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  1. OK im going to let some of it out! i think a decrease of food consumption would be nice! just a bit when you level into food or water you get +100 rather than +10 i think that would be worth it when you spawn in you get 200 weight instead of 100 (100 can't really do anything!) movement speed just gives you a bit more movement speed but also reduces Stamina when running! able to buy some engrames in groups like armor , buildings , weapons ETC more building blocks like curved roofs , sloped doors , half walls/doorways and large walls able to get any skin of death! i got a post about that! https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/481407-skins-emote-achievements/#comment-2677332 Make the mesh Solid so you can't just phase through it! Stun/shock/ponce Lock that last 1 minute so you just don't get jumped by raptors every two sec's able to turn Ac's off for lag and sound reasons water resolvers could hold more water like stone could hold 750 and metal could hold 2000 Prime meat can be stacked and can be harvested from Phiomias and longer root timer Anky auto harvest dung beetle auto pick up! Passive taming could have a timer like (0.25s to feed tame) Green house's could be cheaper in terms of engrames! Offline raid protection: buildings and turrets are 6xs stronger! thermal Goggles! more custom food spirits like a steak , a bowl of something etc. TLC's Bug fixes! more resources underwater like coral , organic polly and more! metal pipes could have a cheaper price! new pipes like irrigation pipes for crops and the tap could only flow water when you drink from it! update humans to look a bit better AND more options (like atlas) some more dinos (like from ark additions) better sealth. like if you hide in the dark , in a bush or anything to make you hidden the dinos won't see you. Breedable , insects , crabs , snakes , griffins , and basilisk have option to hide ring of the dino leash! slot for Gas/fuel in Cooker , forge , campfire etc able to get milk to feed babies for them to not eat as much! Moths produce silk and if you uses gas on crops they grow faster! more decorations like vases , rugs , better chairs , flag poles , wall flags etc Ark-elogy should spawn in base game a special versions of that animal like more damage less HP etc able to hide wires when your in your base! re-fertilizer gives 3xs the amount of nutrients for plants than fertilizer Able to do training for any dino! like the managarmer! able to color alliance tags from any color Alliances can damage your tames or walls with Repair box: can make a circle around area that if you place resources you can repair them without it in your inventory and over time it will repair and prevent decay Archaeopteryx can ride your shoulder and when you jump it slows your fall! rafts can decay over time! to reduce spam Spikes will decay overtime to prevent spam better food chain system! wild dinos (there there no food) will get hungry! mid size predators like compys , raptors , carnos wolfs etc fear fire how every allos , rexs spinos etc are lured to it! giant Crop plots: can grow up to 6 different crops! Buffs for surviving and eating food and drinking water and moving around. that give you certain perks randomly like max is 5: Plus 30 to fortitude , +100 crafting skill reduces stamina consumption. +5% damage resistance etc more abernet dinos like: Kapros , therys , beavers , chailicos , spiders , megalanda etc medical Kit to heal yourself and dinos! more hair styles would be nice Able to stop hair growth in certain spots supply drops will destroy structures underneath there Hitbox! Supply drops can give you quest for a reward! sometimes trees will be different color like Goldish , to bright green and even dead all trees should have More HP (its stupid when you harvest a palm tree and it only gives you 30 wood! wyverns could have a crosshair to aim with! managarmers breath could go in blast waves like rings and they move slow but they can freeze you! able to paint Cryo fridge , fridge , grill , chem bench , replocator , fabricator , etc male and female hitboxes are equal Munitions Box: acts like the repair box but holds ammo and will distribute ammo to turrets waterskins don't leak! coal ores around that your can harvest to make gunpowder (can rarely get it from normal rocks) yes ik this alot but this is only a pinch of it!
