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  1. The Mosa. It's so fat, and it's almost helpless against Cnidaria. They're strong, but it doesn't feel like they have the oomf they need. Maybe a tail slap for enemies who manage to get behind them as well? If not that, the removal of the platform saddle in favor of allowing the Mosa to swim directionally like the Megalodon and Tuso. This would make combat much easier for the Mosa, and would open up positions for the Plesi and Megachelon in terms of platforms in water. Who knows, maybe they'd make the Leedsichthys tameable to fill the power vacuum(That's a stretch though).
  2. Perhaps, but honestly Rag did it best. The only rare high levels were those of the creatures that were rare to start with(Tek Creatures, Wyverns, Griffins, etc.) which made sense. I really felt like I was spending a "fair" amount of time to find a high level creature from the species I wanted. What doesn't seem "fair" is me searching the entire Island for a total of three Rexes, none of which exceed 100. Especially when considering rarer spawns like the Giga and Quetz.
  3. A change to the Island I recently started a new playthrough(All bosses, all maps) of Ark, and The Island sucks. I'm playing Singleplayer with the Max Difficulty option on, and I haven't seen more than ten level 150 creatures. I've tamed a 150 Kairuku, Mammoth, and Bronto, but that's been it. The Island seems to not like spawning anything above 100, even after a dino wipe. Another problem is spawn issues. Rexes, Spinos, Allos, and Gigas seem to eventually "fall out" of the spawn pool. In a couple hours, I'll stop seeing them altogether. I get that the Island is supposed to be the beginner friendly map, but I beat a Titan by this time on Extinction. I'm max player level and haven't seen a Rex over level 100. Is my game just bugged, or does the Island really suck this badly? And if it is just the Island's coding, shouldn't it be changed? This has easily been my most difficult time playing Ark, simply because there's no good powerhouses to really kickstart my progression.
  4. It means you can't grind that item in a industrial grinder.
  5. It's up to personal preference. I personally like the Rex more for the raw damage and tanking abilities it can have, but the Spino certainly does out compete it in movement and versatility.
  6. Get a Bloodstalker, jeez. It's faster than any flyer you could hope to have.
  7. The raptor does this mean??????
  8. The Karkinos was added in Aberration and has never spawned in an ocean. Go to the Lunar Biome caves for Karkinos.
  9. That's never been a thing. Dinos only lose effectiveness if they take damage after being KO'd and lose it as they eat. I could KO a Rex with 1 health left and it would still have max effectiveness.
  10. Oh no, something makes the game mildly challenging and stops me from stomping entire ecosystems with some random dino I found, whatever shall I do? It isn't bad design, Corrupted were an example of bad design with their ability to destroy any structure despite being extremely common and kite-able. The X-Creatures bring a good balance the to PvE environment. It is Player vs Environment afterall, the X creatures should be difficult to deal with.
  11. If I can find a way to record it sure.
  12. I don't ever dotame, as I like the process of taming, but I do forcetame normally untameable creatures all the time. Some like the Reaper Queen, Leedsichthys, and Rubble Golem would make for awesome mounts if made tameable. I usually find and kill ten 150's of said creature before I do because I feel it slightly legitimizes the tame, unless that creature can't spawn at 150, then it's some other weird task.
  13. Your Rexes sound awful. I soloed the boss with an X-Rex group I threw together after some breeding and saddle crafting.
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