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  1. bigfish502

    TLC pass 3

    I think a simple TLC for moschops and dodec would be consistency. With a Dodec the only Obsidian nodes in the entire game where you actually get obsidian from using a dodec is the ones on the Island Volcano, which is ridiculous. As far as the moschops is concerned although it is supposed to harvest sap from Joshua Trees it only does so on the Scorched Earth Map even though there are plenty of joshua trees on Ragnorak and Extinction (it would also be extremely useful if moschops could be efficient gatherers of red and blue sap on Extinction).
  2. As an xbox player who has played Extinction on PVE I say..LEAVE THE TEK TAPY PROJECTILE DAMAGE ALONE!!! Can't emphasize enough how useful the Tek Tapy was for taming and killing Titans, especially after the Managarmr nerf. Do what you want with the projectile damage to structures, but the overall projectile damage to other targets should stay the same. Period.
  3. But then who was the original creator of element? I think there's room to investigate who the original creators of element were, not the humans who discovered it by chance and reverse engineered it.
  4. I'm not too sure about the plant Y changes, it's already hard enough to immobilize a managarmr (no amount of spider webs, ice wyvern breath, or allo bleeds can slow down a managarmr when it rocket boosts).
  5. Special creatures and/or bosses (Halloween event is the best example). Still looking forward to that dodogriffin.
  6. Aside from bringing some of the current server modes on PC such as Arkpocalypse, Classic and Supremacy to console, I would suggest new game modes that deviate from the norm. For PVP I would recommend some sort of primitive (but not primitive plus) "Bobpocalypse" server where people can only build up to wood tier, no guns, and no large tames such as gigas, wyverns, theri's, rhinos or rexes. For PVE I would recommend some sort of "zombie dino apocalypse" or other scenario which would encourage players to work together towards a win goal, so everyone either wins or loses depending on if the win conditions were met before time runs out.
  7. Advanced Dino Commands and Smarter AI It is ironic that you can have a game filled with dinosaurs and yet have them be almost useless in base defense. One of the major reasons for this is the AI. Wild and tamed dinosaurs act really dumb and enemy players can easily exploit this by kiting them away into danger or standing on top of a rock and shooting down. It is about time WildCard give the dino AI a good bit of TLC, especially to tamed dinos. My main suggestion would be to add in new advanced commands for your tamed dinos that would be as follows: -Patrol: These commands would allow you to put a series of points which you would like your dinos to follow. Dinos told to patrol will follow the route specified and only deviate to attack a target if ordered to do so (such as if they are set to aggressive). -Return: These commands allow you to set a point or target (including yourself) and tell the dinosaurs how far they can stray from that point before they have to return home (there are similar ways to do this with the current system but it is a little unreliable at times and not very user friendly). -Retreat: Give the dinos a point or target to retreat to if they are low on health. -Retrieve: Dinos with the ability to pick up other dinos/players can be ordered to pick up a target creature or player and bring it to you if they are able to. -Defend: With this command dinos can be told to defend a target or point. I know not all of these commands could be implemented whether for technical or balance reason, but the point is the same. We need to have greater control over how our dinos behave when we aren't riding them.
  8. Tek Neuroscanner, Archive, and Research Station Today I am posting my idea for 3 new Tek structures that function in conjunction with each other to revolutionize the way engrams and blueprints can be used. They are as follows: -Tek Neuroscanner- Once a player is seated in this contraption, the Neuroscanner will scan the brain of the player at the cost of element and transmit primitive blueprints of engrams that player knows to the Tek Archive.The Neuroscanner can also perform mind wipes on a player for the cost of element. Each successive mind wipe using this device will increase the element cost. -Tek Archive-An upgraded version of the bookshelf, but so much more. The Tek Archive can store 500 blueprints, notes, and recipes. As mentioned above the Archive creates primitive blueprints for Engrams that the player seated in the Neuroscanner knows. -Tek Research Station-Blueprints created in the Tek Archive (and Blueprints obtained from drops and crates) can be put into the Research station to transform them into higher quality blueprints, for a hefty element cost. Each time the research station is used it has a chance of upgrading a blueprint to the next quality tier (primitive to ramshackle, mastercraft to ascendant), but also has a chance of completely destroying the blueprint. The chance of destroying the blueprint increases with increasing quality. All blueprints created will adhere to the server settings.
  9. If these were ever to become breedable they would have introduce particular mechanics to prevent players from easily mass breeding them. For instance, have it to where wyverns have to have particular conditions met in order for them to get into a breeding mood and in which the actual process of breeding is composed of a courtship ritual rather than simply cramming them into a tight space and enabling mating.
