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  1. By "pretty much" I meant the vast majority of hives are spawned above ground level, acknowledging that there might be exceptions That hives spawn in each other, I consider a bug and it doesn't change my argument. I'll reiterate, trying to be clearer: Almost all hives, with a low number of exceptions, are spawned above ground where bears can't reach them. I'm amazed at them implementing a buff to bears' honey harvesting if they can only use it in a very low amount of select spots
  2. Oooooh, really interesting ideas! Yes!! How is this not a thing?! How could they add a boost to their harvesting honey ability and not add a climb when you need to climb to pretty much all the hives?! Oh, I love this!
  3. I love all of these!! I especially crave the breeding of them. The zipline ability for Araneos, I've suggested previously so clearly agree with that. I think it could make Araneos much more interesting! Also - how can the spiders not be able to climb walls and roofs?! They're the first creature I'd give that ability! I really want to add the female Megaloceros to this list. Apart from being completely useless, I can't believe they've left them with holes in their heads for this long! Then I can't help but mention how much I long for a really cute Mesopithecus. The devs are so good at making cute faces ( otter ovis ) and I really would love to see a cute-faced Meso! But the thing I want the most: Buff Trikes! They're my favourite animal and always on any lists of most popular dinos (I googled ) and yet they're quite useless At least make them equal to Stegos in harvesting so that it's a matter of preference in which you want instead of the Trikes being nonviable!
  4. Maybe what @Erinn wrote in their edit message is another way to go? I think I prefer that actually. Then it wouldn't as much cannibalise on the Basilo's usefulness but rather be a different alternative to it. What I like most about it is that it's skill based, in the sense that you still need to be aware of your surroundings and you need to plan strategically so that you can eat the Cnidarias before they reach you. I would definitely need the strafing and swimming backwards abilities for that though, as it wouldn't be that useful if you had to swim into it every time you tried to get away. I need to keep talking about backwards and strafing for the Plesio! The more I think of it, the more I love the idea! I really miss having a really flexible water dino with great moveability. To me the Plesio is without a doubt the best candidate with its many and flexible fins - it really looks like it could (or should) have the ability to move much better than it currently does. Agree. It seems weird to build structure that can't go under water on a water dino!
  5. Oh, I really like that idea! With so many fins it feels like it very well could have much better movement abilities. Even if the AOE doesn't get reworked, just that would make it so much more useful in fighting. I don't agree with it being removed with a platform saddle though - I think it could still work with the strafing even if it has a house on its back! Really cool suggestion as well! I know the OP said "apart from the model", but I'd really want to mention it still because that's the main thing for me. I don't even mind it not getting new abilities if it just gets a new model!
  6. Oh, and here I was hoping this was a post about requesting lighting structures that work underwater. I'd really want that! Hope the above fix works for you!
  7. On PC there's also an external program called Larkator (Locator, ARK, badum-tsssh ) that reads your savefile and tells you where all the dinos are. I believe it works pretty much the same as the transmitter, but you don't need S+: however you need an external program. Pick your poison I used Larkator a bit to try to understand how unicorn spawns worked and whether they spawned in if I had my tame unicorns out or not and also for finding the DodoRex during the Halloween event since I went a really long time without being able to find it. It worked perfectly!
  8. Possibly, it was a while since I last tamed Gallis. The wiki still says they can be carried though, so you'd have to test it. Either way, there is nothing in what I wrote that requires an argy - you could just as well do it on foot
  9. Sorry, with an argy. I've edited the post to be clearer.
  10. I always build taming pens. For hyaenas, you need to have them on ground, i.e. an enclosure built from fence foundations and walls, not on foundations. The reason is that if they aggro and try to run away, they won't calm down on foundations, but they will if they're on ground. Then I take an argy, find the hyaena I want (in a pack, the pack leader, i.e. the one on fire, is always the highest level so I'll go straight for that), pick it up with the argy and drop it in the pen. If it's in flee mode or if I mess up during the taming so that it starts running, I just fly out of rendering range and then back in and it has calmed down. Use both ghillie and crouching when you try to tame them and stay away from the head. If you stay behind it, crouched, do the tame interaction and then back away, you'll have a lot easier time. The same pen can be used for gallis. Just pick them up with an argy and drop them in the pen and you'll have an easy way of shooting them, not to mention that they're safe from other animals during the tame! I always build my taming pens with a ramp up the wall from the outside and a couple of strategically placed doors so that even on foot I can aggro a creature, run up the ramp, jump down in the pen and then out the door when the creature has followed me into the pen. For this type of pen, I just build an octagon where each side is 2 fence foundations long, so: 2 fence foundations, 45 degree turn with another 2 foundations etc. until I get back to where I started. Two walls high is usually enough for me (I only use this type of pen for medium to small creatures).
  11. Really nice that you showed all parts of it. I had no idea I'd get honey back from equipping another bait! Then I really need to fish with another bait for the last throw before the rod breaks! (Or just repair it before it breaks).
  12. Yeah, that's what I saw as well, as @Cowgirl said. When I add a honey to a rod it shows honey as "ammo", but it says 0/0 ammo. I fish from a pelagornis so I keep the honey in the pela to extend the spoil timer somewhat and I need to move one more to my inventory before I can start fishing. If it worked as you said @Castlerock, it'd be fine, but it seems like it doesn't, unfortunately.
  13. Fishing weirdness So, I never fished before, but decided to have a go because of the event. I found some really weird behaviours and wonder if it's really meant to work like that? Adding "ammo", i.e. bait, to a fishing rod removes one ammo. No other ammo works like that. With the long generation time for honey as well as the short spoil time, it really adds insult to injury when I loose one honey every time I set the ammo! Mistakenly pressing the map key, right click, space to fly away or any other key, really, also make me lose my bait. Surely, if I want to stop fishing for whatever reason, I'd get my bait back? Getting attacked by piranhas and raptors no matter how carefully I clear the area out, they respawn (especially piranhas), and of course that's yet another time when I loose my bait. Why don't I get the bait back when my fishing gets interrupted by an attack? If I make a mistake when reeling in a fish, I'd fully expect to not keep my bait, but the situations above (in descending order from really stupid to very stupid) just makes the whole thing seem buggy and, frankly, crap. I could take the feature being boring, which most fishing features are, or even awkward, but this is downright broken! Why highlight a feature that is this broken? The one thing I'm taking from this event is how I never want to fish again!
  14. I believe the biggest flaw with this proposal is that what you both propose the paid servers will be like is a utopia that won't happen. I don't see the devs being able to keep up with the cheaters and dupers and griefers and whatnot, which means in the end we'll be left with people that just complain even harder because they paid and the servers are still bad. Possibly, they could get better servers with reduced lag, but I'm doubtful about that, even. And I can just picture the outrage of non paying players because their servers are second rate. In the end, I doubt that enough people will pay to sponsor the amount of support you're asking for, but I might be wrong. I do applaud you for trying to be constructive of solving a problem. Thank you for that
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