  2. i liked a lot of these i did something like this but! i didn't get as much love lol
  3. to many to ask! but will give you short version! new building types like large wall's , half ways and doorways , sloped doors (basicly the buildings in atlas) some new Dinos or extinct animals like , moa , carcodontosauruse , Glonglong , Australovenator and more (and some from Ark additions) i would put more but this would be 5 pages long so i'm not going to do that
  4. Also just cuz im bored im going to list some skin ideas! also i would like to see the nerdy glasses fixed so hair doesn't Phase through the hat Nerva Soldier Armor Set "looks like A set of roman armor with a "Galea" (the helmet with the brush looking thing on it) Argy skull skin: Looks like a Argy skull (you could get it from a Carno) Captain armor set: gose's with the captain hat (looks like a set of armor straight from atlas) Mei Yin's Sword: Looks like Ancient Chinese Sword with some carvings Mei Yin's Assault Rifle skin: "Looks like a AK-47 with a Wooden Stock and a Muzzle of the gun has a "dragon head mold on it" and it has some Feathers tied to it Cutlass sword skin: just looks like a Cutlass to match with captain set SE Phoenix Skull skin: looks like a Phoenix skull with some feathers still on it! Wyvern Armor set: has a same look as the gloves but for everything else and they Helmet looks like a Crystal Wyvern skull! Zombie Wyvern Skin: just changes the look into a zombie dragon! AB Aberrant armor set: has a look similar to the helmet but also has some Crystals sticking out! (able to earn and able to keep it by killing rockwell) Nameless skull skin: Looks like a Nameless Skull (earned and able to keep if you kill alpha crab) Rockdrake Skull skin: looks like a Rock Drake Skull with the feathers (earned and able to keep by killing alpha snake Reaper Skull Skin: look like a Reaper skull (eared and able to keep by killing alpha reaper) Aberrant Pike skin: Looks like a Obsidian Rod with a Reaper queen Barb tied to the back! Aberrant Shield skin: a crystal Shield with a mix of obsidian and has a Carving of Rockwell's face into the shield Aberrant Sniper rifle skin" looks like a mix of Charged node metal and obsidian and looks similar to the rail gun Extiniton Sanctuary Civilian Jumpsuit: looks like a Jumpsuit that's under a tek suit and has a Implant on the back (earned by getting Extincion) Salvaged Mek Skin: looks like a mek that was rebuilt from scratch and looks ramshackled Salvage Armor skin: looks like a Tek suit made from scrap from robots but its missing stuff like the Jet pack and has no lights. but the helmet looks like a enforcers Head with a helmet mold Salvaged Sword: looks like Defence uint arm but remade into a sword Corrupted Rex skull skin: looks like a Rex skull but has corrupted veins all over it! Corrupted Trike skull skin: looks like a Trike Helmet but it has the corrupted veins growing on it Fun Dumb skin's Shield horn skin: Make your trike look like a shield horn from atlas (i love the way it looks) Skeleton skin: makes your person look like a spooky skeleton! Battle axe skin: makes your sword look like a battle Axe all these ideas are just for fun so
  5. yes they are a Jack of all trades dino! specially after the TLC
  6. Skins/ emote achievements if your like me i like to collect skins and have them. even when i die. so here's some "achievements" you can earn to get these skins! (side Note you should not be grindable with the industrial grinder due to the fact that you can get stuff from them like Easter eggs , meat etc) 1: Warrior: Skins: Hockey Mask: earned: Kill 20 players (that arent in your tribe) 2: War lord: skins: Headless skin: earned: Kill over 100 players (that arent in your tribe) 3: Gamma slayer: skins Alpha raptor costume , and stygimoloch Costume: earned by killing Alpha Raptor 4: Beta Slayer: Skin Floral costume , Trex skull skin and styracosaurus costume : earned by killing alpha Carno! 5: Alpha Slayer: Skin Trex costume, Trike Bone Helmet , and Brachiosaurus Costume : earned by killing alpha Rex! 6: Master of the Sea: Skin Captains Hat: earned by killing all Alpha Sea Dinos 7: Master of The Caves: skins. Vampire dodo , Aranro and onyc Costume. Earned: Explore all Caves! 8: Farming professional: skins Scary Pumpkin : earned grow all crops (base game) 9: Chef : skin Chocolate Bunny skin! :earned Craft every kind of rockwell recipe (base game) 10: proud parent : skin Dino chick hat , dino egg Hat , easter Chick hat and Easter egg Hat. Earned: hatch a dino egg! 11: they grow up so Fast: skin Dino Marshmallow hat, normal marshmallow hat and Dillo mask. Earned: fully raise a dino with 100% imprint 12: Giga slayer: skin Giga poop costume and dance emote. earned: Kill a wild giga! 13:Omega; skins: uncle sam hat , dino uncle sam hat , arch flex and bicep smooch emotes. earned Beat the Alpha Overseer ---------------------------------------------------------------------- SE achievement 1: Scorched Explorer: Skins Scorched Pike , Sword and Torch Skin, earned: explore all caves and get all artifacts 2: Beast Slayer: skins wyvern Gloves and Manticore helmet. earned: kill all alphas on Scorched Earth 3: Scorched alpha: Skins: Manticore Chestplate , boots , gloves , leggings and shield. earned: beat the alpha manticore ------------------------------------------------------------------- AB Achievements Homo novus: Skins. cute dino mask , otter mask , chilly mask , and scary skull mask!. earned: Beat alpha rockwell ------------------------------- Extinction Achievements HomoDeus: Skins HomoDeus Hat , shirt , pants , boots and gloves: earned: Beat the Alpha King titan! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. No argument here i like them too granted they are a little crazy in PVP but i do love the look of them and how they move around (still don't know that they were smoking to make that thing have jets for feet but its ok lol)
  8. Udam

    Taming Rants

    i understand that completely! i love ark for taming but hate it as well the main 2 things i hate are passive taming: i wish there could be a timer like "30 secs before next feed" Hunger: i would be nice if some dinos in the wild will get hungry! would make many lives much easyer
  9. What's your favorite Dino! This could be for any reason. cute , acts weird , sounds , power etc my favorite is the deinonychus because it looks pretty and they are fun to use!
  10. nameless cuz the sound and right when your lights go out! there coming for you! and also they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop com.....
  11. yes that crap PISSES ME OFF! that shouldn't even happen!
  12. i'm sorry about your lost but. for me yes plus i lost everything the other day i spent around 5 months on. and i lost my line on Dien's
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