  10. Managarmr are easily one of the most controversial creatures in the game, and many of the steps that Wildcard has taken to balance them has both pleased and displeased players from both the PVP and PVE community. In my humble opinion I believe the Managarmr could have been balanced better than it was in particular as it relates to PVP, which is why I'm making this post. Here are some of the ways I believe the Managarmr should have been balanced through reasonable nerfs and counter-play: -Countering Mobility-While Wildcard focused on the Managarmr's breath attack, they did little to address the mobility of the managarmr. Ice Wyvern Breath, Reaper spit, spec x, spider web throws, and Lymantria dust all slow the walking speed of the managarmr, but do nothing to their ability to jump and dive, rendering the effect near useless in a PVP scenario. This should be addressed. -Ice Wyverns and Managarmr-It makes little sense how ice wyverns can't damage each other with their own ice breaths but a managarmr can. Making it so that the managarmr's ice breath deals reduced or no damage to ice wyverns (and possibly other managarmr) could offer players a mount who could hard counter the managarmr (the same logic could be applied to creatures who live in frigid climates). -Rethinking the Ice Breath-Rather than have the damage greatly scale with distance the managarmr breath should behave more like a lightning wyvern's breath, dealing uniform damage across the whole span of the breath's range. However, the range should be greatly reduced to be more comparable to that of a Poison Wyvern's breath or Spec X. Also, the breath should have to be trained on a target for around 5 seconds before it starts to freeze a target. I know not everyone will agree with my points and I will acknowledge that there isn't a "perfect" solution, but I hope that we can discuss in civil language our thoughts on how the Managarmr should be balanced to best suit both PVP and PVE (I know there are discussions about balancing both game modes separately but that is beside the point).
  11. The devs did say that they had plans for ascension cinematic for Scorched Earth similar to what they had for Aberration (meaning a cinematic triggered after you beat the manticore) but like many things it was put on the back burner. If you believe in the devs doing what they say they're going to do rather than it just be wishful thinking then in that respect they owe it their player base to be more transparent and only say they're going to do something if they really mean it.
  12. Ascension cinematics would be epic, but by itself hollow if not accompanied by other bits of tlc for this DLC. I made a post detailing some potential tlc and content to give people more incentive to play scorched earth.
  13. Accidentally posted prematurely, but yes there is a quick reference to JordansARK's point on giving us an Ascension cutscene on Scorched Earth. I agree with him that the Ark Devs should give us a cinematic for scorched earth.
  14. Scorched Earth was the first DLC's to ever hit Ark but unfortunately it's also one of the least played. Between the lack of TLC for it's creatures and exclusive items as well as the lack of incentive to put up with the hardships the map throws at you, many players would rather play on Ragnarok than Scorched Earth. I'm here to suggest some potential tlc and new content (some of which is technically already in the dev files but was never fully released) for Scorched Earth that will give players more incentive to play on the map. New Boss: "The Swarm/Hive" This is one of those pieces of content that is technically already in the Scorched Earth Dev files, but never really made it's way into the main game. It was meant to be something comparable to the Broodmother, being able to pop out insect minions from holes in its back. We never got more than a bare-bones design for the boss and it's potential minions, so I'd like to expand upon it with some of my own ideas. -The boss should be able to summon soldiers and jug bugs. The flying soldier bugs will attack players and their tames without mercy, inflicting stamina draining poison with their stings. The jug bugs will be oil jug bugs with a more suicidal tendency. They will pursue players and tames and blow themselves up, leaving burning oil slicks in their wake. -The boss itself will be able to spray it's foes with acid, lowering their defenses. Any corpses it eats will also have a slight healing effect similar to that of the argentavis. -Upon defeating the boss players will receive tek engrams for some of the basic tek structures (similar to the broodmother) as well as a few new exclusive engrams. New Tek Engrams For defeating this new Boss, players will receive a few new Scorched Earth exclusive tek engrams: -Tek Wyvern Saddle (already in the dev kit)-Gives equipped wyverns a small amount of armor and like the tek tapy saddle has tek blasters that it can switch to. When a wyvern switches to firing mode a targeting reticle will appear and the wyvern will then be able to shoot energy bolts. While in firing mode wyverns can't use their breath attacks and can't sprint. -Tek Solar Panel-Like the Windmill this structure will be able to power electronics without gasoline, but instead of wind this structure uses sunlight. While powered the tek solar panel can wirelessly power electronics similar to the tek generator, albeit with a decreased maximum range. As long as the structure is exposed to sunlight it can power any electronics even underwater. - Tek Desintegrator-The tek equivalent of the shotgun, short ranged devastation. Creature TLC/Fixes -Pheonix-Major bug fixes. Weight reduction on metal ore/ingots. -Thorny Dragon-Greatly increased torpor from spine shots. -Morellatops- Increased water storage (perhaps have a water stat to level up). Greater gathering efficiency or weight reduction on berries, cactus sap, thatch, rare flowers/mushrooms. Filled Waterskins and Jars in a morellatop's inventory should have reduced rate of water loss. -Lymantria-Ability to fertilize or provide some sort of boon to crops with it's spore attack. Ability to passively make silk over time. Breeding would be a major plus for this creature! -Jerboa-should be able to properly predict weather and natural disasters on other maps such as meteor strikes on extinction. -Mantis-Slight weight reduction on gathered materials. Weapons and tools equipped to a mantis should have decreased durability loss. Eggs should be either usable in Extraordinary kibble or in new recipes. -Vulture-Fixes to not being able to whistle vultures onto targets. Pack or healing buffs. -Rock elemental-25% weight reduction on stone, wood, sand, etc. Other Fixes -Make windmills compatible with gas generator's auto-powered settings (generators kick on when the windmill stops but don't turn off when windmill start working again). -Reduce gas generator decay rate. -Improve tracking missile's ability to track moving targets.
  15. Hey everyone I wanted to ask those people who have used the tek cloning chamber if this seems a bit off for cloning cost for a mutated thyla a friend of mine was trying to clone on Extinction: It says in order to clone this level 283 thyla he would need 8,032,500 shards. Is this a bug? I input the creature and level values into a calculator on the ark wiki and it said it should only cost 17,615 shards.
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