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  1. With rebalancing maybe it could work, and as caerbannog pointed out, the root if the issue really is the cooldown. So better loot for killing, the titans dying at the end of the fight (with a setting for sp/unofficials to disable this) and/or a reduced cooldown I think it could give people more of a chance while making it less grindy. Wildcard has a habit of substituting challenge for tedium
  2. I definitely agree that the time sink is ridiculous, seeing as a second cannot spawn at the same time as the first I don't even understand the decision to have a cooldown and such a long one at that.
  3. I also wanna bump this, I live in the emerald forest and it's an actual struggle to feed my meat eaters. I either have to take a wyvern to the surface or collect scraps of spino flesh
  4. I'm not even talking about pvp and the affects it might have on it, I'm talking about pve, because you are basing your suggestion of your experience in singleplayer. People absolutely would hog the titans more if there was so little reason to kill them instead of taming them. They would hold onto them and as soon as they were about to starve they would get set to tame again. If there is no incentive to kill them after you have your unlocks because you don't need to for the boss, the loot lowkey isn't usually worth it and because you kill several birds with one stone, people won't do it. And if people don't kill them it greatly decreases the chances of people getting a chance to tame or kill them before the same tribe gets there.
  5. It's pretty subjective. I don't believe it would help mp much at all. Especially as people could easily just monopolise and have all 3 titans the whole time, constantly farming the boss, taming as soon as they starve out. It makes it more likely that people would hog the titans because no one would ever need to kill them after they get their unlocks and because a single tribe could essentially claim them and "hold them hostage". It would mean that people moreso have to rely on a good community and nature of others and I'm sure you understand these are not common things in ark xD. So no. It would likely hurt a LOT of people with the bad far outweighing the good. And yes. I sat through all of it lol. You can imply you don't like using a lot of mods but if you are already talking about using 2 I am going to suggest using 3 or 4 if that will improve the game experience for you.
  6. First thing you need to understand is that Singleplayer is not, has never been and will never be a priority. It's not how the VAST majority of players enjoy the game, as you even mentioned in that bags are dropped for others to take, the game is purely designed with multiplayer in mind. Not only is this the case but in singleplayer you have absolute control. If your dino dies to a bug, you can load up an old save and just transfer it over. If there are game mechanics that affect your game enjoyment, you can make your judgement to overcome that. You are free to install mods to help, you can spawn the trophies in, you could spawn the titans in and kill them, you could install a kill potion mod if you want to do it "legit" and kill your tamed titans. You could even just set it to slomo [high number] and let them starve out for real. On multiplayer, official pve in particular, most people don't really care about rushing the bosses, though if they did they can simply kill as many times as they need to, tame them and go for it. Sure. There are issues in SP and it sucks. But it's unrealistic to assume that features will be drastically changed to accommodate for sp players when the overwhelming majority of players are on servers and when people in sp have full control of their game with all admin commands and mods. So no, my suggestion doesn't solve "only half" the problem, it would improve the problem for almost all players.
  7. It's not like they take long to die. If you are rushing the king titan you will be killing them instead anyway, it's faster and easier than taming them
  8. With the imprinting feature, a pause feature would also be good, emulating cryopods. The chamber should have to remain powered the whole time
  9. I think they should unlock by consuming the dropped rockwell recipes
  10. This needs more votes, ridiculous design
  11. It should not require 2 people but all belongings should become property of the last to leave and the old tribe should be wiped immediately. I had to add extra capitals to my tribe name because the old one technically still exists.
  12. MYTVY

    Remove Leeds Fish

    People need to stop feeling so entitled and going straight to "I don't like it wildcard get rid of it!!!1!" You would be better off coming up with a suggestion on how they could be improved or made less op. For example, they could hit a boat once and leave. My suggestion to those who want boat cities though is just add turrets.
  13. The titans could just have a trophy in their inventory after tame to remove this issue
  14. Idk about % damage turrets unless it's a fairly small amount but potentially turret quality bps and higher turret damage while offline could help making raiding harder and alleviating some of the toxicity
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