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    My fault. I was going through general unread and didnt see this is mobile. i know that though
  2. Mrigank


    Griffins can't be bred. So bloodlines are out of the window
  3. It probably will when Epic itself introduces modding for more games
  4. If you breed the male with the female then it would be 40/20 on the paternal side and 0/20 on the maternal side
  5. The female with 1/20 and 15/20 will pass on 16/20 on the maternal side in any scenario
  6. Try using the command 'DestroyWildDinos'
  7. If you deleted the rag save then wait for a while for the respawn timer to go down. SP doesn't insta spawn the nests, artifacts and drops
  8. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Royal_Griffin
  9. You could try to pickup one from a cave with an argy and bring it over. Or there could be an alpha somewhere in the chalk hills and bring it to the structure
  10. Leveling it up also works to fix it. Cryo and leaving render are the only two other ways
  11. Try bringing a wild arthropluera to the pillars
  12. That option might have been disabled by you in the settings
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