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  1. Without a doubt TROODON! I've yet to manage to get one to attack a tame, and I've tried many different techniques
  2. Thanks for bringing it up. I've thought the same. Definitely not a big deal, it's just me being excited and refreshing the page every day or two . If I may suggest @Cedric, it would also be amazing if we were allowed to see the version history and then we could see when things were added to the list or changed status (if Google Spreadsheets even allow to see the version history without being able to edit )
  3. I started the post. I'm not gonna apologise for calling out off topic. Also, I very much doubt that any by-the-way suggestions a user makes in one thread are going to make the list unless they already had it on their radar. But I wish you luck! Just write your own post I see your point! What you might not realise is our very different perspectives. You seem to play on official or at least a crowded server with a lot of trading and far gone breeding lines. I play on a dedicated server where I want to breed for stats so not actually looking for mutations specifically. I would be very happy with it as a setting as well, as I have the luxury of being able to tweak my server to my liking. However, it would be such a big change I doubt they'll implement it if it's just gonna be for a setting and not on officials. About the rest, I do believe @TheDonn put it very nicely and I have little else to add. There might be a total balance-overhaul needed. Maybe another beta It wouldn't be a small task though and ruffle a lot of feathers!
  4. @Oli4, @Slippy, @Garet, @HigherFlyer and @Uskaanax : Please note that this post is not for new suggestions. This is only to discuss the suggestions already on the list. To make new suggestions, go to the Suggestions forum! I very much agree and actually posted that in the suggestions forum. I agree - I would much rather see a fix to being pushed around by tails. Maybe we should make a new suggestion about that? Super agree on "Time spent ≠ difficulty". That's all I wanted to say I play on a dedicated server so I can fix it. But yeah, I feel that's a general design choice in the game that I don't agree with. What is your argument against the flags change? I actually thought that was a pretty good solution to pillaring. I agree that I'd much rather see a different key bind for dismounting. Attacking the door is one way of solving it! Although, may allies attack their allied tribes' structures? In that case it might be a problem. If not: Is Z or X used when flying? Or G, V, R? It would be so much better to have a separate key - that you could rebind, than having the same use key or even hold. But to me, that don't have the same need to quickly dismount, even holding the use key is superior to the current behaviour that sometimes makes it nigh impossible to open doors when in the air.
  5. Thanks for taking the time to give input! It would be better, yes, but all that is needed for me is a clarification in the original QoL post what it means. What I was after is exactly what you wrote in your second sentence. So whichever name you choose for it, would you please consider updating the QoL post with that descriptioin? I've thought the same many times. The only way to get away from the bottom of the list is if you happen to be in a big tribe with a lot of people with forum accounts and you tell them to upvote. Maybe a bit off topic, but I would love for filters as Steams "hot this week" or "hot this month", maybe even having the former as the default. That would give a lot more visibility to newer posts. Aawww, thanks Hahaha, I've had the impression a lot of people don't read carefully when there's a lot of text, so I've been trying to counter it by colouring the tl;dr - maybe I've been going a bit too overboard I'll try to do better!
  6. Oh, really? That sounds bad. I just don't see the difference between putting down a flag and putting down a pillar. It's just putting down a structure either way, but flags are not as common and way easier to limit the amount of than pillars, where limiting the amount would really hurt creativity in building.While I'm really with you with the deco - I'd love to see more! - the way I see QoL, deco doesn't fit. To me, QoL is more tweaks to existing things to remove some of the repetition or annoying things you have to do.
  7. Let's talk QoL! Is it just me that is totally amazed by the QoL Catalog list by the devs? I realise that the list doesn't in any way mean things will make it to the game, but to me it's just so great getting confirmation of which features the devs are considering. Of course it'll be sad to see the features I really want listed as Not Considering, but it's still so much better to know that it won't make it in than to keep hoping and wishing... and pestering the devs about it The different statuses are, quoted from the main post about this: So - if it hasn't been discussed, it's marked New, if it's not gonna happen, Not Considering, if it will happen eventually, Queued, but what does Archived mean? It has been seen, but not decided on? "Archived" sounds like it won't be revisited, so is that essentially the same as Not Considering? Anyone able to help me shed some light on what's intended? What are you most excited about? For me the must haves are: Insects should be able to breed <- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Add glass tier structures from Structures+ <- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Add the ability to run boss fights from transmitters or the option to toggle that on private servers. <- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Other things that sound really exciting: Hold "E" To Dismount Option. (Although I would prefer a whole different key than the Use key that open doors, any change here is a huge improvement) Smithy - Add ability to color and rename, and fix collision Ability to paint fridges, chem bench, fabricator, smithy, troughs Paintable Beds Increase quetz speed to make them useful again Have structures like the grinder, forge, grill etc. Able to connect to a generator, without having to put gas in aswel [sic] Corner snap points on foundations for pillars so we don't have to use fence foundations please. Clean up some hitboxes. A lot of dinos dont register hits on wings/etc Give the Unicorn Color zones Breeding Balance: Make breeding less time consuming Rework the way you use refertalizer. It's literally a crap shoot if you're going to get back what you're trying to. (maybe showing you a outline of what was there w you place it in hotbar) Make only flags preserve land and limit to 50 flags per tribe per server More .ini configs Although, it doesn't say which ones But more customisation options are usually good. Babies' footsteps should not be a as loud as the adult's Cave tlc to add black pearls, fungal wood, rare mushrooms and flowers, salt crystals, red green blue gem or sap, sulfur & poly plants I realise that quite a few of my options above are marked as Archived, but as I didn't get what that means, I'll include them anyway.
  8. I read there was a way to get rid of the duplicate structures. Is this only for servers or can I make it happen in Single Player as well? I've tried to put the setting in GameUserSettings.ini, but I can't see any difference. That's why I'm wondering if it works in Single Player. What does it look like when it works? How do I get it to work (if it works)?
  9. So... I'm starting a new dedicated server and I'm using S+ (because I can't go without stackable foundations and glass tier). I read that with S+, you're advised to specify AllowIntegratedSPlusStructures=false I have done this and tried to put it both under [ServerSettings] and [/Script/ShooterGame.ShooterGameUserSettings] in GameUserSettings.ini but nothing happens. Maybe, I'm just not seeing it... what's supposed to happen? I have a vanilla campfire - should that disappear? I have specified the thatch foundation vanilla and S+ engrams, should I still have both? I can choose to learn all S+ engrams and their vanilla counterparts. I was under the impression that the setting would hide the vanilla engrams that have an S+ counterpart so that I don't have a lot of duplicates, but I'm not seeing this. I assume this is a BtK error (Behind the Keyboard), but I can't think of anything else to try based on all I can find when googling. Is there anybody here that got it to work that can tell me what I'm supposed to see and maybe even point me in the right direction of what I'm doing wrong?
  10. Zahlea

