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  1. This was a cut animal from ARK Scorched earth But it was cut for what reason or another, THIS is our chance to add it back! Credit to @DaveMelvin8 on twitter for making the animal itself, i only did the dossier | Stats: Base level 1 800 HP 1500 Stam 350 O2 32,000 food 250 weight 150 melee Ability's Melee attack Summon minions (Based on your level) *Minions are stronger then bees and can spawn in "flocks" like a desert titan or Insect swarms Jump Natural armor (Cap is 80) RTS mode: (to control them and send them to different areas or have them guard your tames too protect them.
  2. Updated..... AGAIN!!!
  3. Neet, maybe add some Event loot boxs. get random skins and such from Bosses, Events, etc
  4. i was hopping the sonic attack would be like the striders but... Oh well STILL COOL AF
  5. i though we would get the bat today but no. the chararo we will get much later, i think even after the new map
  6. I listed that due to some old files they were suppose to have 75% more health but forgot too add it
  7. I was thinking about some tlcs again and sense my other one has been destroyed over the years due to me updating it time and time again. i want to give it again but updated with some new rules. These TLC ideas are mine, my main issue is that i changed it for the sake of others.. no more Theses TLC would be in the same vain as the Thyla and Shark TLC were they keep the model and may reuses animations/Attacks/buffs from one another Some of theses are Nerfs (Mana and manes mostly) i talked with alot of people about it and they seem to agree Most Herbivores have Lessen damage buffs so they can compete with most combat tames OK Here we go! All sholder pets Like sinomacrops, you can go into the invitory and turn on or off the special things they do. (like monkeys able to throw poop, Glow pets glowing, etc) QQL Changes Ark Theses are Changes that are not full on TLC in terms of new models and such but give them new abilities and such too make some things much better, Some are Balancing acts to make some animals more fair to uses. Direwolfs: Deals 65% AP damage when doing pack call it goes up to 85% (In the wild its 25% and in the wild with a Pack its 50%) Gains Healing buff when eating Dead corpse (Like Hyena, it heals 10% of Health) Sniff can find other things like players, turrets, traps and sensors Deal 1.5x more damage when target reaches 50% health Wolf alphas always dose 85% AP damage Rock Drake: Bite does 10% more damage but does 2.5x more damage to reapers and nameless Bite gives a Poison effect (Lowers stamina and HP by 3% for 10 secs) deals 2x more against Reapers and Nameless Cloak is Harder to see (not invincible but close) CRAB: Able to breed (uses insect egg model, takes as long as a yutiy) Can walk on sloped ground (like tek boots) Gains Hydration buff (like spino or Mane) Base melee attack does 25% more damage and when target is grabbed they take 2x more (wild its 1.5x) Can move side to side (like Enforcer) even sprint side to side. Heals faster when eatting bodies (like Argy) Bronto Reuses Titanosaur attack animations (less damage but better then now) for Back kick and Front stomp. Deal more damage than Tail base tail attack does More Knockback but takes more stamina All items weight 85% less (like strider saddle bag) Takes 20% less damage when attacked from Tames or range attacks (explosives they take full damage) Base Saddle can hold 5 people takes 10% Less damage Deals 25% more damage to carnivores tames (reapers, rexs, spinos, manes, etc) Can Hold Stomp attack to charge to deal a Much Larger AOE attack that can dismount riders (like ferox so they can hop back on) Immune to being stunned by (Mircoraptors, Manes, Eels, shock attacks) Carno: Base attack deals 25% AP damage while headbut deals Bleed and 50% it also does 25% more damage Rage effect. When it attacked too much will go into a rage, but still able to be controlled (2x Healing speed, 2.5x melee, Bleed is gash, Takes 50% less damage but it Eats 4x faster and can gain 4x more torpor) Takes 5% less Base melee damage (like stego but stegos is 50%) however explosives, Range and Effect will deal full damage Faster turn radius (Like Sarco) Movement sound has been lowered by 65% Gains more speed when running (Up too 25% Faster) Gains Riviraly effect when Facing larger and stronger targets (manes, Rexs, manas, Yutys, etc) Rex: Gains a Power bite that gives a crippled effect and dose 2.5x more damage (like the Fenrir) Roar gives the imitation effect (like mammoth but it also slows targets down) Gains healing buff after eating Bodies Spino Deals 25% more damage to Fish/Water dwellers (Shadowmanes, frogs, Sarcos, Crabs, Sharks) Will not float up in the water Able to uses claws underwater but movement slows it down Alot Heals Faster when eating live fish (like barry) Roar gives imitation effect Stego: Only able to be dismounted from Perlovias, Feroxs, blood stalkers, Brontos, Raptors and Diens Able to bite to get berries (reuses Kentro bite animation) Takes full Damage from explosives (like rockets) even with armor Able to change Modes in the wild (like Amagas) Spike plates stay the same color when they move but have different Pattern Deals 35% more damage Carnivores: (Rexs, raptors, spinos, Gigas, etc) Some dinos go through their 50% Damage Resistance (Thylas, Carnos, Allos, Amagas, Therizs, Diens)\ Ab stegos are Immune to Radiation Kentro: Able to ride (without saddle) Able to do all attacks Deals 2.5x More damage to Small Targets (Raptors, diens, humans, etc) Pack buff Base tail attack deals bleed Impaling targets drain Stamina and gives Gash effect Bite gather berries Bloodstalker: Will give user Bloodpacks when you attack or kill something (like Giant bat) Can Take Off Any player from any mount (Even stegos) When you equip a weapon it gives you 85% less recoil like a Shadowsteak Gain Hydration buff Reapers: Tail shot can give both Acid blood and Cocoon effect Bleed effects gives the Acid blood effect to attacker (Carnos, Diens, wild gigas, stegos etc) Acid Blood deals as much damage as Rockwells Acid pools! Spawn at 190 (Queens only, Official) Queens Spawn with the colors of the male Immune To acid blood effect (Both from other reapers and Acid lakes) Balalisk (Able to breed: takes as long as a Yuty and needs eggs too eat) Classed as a Apex tame (so small things will not attack you) Able to turn faster to attack side attackers (like sarco, and it can even turn around like a Sarco) Bite deals “Venom” damage (deals damage over time and torpor) Bursting out the ground deals AOE damage Will Go Agro if C4 is placed on it Can be given Crystal Wyvern and Wyvern eggs but are 75% less effective Megalina Can give mega rabies to Everything and its just as infectious to Tames as it is for Humans, it drains Health and stamina based off the max HP/STAM of both (has cure cooldown of 5 mins after infection, even if you die) Can Climb forever Shoot spit (works like dillo spit and able to set to turret mode) Deals 65% more Melee damage (too make better combat tame) Can spawn on ab (Blue and red zone) Gains healing buff after eating corpses Gains speed boost when running for awhile (like Bear, even when climbing) Spider: Able to climb Able to Jump (like Frog) Adds Crosshair like Bloodstalker so it allows you too aim Can ether shoot a small web or Hold it down for a stronger web (Small webs just slow down targets, while Heavy webs act like a Bola)(if targets are too big then it slows them even more) Deals venom damage (drains 2% of HP and stamina) Can spawn in AB in all zones (Green, blue, red) Able to be set to turret mod Arthro: When acid hits you it will give the acid blood effect deals damage to health and armor Bleed effects do the same (gives the acid blood effect back to the target) Can climb Sloped walls (like tek boots)” Bite goes through 100% of Armor due to acid Ravager: Able to deal bleed damage (when alone) but alpha can deal gash Deals 25% more damage Goes through 35% of armor alone and 65% in a Pack Healing buff when eating bodies Paw swipe does 2x more damage Can move on sloped ground (like tek boots) Howl Highlights targets and weakens them with a Slowness (like Giant bat) Sarco: Deals 3.5x more damage too Larger predators (Gives Gash and does 75% AP damage (Stuff that is larger/taller then it like wyvern, rexs, Allos, Mammoths, gigas etc)- Gains Hydration buff Bite radius is Larger Lung attack acts like the stego Inpail were it gives Gash and drains Stamina Takes 15% Less base damage (this is disabled when hit with Ranged and explosive weapons) HP is increased by 40% Damage is up by 35% Kapro: Able to Jump at will (Like Crab and it has the same Height) while you are jumping you can bite to try to grab a target Has a Icon to “Lock-on” the target to grab them, meaning you can grab things like rex riders if your skilled enough When you bite a target it gives (Bloodcurse) effect like the bloodwyvern or Demous, it gives both stamina and HP back too you Takes 75% Less fall damage Able to Stay underwater (like sarco) Deals 35% more damage to targets that are Poisoned Gains Hydration buff Trike: Takes 85% Less damage when attacked from the front (both from ranged and Melee- attacks, Like shieldhorns in Atlas) But takes 10% Less base damage Charge can activate when just running Hitting targets with charge can give Gash And drain Stamina fully (like stego) Able to attack when moving Rivalry effect gives it (2X damage, 4X more stamina, takes 35% less damage and gives the Gash/Imapiled effect to larger targets) Saddle is two seater (like pachyrhino) Gains “Herdbuff” this adds more damage and Damage resistance when it a group (like Raptors, allos, etc) Alphas deal Gash with all melee attacks Patchyrhino Able to Change the Type of gas you want (By pressing the Jump button) The gasses you can get are (Passive, Rage, Toxic) able to emit gases in 2 ways (AOE is to emit it around you and Fume able to fire a Blast of it from the front like a Poison wyvern Passive gas: makes things not attack you and can even make animals affected Fight for you Rages: acts like Pharmon darts and makes things attack one another Toxic: deals Damage over time and blurs vision Gives a gasmask buff (makes rider immune to Toxic gasses) Can set too turret mode/Enable AI special Takes 15% Less damage Pteranodon Able to Auto pick up target without a rider (Not corrupted ones) Able to fly around like a Tappy Able to fly when it picks up a Heavy target (Like a Overweight player for a small amount of time, (10 sec) and has a cool down of 30 secs before you can do it again Has pack buff (does more damage when in group) Has 50% More stamina Deals 15% More melee damage and goes through 25% of armor Can grapple too the wall to regain