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TLC pass 3 would be an amazing thing for the game right now. Many of water creatures have been neglected and they don’t have special abilities. Also many land dinosaurs like the carno have almost no purpose to tame. It would be better if TLC 3 could help some of these creatures get their usefulness back!

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TLC 3 Wishlist

I had previously posted a thread for TLC suggestions, but I can no longer seem to find it. Given WC's dedication to open communication and bugfixing as of late, the potential for a third TLC patch seems possible if they continue to listen to our suggestions. In this case, what creatures would you like to see get a TLC pass in the future, and what new abilities would you give them? Just as an aside, TLC has really only been for dinos introduced prior to June 2016, as after that is when WC really started to diversify dino abilities and roles. Of course, feel free to suggest changes to dinos after that, but I'd like to steer discussion in the direction of ideas for the OG batch of creatures, as they're the ones who desperately need it.
Here are all of the suggestions I've compiled over my time playing the game:
Visual overhaul - No. It looks fine, though I don't use them often so I'm unsure if I speak for the majority in thinking so.
Though useful for silica pearls, the Angler is otherwise lackluster in its stats and slow, so to fix that:
  • Secondary attack that intensifies its lantern, stunning small nearby aquatic creatures (Coel, Salmon, Cnidaria, Ammonite, and Eels) and creating a large flash of light underwater like Plant Z (with a cooldown). Useful for escaping from Mosasaurus or Tusoteuthis, or stunning nearby fish to eat them.
  • Passively produces Angler Gel in its inventory (similar to the rate that the Achatina produces its paste).
  • Lantern shines different colors when detecting nearby enemy creatures and max level wild creatures (like the shoulder pets from Aberration, making it useful on the Island and the unofficial maps for finding high levels).
Visual overhaul - Yes. As one of the first purely "enemy" creatures in the game (it wasn't tamable until a while after the game was released into EA), the Araneo has struck fear into the hearts of spelunkers, but it isn't quite as scary when encountered now. Give it an update, and make it absolutely horrific - it's supposed to be a nightmarish combination of spiders, after all.
Tamed Araneo suffer from mobility issues. They're slow, and they can't do much. Let's fix that:
  • Tamed Araneo can now climb walls (but not ceilings) like the Thylacoleo, making it a slow but versatile mount.
  • Araneo can create temporary (to prevent spamming) organic ziplines with their webs, allowing them to traverse terrain even more freely.
  • Biting human-sized prey or smaller (drag weight 35 or less) that has succumb to torpidity will wrap it in a sticky web; prey then quickly suffocates - you no longer have to wait for spiders to bite through your armor to eat you when knocked unconscious. Also adds a bit more danger to caving.
Visual overhaul - No. While it can be easy to confuse with the Microraptor at a glance, the Archa is fairly good in terms of model quality.
The Archa's worst problem is that it was advertised as a parachute alternative, but requires it to be held, unlike a shoulder pet. To fix that:
  • The Archa is now a shoulder pet. To activate its gliding ability, double-tap the jump key as you would a Glider. Its gliding style remains the same.
Visual overhaul - Yes. Please. The Titanosaur and Diplodocus outshine the Bronto in terms of model and animation quality.
The Bronto does a lot as a turret soaker, but why not let it do a little more; it's the largest permanently tamable herbivore, after all. Here, we've got:
  • For a secondary attack, the Bronto can perform a rearing stomp, dealing massive damage (Base 180) without gathering. Attack obviously has a lengthy animation to prevent spam.
  • A "roar" that scares large wild carnivores (basically any carnivore that would otherwise attack a Bronto, including Gigas) into retreating for approximately 30 seconds, as long as the Bronto is above 50% Health. Carnivores would attempt to move as far as they can from the Bronto as possible, but readily attack non-Brontos nearby. Two minute cooldown, no effect on tamed creatures.
  • Immunity to the "Gnashed" effect. The Bleed effect entirely circumvents the massive Health pools that Brontos have. Considering that a Bronto is already unlikely to survive an encounter with a wild Giga, this betters their odds. Thematically it makes sense as well, as a big animal like the Bronto would have thick skin and make it better-protected from such attacks.
Visual overhaul - Yes, desperately. The turtle is one of the more rigid creatures in the game. The player model also has a tendency to change dimensions when saddled on the turtle.
An early sight on the beaches, Carbonemys falls out of use the further inland you travel (with the exception of being tamed to soak turrets), so let's rectify that:
  • Can duck into its shell, pulling the rider in with it; greatly reduces physical damage taken but make the turtle immobile (will also sink in water). Wild carnivores will lose interest when the turtle is in this state, same as with the Doed. Projectile and explosive damage values remain unaffected to prevent soaking abuse.
  • Faster swimming speed, as mentioned in the dossier.
  • "Pacifist" buff - the longer a Carbonemys goes without attacking and hitting another creature, the more resources it will gather (up until 3x vanilla server rates after 300 seconds out of combat). Dossier mentions it isn't a violent creature, so it ought to benefit from acting like one.
Visual overhaul - Yes. We know from recent updates that WC's artists can make their designs a lot sleeker than they used to.
The Carno is the "Cheetah" of the Island's carnivores, according to its dossier. So let's give it some of those attributes:
  • The obvious base-speed increase, particularly for sprinting. A sound pass on its walking and running footfalls would be nice too, making it less loud.
