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  1. Qwertymine

    Rock drake

    Why? As far as I can remember, Drakes can't be bred Edit: Never mind, can't believe I didn't know about this
  2. Yeah, this health nerf effectively makes 6 of your Griffins wild health levels worthless to you, super dumb
  3. I'll say it outright, the Griffin sucks. It's honestly baffling how awful the "flagship" creature of Ragnarok really is. First off, its stats are awful. A tamed level 1 Griffin has 50 health. 50 HEALTH because of a -900 health penalty they get when tamed. Compare that to Tropeognathus, Snow Owl, Argentavis, Desmodus, Astrodelphis, and Tapejara. All those creatures have at least 325 health despite being slightly smaller or of equal size to the Griffin. A level 1 tamed Griffin has the SAME health as a LEVEL 1 COMPY. It would be much better to simply change its health to a stat lower than 950(The base health of wild level 1 Griffins) like 350 or 400 and get rid of the health nerf and adjust their stat growths accordingly to be more in line with those of the other flyers I mentioned(All of which have very similar stat growth). This health problem is further exacerbated by the lack of a saddle, breeding, or mate boost for the Griffin to help mitigate incoming damage, three weaknesses only shared with literally one tameable creature in the game, the Phoenix(Which also isn't good). Giving Griffins a saddle, genders, or the ability to breed(This could be done without genders like the Maewing) would really boost their overall viability. My favorite idea is allowing breeding without genders, but all Griffins have natural "Feather Armor" like that of Shadowmanes that decreases in effectiveness as the Griffins health lowers(Basically, the Griffin has higher damage resistance at higher health values, starting at around 80-95 armor points when above 90% and gradually going down to a minimum of 20 at 25% health). This isn't the only part of the Griffin to be nerfed when tamed however. A Griffin loses 50% melee damage when tamed. Now the wiki is vague on whether this is 50% of the Griffins total melee, or just a flat 50%, but that's still ridiculous considering all mention fliers above have no such nerf to their melee despite all of them having fairly comparable melee values. This was likely done because of the damage value ramp on the Griffin's Diving Swipe, but again this has a fairly easy fix. I would buff the Griffin's melee attacks(Both the bite and swipe attacks) to a base damage of 30 to put it ahead of the other fliers in combat, and adjust the damage ramp on the diving swipe to keep it similar(Or slightly stronger) than what it is now. Again, this problem would be further remedied with the inclusion of genders or mating(Mating boost and Imprinting/Mutations respectively). The last area the Griffin seems to suffer in is its abilities, which seem to be just prototypes for later creatures. The gliding on Griffins feels stiff and robust compared to Snow Owls and Desmodus, and its ground pound attack really doesn't do much compared to its Diving Swipe. I believe the Griffin should deal more damage with the ground pound than it does now(Base 145 as compared to 115, made even more powerful by changes to its melee growth and damage modifiers like Mate Boost and Imprint) with an addition of knockback akin to that of the Andrewsarchus back kick. It's grabbing potential is really low despite the fact that it cannot attack or glide when doing so, meaning it's a direct detriment to grab a creature at almost any point. I believe the Griffin's weight should be increased to around 350(With some better stat growth) and it should be able to grab the same creatures as an Argentavis can, with the ability to attack grabbed creatures and glide(At a 25% reduced speed). Lastly, through some bug or intentionally, the Griffin doesn't seem to be able to fly backwards at full speed and cannot sprint backwards, in direct contrast to the Desmodus, Astrodelphis, and Tapejara(The Tropeognathus technically has this problem, but that's only because it cannot sprint fly without its saddle, which doesn't let it go backwards anyways, but it can still fly backwards at full speed when not sprinting). Allowing the Griffin to fly backwards at full speed would be a buff to its mobility that brings it more in line with these four and removes a bit of clunkiness. If some of or even all of these changes to the Griffin were to be added, we'd see a much more versatile and dangerous creature, capable of incredible speed and damage while ultimately