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  1. Remember my words when i say, the map wont be playable because there are a lot of bugs.
  2. Sound like No Mans Sky 2 for me.
  3. Pretty much all the important things are mentioned. But its important to watch its torpor. It decreases rapidly with a slow decrease of food.
  4. Someone mentioned "pizza"?
  5. If your only fear are the creatures in the ocean, i would recommend getting a Basilosaurus. They spawn close to the surface (you dont have to get deep down to the bottom of the ocean to get it), it produces oil by itself, it is immune to the tuso grab, jelly stings and eel shocks and has good stats, except stamina. The best idea would be to get two high level Basilos and breed them. Then you are safe against pretty much everything. When taming, it is good to get a Baryonyx first, because it can stun and easily kill the surrounding creatures. You will still hit the Basilo, but that doesnt matter with the big healthpool. Also keep in mind, that it is a passive tame, and that the progress will reset, when you change the taming food.
  6. i would need them for kibble, but it doesnt work. Useless for me.
  7. As far as i know, its coming to the ARK Additions mod. But i am not sure. Dont blame me, if it isnt coming.
  8. I dont play with other people. I guess, there is nothing more to say.
  9. Might be late at the party, but A Quetzal wouldnt be very useful at lvl 40. An Argy would be much better for lower level survivors. They have a weight reduction and a higher damage output. BUT a Quetzal is still a good creature. I just think it is better, when you tame it later. With the Raptor/raft/Ptera problem. You have a Kapro and a Sarco, and already the saddles unlocked (i hope). You can go to the raft with the sarco, and let the Kapro follow you. When arrived, whistle attack my target. The Kapro should jump after the wild Raptor, grab it and munch it to death.
  10. You can change the height limit in the settings. Middle column, somewhere down the bottom.
  11. If you are playing on official maps, like The Island or Aberration, you can find explorer notes all around the map, which give you a XP-multiplier. This multiplier increases the XP, you earn with every action, like killing things, crafting things, and so on. You can get more if you kill bigger things, like Rexes, Spinos or Megalosaurus.
  12. They never said anything. So i dont think something is coming.
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