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  1. Ferox antimeshed after transforming back, first run out after raising it, with no imprint passing on to the large form.
  2. bump, also an issue on PC
  3. Pros - it's fun and new, encourages getting out and looking for stuff, collecting etc Cons - people with the fastest manas and keyboard macros to take drops would get almost all drops if they were online. The rarity and value of the rarer chibis very much didn't help with this, people were too competitive and became toxic and rude, diving in last second, taking all and moving onto the next one regardless of how long someone had been waiting below. THE LAG. Mostly down to breeding rates and more players being on, all taking advantage and having all their dinos out As others have mentioned, pets should have a dedicated slot. I believe, at least in pve, your named chibis or at least your equipped chibis should be bound to your player, as in you should spawn with the one you have equipped if you die, fast travel or transfer. It shouldn't count as an item when equipped. I'm too afraid to level or wear my fancy phoenix in fear of getting raptored while fighting an alpha carno and dying or DCing, being drowned for it etc. Perhaps each player could have a "pet inventory" to store their chibis as non-items which could be removed and turned back into items for trading. I would also like to see them be renamable with a right click function and not automatically give you the NAME IT pop up which is incredibly annoying especially when trying on multiple chibis to find a fave colour. Chibi suggestions: DEINONYCHUS!!! Please the baby stage doesn't even have its own proportions at least give us baby chibis. Mana, griffin, pelagornis, lystro, thorny dragon, troodons, titanoboa and basilisk, seeker and other untameables, diplocaulus, beelzebufo, water creatures, I want my worst enemy the jellyfish enslaved to follow me around, glowbug, astrocetus, leedsichthys, lymantria, mantis, tek creatures, ABERRANT VARIANTS, maybe each chibi could have a chance of being one of the variants instead of being whole new items (and the new genesis variants) small/shoulder pets would also still be fun, the appeal isn't just being able to carry it around, it's that it's permanent, aesthetic, personal etc. Honestly I want all existing things in the game to have a chibi lol. Chibi human why not. Another suggestion, would be fun if the chibis reacted in a similar way to hlna to emotes and injury/pooping. Lvl up animation for some happy emotes, roars for some with taunt, poop when you poop (empathy poop?) and their flinch/alert when you get hurt, etc EDIT: coal should also be transferrable and gacha claus should only eat one coal/mistletoe at a time, feeding them became a tedious time sink and wasn't fun. The bugs where they would eat and not produce or would stop eating really need ironing out too
  4. Fish basket Fish baskets are not currently working, when used they do not deploy a fish they only show the breaking animation. Used on valguero, aberration cave, aberrant salmon
  5. Yeah that's an issue with the community not just opening transfers. I don't think this would do much to fix the problem, I think the solution would be making the game not want you to be around 24/7 to succeed/thrive. People spend most of their time in game and take it way too seriously because of the way it makes you play.
  6. New maps usually do come with a few months of no in-transfers. I think it was about 4 or 5 for valguero.
  7. Ark is a sandbox. Until genesis (potentially) there isn't a lot to do in pve ark other than breeding crazy dinos. You can only explore any cave one or 2 times before subsequent runs become just farming it for artifacts. The same goes for bosses. The bosses which realistically you also need to do a lot of breeding to be able to fight then even more breeding to be able to farm. Removing breeding/mutations/etc would straight up kill the game, no coming back. No matter whether you don't want to tame something or not, there will always be plenty of people who do. Removing dinos just because waaahh I don't like them would be a stupid idea. CHANGING them however is a far more reasonable expectation. Wild ichthyornis could be slower and easier to hit or maybe they land after stealing to "eat". Pegos could be less common and less tanky. Jellyfish stuns NEED A COOLDOWN, shortening the duration of the stun does nothing, a dino should become immune for a few seconds after a few shocks. Seekers should be tamable. Many other changes would be good. But yes, ark is still PARTLY a survival game. You are never meant to be invincible and you are not. You can be in god tier flak and decide to take your chances on a drop where troodons spawn and be nibbled to death for 10 minutes. You can be on an awesome tame but whoops! you left it on passive and suddenly microraptors and raptors. People avoiding all the dangers in the environment (read: only using fliers) are bound to be constantly bored. There's no skill to pressing shift w for 5 minutes, there's nothing to avoid, nothing to see and nothing to think about. When you ask for them to remove annoying dinos you really are just asking for a game you can play totally mindlessly.