stamina (like tappy) Tappy: Passengers have 50% less recoil When shooting Able to roar at Target in the air and it gives the Sonic emitter debuff where special abilities are disabled for a few secs (This is removed with tek saddle) Grab attack is Removed and they have a Sonic Attack instead Tek saddle now has a few new firing types (Phaser shoots Astros Laser beams that have more range but less damage ) Plasma shot: is the base shot good for taking down buildings but less range Space dolphin Lasers deal 30% AP damage and can damage riders if you aim it right (laser only) Homing shots have a max about of 5 at a time before cool down Able to load aberglis to uses grenade shot as well Has a Crush dept like the balso so it can’t go too deep underwater Spacewhale Bombs Deal more damage and have a Longer fuse before they explode Adds level up animation Will not Warp when it next or in the mesh, OR if it will take it too the mesh Able to warp more things nearby for less power Bite deals as much damage as a Megachalion Tail gives a high knock back but much less damage HP upped by 10% Can move the same speed underwater as it does in the air Can spawn on official (190 MAX) Sabbertooth: Able to Dash (like a shadowmane but you can see it) Can Hold jump too Jump farther (like a Shadowmane but less so) Can move on sloped terrain (like tek boots) Able to move side to side (like enforcer) Deals 25% more damage Gains a Blood drain effect here when you attack a target it gives some health back to the saber Deals 3.5X more damage to Larger targets (rexs, spinos, manes, etc) Gains Buff when you eat targets that make it faster and stronger (like Caracr) Rolerat: Role deals more Damage depending on Speed and quality of saddle at the cost of durability (can scale higher than a Rhino at the cost of Durability), And it cripples targets when you hit them Able to role at in the wild/tamed when they get mad Can Harvest Stones but less so then a Anky Bite does 25% more damage All items weight 85% less (like Strider saddlebag) Therizino: Able to hold down “Tickle” for however long you want Claws, Beak and Skin (around the face, Hands and feet) now have Color regions, rather then just feathers and some skin Phiomia: Gives 4x more meat and hide Can drop prime meat Saddle lessens weight by 75% for all resources Can get berries Has “Slaughter” opinion Thorny dragon: Saddle acts a Smithy and Motor Deals “thornmail” effect when attacked (stacks up 5 times) Spikes deal 100% AP damage and give a Small bleed effect (like diens so it can stack) Melee damage up by 10% HP is up by 35% Thyla: Pouncing on a Target makes them take full fall damage, depending on how high you Leap from (not wild) Able to spawn in the snow biome in Gen 1, Val, Rag and Lost island Mammoth: Too large to be netted takes 10% less damage Gains Herd/pack buff (gets stronger in a group, buffs Damage, Stamina, Healing speed) Roar both buffs and debuffs. It gives the drum effect to allies and intimidation effect to enemies. It will become stronger when drummer is on the back Deals 45% more damage to pack animals (Hyenas, manes, allos, wolfs, etc) Immune to Frost base attacks, (Manas, Ice wyverns, etc) Qutezal: 85% weight on EVERYTHING like (strider saddle bag) Goes 50% faster when your higher up and stam goes down 55% less Wing flap attack that blows away targets (like Wyvern) Melee does 45% more damage (better then wyvern but only melee) Saddle can hold 4 people Gains speed when moving in the air (like spacewhale) Gacha: Able to “Disable eating” they will not eat anything else other than berries and meat (this makes them sad though) Able to eat Chilly to buff crafting skill Other foods can substitute Owl Pellets (Amberglis, Nameless venom) For AB players and Gen 1 Mosa: Bite deals 15% more damage Roar causes Intimidation effect AOE tail Slap too deal heavy Knockback at the cost of 50% of stamina Tighter turns for swimming (Like Sarco) Swimming sound is Lessen by 50% Only slows Down when Zapped/shocked Plesiosaur: Able to roar to buff allies (Boost speed, Melee Damage, and Stun resistance) Bite Gives “Venom effect” drains stamina and HP by 4% Can move side to side (like tappy) Can push away targets underwater (like wyvern) Moves faster the longer you move (like bear or space whale) Enforcer: Hp is up by 15% Damage is up by 15% Deals 4.5x more damage to "Mission Dinos" (Tek dinos, Corrupt dinos, dinotars ,VR Dinos and Mission dinos) will go through 50% of armor and attacks faster per attack (like tek claws) Has natural Armor (Like shadowmane, it has a Max cap of 80 armor and this is given when its level 150. AOE blast Deals Shock damage Max level is 190 on official Gains Imprint bonus to person who Built it Feeding it element gives a Veggie cake like effect Can bring to Missions that involve combat (Survive the Ark, Horde missions on gen 1 and 2) Pego: Able to control like a Noglin to steal things but can be shot by turrets Can Steal peoples weapons When you throw it at them (PVP only) Gives loot buff to Loot drops If C4 is placed on them they will go agro and steal from you Troodon: Can controle like a Noglin and can lead order follow on other dinos and Players are able to be Latched on (Able to Leap at them and Nip them) Can put meat packs on Alert setting can Highlight Turrets, Players and traps like Bloodstalker vision Bats: Able to land (Reuses Demous Animations) Able to Go