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  1. We know that Ark will Nerf the shadowmane, Like what they did with the Astro, mana, Gatcha but why bit also make it so its not Useless Armor: Armor rate stays the same so the Cap is 124.3, HOWEVER it does break over time (Say a giga bites you 3 times) it would break the armor and then you will have 0 Armor. But Unlike most armor it recharges over time. Depending on the Armor amount it will change the recharge time (capped is 30 mins). When underwater it changes to 15 mins. And when it sleeps it changes to 10 mins. Once the armor breaks it will show a broken shield Icon. this Has a few ef
  2. Updated....... AGAIN again, again ETC
  3. Is it too much for both? because they are basically tied
  4. It could be a as long as the Classic platfrom but its 3 vacuum tubes tall But the Shield is Hallow so anything can walk in or out, but you can armor it with building parts because it can snap to parts. i think 3 types could be added Pleso (Beta Monkey) Mosa (Alpha dragon) Megachillion (Beta MC)
  5. Agreed the dein was pretty cool though but thats what the Raptor TLC should have been, the Carcro is a cool dino but, its just another giga/rex wanna be its not like the new sauropod that looks Really Usesful in PVP (and i think will wreck shadowmanes)
  6. but Monkey uses guns and is a Homie for your base Bat thing is small and is basically free hide whale is pretty cool
  7. Sense the Sinomacrops is taking the lead of the Lost island vote thing. (im not going to get into that can of worms but ill make it short) if this thing does come to game it will be a Waste of Bio mass, the Archaeopteryx Should do the things nexxuz said about the Flying peice of hide (thats what ill call it) A poor mans tek suit to make up for how much of a Pain they are to tame, they can ride your sholder and you can still uses your tools, weapons, tames etc without running around like a Madman! if you fall from a height it will slow your fall and even allow you to """Glide""" so you
  8. yeah they do spawn a bit on the crazy side. but i have not really seen many eels. but then again i mostly go under with a Astro, but yeah the sharks are crazy! and with the nerfs. i think if its ok with nerfs but not Nuclear nerfs but at least add something to improve it.
  9. Theses are just some ideas for the map. some sound extrema, some not so much! lets start with the lesser things Spawns Crabs: Spawn all over the ocean Biome, and can spawn in the south part of Rockwell's garden but Rarely in the norther part Bigfoots: Spawn in the Eden zone Morellatops: Spawn in the Rockwells garden and rarely in the Eden zone. Spawn in packs Thorny dragon: Spawn more in the rockwell zone rather then just being stuck in the far North and south Procoptodon: Spawns more in the eden zone. mostly around Hills Bees: Can spawn more often
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