  • The species' name is "Pressor," or "Crusher" - therefore, give it a charge with a twist. The Carno will rush forward after a quick wind-up, running in whatever direction it is steered. If the Carno pins a creature of equal or lesser drag weight (250) with this attack, the creature suffers from the Suffocating debuff (which already exists in game) over 4 seconds and loses all of its Oxygen, as the Carno knocks the wind out of its lungs.
  • A 50% weight reduction on meat in its inventory. The "meat-eating bull" can become great for meat runs, especially in the mid-game.
  • Reduced damage from attacks to its back, courtesy of its osteoderms.
Visual overhaul - No. I personally think the Diplo looks fine, though some might disagree.
The Diplo is underutilized because it has no viability outside of hardcore RP servers and occasionally in PvP to push buried creatures to the surface. As the smallest sauropod in the game, it really out to offer more in terms of utility:
  • A 10-second stun attack, utilizing its whip-like tail. The Diplo can't damage enemies, but that doesn't mean it can't have a means of escaping from attack. Even its dossier mentions that it will attempt to escape from predators after repeated attacks; this would give it a means of doing so.
  • Owing to its friendly nature, the Diplo ought to have some sort of positive effect on allied dinos. With its species name, "Island Chieftain," it could provide a physical resistance buff to lower level allied creatures around it.
Visual overhaul - Yes. Recent creatures handle fur textures a lot better, and their base models are less clay-like. Not to mention, the mammoth is the only model with a photo-realistic anus. Its movement animations are also incredibly janky, especially when one looks at how elephants actually walk.
The Mammoth needs its own role. The Anky and Doed are in a good spot only because they're the best at what they do, while the Mammoth faces competition with no unique features. Beavers generate dams in the wild and have a saddle smithy, Therizinos have an efficiency multiplier and are one of the few viable herbivore combat mounts, Thorny dragons shoot spikes and can destroy/harvest corpses as carnivores, and the Roll rat can carry multiple passengers and, well, roll. Most of the aforementioned also get a weight reduction on wood (even though the Mammoth gets a bigger reduction than most, it doesn't necessarily make it unique). Giving it a platform saddle would just intrude on the Paracer without giving the Mammoth much (not to mention awkward to carry with a Quetz and make it unable to ride rafts because of how platforms are coded). And ultimately, the Mammoth is an iconic animal - to be relegated to resource collection when other creatures so easily fulfill the role seems like a waste, especially since it was only given the role because no other creature in early access could harvest wood efficiently. I feel it would benefit from the following:
  • Tusk attack works while moving; this allows it gather wood (and no berries) on the go and cover ground faster than the Beaver (The Better Mammoths mod did this and it works wonders).
  • Use the Herbivores_Large tag; makes no sense that the Mammoth is attacked by Raptors when it's only a head shorter than the Paracer (Again, from Better Mammoths).
  • Slight Hypothermal protection for the rider.
  • Base health increase (850->1000). The much smaller Daeodon and Griffin have higher base Health and are tankier for it. The Mammoth is described in its dossier as being physically tough, so a Health buff wouldn't hurt.
  • A trumpet that gives the Mammoth and surrounding allies a temporary movement speed and stamina regen buff; pairing a Mammoth with a Yutyrannus and a Daeodon would make for a desirable trio of combat support creatures. Adds the missing character that the Mammoth is missing.
Visual overhaul - Yes. If you compare the Ovis to the Megaloceros, they look like they came from two completely different games.
Let's try this:
  • I've read conflicting things about the male Megaloceros and its ability to cause the "Bleed" effect. If it isn't working, it ought to be fixed.
  • ARK doesn't have cows, but the female Megaloceros could provide a nice substitute during imprinting. For mammalian babies, keeping a female Megaloceros around would keep babies fed up until they hit the "Adolescent" stage. This would allow for players to log off without having to worry about their baby mammals starving overnight.
  • Wild Megaloceros should be alert - if they detect a creature on an enemy team (wild carnivores or tamed creatures), they should immediately flee. It makes little sense for a cautious and defenseless animal to just let a Sabertooth, Wolf, or strange human run up to it. As a part of the alertness, Megaloceros could also be immune to stun attacks from Microraptor and Purlovia.
Visual overhaul - Yes. We know that WC can do fish a lot better than they used to.
The Megalodon is overlooked compared to other ocean predators because of its smaller size and lesser damage output. Ideas include:
  • Frenzy ability - The Megalodon gets a meter on its HUD similar to the Rhino and Giga. It fills up as the Megalodon attacks and kills creatures, draining slowly over time. The meter imparts speed, damage, and physical resistance buffs, making the Megalodon scary in close-quarters combat. This works surprisingly well as most wild creatures in the ocean are on the same team, meaning wild Megalodon are less likely to obtain the buff and become a threat to new players in the water.
  • Base damage (40->50) and health (600->700) increase - let it be a real killing machine like its dossier suggests
  • The Megalodon has a keen sense of smell, allowing it to detect weakened creatures from far away (exactly like the Dire Wolf).
Visual overhaul - Maybe. The Mosasaur appears very bloated and could benefit from a more streamlined appearance.
As a "terror of the deep," the Mosa really doesn't live up to its name. Here's what it might benefit from:
  • A secondary Devour attack - when an enemy creature is below 10% Health, using this on an applicable creature (drag weight 200 or less) will cause the Mosa to simply swallow it whole. The Mosa instantly restores Food and Health (equal to the amount of Health left on the creature) from this. Cooldown of 180 seconds.
