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  1. I was curious if the carch and any of the free dlc dinos( amargasurus, desmodus sino) were going to come to ark 2.
  2. But the quetz is very outdated and has little to no uses. And they are just a standard knockout tame.
  3. I they do just copy paste it it will make litteraly every other creature in the game usless. Its Just not a very balenced creature.
  4. The only reason it won is because loudedcrysis hyped it up and it does everything in the game from resource gathering to anything else you need its just not a great creature
  5. Hey wildcard could be get the Hatzegopteryx as well seeing as it was such a close second.
  6. So im making a mod map for ark and im wondering how many people would like to see new unique wyverns/ dragons.
  7. @CosmicSkeletoni was thinking of making a desert part of the map inspired by Egyptian culture and creatures and have a boss like I am doing for Quetz. As well as A third ancient culture that has mythical creatures and one i could use as a boss. Like maybe like greek or romen tell me what you think.
  8. On other news i have started some concept art and work for the Aztec Map that im calling yāōcall. I've started some concept art for the temples and the Quetzal.
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