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  1. You guys should disable transfers on official PC as you have done on PS4 until you've done an investigation/are able to actually fix something on official. Seems like a better alternative than allowing cheating to become excessively rampant in the meantime as well as continuing to escalate. People understand that stuff takes time however in the meantime players still have to play the game and the longer this goes on the more people quit official which doesn't benefit anyone long term as players = content.
  2. Good changes across the board except for Tek Tapejara changes. The main issue right now is Tek Tapejaras destroying Tek Turrets specifically, the damage they do to actual Tek Structures is balanced in my opinion and necessary because Tek Tapejara are the only Tek saddled dino that can attack certain structures that are very high in the air. Nerfing their damage across the board to address issues with Tek Turrets is the wrong way to go about it, if these changes go through it's going to take a ridiculous amount of time and Element to destroy Tek Structures like the Tek Forcefield, and players will simply spam Tek Forcefields because of how taxing it is to destroy them, in essence you're creating a new Forcefield spam meta. I would recommend increasing the HP of Tek Turrets themselves rather than nerfing Tek Tapejara's damage to all Tek structures. 3000 HP is rather abysmal and is the main reason Tek Turrets are destroyed, if their HP was 10,000 or 15,000 it would be significantly harder to destroy the Tek Turret whilst leaving the current numbers to Tek Structures intact (which are necessary in order to be able to actually raid someone). Players already have the tools in game to deal with Tek Tapejaras by utilizing metal structures as an additional layer of defense which Tek dinos are very weak against, and in combination with the Plant Z weight reduction it will be easier to dismount them (The Plant Z weight increase is a large reason why Tek Tapejaras are strong at the moment to reducing this nerf will indirectly nerf Tapejaras). One thing to keep in mind is that nerfing counters to Tek Turrets this hard will have negative consequences that are worse than the current meta. Element is very easy to come by now with the advent of Extinction and Tek Turrets can easily be filled with 5000 shards each that take significantly longer to drain then Heavy Turrets whilst dealing just as much damage per shot. The amount of cakes and time required to soak a turret capped tower is very high. You don't want to nerf these things so much that the only way to deal with them is to soak them when players can literally farm Element faster than it takes you to soak, that will just create a meta even worse than the current one. A Tek Turret HP increase is all you really need with gradual changes over time depending on how players adapt to it.
  3. The way I see it there's 2 ways you can address the cave meta. You can either make caves as undesirable as land bases and hope players will choose land bases over caves, OR you can address the reason why players don't want to build land bases because as we know before players would usually build land bases as their main base with auxiliary caves which were used as dino storage rather than an actual base. Land bases have been reduced gradually over time and it really has nothing really to do with caves other than the fact that you can build in caves in order to avoid the issues that land bases present. Currently these issues consist of a combination of: * Titans * Hatchframe Quetzals/Paracers * Server cap/rushes with Paracers tanking Heavies whilst Tek Dinos destroy the Tek Turrets whilst they have a considerable player advantage 50-60 players versus ~10. Often used in conjunction with titans. * Server lag and FPS lag ie: having to render in all your dinos at one location on the map instead of having a cave where it's all unrendered (this is more important than people think, people usually rather log off than play this game with 255 ping and slideshow FPS) * exposing yourself to more forms of griefing such as Griffins sniping all your dinos and running away, dinos creating LoS issues with turrets, and so on Players have recognized that is just so much less of a headache having to deal with these things by building inside a cave. The most experienced builders in ARK can only do so much to deter things like Hatchframe Quetzaling, Titans, and figuring out how they're supposed to design a 100 turret limit base to defend thousands of dinos on maps with base locations that weren't designed with the 100 turret limit in mind. It's just simply easier to build in a cave and not have to deal with it. In regards to why you would build in a cave, the main thing that has made people build in caves has been dino storage long before there were titans or even teleporters. Building dino storage outside a cave for breeders is just laughable. Try making a structure that fits even a fraction of the space thats in a cave and try defend it with 100 turrets, at any point of egress you'd be dealing with as few as 15-25 turrets max. If you choose not to have a structure then you'll be faced with having all your breeders sniped down by Griffins which is just a cancer form of gameplay that no one enjoys and dinos often create LoS issues with turrets on towers outside which can be exploited. Yes Cryopods have alleviated the issue, however none the less in order to breed dinos you need dinos that aren't in Cryopods so unless Wildcard figures out a way to breed dinos in Cryopods you will have to do something more to address this. One more less mentioned aspect of caves I feel is water PvP. Water PvP as it stands needs an overhaul, in particular water dinos. Right now the only viable tanking dino in the water besides Turtles is the Basilio which only really works because you can stick your player model inside the mesh whilst riding it. Water DPS dinos such as Mosa, Plesio, etc have terrible maneuverability with no ability to reverse at all making them mostly unusable for actually fighting things. Player PvP in water is garbage and consists pretty much solely as grapple PvP, the fact that the only thing we have to actually kill another player is stone arrows, C4, or a spear gun which can only be made as primitive should show you how much it needs to be revamped. The reason this is important is because players build water caves to discourage others to raid it, if water PvP were more fun or compelling then water caves would be less desirable and perhaps actual water bases in the ocean more so.