  • Its presence deters Leedsichthys from attacking nearby rafts, making raft bases viable again. Raft spam does become possible again, but requires a big and obvious Mosa to be nearby and fed.
  • As Piranhas flee from Sarcos, so too do Eels and Cnidaria flee from Mosasaurus (unless attacked first or attacking an Ammonite).
  • Deals extra damage to Tusoteuthis, à la Sperm Whale; makes fighting them on Mosas more of a fair fight seeing as the Tuso can grapple you.
Visual overhaul - No. I think it looks fine, though I don't use them often so I'm unsure if I speak for the majority in thinking so.
These scary bats look cool, but have little use because of how hard they are to control. Only a few minor buffs here due to their swarming capabilities:
  • Onyc will perch upside-down from Catwalk or Ceiling Structures if there is space (also gives a unique purpose to Catwalks), rather than landing on the ground. While resting in this position, they will recover health more quickly.
  • Shoulder-mountable, with a brief speed boost when thrown at a target.
Visual overhaul - Yes. The poor little goat-dino needs all the love it can get, especially when its carnivore "equivalent," the Raptor, got some love.
The Pachy's always been underpowered, so let's fix that with some new toys:
  • Base damage (10->20) and base Health (175->220) increase
  • Its species name is "Mild Warrior" - to play around with that, give it a temperature related buff; it hits harder, faster, and can take more punishment at higher temperatures, but becomes sluggish in the cold. These respective buffs and debuffs would be capped, with the maximum heat buff giving the Pachy the 1.5x greater damage output and speed (0.5x less damage and speed for the debuff).
  • Non-linear charging; changing directions is a necessity for its viability. The Pachy can also destroy rocks while charging, yielding some sparkpowder (but less than if its stone and flint components were mined individually).
Visual overhaul - Yes. Absolutely; we've all seen the new Argentavis; WC can give us a much better bird these days.
A few items spring to mind to give Pelagornis a more unique niche:
  • It passively generates small amounts of Silica Pearls in its inventory when left floating on water (filtered substrate in the water).
  • Rider weaponry would provide a fantastic niche, as the Pelagornis would be the only Island-native flyer with the ability.
  • Pelagornis traveling over water have increased speed (approximately 1.25x normal) but lose speed when flying over land (approximately 0.75x normal), allowing them to quickly circle the Island along the coast.
Visual overhaul - Yes. Compared to the virtually furless Daeodon, WC's modelers are much better these days, and as such the Phiomia could look less like it was modeled from clay.
I've got a soft-spot for these early proboscideans, but their definite utility is as a farm animal and as the butt of our jokes. Here's what could help them:
  • Option to cull the Phiomia for meat (much like the Ovis), with higher Health yielding more meat and even prime meat. An early-game way to farm meat before getting a large carnivore or progressing to mutton.
  • Riding a Phiomia into battle ought to draw the attention of all enemy creatures to it for a moment (activated via RMB, functioning similar to the Pachyrhino's aggro pheromone and lasting 10 seconds) - acting as a quick distraction and sacrifice.
Visual overhaul - Yes. The poor thing was one of the first aquatic creatures released in EA - it looks somewhat cartoony in comparison now.
Was unsure about this one, but here's what we've got:
  • 3D movement, like the Tapejara - let it swim in any which direction it chooses by strafing; would make sense with the species name too.
  • A secondary flipper attack, allowing it to better hit targets closer to its body.
  • The Plesiosaur can now generate currents to launch itself forward rapidly at the cost of most of its Stamina; can be used to escape from situations like being grappled by a Tusoteuthis.
  • Faster health regeneration and movement speed below a depth threshold, kind of like a reverse Basilosaurus. This buff makes the Plesi more useful in the deep ocean.
Visual overhaul - No. I don't use them often though so I'm unsure if I speak for the majority in thinking so.
The Pulmonoscorpius ought to be an organic alternative to tranq darts:
  • Torpor is currently dealt as damage dealt * 3 over 10 seconds. Changing that x3 to x6 would make a world of difference (A hypothetical 50 wild level, 71 tamed level Melee Scorpion would deal 834 torpor per attack while dealing 139 damage - for comparison, 300% longneck tranq darts deal 663 torpor per shot while dealing 78 damage).
  • The Scorpion might benefit from having a secondary pincer attack that also grants it the ability to hold a small creature (Drag weight of 100 of less) when held, like a less powerful Karkinos.
  • A second torpor-dealing attack that deals Melee Damage % x 1500 torpor over 10 seconds, with a lengthy cool-down to prevent abuse - regular stinging attacks during this time would not deal torpor, as the Scorpion's poison glands are "drained." As Scorpions can't be imprinted, this wouldn't be able to reach insane numbers. (A hypothetical 50 wild level, 71 tamed level Melee Scorpion would deal 13899 torpor - enough to drop a wild 150 Paracer and anything else with lower base torpor; this still makes shocking darts required for tames like Gigas) - This attack would be performed by holding down the C key.
Visual overhaul - Yes. We all know how WC blew us away with wyverns and how good their wings looked when SE came out. The Quetz can be better. The Quetz is honestly in a decent place as is, but here is a simple and useful addition to its kit:
  • Flying above a certain altitude increases the Quetzal's flying speed, capping to a level comparable to that of a Pteranodon. Useful for those otherwise dreadfully long flights to farm metal from less resource-dense regions.
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Yeah there are a lot of dinos that look like trash right now and are super glitchy (plesi having nightmarish head, bronto's legs literally coming off of its body as it takes a step). More TLC passes for the dinos is a must, especially since this game is actually released now and no longer in early access. The models and animations should be up to par.

