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  1. You still didn’t say #blacklivesmatter how much is your company donating to where if you actually care and this is not an empty sentiment. A halfhearted blog post is just an excuse.
  2. Are we doing Easter this year? Those are my favorite color events
  3. Thank you for doing that small rollback when the servers wouldn’t load
  4. Map clears every log in Every time I log in, re spawn or fast travel my cleared area map resets. Sometimes it’s have the map with a straight line, sometimes a quarter. But since Winter wonderland it’s the entire map every time. I’m on Valguero 1068
  5. I have to fast travel back to where I’m at every time I log on. Make sure you exit the game laying down. And then fast travel to the bed directly next to you and pick up your stuff. Only thing that works for me.
  6. What is it I don’t get about server jumping? So here’s the breakdown, my husband and I used to play on a legacy pve island server for over two years. We struggled for a long time building up our base, getting tames and never got to a boss. so we decided to start over on Valguero. Now, in about a month we surpassed our old base of two years, a month after that we surpassed our number of tames. now we are eyeing a couple other tames and engrams from other maps but we are unsure of how to do this. do we: both go and start new and transfer tames/items over once we get them? Player A transfer character, player B stays on Valguero. Player A and Player B with a newly spawned character gets tames, and Player A then learns new engrams and transfers back to Valguero. Then Player A creates new character to join B.5, B downloads over character, and learns engrams and transfers back? or just stay and barter everything?
  7. The only solve will be when staff comes back to work tomorrow
  8. Region painting tames on official servers? we have a wonky rock in south zone 3 by our base on ps4legacy euro 181
  9. I just want some region painting on Dino’s, maybe some light wall clipping so I don’t have weird gaps in my base walls, and we got a funky rock on island181 in sz3
  10. Can we have region painting on official server Dino’s?
  11. Can I just have region paint on Dino’s for official? That’s all I want.
  12. I just wanna be able to region paint dinos on official servers
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