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  1. Named a female Gigantopithicus George because I didn't check the gender, it was like that for about two years till I finally checked her gender.
  2. Not so sure about the Mantis, as Deathworm horns are much harder to come by than Rhino Horns in the first place, so what would be the point in killing them when you could just get Rhino horns. As for the Basilisk, I really don't think it belongs on Crystal Isles at all after most of the other Aberration stuff was removed.
  3. This in nothing but a griefing device, being able to hit anywhere on the map from the safety of your base is ridiculous no matter how you slice it. Plus, expenses on resources and ammo hardly matter when so much can already be made, ignoring any dupping that may occur. Don't even get me started on the mek and cryopod missiles, let me just send an army of Gigas anywhere I want at any time, then hit them with a normal rocket to rage them out, all while being across the map and away from their fury.
  4. Or some other identifying factor, like Character Id and such. Idk, names feel like they should always be customizable in a game like Ark.
  5. Honestly, good luck taming one without a tranq rifle. Yeah, no one uses them, but no one uses Female Megaloceros, Terror Birds, Pelagornis, 90% of shoulder pets, or Diplos either. They aren't used because you need health and melee more than anything else in PvP, speed is only good for PvP if you can back it up like the Managarmr. Also, it makes sense for the Galli to only be good at open plains running, because that's how it was. Honestly, try running down a hill at top speed and see how well you do. At the end of the day, they're still one of the fastest creatures full stop
  6. It's not supposed to be a low tier dino, it just feels that way because their only strength is their speed. Only like three or four creatures can really beat a Gallimimus in a straight sprint, and I think only the Mana can once you start leveling movement speed. There's plenty of nothing creatures in the game, the Galli is probably one of the more useful ones. After all this time though, I think they deserve a health buff, and an immunity to slowing abilities like webbing or ice.
  7. So, they're Dire Wolves that can jump?
  8. This doesn't sound like it would help new or solo players very much.
  9. If it isn't actively approaching you, or hitting your creature when it gets near, you're fine. Honestly, I don't bother with killing them, it's too tedious for how much of a non-threat they are. Just be cautious and you'll be fine.
  10. Breeding is the root of half the problems this game faces, it's crazy to me that they've let it be this busted for so long.
  11. With the existence of spiked walls and fence foundations, this seems redundant.
  12. Volcano biome superiority.
  13. This is a lot more than a small TLC...
  14. Depends. If you stand on them yeah, they'll probably get attacked, but if you follow them probably not. The only passive tames that can't be moved when wild and are generally unsafe in their environments are Featherlights(You might be able to grab one with a Megalosaur, not sure though) and Megachelon. Every other creature is either relatively safe(Like Diplos, Basilisks, Basilos, and Tusos) or can be moved using creatures(Ex. Chalicos, Ovis, Equus, Otters).
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