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  1. Pve pick up Dino’s but drops by other people bases I think we should be able to pick up wild Dino’s in pve. But they would automatically drop when you get close to someone else’s base.
  2. Title says it all wouldn’t it be great to have boosted breeding rates for evolution events! Pve shouldn’t have this because their servers are already tame capped. But I think pvp should have this to help get smaller tribes built up quicker!
  3. Even if it’s just for like player made servers or non dedicated would be cool!
  4. blazybolt

    tlc TLC ideas!

    TLC pass 3 would be an amazing thing for the game right now. Many of water creatures have been neglected and they don’t have special abilities. Also many land dinosaurs like the carno have almost no purpose to tame. It would be better if TLC 3 could help some of these creatures get their usefulness back!
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