upside down (Reuses Demous Animations) Can pick up by hand but you can’t use Weapons while doing so When tamed they can scream at targets to weaken them (tamed only) All Dinos: Able to transfer good to near by Dedi boxes and can link died boxs to All mining tames (like strider) Argy: Waypoints weaken or dead targets (like wolf) Deals 20% more melee damage Able to eat rotten meat SnowOwl: Melee attack gives “frostbite” effect (this weakens DR and slowly freezes you overtime ,Dive bombing can give this effect as well Managrmer: Able to tap into food to uses as Stamina (eats as much as pig) Like the Magmasaur they become stronger depending on environment (In the cold the Ice breath deals a Bit more damage but mostly gains a buff in terms of stamina. (Mild is the same as they are right now) (Hot they uses more stamina, Ice breath does 30% less damage, Also takes more damage) Homing rockets follow faster due to jet heat Fire deals 3.5x more damage to them (flamethrowers, Firewyverns, Magmas, Lava, etc) Melee attacks can slowly freeze targets (Like King Dinopithicus) Proptodon: Females: give the nursing effect even without the male and acts like the maewing in that it gives AOE Buffs to babys (less food and up imprint by 5%) Can hold the babys until they reach 100% (can pick up the same as the Maewing) Can keep Wyvern milk and Nameless venom fresh longer takes 5% less damage Males deal more damage cripple targets, AND gives more knock back damage Takes 10% less damage Gains Rivalry effect when near bigger targets (Deals 35% more damage and 25% DR) Pouch gives Aiming buff (75% less recoil) Kicking targets can stun them and even cripple them. it scales its damage based off the size. so a Giga is going to take more then a rex. Deer: Males: Bleed can affect everything Deals 100% AP damage Gains Rivalry effect Takes 15% Less damage When running it gets faster and will deal more damage Increase size by 10% Females: Hold 3x more items and weight is lessen by 50% Take 85% less fall damage Can Back Kick (like Equus) Can bite (much less damage then Male tho) Able to Roar for AOE (this buffs speed, and Melee speed, and Lessens Negatives effects) Gains speed when moving (like Direbear) Also increases size by 10% Direbear: R-Direbears spawn in the Eden zone Gain Hydration buff when in water Melee slap deals 20% AP damage- Roar gives intimidation effect Can get more honey from your own bee hives Heals faster when eating fish and Honey Can make them sleep to heal 6x faster at the cost of food Immune to Venomous/Poison effects Bees/bee hives: Able to set to “turret mode” Were the hive will spawn Bees when it is attacked or attacking are near at the cost of honey and rare flowers Bees can spawn as “Bee Swam” this reuses Macrophage or Insect swarm animations but they look like bees, give the same effect as bees too! Patchy: Able to Mine things early game But it also can get special stuff when hitting some things (Rocks give sparkpowder), Trees give sap, Crystals give silica, Metal gives more metal Resource weight are 50% less weight Jump ability Rivraily effect (makes stronger) Headbutt can deal Torpor and goes through all armor Gives “Armor break” effect when hitting target (like amaga) When running they can Build up speed to Deal more damage Increase size by 15% Take 10% less damage Can spawn in more maps (Ext, Gen 1, SE) Dimetrodon: Able to Cool off a Near-by area (Equal to 30 AC units) Ups baby imprint % by 5% Stacks with Procop too 10% Can Poop random quality eggs (on land and water) like meawing Titanoboa: Able to gather eggs when tamed (like a Egg hopper but may eat a few) Also emits Egg pharmon to lay eggs more (can stack with Oviraptor and must be set to wander) Egg weight is lessen by 95% Able to ride Able to breed Chalico: Has addiction effect (reuses ferox) but it uses beer or Large amount of stimi berries) Able to load Jar and Pitch on it to throw Can throw Boulders at farther range (But you need to put them on it) Can uses free rocks but has less range Takes 10% less damage Able to craft Jar and Pitch and Boulders on the go (Resources weight are lessen by 50%)- When it reaches a Point of addiction it will have 5x more stamina, Melee attacks will deal more damage and Torpor (torpor goes up with damage so you can punch Raptors to sleep) and able to throw farther Meglo: Able to uses in the day and it moves the same as the night but deals deals -35% less damage and moves -10% less (At night this is removed) When sleeping it heals too 50% of Health at the cost of food Roar gives intimidation effect At night, they are able to Cloak themselves (like Rockdrakes), this lowers movement speed but when they attack it deals 35% more damage Able to turn on "Night vision" (Works like Giant bats) Z-Fruits when thrown can send Meglos into a Rage (balance them on ab) Diplocalus: Able to Insta-kill sea scropes, Ammonites, leeches and Lamprys Able to get 10x more blackperals from them and able to get them from Oysters Black pearls weight is lessen by 98% Can be found in more areas other then swamps (lakes, rivers and Parts of the ocean) Makes Oil Over time Gains Bug killer buff when eating sea bugs Gives effect when near it that lowers O2 consumption by 50% Diplocaulus: Able to knock targets back or Wipe them - (Wiping allows you to pick up items, Dismount people with a right hit, stun targets (even gigas) and lowers DR when Slapped by