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  1. There is a way to fix the Wyvern problem, if you're not on official that is. You, or the owner of the server, fly into the Wyvern trench. Spawn in a few wyverns. Leave, and come back later, and that should kick-start the wyvern spawns.
  2. Ohh, didn't think of that! Nice one!
  3. If the Rex nest is guarded by an Alpha Rex, it won't be a free egg. I doubt a Bronto could take down an alpha Rex.
  4. Here are my TLC suggestions: -More Tek Dinos. I'm not saying saturate the game with Tek Dinos, but a few more would be nice. Like maybe a a Tek Megalosaurus, which could be useful on Aberration. Or a Tek water Dino. All the Tek creatures we've got so far have been land/air based. I think a Tek Sarco would be cool, or, since the Sarco has already received a TLC update, how about a Tek Megalodon. -Speaking of Megalodons, how about making them a greater ocean threat? Right now when one is out on the ocean with a boat, the only real worry is the Leedsicthys. How about giving the Megalodon the ability to lunge from the water and snatch people off rafts. Or at least do SOME damage to rafts, not as much as the Leedsicthys, but even modern sharks will be hostile to boats in the water, and Megalodons are supposed to be fierce, not just swim about while boats are nearby. -Dino nests. I find it weird that only Wyverns, Drakes, and Deinos have nests to take eggs from. I think it would be cool for ALL dinos to have nests that are located in various parts of the maps. Naturally, taking them will aggro nearby dinos. Could have it be that all dino nests are guarded by Alpha dinos, which ups the danger factor of stealing them. -To go with that point ^ up there. Alpha Herbivores. -
  5. I did a wild dino wipe on my server and that got fire wyverns spawning. Not a whole bunch, but when I flew in I saw about 5-6 flying about.
  6. What I'd like to know is what, if any, kind of aquatic creatures aggro on the turtle? Now smaller things like Megalodons I can see leaving it alone, but what about Leedsicthys? I know they normally attack rafts because of the noise they make, but will they attack the turtle?
  7. Again, this was not MY confusion , so there's no need to be rude about it. A person on the Reddit boards listed a similar question about the first season pass being used to purchase this new one and brought up the expiration date.
  8. No, I knew that, just highlighting the potential confusion that expiration date could cause.
  9. And again, there are people that probably don't know that.
  10. I didn't say that is what it said. I said that those who see the expiration date as 2020 COULD ASSUME the pass works for both. I know it doesn't, but it isn't unreasonable for some people to think that.
  11. Actually, the first season pass doesn't expire until 2020. After the release of the 2nd Genesis map. So, it would not be unreasonable for some to ASSUME buying the 1st season pass would cover content for the 2nd.
  12. The normal wait time for an artifact respawn is about 30 minutes. Less if you are singleplayer, in which it is usually about 20 minutes. My tribemates and I just did the artifact of the devourer on Rag and when we got to the ocean bottom it let us take two artifacts immediately. We went back to our rafts, me and another member flew our artifacts back to base, then rejoined the others. All that took about 30 minutes or so. We went back down to the ocean bottom and the artifact had respawned and allowed us to take two again. As for the ice dungeon cave, the respawn timer for that is different from what I've noticed. For that particular dungeon you pretty much HAVE to run the dungeon multiple times to get multiple artifacts. Due to the fact you need to exit the dungeon for one to respawn. By the time you get out, get back to the entrance, and fight your way back down to the ice queen, it will have respawned. Oh, and pro-tip, survivors may only be able to carry one artifact, but otters can carry MULTIPLE artifacts in their inventory. So, if you ever go by yourself, but want to get more than one, take an otter with you.
  13. It has worked fine for me. It might have to with the fact your server is from Nitrado. I was running my own private server and could spawn one in.
  14. Does this affect singleplayer files or is it just for online servers? Just wondering cause I'm on Aberration and was about to transfer back to Ragnarok to get some supplies for the Rockwell fight.
  15. For those on PS4, you can spawn in the HLNA skin WITHOUT buying the season package. Only works if you're the owner of a private server or playing on single-player. Just open up command bar and type in 'GFI MiniHLNA 1 0 0' and it'll give it to you. Tested and worked! EDIT: Must have downloaded the last update to work.
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