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  1. BlueberryJackal

    Bring back Managarmrs!

    The "Wyvern" is a Wyvern, not a Dragon. The "Boss Dragon" is a Dragon, because it has six limbs (two feet, two arms, two wings). The Wyvern has four limbs, arms and wings are merged into eachother. That means, that the Mana would also be a Wyvern, because it has only four limbs, with arms and wings merged into eachother. The Rock Drake is, as it is already in its name, a Drake, because it has four limbs, but no wings (it cant fly with the feathers).
  2. BlueberryJackal

    All Passive tames should have two taming methods

    Creatures like the Ichty or the Manta are perfect for gathering black pearls from the Eurypterids. You know, why? Because they are immune to torpor. And thats the problem with your idea. That way you have to tame something strong, with a lot of torpor, like a Mosa or a Tuso. That means, get an aquatic mount, like an Ichty or a Turtle and tame it, which takes time and resources. Your idea would work, but it makes some things more complicated. F.e. it wouldnt have that much effect on an Arthropleura or an Araneo, but it would have more effect on the Manta, the Ichty or the Basilisk, which is dealing torpor, so it should be immune to torpor, otherwise, it would knock out itself.
  3. BlueberryJackal

    Turning on events manually Xbox single player

    I think thats in the server settings. No Singleplayer, unfortunately.
  4. BlueberryJackal

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    The message says "Welcome to our server. There are starter packages at the blue obelisk. At the weekend, we have PvP. If there is a problem, send a message to eder psn on Instagram"
  5. BlueberryJackal

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Do you mind to show the messages? I speak german, so i could help you out a bit.
  6. BlueberryJackal

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Today i tried out some new things. For the first time, i tamed a Therizino. Tbh. I always hated them, they are annoying in the wild and look silly. But now, after i found a 130 Theri, i've to say, they are dope. They are really good fighters and harvester. I just wish they get a weight reduction to wood, fibre and all this stuff. After I tamed the Theri, i transfered him and my character to The Center and wanted to get some levels in the jungle cave, where i found a lvl 140 Megalosaurus couple. So I returned to The Island, with a good Theri and a mate boosted Megalosaurus pack. Later that day, I also tried to tame my first Quetzal. I couldnt find any at the Red Obelisk, so I tried my luck around the Volcano. For once in my life, I was lucky and found a lvl 20 Quetz and tamed it just a few minutes ago. Now I might also try to tame a bee
  7. BlueberryJackal

    Randomly generated server maps?

    If this is working like with the PGARKs, it would still be a bit messed up. I have tried to make a PGARK for SP, but my game crashed everytime. You really need a good PC to make and enter a random generated map. And I guess it probably wont happen soon, if Wildcard doesnt fix this system.
  8. BlueberryJackal

    Ark SubZero: A DLC Idea

    Sometimes the mythical creatures look different. If you have seen Supernatural, you would know another version of a Wendigo.
  9. BlueberryJackal

    Superior kibble

    Doesnt work for me too. I wanted to tame a Woolly Rhino with kibble today, but it didnt work. Great job WC.
  10. BlueberryJackal

    The Homo Erectus challenge

    Not even a bow and arrows? Thats a bit lacking.
  11. BlueberryJackal

    YouTube series

    Syntac did a playthrough of some maps. Sometimes with friends, sometimes not. But he edits a lot, so you might miss some things, which might be important. Another youtuber would be Dextro23, who also did a playthrough of all the maps, including some mods and guides for taming, building, etc, but his videos are german, though.
  12. BlueberryJackal

    PvE Base Ideas/Tips

    If you want some inspiration, its the best to watch some guides and try things out. F.e. recently, i built a small workshop with a small water creature pen (still needs some decoration, though) and if you want some nice interior, you can place a fence foundations on the inside of a foundationd. Then you place a stone wall on the outer snap point and a wooden wall on the inner one. Now you have a stone wall on the outside, but a wooden wall on the inside. Also mix different structures. Not just a complete stone building. Build a stone hut with a wooden roof.
  13. BlueberryJackal

    Cant live long enough in SP to use obelisk.

    Well, i dont earn much money and a gaming PC would be WAAAAY too expensive.
  14. BlueberryJackal

    Ark YouTubers you watch?

    One thing you shouldnt do, is fight a wild giga with a Tamed giga and four Rexes.
  15. BlueberryJackal

    Is Giganotosaurus worth taming?

    Giganotosaurus is dino with the best tamed stats, after titans and titanosaurus. But considering the fact, that its very hard to tame, especially in SP, and a wild one still has much better stats and a bleeding effect, i think its not really worth it. For me its actually useless. I play alone and dont breed things very often, that means a meat run with an Allo or a Rex is good enough. And if I want to travel from point A to point B, I use an Argy, an Allo, a Carno, a Sabertooth, a Bary,... There are much better alternatives than a Giga. If there is an Alpha predator i kill it or leave it, depending on the predator. An Alpha Raptor or Alpha Carno i can kill easily with my Argy. I leave the Rexes, because they are 1. too strong and 2. only are spawning at Carno Island at the moment and i dont need equipment. If i want to kill them, i lure them into the water and kill the with my dunkleo.