them) Able to move faster in the water and loses 75% O2 when underwater Gains Hydration buff (ups speed and HP healing) Weight on items is lessen by 60% Takes 10% less damage Moth: Makes Silk Over time (cap is 1000) Can make fiber over time (cap is 2000) Able to Emit gas when on ground Gas now works like Poison wyvern gas AND slows targets down (works on dinos too)- Riding it gives a Natural Gasmask buff Morrellotops Upgrading food ups the water storage Hydration buff Able to Slap with tail dealing Knockback damage Weight on all items is less by 75% Gain Herd Buff (Become stronger when in a Group, deals more damage, takes less damage, Faster speed) Takes 5% less damage Able too attack while running Archy: Able to ride your shoulder like Micro raptor Slows your fall so you take no fall damage Keeps you warm/cool Can Poop out “Golden eggs” like Duck to make kibble or Buffs movement speed and HP healing (works on flyers too) Gives Light Night Vision when on your shoulder at night or in caves (like shadow steak) Eats Bugs for you (Like Sino) MicroRaptor: Able to throw at Tames too Dismount the Rider.. Even manas (works like a noglin). (Have a set timer before you can do it again, 30 seconds) Tamed ones gain much better pack buffs Magmasaur: Emits a AOE Antifreeze Always Able to change breath modes Mortar or Bleach (Mortar is the base magmasaur shot were it doses Heavy damage to buildings dinos etc, and the AOE effect is like a grenade) (Belch its a Fire wyvern on Crack and deals 2x more fire damage, Melts armor, And even breaks Rocks and trees (its hot enough to harm wyverns and Golems) and the AOE effect Just shoots a Massive heatwave around you. (this takes more iron overtime) Water base attacks Deal more damage to them (Megachallon, Tropical wyverns, morellos, etc) Taunt Makes things Both angry and weakens them with Intimidation Megacahllion: Able to Hit targets behind it (when looking behind) Water and Gives Tropical wyvern effect but its 35% Weaker) Gains Hydration buff Building on it allows more and a wider space but you can’t build under it Shell takes 45% less melee damage Can Grow berries over time Makes shell fragments over time Paracur Takes 25% less damage Reuses Stomp attacks from mammoth and deals around the same amount of damage Able to back-kick deals Torpor, Knockback and Dismounts Ridders (like Equues takes a ton of stamina) Gains Hydration buff Deals 25% more damage to carnivores, (Rexs, spinos, gigas, etc) Moves Faster When moving and acts like Rhino charge Saddle Acts as Mobile Smithy Daeodon: Able to eat everything Organic (Plants, meat, seeds, Organic polly, poop, Sap and Rotten meat) Deals 35% more damage Attacks everything in the wild Gains Healing and food Buff when eating dead bodies Kiruku: Able to make Organic Polly over time (just click them and it will come off) (max about is 60 per Hour) (Must set to wander) Goes up to if mate boosted by 120 per hour but will stop at that) Able to Harden the Organic Polly Over time (takes 2 Hours to turn 10 Organic Polly into 5 Hard polly Gailli: Can Walk on slopped terrain (like Tek boots) Builds up speed over time (like bear) then they can go 3 times faster then a Mana Once at the max speed they can run on Water Can Warp short distances due to their speed (Like enforcer) (why? sPeED) Takes 60% less fall-damage Higher jump (like crab) Weight on items is less by 45% When using weapons, recoil is lessen by 75% Allo: All allos can do the heavy bite but when alone it just causes Cripple When in a pack it changes to Bleed and the alpha gets “Bloodcursed Gash” its Gives the gash effect that Heals the allo and all Pack and Nearby tames (Works on bosses as well) Gain a Feeding buff (pack and near-by tames heals Much Faster when they eat a dead corpse, they also heal faster when eating a dead body alone) Alphas roar gives “BloodRush” effect (Heals 3x more HP and Attack speed is up Increase by 50%)- Can move on sloped ground like tek boots Yuty: Able to change Roar at will by pressing Jump (AOE fear can effect more Near-by but is weaker) (Direct fear is stronger but can’t effect less near) (AOE Boost can effect more nearby but is weaker) (Direct boot is stronger but effects less near-by) Carnos allies last 8 mins not 1 min Can Hold down Roar to Push targets away Yuty Roar cycles through sounds (Rex, meglo, Giga and SUPER Rarely… Compy chirp) Equus: Saddle can keep goodies fresh longer Easier too tame with Mejos Gains speed when moving over time (like bear) Can move on slopped ground like tek boots Sloth: Gains Healing buff when eating bugs When it gets the bug killer effect its immune to fear, Bleed, and Stun effects Frog: Able to get CP from killing all bugs (the larger the more you get) (Leechs, Lamprys, Arthros, Bloodstalkers, Spiders, Deathworms, krabs, etc) Gains bug killer effect when eating bugs Able to Lure bugs with a Frog Croke (Small bugs such as ants, glowbugs and dragonflies Jump works more like Crab Melee attack gives “Venom” effect (Lowers HP and stamina) Does 50% MORE damage too all bugs Igananadon: Goes through 35% AP damage Deals 25% more damage Able to get seeds from things like Plant Z and Y (Not r)- Saddle able to use Mortar items on the go and Acts as a preserving bin (like Hyena bag) Able to Craft Fertilizer (Like Compost bin) Saddle is 2 seater Weight on items is 50% less Takes 10% less damage Raptor: Able to pounce Again BUT, you