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  1. I'm not saying that it isn't possible, I'm just saying that it would be A LOT of work that I doubt Wildcard would take the time to do. If you truly want to play with pre-nerf stats, I recommend just playing on unofficial servers instead of official, since I am positive they have no intentions of separating PVE and PVP stats on official
  2. This idea sounds really bad. This is how you tick off the players that collect dinos for fun in the game. If you switched out old dinos for new ones, and players were breeding the ones that got taken away, they would be TICKED OFF if they lost them. This concept works for games like Fortnite because you only have the same guns for ONE session, and in the next you start from scratch again. That isn't the case on Ark. I am in favor of more TLC patches for dinos. We definitely don't need that many new dinos in the game, since many that we have now are useless because there is too much variety.
  3. It would not be easy at all. Have you ever looked at the dev kit to see how stuff actually works? Easy to give suggestions and say they are easy to implement if you haven't the slightest idea of how any of it actually works.
  4. Yeah there are a lot of dinos that look like trash right now and are super glitchy (plesi having nightmarish head, bronto's legs literally coming off of its body as it takes a step). More TLC passes for the dinos is a must, especially since this game is actually released now and no longer in early access. The models and animations should be up to par.
  5. I'm okay with the flyer nerf, it made it so players would opt to use other creatures instead of just solely using a lightning fast flyer. I know also that it is hard to code in separate entries for PVE and PVP when it comes to creatures. Essentially, there would be two different instances of the same creature. Not real sure if making separate settings for PVE and for PVP for dinos is something that we would likely see, but it would be cool.
  6. Okay so that thing in the bottom right corner of the first picture looks like some form of corrupted reaper
  7. Very glad to see the return of the digest! Feels like there's actually some stuff to read now
  8. Another community crunch with no Q&A. Imagine that.
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