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  1. It's because the update resets ALL your settings every time you log in. So, if you had that checked on the home-screen settings, you will need to recheck it whenever you log back in (along with all other settings you have) @Jerryn is WC aware of this? It's affecting PS4 to and is hella frustrating.
  2. It's resetting settings on console also, and we have no fix for it. We have to manually reset all settings every time we log in.
  3. It seems to be resetting ALL settings. Even the ones on the log-in screen. Like difficulty level and all that. This is frustrating.
  4. Go to the ps4 home page. Put your cursor over the Ark game, but do not launch the game. Move the cursor DOWN, it will display info about the game. On the left side of the info screen you'll see a black information box, at the bottom it says 'PlayStation Store' click on that. It will then bring up a box on the right that will show your add-ons. Scroll down to 'Show All' and click on it. It will bring up a new screen that lists all the add-ons. Genesis will be in the list. Click on it. It will bring up the Overview page. Beneath the picture of Genesis it will say 'Download' click on that. It'll only take a sec. Exit out and launch the game. Genesis will be available to play now.
  5. The DLC is downloaded to your system but not installed in the game itself. You need to go into the Add-On section, look up Genesis, then click on it and hit download. Should only take a second.
  6. More Supply Drops? Did they like quadruple the number of supply crates that come down on Ragnarok? I'm noticing that there seem to more coming down at once. And they're coming down in places they haven't before. I built my base in the valley in front of the green obelisk, and a supply literally comes down right outside my front door. I have to open it and empty its contents just to leave. I've been living in that place for a year now and never had a crate come down there.
  7. I had to roll a new character and collect the notes again. It transfers the info to your other character and records it as being collected.
  8. It has not been confirmed by Wildcard, no, but players working the problem have come to that conclusion. If your character is max level, the reaper will gain no levels. Whereas underleveled characters can raise their reapers.
  9. Someone on this site earlier posted that the problem is a glitch with max level characters. So, you can't level up anymore, it won't allow the reaper to gain any levels. Their solution was to create a new character and use that one to raise the reaper.
  10. Try syncing a new controller with the system and see if that works
  11. I won't bother even trying to play on Genesis until a few months after release. Mainly because, as with all new map releases, there'll be constant bugs and updates to fix them. So, I'd much rather play the game at a time when I'm not hindered by bugs and glitches (more so than usual anyway)
  12. This is a known bug. Has been around for a while. Basically, the theory is (and I stress THEORY) is that on Extinction, there is no invisible barrier like the other Arks, just a kill ceiling, you go to high, you die. Well, if you take a Mana to a new map and go too high, the Mana (which is coded to die if it goes to high on Extinction) will die. The game THINKS you're on Extinction and that you have surpassed the kill volume, so it kills you. This has been known to happen mainly to Manas on other maps.
  13. WafflePancake

    Missing Crafting

    Did you learn the Engrams? If you mind wiped and left the map, then came back the Engrams won't still be there, you'll need to go back into your engram list and relearn them.
  14. Or on The Center map spawning on the "easy" blue obelisk island will put you on a beach that has the potential to be populated by alpha Rexes and raptors. First time I played on that map I spawned in there and an Alpha Rex killed me before I could even finish the wake up animation.
  15. That really shouldn't be an issue. I haven't been on my SE save in almost a year, and I recently jumped back in to get the Genesis notes and everything was as I left it last time.
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