are able to kick them off you (like Bloodstalker) and has a 1 minute cool down Jump is 35% higher Pack call happens in the wild when they spot you (cosmetic only and gives you time to run!) Takes 25% less fall damage Gives "Shredding" effect (like Cararc) Dien: Climb works like dinopithecus! Mouth opens when it roars and bites Can move on sloped ground better (like tek boots) Able to glide a Small bit when you hold jump button (like Micoraptor) More nest Spawn around the map (Snow biome, redwoods) Have more Color regions (the skin) Scorpion: Able to uses claws when attacking (deals much more damage) Stringer deals Torpor still but its a separate attack Able to craft Narcotics (with just Rotten meat, 25) Gains healing buff when eating dead animals Can climb on slopes like tek boots Can Walk in a 360 degree way (like enforcer) When target reached a set health amount they are able to inpail the target with the tail (like stego) but it drains, Health and adds Torpor (adds more based on max torpor) Dunkle: Able to get more resources More than Any other tames and can get many different ones too- (exm: Rocks you could get Obsidian, metal, flint, crystal and more all from one rock) Weight on all is less by 95% Able to be a mobile sea smithy and Chem bench Bite deals 100% AP damage (armor will not save you) Mobile Sea grinder Trope: Bite goes though 50% armor and damages armor when biting People 5x faster Bite can also give Bleed effect when attacking a Animal Flak gun Sight works On Xbox Jet makes the trope Hearable from father away (like drake) Grenade shots deal 35% AP damage and deals More damage Flak Gun is Full auto Homing rockets target more and deal 5X more damage (due to jet) New sounds (sounds like a slowed down Tappy) Eyes Blink…. Able to barrel roll (like Astro) Gains hydration buff and can land on water (like seagul) Listro: Gives XP Effect that last 1 hour (gives 33% of XP) works on humans too) Angler: Gains pack buff (cap is 5) and they become stronger when doing so Can press Jump for a AOE “Flashbang” this works like the Z fruit but Underwater Able to get Make angler gel over time (Angler gel can now be used as a Muti uses resource, Able to Make CP with angler gel and chittin, Able to Make gunpowder with Angler gel and spark powder, Able to make gas with Hide and angler gel in a forge, And able to uses it to make Propellent with Oil,- Angler gel and Gun poweder) Beaver: Able to Make CP with wood (50 wood equals 2 CP) Resource weight is 95% less Deals 30% Ap damage Deal more damage to Armor Able to Repair Buildings by aiming at them (Like exo mek) Can Pick up Building parts (Like exo mek) Bigfoot: Jump is higher Able to pick up smaller tames and throw them dealing damage to them AND WHATEVER you threw them at Immune to being dismounted while riding it Weight of items is lessen by 25% Can Climb up walls like Dienpthicus Melee attacks give (Armor break effect) Up size by 30% (taller the dinopithecus) (Yeits are the same size tho) Mantis: Gains Pack buff (Like Wolfs) Able to Jump and Glide down (like terror brid) Pikes will go though 35% of armor Lances can dismount Targets Wipes can stun them Painbursh fully paints whatever you hit…. Carbo: Bullets can deflect Back to shooter (this also includes Veilos, Thorny dragons and turrets) Weight on items is 65% less Immune to being shocked Hydration buff Can hide in its shell (When it does this it takes 90% less damage and acts like a Spike wall/Caltrop, so Dinos can’t walk on them without taking bleed damage and destroys armor Pelagornus: Able to get more things from Harvesting fish (Oil, organic polly, Hide, Prime fish meat, Chiitin, Angler gel) Gains Hydration buff Deals 5x more damage too fish and Shadowmanes… Ok Immune to Shock effects (Shadowmanes worst nightmare) Gains “Fish killer” buff (like bug killer but for fish) Fixs Low poly look on Xbox Duck: Auto hunt ability- ½ eggs it lays is a golden egg when not hunting its 1/4 Lessens 02 Uses by 40% and ups swimming speed by 15% when on your sholder Spawn on ab to clean up fish in the river Seagul Highlights all fish in nearby area Can’t eat Cantens Gives fishing buff (2x fishing reward) Can throw at people to grab their weapons (like noglin) Able to poop on Target gives poop effect (only when attacking in the air) Dimorth: Small Packbuff (Ups speed) Ab Versons spawn everywhere (Green, blue red zone) Vulture: Heals faster when eating target Gains Food and Fortitude Buff when on your shoulder Raw meat Turns rotten in less then 1 min Able to puke at targets for the cost of food (Does small damage) Dillo: Able to pet to give boost (like hyena) Can Control (like noglin) Can put meat pack on them Pack buff Compy: Heals faster when eating bodie IS SUPER lured to Bodies (Like a Argy but 4x more to clean up bodys) Pack buff is better Gives Healing speed buff when on shoulder and will show you were dead things are Can eat spoiled meat Hyena: Can Control (like noglin) Does 35% damage to Armor Monkey: Can level crafting skill to give a small boost when you craft Can put grenades so it can throw Can control like noglin too open doors and windows Titanosaur: Ups building on it by 300 Has 100 armor Spikes take more damage when attacked Able to uses tail slap to Destroy targets but not buildings Can spawn at slighly higher levels (50 is capped) Parasaur: Increase Movement speed Gains Hydration buff Moves 35% Faster when