to take into that fight. I’m hopeful that people are more respectful this time around with their bases, building in spawns and not having massive lag boxes for bases. Or hoping that WC will drop more than enough servers on release for we won’t get stuck with the “server full” message.
  12. The Shasta is going to be much bigger than a mosa and they said in the dossier that the saddle is going to have a type of cargo hold
  13. You are correct, we did survive, but what is lost is the bs we went through in the process. Servers at tame cap, tribes not caring about how the server runs or the other people on that server. Hatching eggs only for them to crack and no baby because of tame cap. Solo and smaller tribes at a severe disadvantage compared to tribes with 20 people in the tribe. Devoting 15 hours a day to a game just to get ahead slightly. Personally I don’t like buying tames from others, I’d rather tame my own stuff, but I might not have a choice and I don’t like that. Being a solo player since 2018 I am NOT looking forward to going through that sort of stuff again. Yeah we’ll get cryopods in a year or less but a lot of people forget that by the end of 2016 into 2017 there were a lot of servers tame capped. Not to mention the server lags were atrocious. Don’t get me wrong the primitive experience was fun but we also had flyer speed to aid in survival, now we have neither. If players thought the grind was rough before, it’s going to be worse in ASA. The only thing this stuff tells me about ASA is the grind + next to 0 QOL additions + no movement speed leveling = players life quite literally being tied to this game for 15-20 hours a day. THAT is what is waitiing for us, along with the downsides of not having these things. IMO the downsides really outweigh the experience, especially for solo and smaller tribes.
  14. Oh WC *facepalm*, it’s nice to see that is some actual information in this crunch, like there should have been this whole time. Now for the critique, I’m sure most of us understand that this is a game that the whole point is for you to “figure out” how to survive, just like real life, but the less than intelligent decisions of not allowing leveling of movement speed and no cryopods is frankly depressing. I too have many years and 10k+ hours in this game and remember the early days before cryopods and it was straight up hell! Anyone who says “I’m glad there are no cryopods”, never tried walking 18 rexes or theris a yuty and deadon to an ob for a boss fight and getting them all into the portal boundary, nor tried raising tames with longer than a 10 hour handfeed, or tame something across the map that you need and have to walk it back to base and hope that it doesn’t get killed and ya waste 3 hours, narcs and kibble that it took hours to make and not to mention the time looking for that creature. I have, did and those days were the absolute worst times I’ve had in this game. The only thing that eased that was fast flyers and platforms on quetzs, then the flyer nerf came in and killed that method. When you guys introduced cryopods you opened a can of worms that you can’t put back in the can and they changed the way players play the game. In a way it does feel like you could care less about actual QOL. Solo and players with smaller tribes are at a disadvantage to bigger tribes just because cryopods won’t be there, thanks WC (sarcasm). Not to mention, just because ASA is on a new engine with the ability to handle server and render lag doesn’t mean that there won’t be a breaking point, and this game WILL find it the first time it logs in a monstrous 40w-60L-25H uncreative box of a base packed to the brim with tames. Why do people want to witness that? Why do players want to know what that was like? It wasn’t fun or enjoyable! You said that the reason we have to repay for ASA is because it has had so many changes to it from ASE it is essentially a different experience and game, and I ask this…..WHY IN THE NAME OF ALL THINGS HOLY ARE YOU MAKING THE SAME STUPID MISTAKES YOU MADE IN ASE?????? With ASA you get a chance to correct your mistakes not do them over again, where I come from we call that blatant stupidity! I seriously hope that you guys come to your senses and not repeat the mistakes you made with ASE. Allow movement speed leveling (and put a cap on it, like I’ve been saying since the flyer nerf), enable cryopods. The addition of cryopods might be up for debate now but it won’t be within the first month.
  15. I’ll give you that, there is no other game like Ark out there. With every decision that SG makes it does send this game closer and closer to ascension without a respawn. It isn’t WC, it’s SG. When you have a publisher that is connected with cheating, unjust bans and trying to blackmail their own game developers none of us should be standing for that. The question is not whether we survive this, it’s whether Ark itself can survive? Honestly with all the stupid decisions and bad publicity, I’m starting to have my doubts. Also if the game was actually developed and coded right the first time and throughout the years it would be easier to focus on the positive and enjoy the game. The best thing that could happen right now (and it never will), is that new publisher comes in and gives SG an offer they can’t refuse, just my personal opinion.