    Bring in more S+

    I get what you mean. Though, I can also get that they don't want to bring in the NPCs, although they're very popular, as I can see how that level of automation is contradictory to what the game is at its core (a lot of grinding, very little automation). Bringing it in would officially endorse it and I can see the point in the arguments against it, as well as (in the case with the NPCs specifically) opening up for a lot of demands of other NPCs. In general, I agree though... the things I don't find likely that they'll include for everybody, I've instead asked for as server setting so that everyone not on official can choose to have it.
  11. I actually read all of it and it's mostly a complaint about everything being pillared on PvE Console and the support never answering tickets. As for "the greatest suggestion for ark, to this date" the only thing even remotely like a suggestion was at the very end. Posting it here as a tl;dr if anyone is interested in what the post was supposed to be about.
  12. Tell me about it Thanks! I didn't know about that It's really a lot better than the one on the wiki. However, I still can't see all of the information in one screen so it falls just short of being exactly what I wanted Thank you I'm just happy if it can be of help to others!
  13. Haha, thanks! I'm #teamBritishSpelling so that explains why I'm always getting the word "fibre" wrong . Agree that it should be consistent with the game though. Uploading a new version with it fixed, thanks for noticing!
  14. So, I couldn't find a nice overview of the new kibble. The wiki could tell me which dinos wanted what kibble and I could see the ingredients, but the eggs just said the size which means I had to go to another page to look that up. That made me miss the old kibble chart... and so I decided to make my own! It was a bit tricky to get all the information I wanted into one chart so it might look a little cramped. Just putting it here in case it helps someone else! Feel free to use it as you will, but if you repost, please link back to the original. Full image here: https://imgur.com/a/iUH2bZC
  15. Zahlea

    Bring in more S+

    Bring in more S+ Homestead is great! There are still a few things I'm missing though: S+ Glass walls Put them in Tek tier for all I care What I want is some actually clear glass and not the dirty greenhouse glass you can hardly see through, as well as the really nice customisation options for frames around the glass. I really do prefer it being metal tier but that I can give up if we just get them at all - they are just so pretty and allow for such amazing builds. Additionally, it would be great with a Glass XL wall (I use them in my water pens so that I can see out, while preventing Cnidaria from entering). Stackable foundations server option I get why this might not be feasible as default, but please allow server owners to enable it at will. Snapping to structures option Like how S+ Large Storage Boxes can snap to each other by the side or front, making it a lot easier to put them neatly next to each other. Toggleable with G so it's easy to turn it off to get the same behaviour as we have now. Add to this, it would be amazing if there was a toggle to align with the closest wall so that it's much easier to put structures aligned with walls if desired. Railing snap with vertical posts to ramps/staircases The Homestead model is just a rotated regular railing which looks weird. Seems like it should be a really easy fix since it exists in S+ already! S+ Dynamic Gateways Or at least something between the small dino gate and the behemoth gate. Boss fight from teleporter/transmitter server option Same as above, with the change that maybe it wouldn't be an issue any more? Either way, at least make it a server option so that server owners have the choice to enable it. S+ Bookshelf It would be nice with a metal tier book shelf, as well as a book shelf that can hold a lot more items. After all... a blueprint doesn't take that much space. Powered Dedicated Storage acts as a fridge I know this was supposed to be there and then removed so I guess that there was an issue with it... but if at all possible, I really would love for this to come back. It is Tek tier after all! I realise that a lot of people are also missing the NPCs of S+. However, as I believe they are automating too much for the devs to consider them, I've kept this list to what I believe to be realistic: the things where I can't think of anything that makes them go against what I perceive the devs' vision for the game to be. The top two points are my main ones. With these two, I could leave S+ behind and only go with vanilla... without them, I can't. So if the devs decide to not do this... I'd love a mod that does it! Something more lightweight than S+, but mostly that is without all the duplicates I get now.
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