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  1. Can't activate the event yourself, and they can only be spawned during said event. You either have to wait(Don't know if they'll ever come back tbh) or get a mod. They're spawn codes are completely absent from the game.
  2. I'd ditch the idea of getting a Quetz for now. Higher level creatures or something like a Rex would be more beneficial from what I can tell.
  3. The Rex. Feel so powerful when I get one, even if it's low level.
  4. Maybe because this game is difficult? And you can't expect everything to go your way? Maybe because you shouldn't be entirely safe on a little secluded raft, or cling to it as an only means of survival? It's a difficult game filled with stuff that's gonna kick you down. The only way to actually beat Ark is to as you so eloquently put it: The Leed is fine as is.
  5. Then use a Basilo. It isn't brain science or rocket surgery. Park the creature right under the boat and put it on neutral. If the boat is attacked, the creature will be hit and attack the Leed. Works like a charm.
  6. Literally killed a Leed with a Raptor on my Raft. They aren't scary, or overpowered, just an inconvenience. Get any decent Megalodon or Plesi and you've already beat them. A Leed should never be a problem for a competent player, much less a tribe. Get good or get a Quetz and avoid them completely.
  7. Phoenix isn't on Rag, what makes you think anything added to Scorched is guaranteed to go to Rag?
  8. Then add stuff to Scorched, not Rag. Extinction is still gonna have the majority of Scorched Creatures, removing them from Rag only gets rid of access to Wyverns and Jerboas. Rather than breathe life into an old and almost unfinished DLC, you'd rather suck it from two other maps. I'm sorry, but the changes and items you're proposing would only make Rag more popular than it already is.
  9. The Brachi model is literally too small for the Bronto hitbox. Your arguement makes no sense.
  10. Always personally wanted a big Hercules Beetle on Scorched. The Mammoth Beetle?
  11. Look, Rag has two unique creatures and almost all of the Scorched creatures. Why have a fantasy map like the Center if there's literally no fantasy creatures? You're versions of the dragon are a complete nightmare for balance. Armor, breeding, and weapons? It's like you're trying to make another Mana. I've seen the mod's stats for the creatures, and they are easily comparable to that of a Wyvern. But you want armor and breeding for them, making them immediately outclass Wyverns in almost every way. Added that they can swim, the sideways flying, and the divebombing, and you might as well replace normal Wyverns altogether.
  12. They may be getting stuck on each other and gradually lose speed that way. Have them follow in a line rather than follow one creature.
  13. The Titanosaur has always been obsolete. The devs tried so hard to not make it overpowered that they made it one of the worst creatures in the game. The Titans have nothing to do with this.
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