  16. Is it complaining when there are legitimate concerns about a company’s decision that adversely affects their customer base? Where I come from we call that holding accountability to those people. Personally I really don’t want my personal information sold to the highest bidder because I want to play a version of a game I love. Due to the puppeteer that is working the strings of WC complaints won’t do much but maybe us showing SG we know their full of it by complaining and catching them with their pants down, maybe just maybe it might help things to be a little better.
  17. Teamed up? You mean basically nitrado bought exclusive rights to run the servers, and then not to mention the sketchy stuff with overwolf, this sounds like a SG is paving your flatspin downward WC. This game has soooo much more potential than what is being delivered to the players. It’s a shame that you guys at WC are stuck in the position you are, this game has the potential of leaving just about every other game in the dust, but you’re cut off at the knees. It just seems that initial decisions, which are the right ones, on things like having mod.io run mods (which is a reputable company) is dropped for a company that has a questionable history, why? Cheaper? Well ya gotta spend money to make money. If this game was allowed to reach its full potential, money would not be an issue. Hopefully you guys at wildcard can loose the boat anchor that’s hold you and this game back, and make the right decisions that need to be made.
  18. The one thing different with the maewing is you can slot cap a maewing with the preferred food for the baby, ya can’t do that with any else, or even the baby you’re feeding. I definitely see your point though. It is an absolutely necessity for cryopods above everything else. As an official player, I will probably stay on for awhile after ASA comes out, and i ain’t raising a freaking giga even on 2x rates, that’s still a 14 hour handfeed! Yeah, uh Huh, no freakin way. Cryopods have also done amazingly in cleaning up bases by organizing, shrinking and making over all renders smoother. Which is why I was surprised that Dollie tweeted that they were debating on not not having cryopods available at the launch of ASA, which is bafflingly stupid.
  19. Without a doubt Slejo. I expect that by the end of this month or the start of next we see something like this” we at WC regret to inform you that the release date for the early access of ASA won’t be until December 2023-January 2024. We apologize for the delay, but we want to make sure that we are still committed to bringing product that you expect and deserve. Thank your for you patience anew look forward to seeing you in ASA very soon- StudioWildcard”…..who wants to place bets on this?
  20. You are absolutely correct Cerv. The worst part is we are left to speculation on what is and isn’t going to be a part of ASA. I wish I would have screen shot Dollie’s post, for some reason I just didn’t think of it. You’re also correct that enough of us get involved in speaking up about these QOL (possible), then there’s a chance they may change. If enough of us complain, we have a chained,. Look what happened on march 29 cc. Same here kings, I have serious doubts myself it’ll but until October. I too won’t drop money on it until I see gameplay. I play on Xbox so our graphics are slightly better than ps, but they are catching up. That’s the one thing I believe a lot of people are still waiting on, I know that’s what I’m waiting for.
  21. Yeah until the time say extinction gets released and we finally get cryopods back, we’re looking at a lot, if not most, servers at tame cap due to the massive amount of breeding that a player has to do just to face alpha broodmother and megapithicus on the island. Not talking about dragon or the tek cave. Going into the alpha brood fight with even mediocre tames = getting your butt handed to you. That is if you plan on doing the old school way and not cheesing it. The point I’m trying to get at is, even if say 4-5 tribes out of the entire server start doing serious breeding for bosses, just the breed the stats that are needed to win those fights and the different strategies (Rex=monkey, megatherium=brood and their= dragon), we’re talking about hundreds of tames by the time the teams are finished, servers would be at tame cap inside 4 months guaranteed, not talking about the regular tribe cap. We’ve experienced that before, and I personally don’t want to go through it again.
  22. Dollie has mentioned it on twitter more than once that they were leaning towards releasing ASA without “recent dlc additions”, such as cryopods, net guns etc. I don’t have twitter so I can’t login to find post but it’s there I’m sure. I hope they do change their minds on that though because yes it is hands down, the single thing that helped the most with sever tame caps and performance.