  8. Trading is one of the main purposes you can find in playing pve. Creating really strong dinos won't win you any raids and creating really strong dinos just to leave laying around or hoard for yourself is not satisfying for most players. People want some feeling of reward for the literal months, years etc they spend on this game, if you don't like trading don't do it, but many do and find fun in it.
  9. PLEASE. And also a way to switch between SEPARATE ALLIANCE CHATS. Being in a few alliances with people that don't know what's going on or who you're talking to... just a pain in the ass and it makes no sense to merge all alliances into one chat
  10. I really don't understand why they don't keep backups. Even if it did it automatically every few days AS WELL as every time you transfer/upload etc I can't see there being any more total losses, worst case scenario people would lose items but would still have their character and unlocks.
  11. PvE Griefing Fixes Preventing dinos able to pick/carry other dinos from doing so to wilds was a lazy and pretty ineffective "fix" for griefing. It also nullifies half or most of the combat and practical functionality of some of the game's most fun tames, such as the kapro, almost useless without it unless you particularly like them, tusos which are left unable to use their best ability: the succ, crabs which can save the day through the power of yeet, etc. These are partially/mostly pve abilities which are exclusive to pvp which is a real shame when the main appeal of pve is having fun with cool tames and unique abilities. Not to mention that it in no way helps people luring titans, gigas, wyverns to peoples' bases. Here are some better suggestions to prevent using wilds to grief people. Prevent the transfer of aggro from one tribe to another. If a dino's aggro is attempted to be "passed" to another tribe it should remain passive indefinitely unless the receiving tribe attacks it. It should also be set to despawn shortly unless a tribe actively aggros it for taming/killing etc (for exampIe you woul still be able to use public/unlocked traps as it would remain aggroed to you) In the event of an attempt to transfer aggro, a tribe's tamed aggressive dinos and defences should also not attack. It may help for the act of picking a wild to cause aggro. Prevent crossfire damage to other players' tames/structures etc. Someone should not be able to tank damage from a wild to cause it to damage someone else's property. Reduce the length/distance of wyvern aggro as well as fix them randomly deciding to fly across the map and then getting mad at the first poor unsuspecting base they happen upon. This is a huge problem on valguero. This is a suggestion for the base game and official servers, as this is not only an issue with reduced functionality of tames and the restriction of parts of the game which are not inherently pvp oriented, but the way griefing is not made impossible by the change in the slightest, at best it slightly inconveniences the troll.
  12. One massive flaw in your logic here: you would prefer them to require lots of people? If they are tamable solo it allows solo/small tribes to have a chance, that should not be changed lol. Whenever things are made "harder" all that does is make it impossible for those who cannot dedicate all their time to the game. Those who can will likely be optimising anyway. So asking for things to be harder only raptors people who can't/don't want to play the game most of the day or in a large tribe over, not the ones making the game as taxing and toxic as it is. Plus very few things will ever take that long to tame unless you deliberately go for the absolute worst taming food.
  13. Really like the idea of new bosses with different restrictions, maybe some could be no mount, only small unridden dinos, some could have different drag weight caps
  14. What about using ordering groups to assign dinos to troughs/sets of troughs or just having settings in the trough itself? The way it works at the moment means you either have to use more space or raise small fish eaters at different times to normal meaters
  15. My theory is that they stealth pushed some experimental "meshing fix" or something and everything is spawning and just falling through the map. I've seen it on extinction sunken forest and the hope mod map too, so I really think it's a caves/underground area issue. You can see on server restarts there are a few more dinos as it repopulates, then they all just disappear.
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