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  1. Zahlea

    Raptor pounce issue. Intended, or glitch?

    I doubt it... I have the same problem on my private server run from the same computer I play on (i.e. down to single digit ping), where I don't have lag. So unless I have lag that is unnoticeable except for this issue, I don't think that's the case. I wonder if the dinos don't know that they've been picked up and that they can't use certain attacks... 🤔
  2. Zahlea

    This is a problem.

    First of all, I don't know where I stand in the matter. I have been unable to find any rules stating you're not allowed to post about exploits on Youtube, however, the rules are very clear when it comes to posting here or in the game: I haven't been able to find if HOD has broken these rules and if not, I'd say the ban was undeserved. Possibly, this rule can be considered broken which is a matter of interpretation as I understood him having shown all of this in single player: With my (lack of) allegiance out of the way, what I want to say is that even if I were adamantly on HOD's side in this, I'd be embarrassed by that video. They give the appearance of relating news, but do it very poorly with a lot of hangups and repetition, not to mention half way in when they describe the devs as having very small brains. I mean... I can understand HOD wanting to shed light on an issue and being frustrated nothing else works, but even if I applauded his actions in the hope of the issues being addressed - this video works against that goal, in my opinion. Where they had the opportunity to further shed light on an issue and to gather support and attention to it, they failed miserably in only sounding like they're whining and pretty much alienates me as a viewer - and this is from the perspective of someone on the same side! That way, they really make sure not to convince anyone of a differing opinion, quite the opposite. I believe the only thing they achieve is further cementing the opinion of HOD supporters just being whiny. And that's a huge fail!
  3. Zahlea

    defense against jellyfish?

    When I create a water pen, I start with a ceiling (either from a wall on a fence foundation or from a foundation) and go out the two ceilings I can before I need more support. On that ceiling, I put pillars down to the ground to get support and then keep going with ceilings... I do this all the way around. Pillars every other ceiling looks like this: A pen like that will not keep megalodons out though (unsure about mosa etc.), but you can add pillars every ceiling instead which will keep them out. However... to keep jellyfish out (if you want to be perfectly safe), you will need to put walls or window walls covering all of the pen walls which takes a lot of resources (I've done experiments trying to figure out what keeps jellyfish out and it's only walls )
  4. Not to echo too much on what @Cymas has already stated, but the deal was that there'd be a wipe upon full release of the game. In my personal opinion, it would've been better if they had taken that backlash and wiped to start fresh with other servers. I really do get that you feel it's annoying to have to start over, but if you had been warned the whole time, I don't think it's unfair. Also, I highly object to your statement "that people who bet on the success of the game with early access, are excluded from technical support". You are not, in any way, excluded from support. No player is. The servers are. So if you as a player have a problem on another server, you are by no means excluded from support on that server. This is a very important distinction.
  5. Zahlea

    kibble rework Fixing the kibble system

    Very true. My question was if the discussion would benefit from creating a new thread discussing only the things that haven't been addressed yet... Am I correct in reading your meaning as that not being necessary?
  6. Zahlea

    Perfect 100% Tame?

    No matter the food, the taming effectiveness will always go down. It's just a matter of how much. Different food reduces the taming effectiveness by different amounts and adds different amounts of taming progress. The best food is the one where the effectiveness is reduced the least per taming progress gained. Note on "perfect tame": The maximum amount of bonus levels is the level of the creature - 1 divided by 2 (rounded down). That means for a level 150, the maximum amount of bonus levels is 74 (150 - 1 = 149, 149 / 2 = 74.5, rounded down = 74). A "perfect tame" is usually considered any tame that gets the maximum amount of bonus levels, disregarding the taming effectiveness. Another thing to add, that makes it even more complex, is that different creatures lose bonus levels at different taming effectiveness So at 95% taming effectiveness, one creature might have lost 0 bonus levels while another one has lost 2 or 3. This means that a perfect tame is not possible for certain creatures, depending on your taming multiplier and a few other settings. One could argue that a "perfect tame" is just any tame that is the best it can be given preferred food and the server settings, but that's another discussion. As long as you get all the bonus levels you want, the taming effectiveness is almost irrelevant. It will effect the melee damage slightly. Funny side note though: if you breed the creature, the melee damage is inherited by the offspring as if the taming effectiveness was 100% no matter what it was, so the offspring often has a slightly higher damage % than tamed parents.
  7. Zahlea

    kibble rework Fixing the kibble system

    Very good idea! Although, I don't know if there have been a lot of ideas agreed upon... Maybe the extraordinary kibble, but they fixed that Edit: Since the problem getting the most space in the OP and throughout this thread has been fixed, maybe it would be an idea to create a new thread?
  8. Zahlea

    kibble rework Fixing the kibble system

    Of course! Totally forgot about that. It's done! Thanks for reminding me
  9. Zahlea

    New starts on your server

    Good on you! I'm raging and I'm only hearing about it... the nerve of some people!!! 😡
  10. Zahlea

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Impressed you managed to do it so soon Just love how their heads are sticking up through the dome ❤️ Although it does highlight how much I want the S+ glass tier to make it into Homestead
  11. Really happy about the patch, thank you! ❤️ Now I'm just waiting for a fix to S+ and Homestead structures getting mixed up by the game, as well as a few other building bugs I'm sure you're working on, and I can go back to ARK!
  12. Zahlea

    How do you teach yourself how to tame?

    That's perfectly fine. It is a sandbox game after all, which means you create your own goals. "That kind of game" = where you get any clues whatsoever as to how it works. I did use the words "my opinion" as that is what it is: Since the game doesn't give the player any tools to find out the game mechanics, I don't think it means for players to find it out by themselves. Still my opinion. Then, if you want to play the game differently, luckily, that's very possible too!
  13. Zahlea

    New patch

    I want a screenshot! 😂
  14. Zahlea

    New patch

    But we're secretly really happy about it, right?
  15. Zahlea

    How do you teach yourself how to tame?

    A massive amount of trial and error to begin with, but a lot has been data mined from the dev kit as well, if I'm not mistaken.