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  1. Just trying to clear up a misconception: Rendering probably doesn't have anything to do with it. When it's the same object being rendered many times you can use a technique called instancing which makes it super cheap. I'd be very surprised if that wasn't used. However, they still need to do collision checks on each part individually (as they, of course, are in different places) and that's where the performance hit most likely stems from. You yourself is providing anecdotal support for this in that the guy on your server doesn't have much lag in his base due to fewer, bigger structures. Personally, I uses the 4x walls (and S+ 12x walls) a lot and found it made an insane difference in FPS so I think they're definitely worth it even at the same price as a corresponding amount of normal walls. I think the resource cost makes sense. I'd love to see like 2x2 foundations - I think that would help as well
  2. While I like the thought you've put into this, I can see this being very prone to griefing. I imagine big tribes blocking off the dens/highest points to keep as their personal breeding grounds. SO agree!!
  3. At least op didn't ask for a new type of event like some other posts I've seen and some people in this thread. Just because people have extra time they think everybody else does, but guess what - creating ARK is the devs' job. If anything, they - like you - will have less time at work because of this, not more!
  4. So true! I know I'm at fault for putting up with a bit too much and then I'm still way harsher and making conscious decisions than most gamers seem to be based on forums. It doesn't help that a lot of gamers - too many - are so young they don't really understand the impact of making choices of where to spend your money
  5. I don't really agree. As one programmer, sure, maybe. But I'm talking about how the team works. For instance, at my job we do releases every other week and before we do any release the whole team gets together and tests all the usual gameplay to make sure nothing has been broken and test the new features specifically. Even then, things might obviously get through, but at least you make sure you didn't break the normal gameplay. That's the type of regression testing I'm talking about, that I don't think is in place and that I think definitely should be! Either way, it seems like we both agree that whatever it is that they do and should do, it doesn't include enough testing?
  6. They said they were going to update "Archived" to "Seen" just a few days after they posted it but in about 6 months that hasn't happened, nor has anything else been added so I thought that list was abandoned.
  7. That's not entirely true. There is a thing called "Regression testing" that means you need to make sure you didn't break old features. There's also something called TDD (Test Driven Development), while not optimally suited for game development, it can definitely be used in part to make sure you don't break existing code. Besides that, some (far from all) issues introduce bugs that I find it impossible to believe were missed if they even tested the feature normally. If you test your feature and find it introduced a bug in existing code, then that's a bug with your feature that needs to be fixed before you move on. Yes, that's what I meant by it being rushed And that's something that needs to change. I would rather wait 6 more months for them to fix bugs before releasing the content than have it as it is now. Because we all know that no matter how many bugs they already know about - there are going to be so many more discovered when such a large player base with such different hardware and play styles get their hands on it, so why release with a whole bunch of known bugs as well?!
  8. I believe that they do spend significant time fixing and optimising. But it doesn't help much when they're rushed - be it from stakeholders or community members crying about delays - to release new content that introduce so many new bugs or even reintroduce old bugs. At least that's my view of what the main problem is
  9. Patch 307.02 I'm looking at the patch notes for one of yesterday's patches, 307.02, and I can't help but think: There's no way this DLC was finished when they released it! Yes, this is the biggest of the patches since the release of Genesis: Part 1, but there have been so many fixes - almost daily! - since the release 2,5 weeks ago. I find it impossible to believe most of these issues were not know before release - and if they weren't, Wildcard really, really needs to do something about how they test things before releasing!! That could be the case, though: Honestly, as a programmer myself, there are some issues I find it hard to believe passed through even the most rudimentary testing and I can't see how any programmer with even the smallest amount of care for their work would not test the feature they're developing. I get that they can't forsee everything and that things are much different when released to such a large amount of players with different hardware and different play styles. That's not what I'm talking about. I get those errors! What I am talking about are the issues that are such common use cases it's impossible to see how the devs even tested them! Basically, what I'm getting at is: please, please delay the DLC more, delay it for 6 months, delay it 10 times, just test your code and finish it before releasing!!! Spoiler is a paste of the patch notes I'm talking about.
  10. That does not show when you embed it in your post so again: post with timestamps if you want people to watch; or at the very least tell people that they need to go to YouTube to watch the video there and read the description. I'm not trying to be annoying. I really don't care about this post, I'm just trying to help: If you really want people to watch and care, you have to make it easy for them and not bore the hell out of them before they get to what your point is.
  11. You do know that "TLC 3" refers to Creature TLC, right? That is, this post only has to do with changes to creatures. You might want to create your own post complaining about other things you don't like. Or just reply to one of the countless threads for each of those points.
  12. Got bored with all the irrelevant stuff. Maybe link the video with a time stamp to what you're talking about?
  13. If both parents have more than 20 mutations you won't be able to get any new mutations.
  14. BREEDING TO ALL! I want all dinos to be breedable Megaloceros There are really no words for them letting the female model have holes in its head for this long. Come on! Brontos They really need to get those animations working! Not only do their legs look weird af, folding on themselves pretty much the whole time, but also the animation looks like they're taking mini steps all the time. Araneo How can we have creatues that climb walls and spiders are not one of them?! They don't need to be fast as far as I'm concerned but they really should be able to! I would also love to see them getting a zipline ability (spiderman, anyone? ) Ichthyosaurus Again - how can we have a creature that can jump out of the water and it's not the dolphin - the most iconic out-of-the-water-jumper of them all? Mesopithecus Make it cute, pleeeeeeeease? It's face is downright scary and it would be such a perfect candidate for a cute pet. Plesio Again a scary face I'd love to see it being able to strafe as suggested by @Erinn here. It has so many and so mobile fins it really feels like it should be able to strafe. Also - how can we have a platform saddle for a water dino and not be able to build air tight structures on it? Mosasaurus Same as above with the platform saddle. Ankylosaurus Autoharvest! Carbonemys Again - we have a creature that can retreat into its shell and it's not the turtle? Megalodon Sharks are said to be able to sniff out blood. Why not give them the same ability the wolves have of spotting enemies with less than half health? Maybe the megalodon is even better at it so enemies with less than 75% health? It's stuck in the water so it would have limited usability and wouldn't be too over powered. Also, I'd love a new model for it
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