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  1. Are we doing Easter this year? Those are my favorite color events
  2. Thank you for doing that small rollback when the servers wouldn’t load
  3. Map clears every log in Every time I log in, re spawn or fast travel my cleared area map resets. Sometimes it’s have the map with a straight line, sometimes a quarter. But since Winter wonderland it’s the entire map every time. I’m on Valguero 1068
  4. I have to fast travel back to where I’m at every time I log on. Make sure you exit the game laying down. And then fast travel to the bed directly next to you and pick up your stuff. Only thing that works for me.
  5. What is it I don’t get about server jumping? So here’s the breakdown, my husband and I used to play on a legacy pve island server for over two years. We struggled for a long time building up our base, getting tames and never got to a boss. so we decided to start over on Valguero. Now, in about a month we surpassed our old base of two years, a month after that we surpassed our number of tames. now we are eyeing a couple other tames and engrams from other maps but we are unsure of how to do this. do we: both go and start new and transfer tames/items over once we get them? Player A transfer character, player B stays on Valguero. Player A and Player B with a newly spawned character gets tames, and Player A then learns new engrams and transfers back to Valguero. Then Player A creates new character to join B.5, B downloads over character, and learns engrams and transfers back? or just stay and barter everything?
  6. The only solve will be when staff comes back to work tomorrow
  7. Region painting tames on official servers? we have a wonky rock in south zone 3 by our base on ps4legacy euro 181
  8. Basically I want cool Dinos. I think we should be able to region paint tames instead of just warpaint on official servers. It would be less taxing on each server to have to load and intricate warpaint than a 3 to 6 region customization. it helps quickly pick out tames in a larger tribe it could wear with damage, rain, or time even it would be so easy to implement guys. Please and also please fix black opacity on tame painting. Or at least more skins, or costumes like the bionic that can be region painted.
  9. and for those who have contributed here is a link to some photos of our base. and if that doesn't work, click my profile and you should see a gallery I set up with some photos from different angles. So it sorted in decending order. gross. But so at the bottom going up: Front of the house. Entrance looking right, stairs up Entrance looking left, color coded minor material storage fridges, cooking upstairs looking left fabricator, major color coded storage (narcos, gasoline, element/pearls, cementing paste/oil) left side extra weapons, armor, tools upstairs looking right 20 stacked beds, grill, and color coded armor personal supply cabinets. I have developed a thing where I HAVE to paint all our amor, weapons and Dinos in our "Team Colors" which is White and Black with me being Purple and my husband being Cyan front of taming pens, six pens sorted (gatherers, medium storage tanks, therins, raptor/carno/saber, beetle room, Parasaur egg drop, phimo poop corral, other Dino room. inside pen hall with troff and right hand side is that beetle room looking from atop the roof next to staircase to make it easier to walk up a Dino onto the roof for flyer pickup/ lighting situations inside the breeding room with a listo, pig, hatcher, and underneath are the troffs and more storage this is from on top of the pens looking at the breeding room with a landing zone and ramp for drop off at the forge, and on the right hand side is our grinder level up platform Not pictured is the back area with the large tames of Brontos and Spinos because I haven't fixed how I want their storage to be, and our ugly temporary storage for the flyers because it's just made of thatch. I'm definitely the dude who is more into the building, and painting, organizing, and catching pretty tames haha, and my husband is more the adventurer who keeps getting into trouble. It really is a nice dichotomy, and at this point of over a year of playing and 6+ months of being on this server I worry about having anyone joining our tribe at this point.
  10. Hey guys thanks for all the feedback! We currently now are thriving a bit better. Part of our problem was that Alphas kept spawning in our base or nearby, we created more plant x and balanced out. We are on the west rocky beach next to the bay at south zone 3. Part of my frustration was just we had a few unlucky weeks of all our favorites getting killed including all our Xmas colored dinos sans one random lystosaurus we had. We are up and running with electricity now and traded with a bigger tribe for a couple cryopods so we can actually have a baby survive now. I’m actually really happy with our house, and our small and medium pens. My husband and I actually play together on separate ps4s on side by side tvs. Resources were never a par of our problem in keeping our Dinos alive we lucked out early on and got some pretty good Therins. But trying to do anything else was a real struggle until we were able to rebuild after a 150 alpha raptor followed immediately by a 90 alpha Carno then a cherry on top Rex swept through our base a couple months ago which took out most of our highest tames including all our argys. We are now back up and flying and are doing -okay-. I’ll try and post some pics of our base thanks again for all the help guys!
  11. I just want some region painting on Dino’s, maybe some light wall clipping so I don’t have weird gaps in my base walls, and we got a funky rock on island181 in sz3
  12. Can we have region painting on official server Dino’s?
  13. Can I just have region paint on Dino’s for official? That’s all I want.
  14. So my partner and I’ve been playing on this server since November, and I keep seeing new tribes join and get so much far past us. it’s just the two of us in our tribe and we are barely getting electricity now we have maybe 90 dinos and feel like we can barely keep a footing. Our next project is AC units because we barely have enough time to hatch a raptor. Let alone a Rex. Are we missing something? Do we just need more tribe members? Is there something we should be focusing on? I feel like we can barely keep our Dino’s alive and a new tribe if 3 weeks across the river just started hatching mutated Rex’s already.
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