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  1. I play on PC and would love to be able to play with friends on playstation. Even if it's just on unofficial.
  2. The problem is is that there's always a better creature in those particular situations. Sometimes the better options are even easier to get a hold of. They either need to rework the less useful tames, or rebalance how easy it is to get the others.
  3. The current meta is unhealthy, there's NO reason at all to online raid. It's even a risk seeing as people can run with their loot or even popcorn it. I feel like a 3/5x turret damage increase would give people an incentive to online raid and that this will be good for the game in the long run.
  4. I feel like a duo cluster with 5x rates and offline turret damage increase would bring back alot of old school players that would still love to play but can't be asked to look for a tribe.
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