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  1. Is it just me or is the comment section the same, everytime Cedric or another WildCard staff post something? Big part of the community: *complains Staff member: *tries to make things better by announcing more events, content and QoL changes Big part of the community: *still complains
  2. guess its time to learn the golden rule of buying videogames: NO PREORDERS!
  3. i dont see a problem. I can see that you are not a big fan of daeodons (obviously), but i dont understand what your problem is. They can heal themselves, thats on purpose. They have a big health pool, which i also on purpose. Why give a creature a healing ability, when it is extremly fragile like a shoulder mount and can be killed with two bites of a carno? They are supposed to be tanky, but not as tanky as giant carnivores. And if your problem is that they heal faster than your rex can deal damage, then your should have leveled him up, or ignored the pigs in the first place. At some point you have to learn, what creature is good and what is bad, what you can fight with a rex and what not.
  4. not sure if that will work. they both deal damage. it wont matter too much with the kangaroo, but the galli on the other hand. it is pretty fragile after all.
  5. Somebody should try to understand the community. One part wants more updates, another part wants less updates. Guess it will always be a mystery Anyways, merry christmas and have nice holidays.
  6. google it or look it up on the forum. You are not the first one to ask these questions. Just scroll through some existing forum threads. Might be more time saving than waiting for replies.
  7. Well, since almost everybody is talking about the raptor pounce, here is my part. It is annoying, i think we can all agree on that. But that is not even the worst part. Whats even worse is the fact that they can pull you from every mount. not just small ones. EVERY MOUNT, even a Giga. And they somehow are able to grab you off a mount and then pounce you afterwards. Have you ever done a ptera barrel roll into a group of Raptors? No? Well, dont do it. I cant tell, how often these suckers pulled me from a ptera and then pinned me to the ground. They are just standing there doing their own raptor business, but they still manage to pull me off my mount with their mystical telekinetic powers (definitely NOT a bug *cough *cough).
  8. Only on console, but you can also use a command to unlock it. Anyways, thats a bit unfortunate, because i have no idea, what could be wrong.
  9. You could have unlocked them using a command. Did they change that?
  10. PC or console? Because you have to beat the Overseer with gamma/beta difficulty for Rag and The Center on Console. Dont know about Val.
  11. It usually appears at creatures that have a rage meter. This includes Trike, Giga and Rhino. Trike and Rhino deal more damage, while a full giga rage meter indicates that you should run. It also appears when holding cryopods. Thats just a bug (like most other things). It is just there and doesnt affect anything.
  12. DDosing is when the server crashes, because it cant handle the data. Unfortunately there are a lot of known tools to override the server. So you can use DDosing tools to kinda blackmail other people. "Give up, if you want to play. Otherwise we will crash the server." Something like that.
  13. You're right that deinos dont gain the extra taming levels, but they get an imprinting bonus, which makes up the 70 lvl gap. And they dont deal much damage with one attack alone, but they deal way more damage combined with their bleeding effect. With their imprint bonus, they are very fast, which makes them better as a traveling dino. And as @caleb68said, they arent meant to be tanks.
  14. Frogs can farm more than any other creatures from (only) eurypterids. You have to be careful though, because frogs get encumbered very easy. But with some breeding you can get a high weight frog at some stage and farm the hell out of eurypterids. You can get a tamed Plesio or a Mosa for extra weight and protection. Outside of Ragnarok Eurypterids are very rare though. But you can farm black pearls by hand on Valguero and Ragnarok.
  15. Yes, Barys, Thylas and Argys are also good at killing alphas, but you get the saddles later than the carno saddle. And I would rather stick to the carno than to a thyla, whose saddle is only 5 levels higher and is a little bit demanding to tame. And i think its not really worth the time and resources, unless I really need a Thyla. Equus, Iguanodons and Ptera may be better, because they can attack, but Equus and Iguanodons are slower unless you pump up their speed. Galli is faster, but you can also tame it very late, because you would kill it with arrows. And the Ptera also might be faster, but it has to stop every 20 seconds and regenerate stam. The Diplo can be easy prey, because of its size and the lack of attacking, and i have to agree with you at that point, because i havent thought of that, but bringing up the Mana, which is one of the most unbalanced creatures in the game, is not a very good argument. It can be the answer to everything. Why should you tame a Rex, if you can tame a Mana? Why should you tame Wyverns, when you can have a Mana? And thats the thing. The Mana is the weakest argument you can bring up in a conversation, because it is definition of unbalanced.
  16. There are also some good german ones, but german is a language that is only spoken in like 5 countries and maybe several small islands, but yeah. Its like recommending a youtuber from Greek, commentating his videos in greek. There arent a lot of people understanding it.
  17. And thats what i mean. Flying with my ptera, trying to kill some raptors and just get dismounted, like the ptera flew against a wall with high speed and instantely lost consciousness. Its so fricking annoying. Raptors are even deadlier than a giga or wyverns, just because of their spawning frequency in beginner areas, as well as their speed and incredible high damage output. And the unnecessary bug.
  18. You mean like flying with a ptera through a group of raptors and you just dismount for no reason and then getting killed because one raptor pinned you, while the other three raptors are hammering on you until they break your armor and you cant even whistle attack my target to defend yourself?
  19. The list shows creatures a Raptor can pin down like riders. A megalo and a rex are not part of these list, because they arent immobilized by the raptor. But it can still pull the rider from a big mount like a rex. It doesnt pin the rex, just the rider. If you are running next to a steep surface, a raptor can even pull you off a Giga, as long as it can reach you.
  20. Hold the Y/Triangle/E button (the button used to get on a creature). This will open a radial menu and you should be able to get up, if your position is correct. Otherwise you have to move around the tapejara to find the perfect spot for riding it. Another option would be to move the body.
  21. The setting also affects wild dinos. So your dinos eat slower, but you have to wait longer with taming. I would rather let my tames starve to death.
  22. Am i the only one who is more interested in the upside down sloped walls than in the map and creatures?
  23. Because they are on sale. If you buy them without a discount it is cheaper to buy it with the season pass. And what if you only want Aberration? You can buy it for 10$, while you pay 64$ for the season pass, which includes DLCs, you might not like. That would be wasted money. Why pay more for things you dont even like, when you can just buy the one thing that is much cheaper.
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