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  1. Please add all bosses dermis to all servers. We killed Rockwel on Aberration and took it's dermis to the Island. Dermis were moved successfully and you can put it inside taxidermy base but the base looks empty. Most likely this happens because Island's software does not have bosses models from other maps. Would you, please, add all bosses models and dermis to all maps so we could demonstrate our cross server achievements ?
  2. WC Studio, thank you for fixing server crash @ saving. Our server feels much better now, pretty stable and only crashed once per last week. thank you Server #80
  3. We dont care about genesis as our servers are not accessible and keep crashing. We can't participate in eggs events as we can't safely access our servers. bad job WBS, bad events, another broke weekend for thousands of gamers
  4. Our Official PVE Island 80th crashing every hour now. No progression. Can't play. I went to Steam and looked at game reviews: surprisingly most of reviews still positive. I found that YOU CAN UPDATE/CHANGE YOUR REVIEW on Steam. So, I changed my review to very negative, "not playable". Did the same on Twitter. Don't look like company cares..
  5. Server #80 crashing every hour/every other hour. Every attempt to leve th ebase led to loosing progression, dinos, items. We can't play. I have changed my game review on Steam to very negative and not recommended. Same on Social networks.
  6. We are not able to enjoy this event. Please fix server crashes.
  7. You are trying to talk with stone wall. You report to the ppl who dont care. Make no sense. Go to social networks... To The Company: I see that something is happening. But we are missing information. Talk to the ppls. P.S. It seems that I am also talking to stone walls....
  8. I am really doubtful that ARK 2 will worse attention. Main ppl already left the company, and with this quality of development and support it does not look promising. My guess the only reason of declaring ARK 2 is to boost current sales (which worked)
  9. Our server #80 keep crashing frequently and unpredictable. Not possible to play. Please fix our server.
  10. Our server became kind of stable, "only" crashed once per day. It was continues for several days. Then , soddenly, it start crashing every hour again. Now it is not playable again. NA PVE Official TheIsland 80
  11. Yesterday easily found 2 beehives and tamed 2 queens on NA PVE Official TheIsland 80
  12. Our official server #80 was crashing frequently for couple of weeks. But last 24 hours it runs without crashes. Was the issue resolved or this is something random and we should expect crashes again? Was there some patch? Hosting changes? Please share info if you have it.
  13. Unfortunately, we can't enjoy any of these as our server keep crashing non stop every hour or even worse. Thousands of ppl not able to access this nice and lovely wold.
  14. Server Crashed,Server Crashed,Server Crashed.... WC not responding...,WC not responding...,WC not responding... Crash rate is every 40-50 minutes now. Guinness record for most frequent server crash, for lowest service quality and for worst support in the industry!
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