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  1. That's very true, but in my experience, the code is super small compared to the assets. From reading up about it it sounded like it was not the disk space but the RAM used and I can see that being the case - but only for the candies! For instance, in each container, if you're storing 1000 metal, you only need to save the ID for "metal" and the number 1000 -> two numbers. For candies though, it's much different. Since each candy changes different colours, each candy needs to be saved separately and with the colour IDs for each of the 5 colour slots it changes. That means the ID for the candy (not even counting the speedup bonus since that could be included in the ID) and 5 colour IDs need to be saved, so for 1000 candies, that's 6000 numbers saved. This could most certainly bloat save files. But again - for small servers this wouldn't be a problem, so why not let us handle it ourselves? Give us a command for purging the candies. Or even remove them automatically when the event command is removed, if you have to. Or, if it's so much of an issue - remove the candies, but let the rest of the event stay!
  2. I just want them to bring back allowing us to run the events for longer. I don't understand why they have to remove the assets - they can't take up that much space on disk? Compared to the full size of the game and DLCs, what's a few reskins of dinos and a couple of extra assets (like Raptor Claus, but not cosmetics - all skins will still need to exist as they can be used after the event). Why can't they let us running our own servers decide for ourselves? Especially when they used to allow it... 😢
  3. Yeah, I know. I don't understand why they do it though. I keep hoping that they won't remove all the assets! But more than that, I wish they would just tell us!! I mean - there's no way they don't know already whether they'll forcefully remove all the assets. So why not be upfront about it? I really don't understand the reason for avoiding it. It's so frustrating! Also, I find it so stressful to have to play during a set time, so much that I can't enjoy the event at all. This is my favourite event and I'm avoiding it because it makes me feel too bad to try to join in. After this year, I really can't handle more stress. I so wish they would bring back the ability to make the events last longer 😢
  4. Sounds really cool! Thanks for that But... will unofficials be able to have it? And please - can you confirm whether ActiveEvent=WinterWonderland will work after you end the event on official servers? 🥺
  5. The thing most important to me in all of ARK: Please would you kindly confirm whether the event will be possible to extend on unofficials or if it will be force-ended on December 8th? I would so very much appreciate a confirmation on what will happen, rather than it being a nasty surprise. Having that said, I can't stress how important it is for me to enjoy the events, that I can extend them at my leisure. Would you please consider making all events extensible? I don't care if you have to remove event stuff when the event ends, but please let them stay in the game for as long as the event argument (ActiveEvent) is set ❤️ Having that said - thank you so much for having the event! And I really loved the nice touch with the ascenders tribute ❤️❤️❤️
  6. I think their post is pure speculation and they're trying to make it happen by making it sound like there are rumours about it.
  7. Though... if they just care about what they experience in the game there should be no problem as the experience is exactly the same. The only reason for them to be upset is if they do read the forums and if they do, it's not unreasonable to ask that they either: Read through other posts to make sure they know what's going on in which case it would quickly cease to be a problem. Realise that they are not all-knowing and appreciate being informed instead of arrogantly sticking to their complaining. That way, it would also quickly cease to be a problem.
  8. THESE. SUGGESTIONS. ARE. ALL. AMAZING!!! A lot of them are really low hanging fruit as well. I hope WC reads it and acts!
  9. Thanks! I'll look for that. I'm 100% sure it's not S+ though because I run that mod It only changes things to do with building (although I suppose the "building" NPCs could be a grey area). I'll check for it so thanks for the tip! Trying to keep my mods to a very minimum but always good to know what's out there.
  10. I know right?!?! I would even say I want all creatures breedable! I get the objection on official servers but there's a massive amount of players playing outside of the official servers and it would give us so much more to do! I want to refine breeding lines for every creature If they can't - or won't - balance the creatures for breeding, at least make it an ini option so single player and all dedicated servers who want it can have it! There's soooo many of us. At least start with all the creatures that it makes no sense they're not breedable. Looking at especially Araneo, Achatina, Dung Beetle, Lymantria, Onyc, Pulmononscorpius and Titanoboas. I mean, Araneo, Pulmo and Boas even lay eggs already!
  11. Nice catch! I didn't notice ? It'd be so cool if it was a secret teaser!
  12. O!M!G! That mantis is sooooo cute! Please, please, please be a teaser for mantis becoming breedable ? And even more please - more breedable creatures (at least ini options if you don't want it on officials - I want to breed everything in my single player game!) ❤️ ? Also... gotta say I love the mantis pun ❤️ ?
  13. If you don't mind, do you know where this was explicitly stated? I know it's been heavily hinted, but I remember the original post where it was teased and nowhere could I find that it said this dino was the Crystal Isles exclusive one, only that Crystal Isles would have an exclusive dino. As far as I've heard, Crystal Isles already have a few unique dinos so theoretically, it could be one of them that end up being the exclusive one. Haven't heard that about console, did it say that in the teaser announcement? I've read it a few times, but play on PC so might've not paid enough attention to console specific things.
  14. Really cool!! They say "all platforms" for the new dino, but it doesn't say anything of which maps. Is this the new dino added to Crystal Isles, or is Crystal Wyvern the one? What I'm getting at is - will this new dino come to all maps or just Crystal Isles? Oh!!! I really hope they add "naked skins" for hands and feet as well with the anniversary event! I would really like to see them open up for customisation across all equipment slots!
  15. Wow, the wildlife mod looks soooo amazing! ? The models are so beautiful. Really craving those lions now! ❤️
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