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  1. That entirely depends on which map you are on. Purlovia and Wolves sometimes spawn outside the Snow, but I have personally never seen Mammoths, Rhinos, Yutys, or Daedon outside of the snow aside from Scorched(For obvious reasons).
  2. What? When you beat Rockwell you restart the Ark. The Obelisks then imprison Rockwell like any of the other bosses, forcing him to re spawn and die every time someone summons him. The Obelisks contain Rockwell, they aren't part of him.
  3. Strange. That may only apply to creatures from the same species.
  4. I've always thought we needed Alpha Herbivores. Trikes, Stegos, and Theri. They'd be more powerful than their carnivore equivalents, but neutral in nature. That, and an alpha form for smaller creatures like Trilobites, Dodos, and Lystros. Just a little gag.
  5. Doesn't the kibble rank scale? Deinonychus, Golden Hesperonis, Rock Drake, Wyvern, and Yutyrannus eggs can be used for Extraordinary Kibble to tame any creature in the game(Barring a few).
  6. The problem with this concept is that a larger creature wouldn't make sense(How did that Rex not just damage my tame when attacking the Raptor next to it?) but if it's too small, it won't be super effective as a guard unless you've got a lot of them. Barriers are your best bet for solving this problem(I don't think spike walls damage wild dinos unless they are attacked). It's just one of those things that not only doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but also doesn't change enough to be warrantable. The process of taming and protecting would hardly change as a whole, and would arguably only be better in some situations unless you make this proposed creature Rex-level in terms of power.
  7. It would probably be an AOE that doesn't really protect you if you're spotted. For instance, Raptors won't go into the area affected by the Pee unless they are targeting something, in which case they ignore it and run right through. Like a deterrent, not a barrier. If something is chasing you, the Pee won't change your situation.
  8. How is it too strong? If your opponent has killed you, they probably already have your stuff. If you don't die in PvP, lets say a cave or while taming something, your tribemates would be able to locate and protect your stuff.
  9. So, it gathers nearby eggs and puts them in a trough? Just give that power to the Oviraptor.
  10. The alpha predator... kills players in one hit? How is this shocking in the slightest?
  11. I'm playing the Island as of now, meaning I couldn't get a Mana if I wanted one. Right now, I'll stick to my Rhino. I'm tired of people crying and whining that something is OP even after it's been nerfed into the ground. The Giga for example, is an absolutely terrible creature compared to most. Little mobility, relatively low health, and stats that grow slower than almost everything else in the game. It's an absolute relic of the game's design that sadly wasn't corrected in the TLC patches. The Mana is going down the same path. A serviceable creature, but one who still reflects the archaic way in which Wildcard balances the game. Rather than actually fix either of these creatures, they simply made them worse. Not more balanced, as Gigas and Manas are still strong in their own right, but definitely worse. It's not a good way to balance a game. That's why I don't like it. I could care less about actually using the Mana, but the way it has been handled re-enforces a bad practice.
  12. Why should you delete it? You obviously have a problem with the game that many don't. NO ONE in this thread has supported you so far, and out of all the posts I've ever seen on duping and meshing, no one has seriously called for the deletion of the game. His reaction isn't hypocritical at all. The devs shouldn't remove the game. Fixing it is very important, but removing it? Jeez. If you had made a valid argument as to why you think the game needs a little break for fixing, I probably could have supported you or sympathized. But all you've got to say is "Plz delete, dev bad". Yes, the game is in many aspects broken, and in many aspects the Devs aren't doing as good as they could. But honestly, I'm never surprised. This is an incredibly expansive game with an ever increasing scope. The biggest bad on the block used to be Rexes, and Titans blow them out of the water nowadays. There's so much the devs need to account for, and so much that can possibly go wrong. Problems like duping and meshing aren't simple fixes. I personally believe the servers and maps would need a total rework to eliminate those problems entirely. But that doesn't call for the deletion of the game from stores. The most it warrants is an all server-wipe. It's a good game all things considered. I've personally played through all the story maps five times(Like a campaign) and poured hundreds of other hours into each map separately. I've played just about every gamemode(Except Prim+) at both early and current stages of the game. While I don't minimax every part of my gameplay experience(IDK how y'all do the crazy breeding stuff that's out there) I do believe I'm pretty used to this game, its mechanics, its bugs, and its qualities. Even when I lost a Rex army to the Overseer, my save data to the Titanosaur update, or my original character to a bug, I never thought of quitting the game. For me, it's just that good. If you can't bring yourself to like it, I honestly feel sorry for you. TLDR: It's a good game regardless of its sadly numerous flaws, and I'm disappointed you think taking the enjoyment from others is a good way of "fixing" the game.
  13. So you gotta delete the game? Not fix the issue or anything, just delete it? Even deleting it till a re-release is excessive. It would be better to release patches that attempt to fix the issue, see if they work, and keep working if they don't. If the game stays live, it's easier to see what methods players come up with.
  14. While I wouldn't even take this against a tamed Giga, it does sound like a fun idea.
  15. Why not remove every videogame in existence then? What you're suggesting is even more than a Nuclear Option. It's like causing a supernova to kill a spider.
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