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  1. Couldn't agree more! Valguero just doesn't seem worth while to travel to apart from the new dino (which is ok at best), they could have at least added nameless and rockdrakes becuase what's the point of lightpets if there are no nameless or reapers.
  2. Couldn't agree more, a lot of people would love to see some life breathed back into Scorched Earth. Weather that's with an ending or something else.
  3. Normal generators should get powered off during an electrical storm but tek don't
  4. (Disclaimer: In no way is this meant to be hate or anything, I'm just voicing my opinion) This sounds pretty cool and i have to dissagre with you on the ascension as yes it is true that Helena and Rockwell didn't "ascend" they did just teleport off SE which shouldn't be the case for our survivour as we need a cutscene in the form of an ascension to see how we get to aberration, not just log off of Scorched earth and the randomly wake up on aberration. To me that doesn't make sense and just seems like Wildcard is just making up excuses like "we feel SE is complete story wise" or "we would
  5. I defiantly agree with everyone in this topic, the manticore does have problems landing but there are ways to help make it land. For starters you only bring land creatures if you bring any flyers the manticore will target them instead and will just stay in the air, instead have your land army just stay still which forces the manticore to come to you and eventually land right next to you. However this method doesn't work all the time becuase the manticore sometimes just bugs out but it is one of the best methods to use to get the manticore to land.
  6. i do like these, also fire wyverns are already immune to each others breath attacks. I think the Lymantria should also passively produce silk
  7. Yeah something like that could be really cool to see in ark
  8. ahh ok, could you please link me to that page somehow?
  9. While i agree ascension cinematics require a lot of work, that doesn't mean people wouldn't come back to it. What they could do is add some tek cave that requires Manticore trophy as well as every other SE trophy and then have it where you then go to the overseer platform but it transforms into the manticore and then maybe some big hyrda that has all the wyverns breath attacks, and then you get an extra 15 levels therfore getting a nice cap of 150. They could also add a few new tek engrams to SE like the tek wyvern saddle and myabe some tek irrigation that pulls water from the air or
  10. I like this idea, especially the scarab.
  11. As much as i would love this to happen i'm afraid wildcard will probably never do this, we would be lucky to get an ascensionn let lone an entire remake of scorched earth.
  12. Your probably right but i guess we won't know for sure until both parts are out
  13. It could be but i don't think it will, i guess we will find out when both parts of genesis are released.
  14. The thing is though genesis is split into two parts, the first part is us getting prepared with facing challenges and new tests and then part two is probably be going to fight rockwell. For awhile wildcard thought that extinction was going to be the last major DLC but then i guess later down it's development they thought of genesis. Also in my personal opinion Ark doesn't really need a sequal since it would be the same with gameplay and creatures but probably only the engine will be different, i feel like ark is fine with just getting dlc i can understand ark getting a sequal but personal
  15. Yeah, like fresh new content isn't a bad thing. Just that Wildcard doesn't know how to handle it properly (Just look at abberation and extinction), my guess is that Genesis will just as bad if not worse with breaking the game. I hope that doesn't happen but looking at wildcard's track record i would not be surprised.
  16. I do like these ideas alot, i personally think a hydra boss would be cooler with it having all the breath attacks of the wyverns. and then maybe some minions like mantis, arthros and even wyverns
  17. As well as the dinos you have listed here i think the megalodon is in need of a TLC considering how useless they are now. And they look ugly.
  18. I agree on the wyvern tlc, it doesn't really need one but the map itself does. Scorched earth is an amazing map and something i think wildcard should 100% put more effort into and expand, There is going to be some info later this week about a catelog of quality of life improvments and you never know they might reveal something about SE but I'm not keeping my hopes up because i really doubt Wildcard will ever do anything about Scorched Earth but i guess you never know.
  19. Couldn't agree more. Wildcard doesn't realise how much the community wants this, it's the odd map out and just feels out of place in the story. A scorched earth TLC would be the best thing right now, give SE something Ragnarok doesn't have that isn't the pheonix, it would give people a reason to go onto scorched earth because of new creatures and an acension. People want wildcard to breath fire back into scorched earth as people love the map but find it kinda pointless when you can get everything on Ragnarok.
  20. yeah, it's interesting though becuase the reason we don't have all abberation creatures on Valguero is because wildcard don't want abberation to lose value and become obsolete. But Scorched Earth has already suffered that thanks to Ragnarok and it having every SE creature besides the pheonix (but the pheonix is pointless), it's things like these that really annoy me about wildcard. They don't want abberation to lose value but they won't give Scorched Earth anything to give it value again.
  21. Yeah, this is pretty common with Wildcard they don't like to expand upon old content (which is what the community really wants), they instead prefer to forget about it and move on to making more broken, unfinished and unbalanced content (which is what the community doesn't want).
  22. I like this a lot, i definitely feel as though the creatures on scorched earth could feel some more love.
  23. I must say this would be really cool to see, but because Wildcard doesn't like to expand upon old content i doubt this would ever happen. We would be lucky enough to get an Ascension let alone an extension of the map. Although i do agree there are a lot of things Wildcard can do to make this map relevant again.
  24. Amen to that, I don't think wildcard fully realise how much the community wants them to expand upon old content wether it is SE or something else. If they really want to revitalize Scorched Earth then they need to give it something that rag doesn't have and that is worth traveling to the map for (Phoenix doesn't count), i mean look at Valguero it has an aberration trench but that trench doesn't have any of aberration's popular creatures (e.g Basilisk, Reaper, Rockdrake, nameless). The only reason i could think as too why they would do this, is because they don't want aberration to lose va
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