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Agreed, several creatures have really fallen behind since the full release, and especially since the new kibble system. To reduce redundant posts, I wanted to post my thoughts on the worst of them:

Araneo: Their webs are their only thing going for them right now. I think they should be able to climb walls like mini Megalanias, Enforcers, or Rock Drakes, allowing them to be interesting traps in caves without overpowering Broodmother's fight more. Kodking194's zip line ability seems cool too.

Carbonemys: While definitely an early-game tame, I'd like to see them get a defensive ability like withdrawing within their shell. They're pretty outclassed as tanks by Doeds, Gasbags, and Rock Elementals so I'd like to see them get a bit closer to the competition.

Compy: Compies have a problem with attacking things due to their small range. They currently don't attack survivors on foot sometimes too because of it. Perhaps they could get something like a leap attack to help give them range and agility, making potential packs chaos to fight. Or maybe they could get an ability when tamed, like how glow pets detect nearby max level dinos when on the shoulder.

Lymantria: Worse stats than other fliers, harder to tame than a Pteranodon, and can be flown only 2 levels earlier than a Ptera. Overall I feel there's no reason to go after these when you can get a Ptera. Perhaps they could passively generate Silk like Achatinas make paste, or if Lymantrias have buffed stats or a way to aim their farts - as some examples.

Pulmonoscorpius: Really slow and easy to fight even on foot with a Spear, not to mention at range. Scorpions suffer from slow speed and low reach. I would like to see deadlier scorpions - perhaps increased torpor per attack or larger attack AoEs. Knockouts from scorpions are harder and riskier than using Tranq Arrows or Darts, so I would like to see people rewarded for doing melee knockout tactics with better torpor gain on creatures at least.

Titanoboa: Considering the high ceiling they have to tame, their lack in utility really shows. Their taming method could change, but I like how unique they are to tame. Instead, I'd like to see them gain a new ability, like a constricting ability. It could act like a bear trap until killed or even also do damage similar to a stationary Kaprosuchus.

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I think the Quetzal would be a awesome tlc and May make it look better plus the neck should go straight up like a giraffe because that’s how it looks in reality and think they should make it so it can pick up medium Dino’s in the mouth

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On 5/11/2019 at 5:00 AM, Spinosail said:

My comments and additions on a very good post (imo), anything deleted or unmentioned I agree or am neutral to. 

I do think most older tames need a bit of tweaking, textures and skin covers at the least but model tweaks would also be nice.
Suggestions are good, would say they do need a visual overhaul though, at least a texture one. They are also far from slow, they are in fact pretty decent when it comes to weight and speed.
Should be able to climb like a megalania, have a bola style attack, tranquilising venom to a degree and grapple style mobility. Maybe an attack that will grapple but can be fired a second time to attach the second end, making it a zipline. Silk production
Agree - it should have a foot on each shoulder and allow you to shoot etc, essentially a "parachute +" It does currently allow you to activate and deactivate mid-air with the reload key but the default should be made deactivated.
Technically the carbonemys is pretty inaccurate in quite a few ways, though with them going down the route of sort-of-sea-turtle, I would like to see some biotoxin based buffs. Immunity to cnidaria, increased damage to them and increased biotox harvesting from them, perhaps decent healing from biotoxin (5 per to combat the lack of cooldown? or the same cooldown as meat for turtles only with a higher heal value, perhaps 10-15 per)
Agree but most importantly on the sound. I hate using them and many other stompy dinos, allos being the worst, carnos second, then things like rexes, brontos, diplos and gigas, the sound is incredibly stressful to me, not to mention highly unrealistic. Large animals don't sound like that, it would be a liability to predators and prey alike. It should be more of a deep, somewhat quiet rumble which imo would be a lot more scary and immersive and much less of an assault on the eardrums.
Would like to see reduced damage to tusks and maybe head. I think they should be a more formidable wild opponent and potentially drop a tribute (ivory or trunk)
love the suggestions, I think the male should be defensive wild and the bleed (which does work, tested, but only on players) should be extended to small/medium dinos.
female should get a very weak kick attack, something like 5 base damage with a large enough knockback to give her space to escape from a sticky situation.
males and females should both  be able to collect small amounts of berries to stop them starving out every time you take them out
Absolutely. I think they should also get a weak gliding ability as they have wings far more suited to gliding than powered flight, albatrosses of the current times use air currents above the sea to travel long distances with relatively minute effort, I think this would pair nicely with your suggestion.
Could also be less effected by jellies, stunned/slowed but not dismounting, allowing you to fly away after a bit or bite back
While I do like the derpy face of the plessie (actually more resembles a filter feeding plesiosaur than the carnivorous ones lol), it does need a retouch.
I think the second attack idea is too extreme. It would allow them to knock out a lot of valuable tames in one hit.

My additions:

Cnidaria. Nerf it. Give an individual tame a cooldown from stuns. Make the jellies not follow you and have better more realistic animations/physics, potentially just ragdoll while alive.


Aimed jump, much reduced fall damage, VISUAL REWORK DESPERATELY NEEDED, better "aiming" mechanics- currently is only able to hit things pretty much on its level, often even struggling with meganeura. It should be able to lift and turn its head somewhat more.


I think they need to be easier to tame. If you trap them, they aggro your structures, if you let them roam they end up on the other side of the ocean. Visual rework would be nice and an armour piercing attack quality would give them a bit of extra use imo


Currently outclassed drastically, when it was new its abilities were unique. I think they need better damage and health and the spawns properly added to aberration. Currently barely worth taming with the torpor drain and lack of demand for their abilities.


Needs to actually be worth taming now that their eggs are useless. Eggs should be of special quality, they should be able to do increased damage to small (5x) and medium creatures (2x), harvesting them on the death blow (swallowing them whole). Damage and health buffs.


Natural incoming damage reduction, auto swing like a doed


Visual upgrade needed, speed increase and maybe behavioural change like running around the victim rather than biting from one position.