in water Weight on items is lessen by 25% Honk attack is larger has a lower recharge and gives sonic emitter effect were abilities are turned off and scares targets away Eel: Can ride (Don’t ask how) Can fling electricity through water when tamed (also don’t ask) Will leave you alone if you take bug repellent so you can tame them in peace or worry about getting eaten Pack Buff effect for riding alpha Deals more damage to targets wearing metal (tamed only) Manta: Able too feed it more things (Raw meats, prime meats, mutton, Angler gel) Angler gel is its kibble Deals venom effect (drains Hp 3%) Pack buff Balso: Emits AOE Healing buff for the cost of food Can have 3 people ride it at once Inchy: Able to gain speed when following another sea tame (like trope) Can jump up above the water for speed buff Heals 4x faster when eatting fish Can roar/cherp like a dolphin (Yes i know its not a dolphin) Rock golem: Body now has new colors it can spawn with (even during events) (White, chalk white, Sand color, Black, Light red, Grey) AOE does more damage Can walk in Lava Rock throw is like ferox (able to aim) Spawn level cap is 190 (Official) Gasbag: Takes 50% less fall damage Weight is lessen by 50% Able to gather berries Gives a 2.5x Fishing buff Saddle acts as a meatpack Classic Gasbag has 20% more O2 and 10% more stamina Mek: Movement sounds like exo mek but louder Able to do Power jump (like exo mek) and makes the same sound but Louder Pistol fires one shot rather then burst Tames that give electric effect weakens it and Lowers stamina (lightning wyvern, Shadowmanes, Eels) Shield Mod: Gives extra armor and also gives Effect that gives near by tames 40 armor Rocket pods are now homing it can lock on 6 things at a time (Manas and flyers worst nightmare) Pods also emit Shock effect Keeps you cool inside (like exo mek) Can Walk in Lava or Molten Element (like exo mek) Exo mek: Can Walk on water (like tek legs or bloodstalker) can go under if you wish Can hover in the air with jet pack (can uses this in Zero G, Ocean or land Has natural 60 armor Has headlights (like skiff) Level is removed Able to turn it into sleep mode where it will Compact itself RTS mode is 3x Larger But it gives a Transmitter Beam to let allies or enemies Know Able to Set modes to some tames IN RTS mode like turret mode, Guard mode, Waypoints for your tribe and dinos. Set targets on enemies, etc Can uses RTS mode in missions Ferox (Large) AOE slam does 2x more damage Immune to Radiation and Liquid element (like exo mek) Melee attack dose 10% AP damage When Jumping the you are able to slam down and it causes a Larger AOE effect (Like dinopithecus) and it can dismount ANYTHING (gigas, stegos, golems, etc) and do crazy damage as well Riviraly buff (Like trike) Immune to Nets and Dismounting (aside from Perlovias, other feroxs and Bloodstalkers) Roar gives Fear effect to things even larger the itself like rexs Deals 50% more damage to tek armor, tek dinos, dinos wearing tek Armor, Meks/robots EVERYTHING with element Able to Turn small when you want too But they need element to get bigger again Climb works like Dinopthucucs Ferox small: Females able to breed When they reach 50% Can Craft Element via dust, Charge node Style, shards all element things weigh 90% less Can check Stats for both large and small by pressing (A, X or Space) when looking at stats Able to eat element ore, Need 15 to equal 1 element So long it has addiction it can become large at will (setting mode) Barry: Stun Lock has a timer (50 secs) Able spin on Land (Deals Knock back damage only) Gains “fish killer buff” Works like Bug killer buff but… fish- Deals 2x more damage to fish/aqua Tames (manes, Mosa, Eels, fish) But they take more damage from Mosa, and Other large sea tames Able to stay underwater without floating Rhino: Can roar to intimidate targets Deals 10% AP damage and goes though ALL of it when charging- Can be set to “Fixed movement” (like amaga) Giga: Roar Effect looks like Yutys were you can see the Sound Waves Can hear roar from far away (like drake) Roars in the wild when it sees you Poops Giant poop. (like titanosaur) Normal gigas Have more color regions Ovis: Wool can be used as both fur and Hide Can get 200 wool per sheep Gives Raw meat, Prime meat, and Mutton all together Leioplurodon: Able to Warp (like spacewhale) Wild animals will not attack it Has a natural 50 armor Oil skin also gives you Skins, Cosmetics, Candy and other things when looking in loot boxes Spawns in all ocean biomes (even AB) Otter: Auto hunt ability: Deals 100000000000x damage to small fish Phoenix: Able to Land and take off (reuses Featherlights animations) Able to smelt Everything (like magmasaur) Has a Natural 50 Armor Immune to being frozen Strath run attack drops fire Under you and it last 20 secs Able to stack fire damage Smelting speed is up by 600% Is Imprinted to however tamed it Once they die they need to be set on fire over and over until a Timer hits and whoever- did it, Keeps it Even a rival tribe: Shadowmane: Crush depth, will take damage over time when in deep water Takes 50% more damage from native sea tames (Sharks, mosa, etc) Heals only 25% of its HP when sleeping Cloak will Show you slightly when moving (like drake) but fully cloaked when Standing still Takes 50% damage from Fish eaters Can’t uses weapons when riding but passengers can Noglin: Official, the max level they