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  1. Tek camera broken - client disconnect every time you trying to use it TheIsland80 right now
  2. Thanks and sorry. I am aware about possible guesses. My question - if there any facts yet? Any word from WC?
  3. Any word on Genesis2 transfer opening date? When it will be possible to transfer items to G2 servers?
  4. "Genius" WC developers and game designers. thank you
  5. I had dedicated storage full of metal. Now this place is empty. Base on genesis 2 (967). Online every day. No message in log. W.T.F?????
  6. Hello, would you, please, advise me, if Strider mining yield depend on Strider's melee damage attribute? And therefore what attributes to raise on harvester strider on PVE
  7. 5000 metal, lot of black pearls, crystals.... kidding? how? also consider that many ppl around using this teminal... and movng that much material on brand new map without powerful super mutated dinos? (item transfer to Gen2 servers is disabled for now)
  8. I was going to craft Tek Replciator for my new Gen2 base, when found that it is not showing up in Fabricator as supposed according to description. Why? I am level 134 and killed all island bosses
  9. PC, TheIsland, Steam While mounted Dire Bear, used Pump Action shotgun After you shot some rounds (not all), attempt to click "R" (reload button) - it will not reload the weapon, instead bringing "Open Inventory" blue circle interface.
  10. I have large Achatina farm for a long time. Today I noticed that there are 0 organic polymer on achatinas. What happened? Is it bug or feature?
  11. So, we did test with friend. It looks like yes, camera do refresh spoil timer. What camera dont do - no local chat from camera
  12. Up. Still looking for answer.
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