Small incoming damage reduction from all sources, larger reduction from corrupted


Weight reduction by 50% for metal, crystal, obsidian and stone. Should be damaged by jellies but not stunned. Speed increase by some amount, not to make them super speedy but to make them at least worth using as an alternative to the argy/quetz/crab method. More resource nodes should be added to oceans of all maps with them.


Mortar and pestle saddle, allow weapon use. Silk production and visual rework would be nice.


Settings on hives to allow a primitive turret
They should also be updated for yellow and black to be possible wild colour rolls!!!!!


Needs visual tlc


Wild and tamed alphas should have a bleed but a less damaging one. They should also reduce the weight of ingots and pelt/wool, to go along with their affinity to mutton and lamb.

Ptera, tape

Visual tlc, ability to pluck fish from the water and harvest them, greater affinity to fish for healing and taming

Seeker, make em tamable. Featherlight seeker armies ftw ?

Terror bird

Visual tlc, better damage (another case of being more effort to tame than their use in practice)

Dinos that are most in need of a visual tlc, imo: Carno, dimetrodon, dimorph, beelzebufo, vulture, the pterosaurs, the plesiosaurs, phiomia, mesopithecus (sound too, grown-ass man voice coming out of a tiny monkey is more than a little unnerving), megaloceros, mammoth, carbonemys and compy.

FOR ALL WATER CREATURES: I would like to see their oxygen stat drain when out of water and them have a health drain rather than the insta death we currently get. Having vacuum structures usable and non deadly on the plesiosaur pals would be nice too.

sorry for the novel lol

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Here is a list with a few suggestions I posted on Reddit, which combines both my personal ideas as well as input from other users:



  • Ability to climb on most surfaces, similar to megalania ability, but without stamina drain

  • Ability to shoot a thread working as a temporary zip-line or grappling hook

  • Ability to set sticky traps



  • Ability to grab players and smaller creatures in the mouth, similar to megalosaurus ability, but underwater

  • Ability to grab players off of their mounts

  • Ability to jump out of the water and catch anything near the surface, or people on exposed rafts

  • Ability to detect enemies and their status, similar to abilities used by parasaurs and dire wolves, but underwater

  • Ability to inflict bleed damage

  • Upon making a target bleed, wild megalodons may come to aid a tamed megalodon without immediately becoming hostile

  • Tracking wheel, similar to moschops harvest wheel, but with a targetable detection ability that expands in range with increased levels



  • Ability to use their horns to damage stone structures



  • Increased movement speed

  • Ability to sneak up on players and smaller creatures, and then pounce on them from behind

  • During a pounce, an ability to suffocate players and smaller creatures (this would give the oxygen stat a new purpose)

  • Ability to inflict bleed damage



  • Constrictor ability

  • During constriction, an ability to suffocate the victim (this would give the oxygen stat a new purpose)

  • Infrared vision ability, similar to the snow owl ability



  • Ability to take cover in shell, similar to doedicurus ability

  • Resistance to cnidaria stun effect and temporary immunity



  • Ability to use a tail swipe and inflict damage if health drops below a certain point, for example 50%



  • Ability to climb on most surfaces, similar to megalania ability, but without stamina drain

  • Ability to shoot a thread working as a temporary zip-line or grappling hook

  • Ability to continuously produce silk



  • Increased health

  • Increased carry weight

  • Pack bonus

  • Trumpet ability to scare smaller creatures, similar to parasaur ability

  • Ability to use trunk and tusks to carry players and small creatures

  • Ability to use trunk and tusks to pick up old structures or structures belonging to other tribes



  • Immune to cnidaria stun



  • Ability to produce achatina paste by simply feeding it berries



  • Ability to harvest prime fish meat

  • Barrel roll spin ability dealing high damage, similar to pteranodon barrel roll, but only usable underwater

  • Toggleable soar ability enabling flight for extended periods of time at the cost of maneuverability



  • Greatly buff the torpor in it's sting attack against wild animals, making it a viable option for knockout tames

  • Pincers are able to harvest prime meat

  • Pincers can grab and hold onto smaller creatures

  • Sting attack can be used while holding a creature


This is by no means a completed list. If you have any additional ideas, feel free to suggest them.

Most of these points are separate suggestions. They don't necessarily need to come in a bundle.

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  • Argentavis pick works like the original Argentavis (not laggy/unreliable/more like Ptera pick).

  • Snow Owl - Remove Freezing entirely. Allow it function only as a scout flyer with the ability to dive like a Griffin and use Snow Owl vision, or only allow it to freeze itself to heal/reduce damage. (Freezing is an unfun CC mechanic that ruins any form of fun in PvP fights). If it's not nerfed increase raise time to 7 days to better reflect the monumental power that this cancercell dino has.


  • Mosasaurus - Can turn on the spot similar to Tusoteuthis using Spacebar, immune to Tusoteuthis grab. Gestation reduced from 8 hours to 4 to be more in line with Tuso.

  • Plesiosaur - Can turn on the spot similar to Tusoteuthis using Spacebar. Gestation reduced from 8 hours to 4 hours.

  • Megalodon - Can turn on the spot similar to Tusoteuthis using Spacebar. Gestation reduced from 8 hours to either 2 or 4 hours. Gains Tek Helmet effect on anything below 75% hp.

  • Baryonyx - Can no longer stun players off a Dinosaur that is being ridden (can still stun the dinosaur though), Stunning an enemy makes it immune to stuns for 20 seconds similar to Snow Owl immunity to prevent being CCed to death

  • Eel - Allow it to be slotted into a Dinosaur's saddle via Fish Basket to function similar to HLNA for the Dinosaur, gives the Dinosaur the ability to slow targets for a few seconds (with a long cooldown) or gives it the ability to supercharge the Dinosaur increasing it's movement speed temporarily. Gestation reduced from 5 hours to 2.

