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  1. I'm not sure the Allo or Pachyrhino need a TLC, they're fine as is IMO. Megloceros could use a model update, not much else though.
  2. Honestly, I'm surprised they weren't made breedable after the release of Genesis 2 and the Astrodelphis. Kinda weird
  3. They only did it with Magmasaurs because their food is(At least realistically) tied to Astrocetus. Without Astros, you can't(Again, realistically) get Ambergris. But Wyverns obviously always spawn with other Wyverns, and Rock Drakes have only ever been on one map, and that map has the food they need. I think if we get Rock Drakes on Fjordur they will get an alternate taming food even if Nameless are on the map, but only time will tell.
  4. Honestly, either the Bronto, Giga, or Quetzal. These three really need some changes, Bronto and Quetzal to make them more viable, and Giga to shift the focus of its power out of "Big thing hit hard".
  5. All my ideas are complete now. There's possibility of a few more, but this will require some research and thought.
  6. Ok, but this is an ichthyosaur, not Ichthyosaurus. We've known about large ichthyosaurs for a while now, like Shonisaurus and Shastasaurus. Yeah, the Ichthy is at least due for a model update, but it doesn't need to be made any bigger or aggressive.
  7. I'm one to believe that no creature needs to be removed. As for TLC... Some of these I disagree with, like the Ammonite, Dunkleo, Ankylo, Doed, Frog, Diplocaulus, and Chalicotherium. The others are fair enough I suppose, but it would take quite a while to TLC them all.
  8. I see a quite a few people say that, but I see most of it from people who didn't want Carcharodontosaurus in the creature votes.
  9. Something that has bothered me lately is how many people seem to scoff at the idea of adding another large carnivore because it "just won't be unique". So I've been brainstorming on large, Rex-Sized carnivores that I could create ideas for to make them unique, or at least make them stand out a bit from what we have now. HUGE WARNING, some of these are very long and very wordy. Suggestions and Feedback are greatly appreciated, as this is just a little experiment to see if people would accept more large carnivores if they were unique enough. (I initially wrote this in a Google Doc and now e
  10. They can't just add these two without express approval from Universal Studios, as the Indominus Rex and Indoraptor are both copyrighted material. The Indominus Rex mod had to be changed to the Domination Rex due to this, and I'm not even sure that could be added to the official game due to the aptly apparent "copying". While I do absolutely love the Domination Rex mod, it doesn't feel quite vanilla enough for me to want it added to the base game, and the same goes for the Indoraptor.
  11. The only suggestion here I don't agree with is the sonar ability, seems out of place for the Pelogornis, and would be better suited for a whale or dolphin. Still though, I love this TLC suggestion, Pelagornis is one of the creatures that could really use some TLC
  12. So, out of the three creatures introduced to Lost Island, Amargasaurus seems the weakest to me. Their spike effects are negligible against wild creatures(I don't play PvP much so idk how it is for you guys) because of how long they take to activate, especially the fire spikes. Fire should set in after being in a bubble for more than two seconds, and the cooldown till being set on fire again should be about 5 to 10 seconds. Stacks toward being set on fire with the melee attack should be greatly increased as well. As for Freezing spikes, these are much more consistent, but I feel the freeze time
  13. You don't have to come up with abilities, the devs are going to make their own abilities for these creatures. A lot of people voted for the Deinopithicus because they wanted it to wield guns, and it doesn't.
  14. Zygolophodon is a large species of Mastodon that inhabits both temperate and boreal forests. They are the third largest mammal currently known, only behind the Paraceratherium and Paleoloxodon. While real-life Zygolophodon's tusks were rather fragile, it seems the tusks of those on the Ark are anything but. Zygolophodon are often seen knocking down trees with their tusks and body to get a the rich sap inside, and strangely enough any tree seems to do for these behemoths. What's even weirder is that Zygolophodon will sometimes pla
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