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  1. Another possible idea: Getting hit by a bison while it’s charging, will give a player a ‘Trample effect.’ Basically, when you get run over, the survivor goes prone and is stuck that way for a little bit, on top of the damage received from getting hit.
  2. I like the idea of this tame, but I would have the tame method be different. Have it be that juvenile bison roam with the herd. The rest off the herd are fiercely protective of the juveniles and will aggro on any players/tames that wander too close. The adults cannot be tamed. The player must use stealth and sneak in amongst the herd and lure the juvenile away with taming food. Once tamed it must be raised like one would raise a newborn creature (the raising process starts at the juvenile stage, obviously). Once fully matured, the adult Bison can be brutes strength. Their charg
  3. I think a Hippo would be a great addition to the game. Hippos could be the Leedsicthys of the rivers/swamps. Only, unlike the Leeds, the Hippos could leave the water and continue to wreck their prey.
  4. Good luck getting this one fixed. They still haven’t fixed the Bog spawns on Genesis for console, and how long has Genesis been out now?
  5. It was supposed to go live at 5 where I live, but it hasn’t come out yet.
  6. Will you guys please fix some dinos not spawning in Bog on Genesis for console. Sarcos, Kapros, Baryonyx, Spiders, Spinos, Piranhas and a host of other dinos don't spawn on the map like they're supposed to. No matter how many dino wipes are performed.
  7. Still not fixed in PS4 Singleplayer.
  8. A TLC add I'd like to see is a shoulder pet with the ability to give the survivor an attack boost. Kind of like how the Yutyrannus roars and buffs your dinos, the pet could buff the humans. It could be the Mesopithicus. While on your shoulder, it could beat it's chest and and let out a loud screech that gives any nearby humans an attack (or defense) buff.
  9. I think each Dino should have its own custom armor that it can wear for protection. Kinda like how in medieval times horses would be given protective armor for battle. I've always thought that having the saddle be its only armor a bit ridiculous. I'm not saying they remove saddles as armor, but just make all saddles primitive only and the base, weakest form of defense. And don't make the armor an engram, but a rare item that can only be found in drops, with the higher qualities even rarer finds.
  10. Post 'em. Who knows, maybe WC will see the idea and like it. Plus if the mods don't like it, they'll just remove it and issue a warning.
  11. It might be the pterodactyl. A slightly larger version of the pteranodon. Also, there is a popular mod which features the pterodactyl. It's an aggressive flyer that can pick up players, fly them into the air, then drop them.
  12. Some TLC ideas: The Megalodon should be able to leap out of the water and snatch players off rafts/boats. The Tuso (Squid) should be able to reach the surface and attack players and their boats. Aberration needs a creature whose saddle can be used as a mobile smithy. It's the only map that doesn't contain a creature with that ability. Or maybe introduce Aberrant Castroides and have them be rare spawns that can be found in the blue or green zones. Make Griffins breedable. Give the Sabretooth the ability to latch onto a player (and small mounts) and DRAG them away, wit
  13. I should've clarified, I play on PS4, where the repopulation takes that long. And we don't have the luxury of mods.
  14. Actually on story maps (Island, SE, Abb, Ext, and now Genesis) after doing a Dino wipe you need to wait at least 15-20 minutes for the game to repopulate. Logging off, or, in this case, leaving the biome, will speed up the process. From what I understand, when the dinos are spawning in, the game doesn't spawn them into your render range. So, if you do a Dino wipe, then stand in a field for twenty minutes, dinos will not appear around you, but if you were to run/fly around, you'd be entering areas that were outside your render and there should be dinos there. Eventually, if you return to t
  15. My problem isn't with the map itself. It's the fact that the update screwed up the settings on console. They reset every time I log out. And, as usual, Wildcard is in no hurry to fix it, let alone address the problem.
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