remaining relatively in line with other fliers in stats and abilities. To compensate, the Griffin could be made slightly larger to make it easier to hit and make its pickup look a little less awkward on some creatures, and it could be made harder to tame, either by making it a harder KO tame in general or granting it a whole new taming method. TLDR: The Griffin would greatly benefit from a change to its health to bring it more in line with other flyers, some form of damage mitigation like a saddle, mate boost, or breeding for Imprint, a higher melee stat and changes to the damage on its Diving Swipe and Ground Pound, and an overhaul on its weight, creature pickup pool, and flight mobility. To compensate, it could be made larger and harder to tame.
  4. Plenty of other creatures have been around longer than the Allo that look even worse. Bronto, Carbonemys, Giganotosaurus, Mosasaurus, Plesiosaurus, Mesopithecus, Quetzalcoatlus, etc. etc. Yeah, it's not the most stellar model, but it's pretty serviceable and the Allo has more going for it in the abilities department.
  5. Yeah, and being non-canon shouldn't be an issue seeing as how creatures exclusive to non-canon maps can be brought to canon ones.
  6. Pteranodons have awful stats, this one doesn't surprise me at all. I honestly don't know how you also lost a level 30 to it as well though. Wild Dinos are almost always weaker than Tamed ones just because of how dino leveling when wild and when tamed works. Outside of obvious cases like Giganotosaurus, your tamed dinos shouldn't really lose to wild dinos unless they are at a numbers disadvantage or something. I also see in a reply you made that you claim a wild Raptor destroyed a Stone Base, which is legitimately impossible, even regular Rexes can't do that. So either you're actually making stuff up and staging stuff like this to try and get attention, or like I said before, you are missing a fundamental understanding of how to play this game. I've beaten this game multiple times, taking on countless Wyverns with a single Rex, slaying Rexes with low level Trikes, and killing Trikes with nothing but wooden spears. The PvP creature balance is kinda borked in this game, but the Wild vs Tamed balance is honestly really well done.
  7. Huh? No way you're losing Stegos(Especially now that they got buffed) or Quetzals to Troodon and Compies. You'd have to leave them alone on passive for that to happen, and at the end of the day that would be your fault. Two tamed and saddled 100+ Anklyos would NEVER lose to a level 10 Saber, their attack range is simply too large to prevent them from hitting it the one or two times they need to kill it. Either your wild dinos are doing RIDICULOUS amounts of damage due to server settings or you're really just missing something when it comes to this game. Outside of obvious outliers like the Managarmr and Giga(Or really anything with a Imprint and a couple mutations), the creatures in this game are pretty well balanced. Tamed creatures aren't ALWAYS at the advantage against wilds, and wilds aren't always at an advantage against tames. I'd say the only problem I have with wilds is how close they get to tames, limiting movement or counterattack for creatures with relatively limited AOEs, like Wolves behind a Rhino or Allos getting behind a Rex.
  8. Argies already had a TLC, if any flier were to get a TLC it should be Pteras, Quetzals, Pelagornis, or Moths.
  9. At 19 total creature ideas so far!
  10. Qwertymine

    Wolf tlc

    The Wolf already got a TLC, something like this would be better used on the Terror Bird or Sabertooth.
  11. I'm not sure the Allo or Pachyrhino need a TLC, they're fine as is IMO. Megloceros could use a model update, not much else though.
  12. Honestly, I'm surprised they weren't made breedable after the release of Genesis 2 and the Astrodelphis. Kinda weird
  13. They only did it with Magmasaurs because their food is(At least realistically) tied to Astrocetus. Without Astros, you can't(Again, realistically) get Ambergris. But Wyverns obviously always spawn with other Wyverns, and Rock Drakes have only ever been on one map, and that map has the food they need. I think if we get Rock Drakes on Fjordur they will get an alternate taming food even if Nameless are on the map, but only time will tell.
  14. Honestly, either the Bronto, Giga, or Quetzal. These three really need some changes, Bronto and Quetzal to make them more viable, and Giga to shift the focus of its power out of "Big thing hit hard".
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