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  1. Can you guys please fix the color region display on the cryopod UI? It should only show the regions the creature in the pod actually uses, not all six. It only makes it more confusing trying to figure out which zones are being used and which aren't. Forget taming things that normally can't be tamed... how about letting us breed things that can't normally be bred. Like rock drakes
  2. ...I thought the maewing was going to be small, based on the first image we saw of it. Was not expecting it to be that big!
  3. I want the corrupted dinotar skins as costumes for dinos, especially rex and giga There should still be an option in the cooking pot to cook eggs for rarer chibis... The drop rates for them normally are entirely too low
  4. You on pvp? On pve cryo sickness was removed a year ago so no waiting between unpods. The transfer timer, though, I agree about... It has to go
  5. If a lightning wyvern's electric blasts or a poison wyvern's caustic spitballs cannot go through a closed tek behemoth gate, then a fire wyvern should NOT be able to set me on fire through one. Can you guys fix that, please?
  6. Can we get the corrupted dinotar skins for rex and giga as equippable costumes sometime? The dinotars look really cool but we only see them during the Corrupted Master Controller fights. Good, a breeding event. I have another horde of baby deins to get started, and some gigas to put a dent in
  7. "There will be EVO event this weekend." Does that mean there will be an evo event this weekend, or are you just missing the word "no" in that sentence?
  8. What about the food consumption rate for baby dinos? Last year you decreased it by two-thirds so babies would mature farther on less food. But this year you didn't do that. Why not?
  9. Are you going to lower the food consumption rates of baby dinos? You did last year.
  10. Raptor Claus is doing more than starting arguments... There's one guy on my server who will swoop in and steal present drops right out from under you even if you were already there waiting. People have been at the edge of war about it
  11. I hope they fix the kibble taming bug! Some things take twice as much kibble, or other taming food, as they should. I was trying to tame a 145 titanoboa; Dododex said it should need 7 eggs to tame. I fed it thirteen and it still would have taken two more to be tamed if it hadn't picked a fight with a vulture and gotten killed
  12. On my server people would wait at the places the presents would fall... if someone else approached and were met with wyvern breath, they exchanged blasts of fire/ice in a kind of "hello, I see you now" and moved on to the next spot. But there was always some asshole who would come in under the nose of someone already waiting and steal everything. Last year, after someone was accused of present theft from under someone already waiting, the thief kited a titanosaur into their victim's base. Making them victims twice. Someone else had a present containing a phoenix chibi stolen right out fro
  13. If the light pet chibis don't glow I will be very disappointed. Why not 2x taming, with all the pretty colors coming? Will the chibis still be craftable, since getting presents becomes Death Race Ark and people will steal chibis out of Raptor Claus presents right out from under someone? If someone lands on a present and then someone else arrives, the person with the less lag will steal everything even if someone else was there first. It was happening a lot last year, and it will be even worse this year.
  14. When I got stuck in the emote radial I was trying to retrieve kibble from the thorny dragon I had just tamed, between a wild rock golem and a yuty with its carno entourage. There were nervous heart flutters and sphincter clenches until I was loaded back in, had the kibble, and could gtfo
  15. I could not exit the text box by hitting B or the menu button. I could hit the home button and go back to the xbox dashboard; it was the only way I could get free
  16. Every so often, when I go to type something, the text box will get stuck. It will not let me type anything or exit; the only way for me to get out is to dashboard myself and completely close and restart the game. This happened to me with the automatic text box that pops up when equipping an unnamed chibi; it would not let me open the keyboard to pick a name or exit out of the text box. I could not scroll between Accept or Cancel and could not push either button. It has happened several times with the server chat box, and then just now with the emotes radial. I was trying to turn on my light pe
  17. If you mean the maintenance they just did, according to the patch notes it was only for invisible surface reapers on Abb and lunar reapers causing dc's on Genesis. It did diddly for the rest of us on the other maps
  18. I was not experiencing this bug before. But after installing the latest update, every half hour to 45 minutes I experience a massive lag spike followed by everything freezing, then getting kicked to the game menu with the "host connection timeout" message
  19. Can we have a decent wishbone price for the chibis this time? 20 bones for the Halloween chibis was too high considering how few bones the skeleton dinos gave and how hard to find they were (yeah, you turned up the spawns, but with 30+ people per server out hunting them...). I'd actually like to be able to get some of the new chibis this time; I didn't get any of the Halloween ones
  20. I tamed four arthropleura during the Fear Evolved event, two of them max level, and I had one event-colored one from last Christmas. When I try to unpod them I get a "FAILED TO SPAWN" error message
  21. I've heard that's the result of them changing something to make more ghost and bone creatures spawn. But I dunno. Have also heard it makes for easy milk runs on Extinction
  22. Can you guys please fix the wyverns? Ever since Fear Evolved started there have been no ice wyverns spawning anywhere, including on Valguero in their dedicated trench. Only fire wyverns have been spawning. Also, there have been NO alpha fire wyverns spawning at all, on Ragnarok or on Scorched Earth as far as I have heard. Some of us will be raising entire barns of wyverns and the lack of alphas makes getting food for them much harder. I've also heard that tek trikes still aren'ty working right on other maps; I myself cannot yet confirm as I have yet to get any of my own. Could you
  23. Can confirm no alpha wyvern spawns on Rag. A person I'm in a group convo with for dodowyvern hunting on Scorched Earth says he hasn't seen any over there, either
  24. There are no ice wyverns to be found in-game. Even on Valguero in the ice wyvern trench, only fire wyverns are spawning.
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