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  1. I realise you're trying to make a joke, but addressing what you said - if you have to look something up, it definitely doesn't fall under "intuitive". Very true. The game company I work for then makes sure to be very clear so that the user's don't have to make mistakes that are easily prevented. Not doing so, while you can justify it however you want, is still bad design. I might have worded it too harsh, my mistake! Quickly going through the thread, I can't see the things that made me feel like it was over-the-top whining and I probably mistook it for some of the indeed whiny posts I see here from time to time. In general, I don't have much patience with people being angry as all hell because the devs don't focus on their particular issue. I agree that it feels like their priorities are on new things, which the wrong priority as far as I'm concerned. I wouldn't even mind them taking a year of no updates to completely rewrite large parts of their engine (like Starbound did), but I imagine a lot of players would take issue with that.
  2. I really love this, especially the (by me) highlighted part. I get you who say it's not a bug and that you should know better, but is it really necessary for this game to be even more punishing to inexperienced players? Sure, most of us have so many hours few seem to remember how it was just starting out. Having that said, whining about it being the devs fault is just as unnecessary. If you had just said "This happened, it's really not necessary for this to be an issue, would you mind considering fixing it so that this mistake doesn't have to happen", then I sure would agree! Because it really is a mistake that is avoidable in so many ways, from a warning text in the UI when there's only one player left (then you have a lot of space in the member list! ) and a confirmation dialog making sure this is what the player wants to handling the case in some way (like giving all dinos and structures to the last player). Not only would this help a lot of players, especially inexperienced ones that are in desperate need of being less punished, it would also help WC themselves as it would mean fewer support tickets... which in turn would benefit everybody else ever in need of filing a support ticket!
  3. You already said that... in its own thread
  4. Suggestion forum improvements I really love the new functionality of the suggestion forum and think it's way more useful than it was! Because I like it so much, I think of how to make it better and have a few smaller suggestions: Sorting option for "Most voted the last X" where X can be day, week, month, year, or whatever My intention with this is to have an option to find new things, yet things that are somewhat popular, without having to sift through the many posts you've seen so many times. Force tagging of the posts as either PC, Console or both and Switch/Mobile so that it's clear which versions the suggestion is for Allow filtering on the above tags so that I can see all suggestions that would affect PC, for instance
  5. The expansions are essentially the maps. Your friends will still be able to play with you but they won't be able to go with you to the other maps. If you go to another map and bring back some map specific dinos, they can use those dinos. If you don't go to another map, it won't affect your game in any way - you all already have all the assets installed with your game.
  6. Same here. Generally, I think the suggestions in this forum try to add too much at once... I don't like to upvote unless I like everything (or at least don't mind the rest), which makes me avoid upvoting so often.
  7. Another couple of great suggestions by @Royalstar from the discussion thread I made about achievements. This one is about Ragnarok: Ragnarok
  8. In the discussion thread I made about this, @Royalstar made a good suggestion about an achievement for The Center that I really liked, so it's included here: The Center
  9. Extinction Disclaimer: I haven't played the DLC maps so some achievements may seem a little bit off. In that case, please let me know
  10. Aberration Disclaimer: I haven't played the DLC maps so some achievements may seem a little bit off. In that case, please let me know
  11. Scorched Earth Disclaimer: I haven't played the DLC maps so some achievements may seem a little bit off. In that case, please let me know
  12. More Achievements I really like achievements and there aren't that many in the game. I would love to see some more and especially some map specific achievements. So this is me asking for new achievements - any achievements! Of course I have a lot of ideas for new achievements... But I don't like putting too much in a suggestion as it makes it hard to click upvote if you don't agree with everything. So I'll try something new: This main post is just for upvoting that there should be more achievements and I'll post my suggestions for each map in comments so that they can be up- or downvoted individually! With how people were complaining that the new kibble system removed a sense of progress, I'm thinking that achievements could add some of that again!
  13. Agreed! I thought the ARK style of game starting was really cool The biggest problem with the old SotF was that it took too long to get matches started. In a game mode like Battle Royale where you die quickly, it's important that you can get into a game very quickly or you'll spend most of your time waiting to play. Next biggest problem was the lobby and interface - I would suggest a full on UI update in addition to shorter waiting times and I think it would be a great game even without further changes.
  14. Yeah, it happens so often! Especially with Bronto/Diplo eggs being stuck on top of each other and you take the bottom one which makes the top one fall to the ground. That throws off the picking so that you need to look where the egg used to be, ish, which makes you mount most of the times until you get it right! Massively annoying! I've seen it requested so many times, I'm surprised it's so few of us voting for it... is there another thread like this or have people changed their mind? 🤔
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