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  1. False. Predator X is synonymous with Pliosaurus, a relative of Liopleurodon. Predator X wouldn't be a bad endgame creature to add, make it more burst damage based.
  2. None actually. I don't think any dinos lay eggs faster than others, so I haven't seen the need to retire or pod any of them.
  3. Qwertymine

    Suggestion for Aberration

  4. Qwertymine

    What Dinos attack Brontos ?

    The definitive list is Rex, Giga, Spino, Allo, any aggressive water creature(Megalodon, Piranha, etc.), Yutyrannus, Therizinosaurus, Dire Bear, Chalicotherium, Bugzerker Megatherium, Gigantopithicus, Pegomastax, Compies(This is a maybe, I found them attacking my Rex once despite the fact I hadn't used him for three days so there's no way he could have hurt them), Leeches, Meganura(This is when they are by a dead body that you are also nearby), Thylas(Will pounce you off the Bronto) and Diplos(These are more of a nuisance than a threat). On the DLC's or if you are playing a modded map: Griffins, Wyverns, Rock Elementals, Rock Drakes, Deathworms, Vultures(By a corpse), Thorny Dragons, Reapers, Karkinos, any Corrupted Creature, and I think Managarmr(I'd have to check).
  5. Qwertymine

    Make Hybrids

    For what purpose? So we can make a Rex as fast as a Spino? Or a Giga that doesn't lose stamina like a quadrupedal Iguanadon? Oooo, how about a Dunkle and Dimorph hybrid that can tear through stone bases in swarms. See how something as vague as "create hybrids" makes problems? Give us ideas, or guidelines. Something that really defines how this mechanic would work, what it would bring to the game, and how it would remain balanced.
  6. Qwertymine

    The best dino you ever tamed

    My Titanosaur Zeus(I know, high end tame, I've got tons of other stories but I like this one the most). My tribe had a Giga problem on our mountain. Try as we might, Gigas would spawn no matter what we did. None of them were worth taming, and only caused issues for us. So one day I got fed up with the issue and strapped up my Quetzal to go and find a Titan(Our server had perm-tame on). I gathered all the cannonballs I thought I would need and set out on a 5 irl day trip around the island to find a Titanosaur(Obviously with breaks). It was almost like a camping trip. I'd touch down before I got off, build a little camp to sustain myself and make a mark of where I'd already been, and set off when I came back. Finally, I ran across Zeus on the main river running down the middle of the Island. I set up a camp to provide a respawn point, and immediately got to work. It took me almost three hours to tame him, chase him around, yadayada. When Zeus was finally unconscious, I ran into a problem. I didn't know it wasn't a berry tame. I flew to main base and our tribe assembled a saddle as quickly as we could. I flew back on an Argy, and finally had the solution to our Giga problem. In his lifetime, Zeus racked up twenty-five Giga kills and three Titanosaur kills. We had a big base on him for tribe trips(Walk around the Island taming and having fun). We finally lost Zeus when we transfered servers, as he couldn't be uploaded like our other creatures. We said our goodbyes, and as far as I know he starved to death, though there was a rumor the server admin used DestroyMyTarget to prevent "suffering" which I thought was very kind of him considering we didn't always get along. I miss the big guy. It makes me mad that Titans from Extinction were downloadable to other maps(If for a limited time), but Titanosaurs couldn't be. Kinda stings.
  7. What? Therizino's?
  8. Qwertymine

    Rework the kibble rework

    Useless is a relative term. Meta-wise, probably, but I know that I get a lot of use out of generally "Useless" or "Forgotten" creatures. It's about what you choose to see in that creature and how you use them.
  9. Qwertymine

    They should really buff the rex

    Yes, that's what real life means. You can't cherry-pick creatures like that to try and prove a point. Debatable. Gigas aren't exactly kings of travel either, and Rexes still boast pretty good carry weight and stamina. Good for long distance if you are looking to go out for a while(My tribe uses Rexes with cryo-Ankys to walk from mountain to mountain rather than fly back on Argies every time we finish one, with weight bred Rexes it works pretty well and we have lots of fun).
  10. Qwertymine

    Ark's Got a Plot! Make a Movie!

    The purpose of the Titans from an in-game lore perspective are as tests leading to the King Titan, the personification of Corruption. To exclude the King Titan is really to exclude corruption altogether. Canonically(Not reflected in game play) the destruction of King Titan signals the destruction of all corrupt Element on Earth. Due to the inherently corrupt nature of Aberration(Meaning departure from what is normal, usual, or expected) there is still corrupt element under the control of Rockwell. As this corrupt element is no longer attached to the King Titan, Rockwell assumes control over it. Ark's existing overarching story, no matter how contrived or thrown together it may be at times, is suited to be a movie in itself(Likely multiple based on map or length, Island p.1 and p.2 to cover a lot of the different aspects the game has, etc. etc.).
  11. Qwertymine

    ARK Survival Evolved: The Movie?

    Not even close. As much as I like the story, the fragmented way you uncover it and a lot of loose ends really don't help it at all. There's a lot of stuff the survivors in the notes see or do(Like the human chambers in Aberration that Helena describes) that we never get to see despite the fact we are following in their footsteps. The biggest example of this for me is the Extinction notes, where entire armies of corrupt dinos and the titans chase Helena and Mei-Yin. Nothing even close to that is seen in-game, the Titans can't even leave a designated zone(For balance reasons, but you see my point).
  12. Qwertymine

    Inbreed dinos will die a slow death

    That's kinda a poor reason don't you think? Let's just drive away half the breeding community by forcing them to constantly be taming new dinos to breed with.
  13. Qwertymine

    Managarmr vertical strafe

    It's economically smart to split PvP and PvE balancing. More people play the game that way, because one side of the communities bickering and issues doesn't affect the balance of the other side. Not splitting PvP and PvE balance has easily been one of the worst decisions Wildcard has ever made with Ark.
  14. Qwertymine

    Why I dont want cap on My flier speed

    I wonder why.
  15. With all the randomness this game experiences, encounters as complex as these would have to be scripted, like permanent NPC bases that can be torn down, but will be rebuilt the exact same way in the next week or so. The amount of bugs stuff like this(Especially in a game like Ark) is immeasurable. Minecraft, a game with NPC's, often struggles with the random generation of villages. Granted this is because both the world and village are randomly generated, but Ark probably wouldn't be too different.