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  1. QUESTGION: how to reset carcha taming? Like start it over?
  2. Guys, I have tamed level 140 today. 93% eff. Two questions: 1 how do I apply Sanguine elixir on Carcha? 2 Why sometimes it eats killed baby but not progress in friendship? (1st phase) What do I do wrong? What I can possibly do wrong there why bringing her killed dino?
  3. dunno how to delete the post, accidently quoted myself
  4. I am on PVE. Taming Lo levels Carchas has perfect sense if you need females for breeding. Also, I tamed couple of males level below 60 just as training. Carcha tame is quick and easy, if you know how. Even on PVE. Majority of videos about carcha taming make very little sense. I would recommend these two videos. Second one half useful for PVE as is but providing a lot of good info
  5. And I found and tamed one level 65. Now researching how to simplify tame and increase performance. May be will try breeding them.
  6. Thanks, guys. Much appreciated.
  7. So, am I understood properly, and on following maps I can find level 5 dinos? The Island. The Center. Scorched Earth. Ragnarok. Aberration. Extinction. Valguero. Genesis: Part 1.
  8. thanks. So, I need to make new char and go to beginner servers. I assume hi level chars can't. Would you, please, advise me: what "storyline map" is? Like The Island? And what map would be best for getting lo level rexs? your advise?
  9. Hi, I need level 1 rex for breeding (official vanilla). I am trying to do down breeding. I need Rexs with 0 score in stats. Ok, I went out and found level 15 rex (never seen lower on official vanilla). I put raw meat in, let it make 1 bite, then I hit it using spy glass as weapon (lesser damage and build up torpor). I eventually dropped effectiveness to 5% it wont go lower. Game was showing +0 levels taming. After that I tamed it with kibble and.... got +3 levels. Almost 50% effectiveness.. Question: how do I achieve 0% effectiveness in taming?
  10. I am on official, pleayed 80, now 1047. I dont see LDL servers. Is that bug or feature? sorry, I dunno OG abbreviation
  11. EU-PVE-Official-GenTwo1006 is down for almost two hours
  12. Hello, I am new in VR and old in ARK 1 would you, please, advise me, if ARK actually works with HTC Vive Pro 2? 2 would you, please, advise me, if there are any VR headset that works well with ARK?
  13. PC, TheIsland, Steam While mounted Dire Bear, used Pump Action shotgun After you shot some rounds (not all), attempt to click "R" (reload button) - it will not reload the weapon, instead bringing "Open Inventory" blue circle interface.
  14. I Suppose support will, of course, restore destroyed Dino?
  15. Would someone, please, advise me, what was that? I was carrying my Castorody with my Argy and this is what happen: bird suddenly lost altitude (not under my command, just by itself), touched the ground and my dino was destroyed. WHY???? We can't carry dinos anymore?
  16. WC Studio, thank you for fixing server crash @ saving. Our server feels much better now, pretty stable and only crashed once per last week. thank you Server #80
  17. We dont care about genesis as our servers are not accessible and keep crashing. We can't participate in eggs events as we can't safely access our servers. bad job WBS, bad events, another broke weekend for thousands of gamers
  18. Our Official PVE Island 80th crashing every hour now. No progression. Can't play. I went to Steam and looked at game reviews: surprisingly most of reviews still positive. I found that YOU CAN UPDATE/CHANGE YOUR REVIEW on Steam. So, I changed my review to very negative, "not playable". Did the same on Twitter. Don't look like company cares..
  19. Server #80 crashing every hour/every other hour. Every attempt to leve th ebase led to loosing progression, dinos, items. We can't play. I have changed my game review on Steam to very negative and not recommended. Same on Social networks.
  20. We are not able to enjoy this event. Please fix server crashes.
  21. You are trying to talk with stone wall. You report to the ppl who dont care. Make no sense. Go to social networks... To The Company: I see that something is happening. But we are missing information. Talk to the ppls. P.S. It seems that I am also talking to stone walls....
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