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  1. Can we get a way to save paint regions on gear? I want to paint my Exo armor and it would be so much nicer to be either able to spawn in those colors or have them saved for when I respawn
  2. Can we add desert gear BPs to more maps besides scorched earth?
  3. Please add desert gear blueprints to more maps! Valguero and Crystal Isles at least! And glider wings, zip lines, should be its own attachment slot
  4. Please add desert gear blueprints to Valguero and Crystal Isles. It’s the rarest blueprints for no reason
  5. please add desert gear blueprints to pve valguero drops. one of the hardest gears to get for no reason.
  6. Please add desert gear blueprints to Valguero and Crystal Isles
  7. Please add desert gear blueprints drops to valguero, crystal isles
  8. My two biggest wishes for the Ark year: 1. Dear @ComplexMinded please add desert gear bps to other maps. They are disproportionately one of the rarest bp sets. 2. Please add the ability to wear a costume and wings. Like make an entire other catergory. Attachments. 2a. sub wish- have wings color regions separate from the armor. And costumes for the wings too!
  9. Please for the love of dodo add a sprinkling of ramshackle to ascendant blueprints of Desert gear to drops on the other maps. It’s some of the rarest armor for no apparent reason. Please please please at this to a QoL update soon!
  10. You still didn’t say #blacklivesmatter how much is your company donating to where if you actually care and this is not an empty sentiment. A halfhearted blog post is just an excuse.
  11. Are we doing Easter this year? Those are my favorite color events
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