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  1. The mod kit has always been in the Epic Games Launcher, so this is not new. As for it added as a "DLC" to the store page, I'm guessing it's just about it being tagged as belonging to ARK in the Epic Games Store's system. I'm definitely not an Epic fan and have my own reasons for thinking them shady (main reason is that I hate, hate, HATE exclusivity and think that they're trying to make it a mainstream business competition tactic for PC and I hope to god they fail!!) so I'm the last person who'll try to make you change your mind. Having that said - I must protest against one thing: their store is so very new compared to Steam that they couldn't be expected to have the same amount of features. You're wrong in that it's unlikely Epic will support mods: it's still a platform very much in development and they have ambitious plans for it. So if your main objection is the lack of features, you can always give it another chance in a year or so.
  2. I second this. I've definitely seen it happen as well.
  3. Well, I'm not sure we're getting any further in this discussion if you think it's reasonable that you should get top tier taming food without any effort. Titanoboas are quite easy to kill, but even easier are Stegos which you can take on foot with a bow! Or Sarcos, which you can outrun while running backwards on 100% speed. Honestly, I don't get why it needs to be so ridiculously easy?! Sure, I can agree this nerf is over the top. However, I do think mutton was way OP before, especially considering the amounts one would get! While I understand this change was due to performance issues, I'd prefer to see the taming effectiveness reduced a lot from giving mutton so that sure, you could get a fast tame, but you would sacrifice some levels and it wouldn't be optimal - for that one would need kibble. The difference between mutton and kibble taming is way too small imo. But having said all that - I'm nowhere near your level of wanting it insanely easy, nor will I ever get there. For you, I think you need an unofficial server with wildly increased rates.
  4. Accessible = easy to get. The lower level dinos are not that hard to get: A level 90 ptera is only 10 minutes quicker on mutton than on prime, for instance. What I'm saying is that for a level 1 the existing taming methods, excluding mutton, are enough. Does that make it clearer for you?
  5. Unpopular opinion: I don't think 150s should be easily accessible to a level 1. They are meant to be accessible further down the line when you are more established.
  6. Both of these are exactly my point! They have done a lot of fixes, but you don't care about those fixes. A perfect example of precisely what I said: Fixes won't improve the ratings and give Wildcard more money. (I'm so happy they do some of them anyway!!)
  7. Where have you been the last 6 months when they have fixed soooo many things? I think it's a testament to the flaw in your argument - continuous fixes, especially if it's not the fixes you personally want the most, are passing by largely unnoticed and thus would not have an impact on the ratings.
  8. For the cheat gfi, you need to be admin afaik. Never used creative mode but if it's you who give it to her, maybe it's not making her admin and she needs to be admin to use the cheats?
  9. To add on the previous answer: That also means that you need to reach 100% imprinting before they reach the adult stage as at that point you can no longer increase it.
  10. I agree - games change and evolve, at least GaaS like ARK is. What you're missing in your argument though, is not that old school ARK players are saying they want it changed back or brag about being hard core: It's the point that gamers as a group is insanely lazy and they will always whine and complain about wanting things easier. If you just forget about the history, it's easy to trick yourself into thinking what we have now is as hard as it's ever been and it needs to be easy. Bringing up the history is trying to put things into perspective - it has already been made easier! And if you just keep making things easier you'll remove the challenge and make the game boring. As soon as it's been made easier though, people get used to it, and new people come in to that being the normal rates, and then they start complaining again about how it needs to be easier -> rinse and repeat. The funny thing here is... there *is* already a way to make the game just as easy as you want! Just play or create an unofficial server with rates boosted to the level you want them at! Mind you - I'm not saying anything about whether the current rates need tweaking, I'm just telling you that mindlessly rejecting the arguments of people who just want to tell you that the game has already been made a whole gigantic lot easier and that we can't just keep making it easier without any thought to it - the way so many people are whining to make happen - that's just goes to show that you're no better than the whiners. If you instead just argue for why a certain nerf is needed, we might be able to take your (and the whiners') arguments seriously.
  11. Maybe after or when the anniversary event starts? If the reveal isn't a part of the anniversary event, I imagine they are busy with the anniversary event and the TLC will have to wait. But I agree: I'm also waiting very impatiently for any news on it
  12. Perfect! Reading the bug forum most people seem to not have understand this basic thing... So I'll preach it whenever I get the chance Did it help? Did you manage to get it sorted?
  13. Ah, then that's your problem. In vanilla you can't ever learn those engrams on The Island. You are meant to go to Scorched Earth and there learn the Scorched Earth engrams, go to Aberration to learn the Aberration engrams and to Extinction to learn the Extinction engrams. Once you've learned the engrams, you can then use them on any map, I believe, but they often contain resources only native to the map where you learned them so that's another obstacle to overcome. The S+ setting is this: DisableUnlockingMapSpecificEngrams=false However, setting it to false is the S+ default, so if you haven't changed it and you updated to the latest S+ update (came last week) you should already see the effects. You could try adding it anyways to see if it helps. NOTE: If you haven't updated to S+ yet, don't rush to update! First, make sure you know how to backup your game (learn how to do it if not). Backup your game. Read about the update at the S+ Steam forum first as it could mess up depending on if you have certain settings set or not. Make sure you read up on how to mitigate it so that you don't end up losing parts of your base. And backup, for the love of god, backup!
  14. You have to go to the corresponding map to learn them. Was that what you did? I don't know if "I got on today and they were available to unlock for some reason" means that you went to the map or if you hadn't tried to unlock them until today. As a side note: If you're on PC and can have mods, there's a mod called Structures Plus (S+) that, among a lot of other things, has a setting to allow learning engrams regardless of map, meaning you can learn Scorched Earth, Aberration and Extinction engrams on The Island for instance. I very much recommend this mod in general as it fixes a lot of issues with the building system and in general just makes the building so much better.
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