  23. I think you’re spot on cosmic, they’ve done it before. Perfect example is the tapejara and the tropeo. The tropeo is just a reskinned tape with a a jet powered saddle. I have never really been a big fan of aberration so it doesn’t affect me that much, I’m actually more concerned about other things than creature votes, who’s submission has won more than once, yata yata yata. Don’t get me wrong, the creature additions are cool and all, but they’re kinda like hanging curtains in the living room of the house while the kitchen is on fire. With the lack of actual news and information in the last few crunches, my feeling is they’re going to delay ASA until December at least and go back to releasing scorched and the island at the same time, which is probably going change their price point….again. I’m also really concerned about how primitive they have mentioned on going with ASA. I don’t know how many old school Ark players are still around, but for those of you who started playing after 2017, the game was a different game pre-2017. Some aspects were down right awesome other parts of the game were far far from awesome. Breeding was a complete nightmare without cryopods, and even that is a mild understatement. Let put this way, if you wanted to breed in old school ark, YOU HAD NO LIFE!!! It took forever to raise tames for boss fights, especially if you were in a small tribe or solo. If you were in that type of scenario, you were basically forced to buy your boss tames. Not to mention when you finally did get a boss team, trying to get them to the obelisk to do the boss fight was another migraine in the works. Walking 18 rexes, a yuti and deadon to the obelisk is probably one of the worst pains in the rump you could think of. Then just to get there and realize some jack*ss left their boss team ON THE PLATFORM AND LOGGED OFF! Not to mention the shacks, buildings and fences that were quite literally PACKED around every ob with boss teams. THAT is the kind of experience that is waiting for those who never experienced that debacle. Back to breeding, the other annoying issue waiting for us is, tribes breeding for bosses or just breeding tames because they want to bogs down servers BADLY! I don’t care how advanced UR5 is or gonna be, THE SAME THING WILL HAPPEN! Even the most advanced systems have their limitations. The point I’m getting to is that cryopods not only were a godsend to the breeding and taming of creatures, but they were more important to the running health of the servers. Not having cryopods at launch of ASA in my opinion is a such an insanely stupid idea that even the words “stupid idea” can’t express how stupid of a decision it would be. Now I would love to see the other QOL additions, that I believe should be, available at launch, just because I remember how daunting breeding and raising really was. Incubators, maewings and tek troughs really helped make the small and solo tribes have a level playing field with the big tribes in regards to breeding, it allowed people to actually have a life and not be, quite literally, tied to the game. Other things that I believe should be a part of ASA is flyer speed leveling. If WC is gonna try to have lightning strike twice that needs to be available. Allow flyers like quetzs worth something again. Allow us to build turrets on the platform saddles (in PvE), keep netguns on launch and actual real separate balancing for PvE and PvP. Remove some of the pointless nerfs that PvE had to take because of PvP balancing. Lastly, with the creature vote for The Center, I hope you guys are able to update that map. IMO it’s probably one of the best mod maps and deserves to have the best work. It has some of recognition being the first map to be added and deserves the love. With all that being said I look forward to Asa and I hope that it is everything we hope for and that WC/SG doesn’t try to pull any stupid shenanigans, but that’s probably just wishful hoping on my part.
  24. “We have an update to the ASA roadmap coming next week”= ASA IS DELEAYED UNTIL DECEMBER. That’s my prediction. After the last couple of months that is equivalent to a head on train crash on a busy airport runway with the space shuttle blowing up over top and WC/SG pulling a 90s Saturday night live Stewart special “ look what I can do”, it’s a wonder that there are enough of us still here to leave 3 pages worth of comments. This is just crazy. Wildcard, you guys really don’t care about your own product, players or even yourselves as a company. It’s absolutely astounding and so blatantly obvious to everyone, and those who can’t see it either truly are blind or don’t want to see it. What gives guys? Seriously! Congrats to the mega raptor for winning, I didn’t vote so I can’t complain or celebrate. Anything that helps with the breeding rates on official is a winner in my book. I hope that maewings and incubators are introduced to the island map upon ASA launch, that’s probably just a pipe dream. Man I am really hoping that you guys don’t do something stupid that destroys ASA. Unfortunately I don’t have very high hopes of that. I could be wrong and I hope that I am, but by the sounds of that CC and your track record I suspect nothing short of at least a delay of 3 months. Which is not at all surprising really. Being that we have seen little to nothing of ACTUAL game assets, and even some of those have been questionable in regards to accuracy. No gameplay, no screenshots, no real information on supposed changes and upgrades of QOL. If they have changed as much as they said they have, then why isn’t there the typical hype being this close to the alleged release of ASA and the shutdown of the official servers. Because of all this a lot of YouTubers have been calling out that it’s gonna be delayed, and I agree with them whole heartedly, and we should NOT even act the slightest of surprised on next weeks crunch. I really hope that WC comes to their senses and does the right thing and actually listens to what the community is saying to them, but I seriously have my doubts.
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