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  1. Flyers: Argentavis pick works like the original Argentavis (not laggy/unreliable/more like Ptera pick). Snow Owl - Remove Freezing entirely. Allow it function only as a scout flyer with the ability to dive like a Griffin and use Snow Owl vision, or only allow it to freeze itself to heal/reduce damage. (Freezing is an unfun CC mechanic that ruins any form of fun in PvP fights). If it's not nerfed increase raise time to 7 days to better reflect the monumental power that this cancercell dino has. Water: Mosasaurus - Can turn on the spot similar to Tusoteu
  2. Any word on whether you guys are looking into Basiliosaurus tanking and Quetzal Hatchframing? In order to actually tank with the Basi you need to swim into the walls however when you do that now with this anti-mesh system you are teleported or killed, without being able to tank like this you can't actually tank any underwater base except for turrets set to tamed with Turtles. Same thing with the Quetzal, you need to fly up against the wall to fly up towards structures which you now can't do. I should add that these 2 methods are currently some of the very few methods of being able to actu
  3. Prob not the best idea to announce enforcement action before you actually do it. People just gonna upload/move everything.
  4. This isn't so much a suggestion as it is awareness of what I think is a big issue with this game. A game like this relies on it's playerbase to generate content on a daily basis in regards to PvP and therefore the more players the game has, the more content is generated, and therefore the more successful the game is. I feel Small Tribes is a trap for new players that ultimately prevents growth in the game longterm as well as failing to convert newer players into longtime players of ARK. The prevailing narrative for new players is if you play on Official you're going to get zerged by these
  5. You guys should disable transfers on official PC as you have done on PS4 until you've done an investigation/are able to actually fix something on official. Seems like a better alternative than allowing cheating to become excessively rampant in the meantime as well as continuing to escalate. People understand that stuff takes time however in the meantime players still have to play the game and the longer this goes on the more people quit official which doesn't benefit anyone long term as players = content.
  6. TLDR our corrupt parent company that we sold our game to has free reign to be as corrupt as they want on the 25man cluster and there is precisely nothing we can do about it. What's that? You decided to defend yourself against DSG/TEA a little too well? Guess you're globally banned from 25 man servers and your tribe is dev wiped, shoulda taken your ingame beating like the foreigner dog that you are. This is laughable honestly. If the employees at Wildcard had any form of a spine they'd buy themselves out of this mess or leave this garbage can game in the bin where it belongs. This is peak
  7. Conquest servers are a bad idea. Large scale PvP is basically what Official PvP is and you're taking players out of that pool yet again, contributing to the perception that the game is dead. Fragmenting your playerbase is generally a bad business decision, and the main deterrent to playing on Official is server lag so having permanent 2x servers with 100 slots isn't going to help that at all. You're better off shifting your attempts to solving the problems that cause players to not want to play Official such as improving server performance, disconnecting, etc if large scale battles is your goa
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