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  1. I think the Basilisk really just needs a different ranged attack. Something like a continuous acid spray on a resource meter that ignores armor or something.
  2. Yeah, it always seemed weird to me that Element Dust was a Gacha drop, no matter how rare it may be. Really don't think it should be a drop for them.
  3. Some gamemodes don't allow for gamma changing, and then you've gotta switch it back during the day unless you're ok with how saturated the light levels are. Night vision goggles are... alright in my opinion, but I think a change to the overall lighting of maps would be nice to see.
  4. The devs don't hate Aberration. They have taken steps to keep it alive and well by removing some of its creatures from maps like Valguero and Crystal Isles to keep it from dying off entirely like Scorched, which only has the Phoenix as unique content. Yeah, they don't pay a lot of attention to it, but they pay even less attention to the Island, the Center, Scorched, and Ragnarok nowadays. Aberration is better off than those maps right now, and is one of the best maps in the game. It's supposed to be a tough and unfriendly map, same as the badlands on Extinction or the Space Biome on Gene
  5. No, we care, but like you said, it's been 6 years. Ark is really only for masochists at this point, so if you don't like prolonged BDSM, you might as well just uninstall. There really isn't a whole lot we can do at this point, lots of us have already bought the game and its DLC. Unless the Dom Devs decide to rework and recode the game for some reason, the game will likely stay in this state for the rest of its life.
  6. Honestly, makes no sense that Parasaurs can detect hidden/buried targets. They should really take another look at this ability, maybe only make it work on moving targets or something.
  7. Enjoying a game often means accepting it has big flaws. I have 5k hours on Ark and love the game, but it's so messy and broken my rating is 2 stars because I wouldn't recommend it to most people and don't agree with how they handle the game and its balance.
  8. Qwertymine

    Human breeding?

    Maybe making them in a biochamber or something, but definitely not breeding. Sacrificing all the little helpless babies to the jaws of my Giga doesn't really sit right to me as a feature in Ark.
  9. Veggie Cakes are awesome, especially for Dragon and Overseer fights when using Therizinos. Plus, they're used to tame Ovis and Achatina, two very useful creatures once you get your hands on them. Seeing as how Achatina can produce Cementing Paste for basically free, I think having them only eat Sweet Veggie Cakes is a good balancing factor, at least for the servers I've played on(We don't have any huge Alpha tribes churning out innumerable resources).
  10. Except I have played Crystal Isles, and I have never had this happen, so my opinion here is valid. Plus, even if I had never played CI, I would still make taming pens, it's just standard procedure.
  11. It literally would fix the problem for you... I don't honestly know what you expect to be changed here, I've personally never had this happen to me when taming Ember Wyverns.
  12. Yeah, it may not be connected to gameplay, but herbivores IRL need MUCH more food to keep themselves sustained than carnivores do. I think that's the general idea behind the increased costs for taming herbivores compared to carnivores. Does it make much sense in terms of gameplay? Not entirely, but it has always made more sense to me regardless.
  13. I think the kibble tree is good as is, I do think Gigas should be in the Extraordinary tier though. If the Yuty is up there, the Giga definitely should be.
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