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  1. A quick question I've played entirely on vanilla Ark and was going to start fresh on Valguero using Primitive+. When I choose the Primitive+ option in the home screen a message pops up, saying: "Changing game modes requires a content load. Continue?" What does that mean, exactly? If I try to play P+ on Valguero will it ruin the saves I have on my other vanilla maps?
  2. You can upload a character yes, but you cannot download the character on another map. So, if you were trying to transfer to another map you can put your character in the obelisk on say, the Island, then go to Scorched Earth and hit the 'download survvor' button, you won't be able to, because downloads are disabled. And Uploading and Ascending are two different things. You UPLOAD to, as stated, transfer to another map. ASCENDING happens when you beat Overseer, Rockwell, or King Titan. However the Ascension is purely in the cut-scene. After beating Overseer on the Island, the game doesn't automatically transfer your character to Scorched Earth. You beat Overseer, the cut-scene and credits roll, then you log back in and you are at the respawn screen where it's asking you to choose what bed you'd like to spawn at. Once you're ready, you then go to an obelisk/drop and UPLOAD your character, then log out,head to scorched and click the 'download survivor' button. The reason console players have to do those steps to Ascend properly is because the console version is codes wrong and it deletes characters for...reasons...but for some reason following those steps prevents deletion.
  3. You need to check the 'No Survivor DOWNLOAD' button. (I'll post a pic of that below) Your character cannot upload if it isn't possible to download it again. So by checking that box you are essentially making it IMPOSSIBLE to leave the map, until you uncheck that box again. You seem to be the ONLY person who has so much trouble understanding this. When I first came to this site and found those instructions, I followed the steps and was able to beat Overseer and not lose my character, FIRST TRY. Since then, whenever I see someone complain about the Ascension glitch, I post those steps for them and I have yet to have someone tell me it didn't work. Go into Ark, one of the three maps, Island, Aberration, or Extinction, create a new throwaway character, then follow the steps (you don't need to do the constant saving and quitting, I'll admit that's a superfluous step, but I do it just to make sure it saves the changes). Once you have the new character created and are ready, do the Ascension cheat (or spawn in the necessary items and go into god mode to fight the boss). Then you can test it out. As I stated before, it's not as hard as you're making it out to be.
  4. Ok, first off, it's not MY steps, I didn't create those steps, someone else did and posted them on this site. The name of the user who created it is in that picture I posted. If you need more info about it, contact him. Secondly. THE. CHARACTER. DOES. NOT. UPLOAD. Turning off uploads on the settings screen does not allow for a character to be taken off the map. You go in, you beat the boss, whether it's Overseer, Rockwell, or King Titan. After beating them the cinematic and/or credits play. You return to the home screen and then log back in. Upon log in, you are still on the same map. On the screen where it's asking you to choose which bed to spawn at. Spawn at your bed, then go down to where your dinos are waiting and collect your dinos and the items you should have put in the dinos inventory. I swear this is not as difficult as your making it out to be. I have done this method, as I stated, for Overseer, Rockwell, and King Titan SEVERAL TIMES and it has never failed.
  5. I only use it for Overseer, Rockwell and King Titan. And for all of them, after beating the boss, you get the respawn screen asking you to choose which bed you want to spawn at. For Overseer, your dinos are teleported to outside the entrance of the Tek cave. For Rockwell, your dinos are teleported to the far end of the portal in the portal area. For Extinction, your dinos are waiting near the king Titan platform. I have done this method several times on both singleplayer and on a server and it has worked.
  6. They may not have fixed that, but there is legit workaround for it. I've done this several times and never lost a character.
  7. This is an issue on PS4 as well. Has been for years. Another issue that WC doesn't care to fix. To get the artifact legit, here's what you need to do, get the following items: -A descent set of fur armor (if you're in the ice cave, I assume you've got that) - A decent, high level tame that can give/take damage, like a Rex or a Spino. Or if you want to do it really easy, just bring a decent flyer. (Must have cave flying enabled). -An otter with a high weight stat. -A decent gun with lots of ammo. Always be prepared for Murphy's Law. -Transfer to The Center map. Head to the SOUTH ICE CAVE. Large dinos like Rexes can easily fit in here, but, as I stated, if you want it to be easy and you have cave flying enabled, just fly in. -The Artifact is sitting on an arch made of ice. Kill or lead off the arch any enemies. Grab the artifact. -Now this is where the otter comes into play. Otters are the only creatures in the game which can carry artifacts, and multiples of the same one. So, what you can do is walk/fly around for a bit, grabbing an artifact whenever it spawns and putting it in your otter's inventory. Once you have what you deem to be enough artifacts, take them to the obelisk and transfer them back to the Island. Yes, you can transfer artifacts to different maps. I had to do this when I played on the Island. Yes, it's frustrating, but until WC gets their act together and fixes the bugs, this is what needs to be done. If you want a REAL challenge, go to Ragnarok and get the artifact from the Life's Labyrinth dungeon.
  8. I'm on PS4, both singleplayer and online, and I have that icon as well. Didn't show up til the FE3 event, so I figured it had something to do with the event.
  9. Explorer Notes Issue I placed this issue in the PS4 bugs and glitches section, as well as submitted a ticket, but got no helpful responses from anyone, so I thought I'd post it here to see if I could get some help. I play on PS4 singleplayer mostly, and on the day the Fear Evolved 3 started, I was on Ragnarok. I transferred my character from Rag back to my Aberration map. Upon accessing the obelisk to withdraw some items, my game crashed. I logged back in, and noticed that all my achievements had disappeared. I checked my Explorer Notes page and the ones from the Island, Scorched Earth, and Aberration are all locked, as if I'd never found them. Everything else about my save file is just fine. It's just my Explorer Notes and achievements that got wiped. I have reset the game and system several times and they're all still gone. Anyone got any ideas? EDIT: I placed this in a different section to get help and the mods just moved it here. Yeah, that'll fix the problem.
  10. I'm sure people from other platforms who play the game would understand your plight and sign up. I know I would. And I'm sure Nintendo wouldn't turn a complete blind eye to the petition. If done in the right way, it might at least get them to be like "Wildcard, what the eff, man?" At least Nintendo of America anyway. There are plenty of websites you can go to to kickstart petitions, you just need to choose the best one.
  11. Does it fix the problem of players loosing all their explorer notes/achievements after their game crashed?
  12. Instead of starting a petition against Wildcard, you should start a petition for Nintendo to take action to get Wildcard to fix the game. WC wouldn't be able to ignore a giant like Nintendo.
  13. Check your a Explorer a Notes to make sure they haven't disappeared. My game crashed and I lost all the notes and achievements I got. I've been asking around here about it, but nobody responds, so good luck.
  14. I don't think Jen works for Wildcard anymore.
  15. There is a way around the Ascension bug. Just need to follow a few steps and it'll work. I did this for both Overseer and Rockwell and it worked. I'll post a picture of the instructions.
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