  4. You can solo it with 2 mate boost Megatheriums with good saddles. Just have the other Megatherium in range for mateboost.
  5. You'll only encounter this type of thing on PVE or unofficial.
  6. Build further back, put as much space between the crouch and the turrets as possible (still have a few turrets close to the crouch though).
  7. Whether the game is balanced or not doesn't matter in the context of a wipe. There will always be changes and nothing will be perfectly balanced, that isn't an excuse to wipe. I'm talking about Official PvP if that wasn't obvious enough, PvE doesn't make sense to wipe. In a wipe tribes will have different players comprising them as players take the opportunity to go play with other people that they wouldn't otherwise play with because they were already invested elsewhere. Tribes will have different allegiances in terms of who is their friend and who is their enemy. It was that way the previous wipe and it will be so again and even if nothing changes at least it will still be a breath of fresh air. Meshing isn't an argument against wiping, and it's always been possible. Saying that WC can literally do nothing else in their game because "meshing" isn't a solid argument, furthermore meshing on official PvP is extremely difficult to get away with and rarely occurs nowdays because there is always people online, this isn't 6man.
  8. If the developers will not wipe official then I propose that the developers simply repeat the same scenario that occurred during release in which the current cluster became Legacy and a new official cluster was opened. This was the best compromise then and it is the best compromise now. Let the players choose where they want to play instead of the developers making the decision for them. This breathes life into an otherwise stale game and gives opportunities for many new and old players to return to the game. Repeat it every 1.5 - 2 years and continue to re-purpose servers where it seems feasible for newer clusters. Before you mention it I think I speak for most people in saying that we'll hard pass on "classic" servers or whatever other Snail Games controlled cluster they come up with next. We want a new official cluster, no silly rule-sets, no Snail Games, just official PvP.
  9. TLDR our corrupt parent company that we sold our game to has free reign to be as corrupt as they want on the 25man cluster and there is precisely nothing we can do about it. What's that? You decided to defend yourself against DSG/TEA a little too well? Guess you're globally banned from 25 man servers and your tribe is dev wiped, shoulda taken your ingame beating like the foreigner dog that you are. This is laughable honestly. If the employees at Wildcard had any form of a spine they'd buy themselves out of this mess or leave this garbage can game in the bin where it belongs. This is peak levels of cuckoldry, how people live with so little respect for themselves is beyond me. Thank you for at least having the courage to actually say and confirm for me that playing this is simply a waste of time like a lot of us have suspected for some time. F for 25 mans boys, was a good 2 weeks. F for Wildcuck Gaming.
  10. Conquest servers are a bad idea. Large scale PvP is basically what Official PvP is and you're taking players out of that pool yet again, contributing to the perception that the game is dead. Fragmenting your playerbase is generally a bad business decision, and the main deterrent to playing on Official is server lag so having permanent 2x servers with 100 slots isn't going to help that at all. You're better off shifting your attempts to solving the problems that cause players to not want to play Official such as improving server performance, disconnecting, etc if large scale battles is your goal. With these servers you're going to split the playerbase, making both clusters worse off overall.
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