can spawn is 190 Drops Mutagel when killed/harvested Terror Bird: Immune to fear Pack buff Able to Kick/leap at targets (Like troodon and gives bleed effect) Gives (Armor break) effect (like Amagasaur, gives 5% per bite, gives 10 in a Pack) Immune to stuns they just keep going Can eat rotten meat to heal faster Jump is 25% Higher Tropical Wyvern: Able to stay on the water surface (like pelagornus) Fire Wyvern: Able to Hold breath down (like void) Deals more damage like ember Wyvern over time but has a higher damage overall Ice: Gives frostbite effect when uses breath (Lowers speed, Cuts armor % by 50%, takes 25% More damage) Can freeze targets over time and has a Longer cool down before you can do it again Void: Has 2.5 Armor Takes more damage from tek weapons/shock weapons/homing rockets Wing flap sound is lessen by 90%) Cuddle/level up sounds different Shock damage deals 2% of HP per sec (last 5 secs) Immune to Lightning wyvern attack Striders: Pulse cannons deal more damage over time and go through 100% of armor the base damage is 5 but it goes up by 1 per shot (Max is 100 damage per shot) Striders have natural armor (max is 80, Level 150) Scouts can Heal/repair them much Drills need to be repaired over time if not they will break. (to balanced it out with other- mining tames)- Sonic emitter can be Held down before it overheats Melee Damage is Increased BY 20% Imprinted to Whoever Tamed it Immune Radiation Perloiva: Able to ride (like a Poor manes basilksk) Can leap at targets to stun them (has timer of 50 secs) Weight is lessen by 55% Has 25 Natural armor Claw attack deals bleed Can add meat pack to keep goodies fresh and add more armor Scout: Able to highlight targets (like Strider Radar) Can set waypoints for tribe Addes extra range to scan Can repair your Buildings (so long as you have the items) Higher levels cost MUCH less to make Deathworth: Shoots acid from range (like rockwell prime) Drops 200 Black pearls After death (alpha is 500) Drops Ammonite Bile, More angler gel, More leech blood. Ice Deathworms can spawn in Gen 1 (Snow zone only), Rag snow hills Moschops: Able to harvest fish meat Loses 70% Less o2 when Underwater Gains Hydration buff Emits “Efficiency” buff Buffs the amount of items you get from mining and Harvesting, Ups XP gain, Ups movement speed and Stamina is lessen (Last for 30 mins) works on tames too Able to Put Saddle bag to make things last longer Velio: Classic Velilos have a 25% faster fire rate R-vellios deal 10% more damage but have slower Firerate. Velio spikes when shot do not stick in the target (too lessen lag) Griffin: Able to breed (Needs To breed in the air and eggs can decay (they need Stupid cold Areas like drakes, take as long as gigas to hatch) Able to Roar: Gives Intimidation effect Removes Dust blow effect when flying On Rag they spawn at higher levels (200) Baby griffins will Attack you until Adolescents (So they are hard to raise) they will also attack Maewings (Weight is Nothing as babies they will keep going) Able to Auto pick up players and Dinos in the wild (like pteranodon and Giant bats) Summoner: Will Drop Bags of mutagel (Drops very small amount, MAX cap on any server is 200 from a 150) Jerboa: Can spawn at higher levels All Mining tames aside from strider Doedi, Anknys, Mammoths, Bigfoots, Magmasaurs, etc Harvest Even more about 3x more Striders are ment for speed. Dinopithecus: Poop does more damage over time and has a Lock-on effect Can throw Spear bolts (Deal 90% AP damage and gash), Bolas, Jar a Pitch and Cluster grenades range (can put poop on some it too deal more damage) Does more damage to player armor (like bigfoot) Can spawn in Bamboo forest, Swamp jungle and Snowy hills Can throw Poop in the Wild when you are too far away Can spawn in the Redwoods on the center Amagasaurus: Armorbreak neck Melee attack goes through 100% of armor (like theiry) All effects Via Melee add 45% of the effect (so it happens faster) Tail Attack can add effect % as well Able to hold Spikes too shoot at a Longer range Thermal Spikes make you immune to freezing base attacks Large melee attackers (Wyverns, reapers, gigas, rexs) will take damage and gain 10% of the effect that is on (Like Kentro) Spike effects Lingler for 3 seconds after they are destroyed (not decay) (Spikes will also not show up in tribe log) Gains Hydration buff When in/underwater Cryo spikes will linger in the water (like armor spikes) Spawns in more areas along lost island (Jungle and swamps) Also can spawn in the Jungles and grasslands on CI Allow too bring to AB Fenrir Can spawn in the Ice realm but you need to beat the King Fenrir in order to tame Can breed (takes much longer then Wolfs, equal to a rex) When you beat the King fenrir, the ones you get are Mutagen'ed and colored (gives a reason to kill or tame) Need to beat the King Fenrir in order to ride them Immune to freeze attacks Melee attack gives Frost Bite (weakens Targets and slows them down) Cararo: Able to spawn in SE and Gen 1 Roar sound is upped by 30% Dead bodies are Highlighted (like Hawk) Andrew: Bite deals 20% more damage Giant bat: when it kills a Target while taming it buffs Taming Effectiveness (raises based on size/level) All Titans: Have 50% armor Go through 25% armor via melee attack Have AOE effect that buffs allies and tribemates (Buffs, melee, Speed, Healing and DR)
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