  • Angler - Can be slotted into a dinosaur's inventory via fishbasket similar to HLNA. Accompanies the dino providing a light source that scares off Eels/Cindaria. Makes the Dino immune to Eel effects. Gestation reduced from 5 hours to 2.

  • Basilosaurus - Need's a HP nerf probably and they need to fix the surface buff not applying in caves despite those caves being more or less at surface level (because everyone lives in caves).

  • Dunkelosteus - Weight reduction to Obsidian and Crystal. Gestation reduced from 8 hours to 4.

  • Diplocaulus - Creates an oxygen bubble around itself that allows players to restore oxygen and stamina like the Genesis mechanic. Gives players a reduced version of the Lazarus Chowder buff for a couple of minutes after leaving the bubble.


  • Rhino - Needs to be MASSIVELY nerfed, probably the biggest problem with the game currently forcing everyone to use Meks to defend against them. Gestation increased to 8 hours. 7 day raise time. Revert Plant Z nerf to specifically effect this Dino.

  • Daeodon - Allow them to eat basically anything organic (berries, seeds, mushrooms, etc). Allow Rare Mushrooms to return 100 food per mushroom.

  • Pulminoscorpius - Allow it to passively generate a toxin substance that can be converted to Medical Brews, similar to how some water creatures generate Oil.

  • Araneo - Creates temporary ziplines that last for a few hours and can be used bi-directionally without any sort of equipment, or allow the Araneo itself to craft a version of the zipline equipment similar to the Horse. Allow it to transfer to Aberration.

  • Phiomia - Allow them to be slaughtered like the Sheep. Tamed/Raised Phiomia should give 2000-3000 meat when slaughtered. Give them a long raise time but make them very easy to raise (similar to the Gacha on Wandering). Gestation reduced from 10 hours to 4 hours. 7 day raise time. Auto-wandering allows them to forage for food to raise themselves (has to be enabled).

  • Diplodocus - Let it function as a battering ram that can damage Metal/Tek Doors. Players riding in the saddle should be immune to player only turrets but the Diplo takes increased damage per player riding the saddle.

  • Allosaurus - Allow the non-pack leader Allosaurus to give a damage amplification roar similar to the Yutyrannus' fear that amplifies the damage of all other Allosaurus' to the targets, including amplifying the bleed effects. This gives the supporting Allosaurus ways to support each other by buffing each others damage. Make it cap at 4 stacks so that groups of 5 Allosaurus are worth riding. Make Allo Packs cap at 5 so that more Allos creates more packs allowing a pack leader per every 5 Allos. Give the Allo an option that allows you to set a preference for being a Pack Leader or a Supporting Allo.

  • Carno - Allow the Yutyrannus supercharge it with it's buff making it 10 times stronger. Make it deal more damage to Allosaurus and provide a "Guard" effect to nullify the effects of the above Allosaurus changes so that it functions as a counter. Allow it's right click to have a very small knockback effect so that it can bully anything the size of a Paracer or below by knocking them around.

  • Gigantopithecus - Give it a slot for a new item called the Tek Implant. The Tek Implant massively raises the intelligence of the Gigantopithecus unlocking increased functionality. You can use the NPC AI from ATLAS to allow the Gigantopithecus to become a NPC. Let it man player mounted turrets or rocket turrets, let them farm basic resources like fiber/flint/thatch and have them return the resources to a dedicated storage, let them use melee weapons or pistols, etc, possibilities are endless.

  • Kentrosaurus - Return it to it's glory days. Make it not effected by cryosickness and make babies return no damage. Make it one-shot kill Rhinos if they hit them fully charged. Let them Impale Rhinos.

  • Mek - Cannot damage players. 50% movement speed reduction. MCSM cannon one shot kills Rhinos on direct hit, massive damage on splash. MRLM deals massively increased damage to small flyers such as Pteranodon, Argent, Tapejara, etc. MDSM shield removes the ability for Rhinos to charge for 30 seconds or within the shield.

  • Roll Rat - Improve turning radius so it turns faster than a Bronto or allow it to roll backwards. Allow it to damage Tek Turrets.

  • Rex - Redesign it's roar effect so that it's not based on dinosaur level and isn't a complete meme.

  • Sabertooth - Let it prowl similar to Rock Drake camouflage. Gestation reduced from 4 hours to 2 hours.

  • Moschops - Revert the organic polymer nerf so that farming Mantis is viable again.

  • Mesopithecus - Allow it to open enemy player doors on platform saddles. Takes 90% less damage from "big" dinos.

  • Oviraptors - Allow them to collect eggs.

  • Titanosaur - Improve their stamina and stamina regeneration so that they can actually function and deal some sort of damage in the few minutes they have to live before they get deleted by Gigas and Meks.

  • Thorny Dragon - Give it Turret Mode. Allow damage to massively scale it's torpor generation so it function like a Velo turret that knockouts creatures. 99% reduced effect against players. Only 1 torpor effect can work at a time so you can't spam a million of them.

  • Thylacoleo - Increase it's damage or allow it to buff the firerate/damage of weapons shot whilst riding it. Reduce recoil sway of Fab Sniper and Longneck to Shadow Steak levels when shooting whilst riding. Reduce Arrow draw time of bows whilst riding it. Allow it to be transferred to Aberration.

  • Giganotosaurus - Balance rage generated by other Giganotosaurus so that it takes more bites to enrage but increase the rage generated by non-Giganotosaurs dinos such as the Rex, Therizino, etc so that they can also enrage it. (make Giga fights are bit more interesting other than one two enrage you're dead or the other guy is).

