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  1. Ehh, doesn't seem likely. Most Genesis lines are just throwaway jokes that really shouldn't be taken at face value.
  2. Making Drakes breedable is something I can agree with, but not Reapers. Wyverns(Crystal and Normal), Managarmr, and Magmasaurs, which are all the "Wyverns" of their respective maps are simply tamed through hatching an egg, so it makes sense that they'd be breedable. However, Reapers have an entirely different taming method than any creature out there, and I really don't think they should be breedable. I think other creatures like Basilisks, Karkinos, and Rock Elementals need breeding more than Reapers do. As a counterbalance to Reapers not being breedable, I do think the Reaper Que
  3. Ahhh, didn't know they're rideable now. Haven't had a Zombie Wyvern since the DodoWyvern was first released in Fear Evolved 2
  4. I should preface this is on Singleplayer Xbox with Singleplayer stats turned off, max difficulty on, and dino number set to 1. Since Fear Evolved 4 started a few days ago for Xbox, I've found two, exactly two 150 creatures(A Pachyrhino and Parasaur) across the entire Island excluding caves. Now compare that to the Center where I found a pack of three 150 Raptors, Five 150 Rexes, Four 150 Dire Wolves, and seven 150 Carnos on just the Lava Island. I should also mention the 145 Giga and Spino I saw. I gotta ask, why is it like this???? Like I picked the option for MAX difficulty,
  5. Fairly certain they've never had an inventory, and they are entirely separate from normal Wyverns. Can't be bred, ridden, are smaller(I think) and have faster health regen.
  6. Enforcer is kinda like a hybrid, because it initially has to teleport to a wall(Kinda like how the Ferox and Deinon have to jump) but then it becomes a full fledged 3d climber, whereas the Meglania, Rock Drake, and Climbing Picks don't have to transition like that(Climbing Picks kinda do, but that's just because of their general design)
  7. The only armors I personally don't think have a purpose in the game are Chitin and Desert Cloth. Chitin because I usually just make Flak, and Desert Cloth because I'm fairly certain Ghillie has better heat resistance, so if you get a kill on a Mantis you're set. Really think only those two need something extra to set them apart. Maybe Chitin provides torp resistance or something? And Desert Cloth should have the flatout best heat resistance in the game, even if it needs to be more expensive to make.
  8. Stupid dumb idiot ugly monkey, hate it hate it hate it Yeah, weird how the Gigantopithicus got its creepy human face changed but the Mesopithicus didn't. Really think all it needs to be decent is a model upgrade and a power buff to the poop throwing, maybe it throws rocks when tamed so it does more damage(Like the Chalico).
  9. Why are you raising 1000 baby dinos? Jeez, maybe that's the problem you're having.
  10. I honestly just think it's annoying. Random Carno hits my Spino while chasing a Galli and boom, I'm out 5% health. Can't imagine how awful pack boosted bleed damage Mate Boosted X-Megalodon are gonna be on Genesis.
  11. Yeah, there's no in-game DodoRex dossier. Sadly, the DodoRex and DodoWyvern have very little place in the lore, and probably aren't canon.
  12. Yeah, but proportionally it's the same amount of damage. A Jerboa takes the same percentage damage as a Titanosaur, but the Jerboa is so frail that it probably died from the first hit. Same thing goes for Carno vs Rex. Sure, the Carno has some percentage damage on its side, but the Rex is just so tanky and powerful that it shrugs off the Carnos melee attacks and chews through the Carno's by comparison meager healthpool.
  13. Feel like a stealth ability is more suited to Sabers. The Fox is fast and agile enough to chase down any would be prey without stealth.
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