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  1. I think their post is pure speculation and they're trying to make it happen by making it sound like there are rumours about it.
  2. Though... if they just care about what they experience in the game there should be no problem as the experience is exactly the same. The only reason for them to be upset is if they do read the forums and if they do, it's not unreasonable to ask that they either: Read through other posts to make sure they know what's going on in which case it would quickly cease to be a problem. Realise that they are not all-knowing and appreciate being informed instead of arrogantly sticking to their complaining. That way, it would also quickly cease to be a problem.
  3. THESE. SUGGESTIONS. ARE. ALL. AMAZING!!! A lot of them are really low hanging fruit as well. I hope WC reads it and acts!
  4. "Cheap PC" and "smooth ARK" are not statements you say together except for in the sentence "You can't play smooth ARK on a cheap PC" ? Like @Usuallyafk said - it depends heavily on your preferences when it comes to frame rate and graphics quality. If you turn down the graphics quality all the way down, you might get away with it on a cheap PC but it really, really looks like dodo poop. I have a high end gaming rig and like my high graphics settings. Even so, I'm not maxing the graphics and am still struggling to keep 30 FPS in my bases.
  5. Yeah, as I understood it. Just happened to come by this tweet that I interpret as such:
  6. If it's just the artifact you're after (am I guessing right this is about the skylord one that seems to not respawn?), you can try to change the respawn rate. I think that affects the skylord respawn: If not, it could be my harvest amount multiplier: Whichever one it is, I don't have a problem with the skylord one. Most of my artifacts respawn immediately 1-2 times per run (giving me 2-3 of them each run) but the skylord is only once. I do get it reliably though, so there's that.
  7. Just a thought - was it recently spawned in? With the dunk, the change didn't come into effect with already existing ones, maybe it's the same here? (PS. @LEDminer you keep replying to posts seconds before me today! ? ? )
  8. However, if you're on PC you can very easily run a dedicated server which has all of that and that can use the single player settings if you want. Also, you might want to be aware that turning single player settings off will revert these settings, so you'll see some dramatic changes (Especially to BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier): [ServerSettings] DifficultyOffset=0.200000 XPMultiplier=2.000000 TamingSpeedMultiplier=2.50000 ServerCrosshair=True ShowMapPlayerLocation=True EnablePvPGamma=True AllowFlyerCarryPvE=True [/script/shootergame.shootergamemode] MatingIntervalMultiplier=0.125000 EggH
  9. I don't think that expression means what you think it means ? You're probably right. It would make more sense to overhaul vanilla creatures and items as all players are guaranteed to have them as opposed to SE that you need to buy additionally. I'm actually starting to hope that you're right and they are making the Mantis breedable outside of the TLC! The balance passes are just tweaking numbers and, as I wrote in a previous answer, in my opinion they don't count as TLC. They barely add anything and I'd be surprised if most of them took more than an hour includin
  10. No announcement at all yet of which creatures. They've previously said that it's going to be two creatures, but not which ones, in this post (underscore in quote by me): However, there was a teaser in the latest community crunch that many took as Mantis becoming breedable (the picture of what looks like a baby mantis). A lot of people, me included, seem to take that as Mantis being one of the two TLC creatures. Someone mentioned in the comments that the top picture was of Scorched Earth in the background and a giga in the foreground, but that gigas aren't on SE at the moment. I do
  11. You can still knock out the passive tames. So you could knock it out, check its stats, let it wake up and then passive tame... if the hassle is worth it to you Within seconds of reading this, I searched for it ? It wasn't bad though so maybe I got the wrong results.
  12. Thanks! I'll look for that. I'm 100% sure it's not S+ though because I run that mod It only changes things to do with building (although I suppose the "building" NPCs could be a grey area). I'll check for it so thanks for the tip! Trying to keep my mods to a very minimum but always good to know what's out there.
  13. I know right?!?! I would even say I want all creatures breedable! I get the objection on official servers but there's a massive amount of players playing outside of the official servers and it would give us so much more to do! I want to refine breeding lines for every creature If they can't - or won't - balance the creatures for breeding, at least make it an ini option so single player and all dedicated servers who want it can have it! There's soooo many of us. At least start with all the creatures that it makes no sense they're not breedable. Looking at especially Araneo, Ac
  14. I'll always agree with anyone asking for more breeding I really want all creatures to be breedable! It would add so much to do and I love trying to find good stats and then breeding them together and going for mutations. I get the objections on official servers for some creatures, but really - this game is so much bigger than the official servers. If they can't or won't balance a creature for breeding - just make it an ini option so that singleplayer and dedicated servers can add it at will! Aaaaaanyways, back on topic! You really had me look up dung beetle life cycle Don't
  15. Nice catch! I didn't notice ? It'd be so cool if it was a secret teaser!
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