  • Dung Beetle - Auto wandering collects poop. Increase Fertilizer weight so that as they collect poop they get weighted down and can't move (to balance the automation and give the player a sign that they're ready to be collected).

  • Dimetrodon - Reduces Gestation timer, similar to how the Oviraptor reduces the Mating Interval. Or Reduces baby food consumption. Or Allow it function as the underwater equivalent of the Oviraptor.


In a similar vein of the TLC pass I think a good idea would be to add a Dino equipment slot that allows you to slot in crafted items that provide benefits to your dino. This would allow players to invest a bit more into the dino to grant them an effect that would counter something that is extremely annoying with the current meta gameplay. You could only equip 1 item at a time meaning you would have to choose between them. Here are some examples:

  • New item: Blinders that provides the current area reduction to the Plant Z effect. Dinos are also less susceptible to fear effects. Revert the previous Plant Z nerf so that Dinos without the Blinders are effectly similar to how they were pre Z nerf. 

  • New item: Dinoshoes. Gives immunity to Plant Y effects for 20 seconds upon triggering a Plant Y trap, 5 minute cooldown. 

  • New item: Saddle Chain. Upon getting picked by a flyer you are returned to the saddle after a 2 second delay. 5 minute cooldown.

  • New item: Thermal Emission System. Upon being frozen provides immunity to freezing effects for 1 minute. 5 minute cooldown.

  • New item: Blademail. Returns a small amount of damage to attacking dinosaurs (5%). Provides 100% damage return to Rhino charges.

  • New item: Anti-Radiation Dispenser. Automatically triggers Mushroom Brews inside a Dino's inventory. Extends the duration of Mushroom Brews effects to 10 minutes per Mushroom Brew.


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All of these TLC ideas work and could be implemented into Ark.

One creature I would like to see have a TLC I would really like to talk about the Araneomorphus or "Araneo" as this is a Creature I would like to have both its appearance and features edited, and have new abilities that appeal specifically to this creature.

An idea that got my attention was this artwork (image below) of a TLC idea for the Araneo.


This Image and Illustration was done by DjayMasi

ARK TLCs - Araneomorphus by DjayMasi on DeviantArt

ARK TLCs - Araneomorphus by DjayMasi on ...

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19 hours ago, BlueberryJackal said:

I wouldnt give some creatures a TLC because they are useless. I enjoy taming Carnos and always try to tame them as early as possible. You also have to keep in mind, that no creature is useless. It is always important what you see in them. Considering this, there is ot a single creature that is completely useless. 

The Carno is good for killing alpha raptors. 

The female megaloceros is good for traveling

Same for the Diplodocus. And it can also knock back creatures, which can be helpful in some situations.

It's a matter of not being sufficiently useful enough.

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20 hours ago, BlueberryJackal said:

I wouldnt give some creatures a TLC because they are useless. I enjoy taming Carnos and always try to tame them as early as possible. You also have to keep in mind, that no creature is useless. It is always important what you see in them. Considering this, there is ot a single creature that is completely useless. 

The Carno is good for killing alpha raptors. 

The female megaloceros is good for traveling

Same for the Diplodocus. And it can also knock back creatures, which can be helpful in some situations.

The problem is is that there's always a better creature in those particular situations. Sometimes the better options are even easier to get a hold of. They either need to rework the less useful tames, or rebalance how easy it is to get the others.

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To add onto this maybe the spider and lymantria can be tlc'ed to produce silk. Under used resource so maybe something could be added other gear perhaps? Also Im all for the tlc on carnos but I dont think they are useless. Its def an early on tame to help get you on your feet. Shorter tame times (and arms lmfao) and less resources. Def get yoyr feet wet breeding them and learning all about the process. 

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On 4/23/2019 at 2:34 PM, divisd1 said:

Yeah there are a lot of dinos that look like trash right now and are super glitchy (plesi having nightmarish head, bronto's legs literally coming off of its body as it takes a step). More TLC passes for the dinos is a must, especially since this game is actually released now and no longer in early access. The models and animations should be up to par.

I dont mind the legs doing wonky things on the brontos (it's kind of funny really) but I would appreciate if they fixed the AOE, it has a big bend in it that makes it miss so much stuff.

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i watched a vid recently showing a cool carno TLC, so here is what the carno should have

.ram attack (not for the horns but because carno's skulls were heavily built and supposed to be hard)

. raptors dont head on attack them but rather run away, will run up an nip carnos in the rear, this of course would work to some extent with tamed raptors, all depending on carnos lvl and raptors lvl (if carno is higher lvl than raptor it is more likely to cowar and flee

. a sort of ego buff would be cool, where it gains a melee and defence buff for a short amount of time



i dont know how many times i have said this but i feel like it should be added since they have made grappling and wall climbing a thing. spider should have these abilities

. can deploy a webbed grapple hook

-can attach to large creatures and attack them

. can do a blood sucking attack that slowly heals the spider or if bloud packs are in it inventory it refills them with the blood, also by attcking webbed creatures they also gain a small healing buff

. can deploy a zipline that only allies can use, enemies that mount onto the zipline are stuck for a short amount of time, then they drop off of it

. can climb up walls and on ceilings, can also drop from above with a web line

also a cool way to make the spiders more diverse is u have to find a female spider and kill it, then it will have have an egg in its inventory, u hatch the egg and raise the spider inside by feeding it blood packs or dead corpses. either that or to tame it u have to knock it out or passive tame it by feeding it blood packs. it will give the blood packs a use. also make it a bit bigger in size. i like the idea of a giant ridable spider, and it has been arks oldest and most underatted tames, simply cause it has no use, i mean who even knew the spider was tamable aside form oOG ark players


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Theri's fine. Jack of all trades and one of the strongest dino's in the game.

Dodo. Let it be. Serves it's purpose fine. Poops eggs for kibble. No other utility needed.

Gigant. It's fine. Easy enough methods to kill it. Strongest mount in game.


Carno. Model rework. Think it should become a top 3 prime meat harvester. Early game, getting prime meat can be a bit tougher so it gives it a real utility over the Rex. Think it should also have an extended prime meat spoil timer while in inventory. I like the idea of a stun. 

Megalodon. Serious model rework. Needs to be bigger. Could do with a bleed attack or a feeding frenzy attack. 

Feeding frenzy attack- Damage buff scales with hostiles in AOE as well as damage reduction. Capped at 50% output with 10+ dino enemies. 33% damage reduction with 10+ dino enemies. Speed increase as well during frenzy.

Also give it the ability to have a chance to harvest prime fish from basic fish kills (Coel, Salmon, Manta's, Pirhana's).


Think those 2 buffs would give two of the more legendary dino's mid to late game appeal.

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I think a simple TLC for moschops and dodec would be consistency. With a Dodec the only Obsidian nodes in the entire game where you actually get obsidian from using a dodec is the ones on the Island Volcano, which is ridiculous. As far as the moschops is concerned although it is supposed to harvest sap from Joshua Trees it only does so on the Scorched Earth Map even though there are plenty of joshua trees on Ragnorak and Extinction (it would also be extremely useful if moschops could be efficient gatherers of red and blue sap on Extinction).

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17 hours ago, Qwertymine said:

Baryonyx, Thylacoleo, and Argentavis all make for better early-game alpha killers

Gallimimus, Equus, Iguanodon, and Pteranodon bring more to the table than a female Megaloceros

The Diplo is a good travel mount, but easily falls prey to predators like Allosaurs and Managarmr, who have no issue keeping up with it. 


Yeah, they can be useful, but these creatures don't have enough behind them to justify their use outside of personal preference. 

Yes, Barys, Thylas and Argys are also good at killing alphas, but you get the saddles later than the carno saddle. And I would rather stick to the carno than to a thyla, whose saddle is only 5 levels higher and is a little bit demanding to tame. And i think its not really worth the time and resources, unless I really need a Thyla.

Equus, Iguanodons and Ptera may be better, because they can attack, but Equus and Iguanodons are slower unless you pump up their speed. Galli is faster, but you can also tame it very late, because you would kill it with arrows. And the Ptera also might be faster, but it has to stop every 20 seconds and regenerate stam.

The Diplo can be easy prey, because of its size and the lack of attacking, and i have to agree with you at that point, because i havent thought of that, but bringing up the Mana, which is one of the most unbalanced creatures in the game, is not a very good argument. It can be the answer to everything. Why should you tame a Rex, if you can tame a Mana? Why should you tame Wyverns, when you can have a Mana? And thats the thing. The Mana is the weakest argument you can bring up in a conversation, because it is definition of unbalanced.

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20 hours ago, BlueberryJackal said:

Equus and Iguanodons are slower unless you pump up their speed

They also have much better stamina, especially the Iguanodon. Get some imprint and their utility will far exceed that of a male or female Megaloceros. Not to mention the female is in desperate need of model changing. Yeah the Ptera has to stop, but flight has always been undeniably faster than grounded travel. 


20 hours ago, BlueberryJackal said:

And I would rather stick to the carno than to a thyla, whose saddle is only 5 levels higher and is a little bit demanding to tame.

It's a normal KO tame? Carno has nothing going for it right now. It's attacked by small and large predators, is slower than the T-rex and Raptor, and is outclassed by almost any other tame at the same level. They're good pack/fodder dinos, but that's about it. 


20 hours ago, BlueberryJackal said:

but bringing up the Mana, which is one of the most unbalanced creatures in the game, is not a very good argument.

Ok, so what about the Allo? Or Gigas? Really any creature with some kind of slowing effect spells doom for a Diplo. Forbid that they ever give it a stun or escape mechanic of any kind. 


I get it, you like your creatures, but objectively they are just bad. I could use that Mana arguement on any of these. Why tame a Carno when an Argy is going to do everything three times as well as it? Why tame a Diplo when a Basilisk, Quetz, or Rex can do it's job and more? 

Yeah, they might require a higher level, but leveling in this game is a joke. A Trike probably kills Alpha Raptors better than Carnos thanks to their knock back. 

All these creatures need some kind of upgrade. Visually or gameplay-wise. 

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My List:


Carno: when running he will run faster each second like the direbear and a little damage boost (like a weakend rhino charge)

His headbutt now deals topor damage to players and dinos!

And a roar ability to scare off dinos that are smaller then a allosarus


Megalodon: a ability to grab wild creatures and shake them while Biting to do alot of damage but will drain stamina... (base damage 13 damage per second)

And a ability to jump out of the water to grab land creatures That are slightly smaller then a rex

And can smell creatures that have lost 50% of there health!

And now has 1300 Health At Level 1

And a model change with smoother skin larger teeth and become larger


Bronto: A new attack ability will be it standing up and stepping on you (base damage 429)

Can roar to scare of large carnivores that attack the bronto for 60 Seconds

A model change and new animations!


Mammoth: Longer legs like real mammoths and a new model change

New ability: Water spray and roar: Water spray will activate if you are riding a mammoth to the water its trunk will fill up by the water logo and when using it will do lots of knock back but 2 damage per second...

The roar will be the mammoth standing up and roaring causing a boost (like a yutyrannus but the roar won't scare creatures)


That is my list!

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